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Re: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan #2

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2012 4:58 pm
by Suzan
I went to see a pre-premier of Snow White and the Huntsman last weekend and wanted to let you know what I thought. Beware of SPOILERS! I’ll post the details in the invisible font.

Let me start by saying: It was totally AWESOME!!! Really THE must-see movie of the summer! The action scenes were spectacular and the special effects were stunning! The acting was phenomenal as well. Especially Charlize. She was perfect in the role.

Kristen did also fantastic work as Snow White. There were a few moment where I was taken out of the story slightly because I had trouble seeing past ‘Kristen Stewart’ to see Snow White, if you know what I mean. But I think she puts so much of herself into the roles she takes on, that you can actually see both at the same time. And although the critics label that as ‘bad acting’, I don’t see it that way at all. The fact that she puts so much of herself into it is what makes her such a great actor in my opinion. It gives her characters dept and grounds them in reality, makes them relatable. But that’s just a sideline. As I said they were only a few small moments and it could have been completely my fault. I’m such a huge fan of Kristen that I might have been more focused on her than on the story. I’ll have to see it again to be sure. (Which is a pretty good excuse to go again, right? ;) )

There was one scene that stood out to me which Kristen completely owned! Inv: It’s the scene after Snow White wakes up from being poisoned with the apple. She’s coming out of the church in this white gown and stands in the middle of the completely dark colored crowd. (Props to the director of photography for this scene!) She starts giving this amazing, inspirational speech that I couldn’t even follow completely. And… just… WOW! You really see the scared, innocent, insecure Snow White becoming the queen and leader she was born to be. She encourages the men to fight and stand up to Ravenna (the evil queen). And when she screams: “Who’s with me?!” (Very Braveheart, btw.) I wanted to jump out of my seat, scream: “I am!”, mount my horse and pull my sword. LOL And when everyone bowed down for her… I’ll admit. I cried.

Charlize, Chris and Sam. Chris as the huntsman and Sam as the prince were amazing. I loved how we got a little background on them and they didn’t just show up. They were real characters with real motivations. MAJOR SPOILER: And then the huntsman is the one who wakes Snow White up with a kiss!! (Chris completely owned that scene, btw.) Talk about plot twists! But I guess I could see it coming. The signs were there. And Kristen and Chris have great chemistry on screen.
Charlize was absolute perfection as the queen. She gave me the shills in every scene she was in. The one scene that stands out is also in one of the trailers. It’s where she screams: “Where is she!” I literally shrunk back in my seat. That blew me away! Such a powerful scene. But she also gave the queen a heart with the background story. And especially at the end you really sympathize with her. I was kind of bummed that I didn’t get to see her say the lines: “Lips red as blood. Hair black as night. Bring me your heart, my dear, dear Snow White.” I love that line! But I guess it doesn’t really work in the movie. It’s great for the trailer though.

Other props go to the costume department: I loved the black feathered cloak of the queen and Snow White’s dress is very pretty with the almost hidden pieces of red in the sleeves. Also the special effects department did fantastic work. The action sequences were amazing, but I really loved –inv: the sanctuary where the fairies live! It’s so beautiful! And those fairies are sooooo cute!! I just don’t have words to describe it. It was my favorite part of the movie.

Oh and let’s not forget about the dwarfs! They were awesome! I really liked Gus! - Inv: He’s so cute with his little crush on Snow White. Why did he have to die! :(

I think that’s it for now… The point being: Go watch it if you have the chance! You won’t regret it.

Re: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan #2

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2012 3:39 pm
by MoonlessNight
Now that the Kristen/Rob drama has blown over a bit, and I've started to view the situation objectively, I want to share my thoughts. Yes, Kristen has made mistakes in her personal life, but that doesn't negate everything she's brought to the fandom.

In every interview I've seen, even when promoting non-twilight movies, Kristen is always excited to talk about Twilight, and about her portrayal of Bella Swan. Many interviewers try to trick her into saying something negative about the series or fans, and she never does. Considering she is usually nervous and uncomfortable in these interviews, I don't think she is feigning an interest in the series. I even remember reading on the Lex of Kristen going out of her way to be sure that they got an interview with her, because we are the true fans.

Of the main actors, Kristen is the most knowledgable of the book. Bill Condon has called Kristen the go-to person for Twilight questions on set. She has said in interviews that she truly loves the series and is so happy to be a part of it.

What got me hooked on the whole series was watching New Moon in the theatre (I only went because my preteen daughter dragged me). I fell in love with the characters and had to read the books, starting an obsession with all things Twilight. If it was two different actors playing Bella and Edward, I don't think the movies would be nearly as successful, and I certainly wouldn't have loved it as much. The chemistry between the two is what made the movies so successful. Rob has said many times that he only auditioned because of Kristen.

Because Kristen has always been here for the Twilight fans, I want to support her career, and I hope others agree with me. I hope when she walks the red carpet for Twilight everyone is out there cheering for her, and just as most of us go see Rob in non-twilight movies, I hope the fans support Kristen's other movies as well. Kristen and Rob may not be together, but that doesn't mean we have to choose one over the other. We can be fans of them both (Team Switzerland).

Re: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan #2

Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2012 1:02 pm
by vampbball
I can't believe that moonlessnight's post is the ONLY post on here about Kristen and Rob's break-up (unless the moderators are removing them). I too feel sympathy for Kristen (and for Rob, of course), but I'd still like to know how many of you think this mess is going to hurt movie ticket sales. I seem to be the only one who think it will, not necessarily in first time viewings but I think fewer people will want to go repeatedly. I read the books before Twilight came out, I never pictured these actors as Edward and Bella while reading the books, but I kind of have to picture them that way while watching the movies. Knowing that they've broken up makes it harder for me to suspend disbelief while watching the movies (yes, I've tested this with my DVD of "Twilight"). But I guess I'm alone in this? This series is about love, a kind of love that so many critics said was impossible and unrealistic because no one is that devoted to anyone else. Kristen's infidelity is an unfortunate reminder that real devotion is in fact pretty rare. What can I say? It bums me out.

Re: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan #2

Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2012 5:29 pm
by Openhome
Hi vampbell!

No, none of the moderators pulled any posts. Most of the comments simply got placed on other threads, like the Halfway House thread. You are more than welcome to discuss this here, however. It will indeed be interesting how everything plays out in December.

Re: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan #2

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2012 7:58 pm
by MoonlessNight

I have seen a couple posts on other threads, and I have commented also. I think some people are still hurt by it, and others are sick of it. At first, I thought I wouldn't be able to watch the DVD's anymore, but I watched Twilight a week after everything blew up and I still enjoyed it the same. The books are my preference too. Funny, but I've always pictured Rob as Edward, but I picture Bella more like the picture in the Illustrated Guide.

I, too, am curious about the ticket sales. I think it could go either way. Some of the magic may be gone for a few true fans, but (sadly) the scandal may cause regular moviegoers to have an interest. What was considered a "teen movie" by non-fans is now more appealing because of drama.

What I'm super curious about is the red carpet. Body language is difficult to hide, but they are actors, so who knows. Kristen looked good in Toronto, although she did lose a few pounds. But I think that would happen to most people that have gone through what she has.

Re: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan #2

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 11:41 am
by Violet Sunlight
Hello everyone, :wave:

MoonlessNight ~ I agree with what you have said, though I’ve never been a die-hard Kristen fan. Outside of the Twilight movies, the only other movie I’ve seen with Kristen in it (ironically) was Snow White and The Huntsman. I thought and still think SWATH was great and thought Kristen was also great in it. I too was worried that I would not be able to watch my Twilight DVDs but to my relief the situation did not affect me like I feared it would. I’ve commented on the indiscretion on the BD2 thread. I agree, Kristen should get the same support as before and I hope we all get to see it on the BD2 red carpet and on November 16 in theatres and all her other work as well. I wish Kristen and Rob the very best in their personal lives and thank them for their hard work and efforts in the Twilight franchise.

I also thought Kristen looked great in Toronto I liked her outfit, hair and makeup. Her face did show loss of weight and in some pics you can see the sadness come through a little. But overall she looked great and treated fans wonderfully as always. I REALLY, REALLY hope the BD2 red carpet event will be as graceful as the Toronto one.

vampbball ~ I’m sorry to hear you are bummed out about Kristen and Rob's break-up. I hope the sadness will pass soon. I have commented on this subject on the BD2 thread back when it was made public. I too thought that this situation was going to hurt BD2 sales, and who knows maybe it will, but I'm starting to see a lot more positive feedback here and on TV shows. The BD2 trailer looks great. At least mercifully, the situation has not cost us the last movie, then I really would have been upset. :cray: It would have been the whole Midnight Sun affect all over again. I too am very interested to see the outcome of the BD2 ticket sales. But ultimately I’m VERY, VERY relieved that the indiscretion and ticket sales do NOT affect the release of the last Twilight movie. Also, I don't think you are alone in having difficulties watching the Twilight DVDs after what happened, I actually find more people going through what you are going through than my experience (which I've commented above). I hope Twilight will once again make you smile as it once did before and very soon.

Re: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan #2

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 12:11 pm
by Chernaudi
You guys can put me down as one who's sick and tired of hearing about it. It's cost me a couple of friends, and I also feel that what has needed to be said has been said. My commentary won't make a damn bit of difference now. Only thing that I'm gonna say is that I'm only sorry about shipping Kristen and Rob so intensely, and broke one of my own personal rules when it came to being a fan of a celeb--never ship their personal lives or buy into it too much. I did that very thing and I, like so many other, got burned instead of supporting them individually as I did before 2011.

It's this stuff as well as the arguing and my having to feel like I'm walking on eggshells and feeling like people want me to choose sides that makes me want to leave this fandom at times, and there's been a couple of times I got very close to doing so. Only because a lot of people here said that they'd miss me and my posts did I not just give up and walk away. Though things have calmed down, and I'm still a supporter of Kristen and Rob, I still feel the odd man out, as I always have here. But I'll say this, Kristen has had the most invested in this fandom as far as her time, energy and dedication, and even Rob has admitted that Kristen has been the go-to for all the major Twi-stuff as far as promo goes.

I know that those who have been posting recently here wont know me, but I've been here a long time and Kristen brought me to the Twilight stuff and to Rob, so I feel that I owe her a certain amount of loyalty and that there are still plenty of good things to like about her. I don't care if any of you agree or disagree with me or simply don't care, but I'm gonna do my own thing, and that's about all I'm gonna say, and that includes supporting both Kristen and Rob.

Re: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan #2

Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2012 11:14 am
by Violet Sunlight
Hello everyone, :wave:

Chernaudi - Hi. I’m sorry to hear it’s been so tough for you outside of this site. I’m glad to hear you have separated yourself from all the negativity. I hope things will be much, much, better for you now.

Chernaudi wrote: But I'll say this, Kristen has had the most invested in this fandom as far as her time, energy and dedication, and even Rob has admitted that Kristen has been the go-to for all the major Twi-stuff as far as promo goes.
I agree.

    Re: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan #2

    Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2012 1:30 pm
    by Chernaudi
    Well, I'm still pissed off about what happened yesterday and other things today. I do almost want to leave this fandom because I feel so alienated just because of who I am and that I'm just tired of hearing about various things about Kristen and Rob and people's hair trigger reactions to them and what I say and feel about them. I've just about had enough, and I feel like it's a waste of time to justify why I support either Kristen or Rob.

    Maybe I'm just depressed about what's gone on the past couple of days, but I just have felt like I shouldn't have even bothered getting out of bed today.

    Re: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan #2

    Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2012 6:49 pm
    by Violet Sunlight
    Hi everyone. :wave:

    Chernaudi – If you like, we could talk about BD2 to help distract you from . . . . the other stuff.

    So, is there anything you’re looking forward to in BD2?

    What do you think about Kristen’s new look in BD2?

    What do you want to see happen in BD2?

    Etc., etc.