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Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2013 9:25 am
by Songbird
Finally got the rest of the stuff I ordered from Thirty-one! Yay!! At least the week isn't a TOTAL bust now.

Sarah, I saw about the woman who almost backed into awful, especially since you JUST got a new car, right?
I have a brother, but since he has no relationship with my dad, I'm an only child when it comes to this.

Sean, glad you are feeling better again.

Lynne, An apple is a good alternative...but I wouldn't ENTIRELY skip meals...that's even worse on your body.
My dad will be 80 in March. He's old enough to be my grandfather, really.

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2013 5:21 pm
by Chernaudi
Hi everyone.

I've been up for only about an hour, and I can already tell that it's probably gonna be a pretty boring day. There's just not a lot going on anywhere today really, and I've just breezed though my normal websites that I frequent.

I'm just sort of trying to think of something to occupy me, and I sort of doubt that there's gonna be any thing good on TV tonight.

I had hoped to have a good idea for a fan fic angle for chapter 7 of what I'm working on now, but I haven't really been able to figure much of anything out. I'd like for it to be from the POV of a Twilight character (since those chapters have been lacking recently), probably from Nessie's POV. But I don't have anything down as a concrete base, yet. Maybe when I decide to write later tonight maybe I'll be able to get something down that I can go from tomorrow while the Daytona 500 is on--which I probably will not be watching intently.

I hope that everyone else has been having a good weekend :) I'll be back later.

Update: I'm gonna be logging off for a while soon. Gonna make some dinner soon, some mashed potatoes and gravy and fried chicken.

And I think that a lot of you have heard about what happened in Daytona today after the end of that race. It was horrible, but could've been a lot worse. But still, that's why I've soured on NASCAR over the years with their entertainment vs sport stance--it wasn't a race, it was a demo derby, and one that had severe consequences for several fans on this occasion. Wanna stop the wrecks but still have a good show? Put the control of the race back into the drivers' hands as opposed to making it a game of luck. Something like this, just like with similar pack racing with Indy Car, has been brewing for a while.

After I eat dinner I'll probably be back here to try and work on fan fic--still don't have a clear path of what I want to do. I've been wanting to write a chapter with Renesmee for a while, but I don't have a clear path of how I want it to go. Maybe after dinner I'll have a plan.

I'll be back soon.

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:45 am
by Tornado
Songbird - yes I don't think skipping meals entirely is a good idea either.

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2013 3:00 am
by TwilightFan87
Song- yeah I just got a gorgeous car I love and am still dealing with some lingering driving scares me still! I really hope you're able to work things out with your dad!

Quiet day for me- curled up in bed with hubby and watched a Friends marathon while I worked on tricky math topics. Stoked about my Ikea trip tomorrow :) hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2013 5:10 pm
by Tornado
We've got yet more rain here today. The south eastern side of this country is being inundated.

I'm off to work for Rochelle again today. I'm hoping it's going to be a good day! Hopefully I can catch up on some things where I've been falling behind.

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2013 5:10 pm
by Chernaudi
Hi everyone.

I'm about to start work on my fan fic. I'll be off for a while at around 7:00 to catch some racing highlights/news shows, then I'll probably hop back on here for a while attend to the rest of what I want to do tonight before I go to sleep and get ready for work on Monday.

Update: I now have a good start on my fan fic chapter. I'm done working on it for tonight, but at least I now know what I want to do with it from here on out.

I'm gonna catch those racing news programs I mentioned earlier and I'll probably get back online for a while later and do some WWII gaming--though I suppose that since the racing season has begun again in earnest, I should also try and get a bit more back into racing VG's too.

I also got my taxes filed this weekend, and I'll be getting $130 in refunds--not a ton of money, but better than nothing, considering that I've only been back working for only 5 months.

So now I'm gonna dig out some dinner and check out those shows, split some wood and get back online for a while later on.

Update 2: I'm almost done for tonight. I got my shows watched and all I have to do is bring in some more firewood and get a little something to eat before I go back to bed. I'll also play some WWII stuff before I go to sleep.

As for the fan fic, the angle I'm going for is that more gets discussed about Bella and her predicament, then the antagonist shows up, only to be stopped by my OC Camel's battleform. Then all the protagonist show up and confront the antagonist about why he's in Forks and what he's doing. It's when a larger conspiracy starts to emerge.

And as far as Camel's battleform, more will be explained in time, but think of him being a vampire hybrid who has a shape shifting ability, and then think of the Guyver units, the Zoanoids from BBA Guyver, and, strangely enough, the Gremlins from the film series of the same name. Of course, I can't get the films' theme out of my head now LOL.

I hope that everyone has a good night. I got a lot done with my story today, and I'm really looking forward to writing about Camel and the antagonist's confrontation.

I'll be back later :)

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2013 3:04 am
by marielle
Good morning everybody…

Blegh! It’s Monday again. I’m not going to like this week no matter what is going to happen.
Yesterday my bf and I went to a Pasar Malam. For those who not know what that it, it’s an Indonesian festival with tons of food. It wasn’t a big festival but it was nice.

Talking about big events, I’m totally bumped that I missed the Oscars. It’s just not doable when you have to work on Monday morning.
I did see Jennifer Lawrence tripping, the poor girl!!! It was the second time this award season that she fell while heading to the stage. But she really deserved the win… she is brilliant and a very good example for her fans.

Does anyone know why Kstew was walking on crutches?

I’m hoping to catch a part of the red carpet show rerun tonight, and Wednesday we have the fashion police here in Holland on tv.

Now, does anyone care to explain why there are only 4 people posting this weekend???
I couldn’t make it because Saturday I was sick in bed and Sunday had to go to the festival… but seriously…

Okay posts,

Susan, I’m sorry you had such a terrible week. I hope this week will be better.
Did you get a lot of snow on Sunday? My bf and I decided to drive back Saturday evening. Though I didn’t feel well it was the better choice. It had snowed here overnight as well. I was really happy that I didn’t have to drive yesterday.

Sarah, brave choice to go to Ikea on Sunday. I avoid that store in the weekends. It’s so busy. Sometimes they close down the highway because of the massive traffic jams to the store… If I go to Ikea, it’s on Thursday evening. That’s when all shops are open and people prefer to go shopping in the city.

Sean, I don’t know what you get on the US news but here in Holland a lot of Microwave Lasagna was called back because they had horsemeat in them. it wasn’t mentioned on the packaging and there fore illegal. It’s one of the main reasons I make my own. Then I know what’s in it.

Lynne, my friend and her two kids went to visit that girl I mentioned who is travelling in Australia for 8 months. They flew to Perth and travelled around that region for 2 weeks.
We saw pictures over the weekend. It was absolutely stunning. The beaches there are so white, on the pics it looked like snow.
Their stories told me enough to know that I want to go visit Australia in the near future but I need to save money so we can go by camper (with a toilet in it!!)

Alright, I have tons of work to do.
See you all later.

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2013 11:39 am
by Songbird
Hi, Siblings!

I'm stressed and overwhelmed, but hanging in there.

Sean, I saw that about Daytona...I don't follow racing at all. I don't get the fascination, but it's sad when something goes wrong like that.
Good luck with your fanfic.

Lynne, how goes it with watching your food intake? I heard if you close your eyes, you can't see the calories and they don't count.

Sarah, I think I would be nervous driving, too. I hate driving anyway...I was the only 16 year old not chomping at the bit to get my license and my mom told me I could renew my permit once, but HAD to get my license the next year. UGH.
Sounds like you had a nice weekend! I love Friends!

Marielle, that festival sounds great! Where was that? Was it inside? If it was outdoors, it would be FREEZING!!
I didn't see the Oscars, either...did JL fall?? Poor girl....if I were a celebrity, that would probably be me, except I'd probably never make it to the stage...I'd be falling on the red carpet. My husband laughs at me about how often I trip. I'm totally like Bella in that regard. I can barely walk across a flat surface without tripping. I didn't know KSTEW is on crutches...are they filming the next SWATH yet?
Yep, we got about 4 inches of snow on Sunday. I had a choreography workshop with my choir on Sunday, so I had to go out in it...I don't think any of us really felt like it, but we went. Our jubileum concert is November 9th and we need to clean up the old numbers and learn the choreography for the new ones, so we all have to work hard. But after that, I felt head hurt and I was freezing and my shoulders were all tense and I just came home and hubs sent me upstairs to take a nap. He's so sweet.

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:53 pm
by Chernaudi
Hi everyone.

First I'll answer some comments, then I'll leave my post.

Marielle and Songbird: Kristen was on crutches because she (somehow) badly cut her foot on a piece of glass a couple of days before the Oscars. It reportedly was pretty bad based on comments from her make up artist and from Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence who asked Kristen about it. Someone on Twitter said that Kristen needs to be wrapped up in bubble wrap everywhere she goes now because of how clumsy she is and how often she gets hurt, especially on movie sets.

Songbird: Last I heard (which was last week), SWATH 2 is still in very early pre-production. Universal Studios CEO in an interview did confirm that they want the film to get made, they're trying to get Kristen and Chris back, and Rupert is out, and has been out for a while. Some of it might be fall out from the scandal and him being offered other work by Universal, but we do also have to remember that he riled up a lot of people at Comcast and General Electric (who own Universal) about his budget spending and some people weren't fans of his directing even before July, and desired a veteran director to handle any sequels. Of course, I vote Bill Condon ;) After the BD films, who wouldn't?

About Daytona, almost everyone here knows that I'm a bit racing fan, but I'm not a fan of NASCAR restrictor plate racing, because of the big pile ups that can cause things like Saturday. NASCAR's had 25 years to fix it, but they haven't found a way to get the restrictor plates (which limit engine power) off the cars, and instead of the temporary fix that they were intended to be, they've basically become a permanent fix. If there was a way to make the cars so that they'd have to slow down for the corners (like the recent changes in Indy Car racing have done), this wouldn't be a problem. With NASCAR, in so may ways, I just want to say "greatest minds in racing my hairy achin' a**!" I'd also think that Marielle and Caryn (the other resident motorsports fans here) would probably agree with that sentiment.

Everyone: I had to stay late at work today (originally was supposed to work 12-2, but ended up working 12-4) because the main receptionist called off because her daughter was sick. It didn't matter to me--I could still use more hours at work, and it wasn't like I had much planned today anyways.

Other than that, I'm gonna try and watch Top Gear tonight, get me something to eat (I plan on using up some old noodles and some gravy from the weekend), read some and get to bed , possibly after doing something else, but I haven't decided yet on that.

I have an overall direction that my fan fic's gonna take that I tweaked a bit, but not much--the change is in line with where I was headed, but it's something extra. And I think that you're gonna like my OC Camel's abilities--he's able to use the physical and psychological powers and attributes of several creatures from Guyver and the Twilight vampires and hybrids. He's kind of a strange character, but I think that some of you will like him. He's eccentric, but he's pretty professional when it comes to antagonizing the antagonist, the latter are behind a pretty major conspiracy.

Of course, being a WWII history buff, I know plenty about the conspiracies in Germany, Italy and the Soviet Union before and during World War II, including one that I saw last night on the History Channel about a Nazi propaganda film that was, in more ways than one, intended to be the Nazi Party's version of Titanic. The only thing Titanic about it was the waste of time and resources--including from the German military--that was spent on it, thankfully to the advantage of the Allies.

However, that'll come Tomorrow night and Wednesday. And then on Friday, I get my pay check, my Social Security payment, and soon after that (hopefully) my tax refund. And I have to get a hold of the new Lays chip flavors while they're out. Only one of the three will become a regular item in May. At least two of them sound really good to me.

I'll probably be offline most of the rest of the night after 9:00 when Top Gear comes on. I'll likely pop back online at about 10:30 or so, but I won't be on for very long after that. I hope that everyone had a good Monday.

I'll be back later :)

Update: Hi everyone.

My night's almost up. I have a couple of things that I'd like to be before I go to bed, but I've about run out of things to do tonight. I also might be dealing with something that I hope that I'm not, but I probably will be--I think that I might be getting an infected eyelash again. Pretty inconvenient and not very pleasant. I had one before and it was a pain to deal with, but it went away on it's own when given enough time. But on the onset, it's pretty irritating and uncomfortable. Maybe some rest tonight might help me out with it. But, yeah, it's gonna be so great (sarcasm) to deal with this--it's gonna suck for a day or two.

I'll be back later :)

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

PostPosted: Tue Feb 26, 2013 2:23 am
by Tornado
Hey there, everyone!

I'm working on a new book trailer for The Heir. I'm hoping to have it ready in a week or so. It's going to feature the blurb on the back cover, which means I've had to 'cast' people to represent my major characters. It's been hard picking them from stock photos, but I think I've finally got the three of them!

Songbird - what's stressing you? Things with your dad? Or is that just one of the many? I think the calorie control thing is going okay at the moment, although it was hard last night when Hubby asked me if I wanted a hot chocolate and I had to say no. :(

marielle - from what I heard, Kristen cut her foot on some glass. Anytime you want to visit Australia, feel free to come in this direction! :D

Sean - I thought Rupert was back in?