Jackson Rathbone as Jasper #2

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Re: Jackson Rathbone as Jasper #2

Postby Jadey » Sun Mar 22, 2009 5:38 am

I gotta admit the bat flipping thingy = :shock:
It was so hawt.
Slo mo pleeeez
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Re: Jackson Rathbone as Jasper #2

Postby sachael » Sun Mar 22, 2009 7:40 am

that bat flipping scene again.. Gah! don't get me started...!!!
not that i don't like it.. LIKE is and understatement...
I LOVE IT.. jackson working on his bat. *dies*
(now i have to remind mysalf constantly that this is a PG thread! )

now i want to get my hands on the extended version of the dvd.. too bad it was way out of my budget.. but i'm saving more for some jackson loving...
(i rented the dvd but it was the widescreen edition that it was not the extended one i was looking for.. but what is few more days before pay day... i gotta wait... )

jackson, look what you have done to me... (not that i'm complaining!)
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Re: Jackson Rathbone as Jasper #2

Postby sarah! » Sun Mar 22, 2009 3:36 pm

DarkMuse wrote:Speaking of the baseball scene, I watched the extras when I got home last night.
Watching even more of him flipping the bat made me a big old puddle of hormones.
Everytime he came on the screen I would giggle and sigh like the biggest dork ever.
I almost did that more when he was on the screen than when Rob was. :shock:

Oh my Jackson! :D
I know. I literally freaked out when I saw that. :shock:
My mom was like what the hell?!
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Re: Jackson Rathbone as Jasper #2

Postby Edward_Addict » Sun Mar 22, 2009 7:21 pm

Sooo I would have been on here yesterday going on and on about the DVD, but sadly my boyfriend was in a car accident last night. :cry: Luckily he is ok, just a few scrapes and bruises. Unfortunately, the car is not ok. So now we have all that drama to deal with... *sigh*

Now on to the DVD... oh goodness, the extra features! :shock: Me likey. Me likey a little TOO much. :oops:

So since Sarah doesn't have her copy of the DVD yet, I was texting her the whole time I watched my special features, and we were both soooo disappointed that they didn't have the scene of Jasper and Alice together in the woods, where Jasper is just reveling in her beauty. What gives?! We only heard about this scene because Jackson mentioned it, and then they don't even include it? That really bites.

And then Sarah and I got all off topic and were saying how we really hope Jackson will do an audio commentary for his upcoming movies, cuz that would seriously be the ultimate. Could you imagine how cute he would be doing a commentary for one of his movies?! :oops: And we thought it was funny how here we are all eager for his other DVDs to come out, and they're not even in theaters yet! Yeah, we got a little overexcited. :lol:
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Re: Jackson Rathbone as Jasper #2

Postby therealmrswhitlock » Sun Mar 22, 2009 10:01 pm

Tali--I don't mind at all if you call me wife! HAHA! My name is Jen, though, just in case you're wondering. Sadly, having no monies at present (my one remaining grandmother did not send her customary birthday gift card though she certainly has the money), I am currently unable to purchase the DVD. I am quite miffed! :cry: Mostly because I can't believe my Grandma forgot my birthday! :cry: I need $30 so I can buy some goodness!
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Re: Jackson Rathbone as Jasper #2

Postby Mrs. Jasper Hale » Mon Mar 23, 2009 1:56 pm

"Forged in war, born of death, saved by love." -Jackson Rathbone on Jasper Hale
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Re: Jackson Rathbone as Jasper #2

Postby mizzou » Mon Mar 23, 2009 2:27 pm

very nice thanks for posting.. the last one is my favorite haha.

i've been trying to catch up on all the posts...being a ncaa tennis player isn't good for keeping up in the fandoms, haha.

i bought the blu-ray dvd, standard edition dvd, and used my iTunes code to get the movie. i got all of them covered haha.
edit: there's a picture of Jackson from the time he went to eat with Nikki & Kristen in the issue of PEOPLE magazine with Natasha Richardson on the cover :D
I met Ashley Greene & Peter Facinelli on February 7, 2009. :D
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Re: Jackson Rathbone as Jasper #2

Postby Ally_Cat » Mon Mar 23, 2009 2:35 pm

I love those pictures!
I think "scary monster" Jackson is my favorite. He is so funny and adorable :D

I haven't been able to watch the extra features on the DVD yet, but I'm dissapointed to hear that there is not a lot of extra Jackson and Jasper. The Jasper and Alice scene was on I was really looking forward to seeing.
Oh well, maybe the people working on New Moon will realize the large Jackson fan base and gives us what we want in the future.
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Re: Jackson Rathbone as Jasper #2

Postby DarkMuse » Mon Mar 23, 2009 6:08 pm

Thanks for the yummies of Jackson! I was wondering if there would be screen caps.

I haven't been to any Jackson sites lately. I should visit more often.

I love the scary monster. Hahaha. Oh yeah and the popped collar. Niiiice! Lol.

I'm also disappointed that there weren't that many things of Jackson in the extras.

Stupid DVD puter togethers. :P
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Re: Jackson Rathbone as Jasper #2

Postby sachael » Mon Mar 23, 2009 8:46 pm

you guys are saying that there are few jackson extras on the dvd?
now i'm thinking if it's worth it.. :(

but if it's jackson.. maybe i could find reasons.. ;)

and yeah that monster pic and the last pic are my faves.. but the collar pic was way.. HOT!

mandy:sorry about kyle.. and btw.. i just moved.. :D
tali: will be sending you your castiel soon.. and i hope yo'll be snding me your 17.. ;)
kris:i'll get the address and i'll pm you if i have it.. (i wanna have the monkeys on cd!!)

well.. the collar and "i'm scary" pics.. only moving.. ;)
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