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Re: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan

Postby dazzlingdynamite » Wed Feb 25, 2009 3:54 pm

I'll be completely honest - I didn't think Twilight was a very good film. It had plus points, but it wasn't, to me it doesnt look like a big blockbuster in the common sense of the word. I no way was it Harry Potter esque, it was Art house and edgy, but it didn't always work.
Kristen - or her father, whatever - are sort of right, I think. It wasn't in any way a good enough film to go to the oscars for, and just because it's popular they thought they'd stick Robert right there to reel in more audience. The acting was shoody, this isn't just a dig at Kristen, Roberts was pretty awful in parts. I found it embarrassing to watch at times, and like others have said I don't know how I would handle this sudden ammount of crazy fame when I've been laying low for awhile so I am in no place to judge.
Sometimes I think there are boundries, and people are crossing them. Kristen has a right to privacy, to be honest, the questions they ask her are a little cliche and stupid.
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Re: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan

Postby ForJazz926 » Wed Feb 25, 2009 4:09 pm

Sorry for the O/T - but dazzlingdynamite, I was going to make an animation with the exact same sequence as yours!! I love the bat spin.

I agree with you that Twilight wasn't as good as it could have been, but it was for a different reason. I actually like the acting the more and more I watch the movie. That's Rob, Kris, everyone. Even the people who I thought didn't do a very good job, look good now that I've seen it a few more times. I think I was just too tied to the way I saw it in my head after reading the book. I just thought the effects made it cheesy at times. (I am totally anti-sparkle!)

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Re: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan

Postby Devious Cullen » Wed Feb 25, 2009 7:58 pm

ForJazz926 wrote:My opinion on Kristen's attitude towards Twilight fame is that I don't blame her for a single thing she's doing. I'm sure she doesn't hang around on this board so that she can see that fans are actually normal - and they appreciate the depth of the story and her character. The only fans she gets to see are the ones that come to all of her promo stuff. The screaming, incoherent, gushing over Rob fans. The ones that either give her the death stare because they are "jealous," or totally ignore her in order to gawk at Rob. And then when she actually *does* get asked a question, and they are all's disappointing.

She's the kind of actor who is not in it for the money - artistic integrity is important to her, and she's still young enough (hello - how patient were WE at her age?) to feel the pressure of those around her on that one. If she feels like Twilight fans don't get her or her character, it's because that's all she sees. She probably feels like screaming "you don't get it" at all of those fans. She's one of those very intelligent, serious actors that values integrity over everything...she probably thought she was risking nothing by getting into a Catherine Hardwicke film.

I totally agree with you here. When you saw all the interviews regarding filming and preparation especially from Catherine herself, they ALWAYS said how much time and effort both Rob and Kristen were putting in. How completely enveloped in Twilight they were. So much so they were told to lighten up a bit. They were so deep into their chracters and exploring all their underlying traits that people noticed. I have no idea how people can now say that she doesn't like Twilight after all the hard work she put into creating a truthful version of one of our favourite characters. It's actually quite insulting for her. She DID take the role seriously and made every effort to bring her to screen. People are forgetting that.

And yes, after all your hard work, to have people constantly for months turn around and ask silly superficial questions would be very frustrating. It would seem that no one understands or saw the depth in your performance. Like none of it mattered because 'OMG EDWARD CULLEN'! I'd be annoyed too. I'm not saying that she can't handle it a little bit better, but I do understand. And it's just part of Kristen's personality too, to not be fake. People don't like it, but it is who she is. And you have to remember, they did MONTHS of promotion. So months on end of the same questions would wear you down mentally - it would for anyone. She did recognise that she occasionally gets great questions, but the mindlessness of the others and the mental overload doesn't allow her to answer them as well as she'd like.

Now as for the presenter comment - I loved the movie. But let's be honest; it isn't Oscar worthy. By taking into account her personality, I took the comment to mean that Kristen would like do something that actually earns her an invitation by doing a role or movie worthy of an Oscar nomination. Not just be invited because she has come into some fame and was in a hit movie, and to bring up the ratings (because it was widely reported that that was exactly the reason for inviting people like Rob and Efron, it was no secret). It wasn't a slight on the movie at all, it was about her wanting to be worthy of recognition. That will also make it more special and memorable for her if and when it happens.

So yeah. I think we should all take a step back and remember just how much work the cast put in, and that they are as into the series as we are. To say otherwise is completely unfair.
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Re: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan

Postby gwylui » Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:20 pm

Her dad sort of dissed the Twilight saga. ... ht-s88911/
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Re: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan

Postby slightlyobsessed » Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:30 pm

^^ Now, I don't think we should hold Kristen accountable for the comments her dad makes. That isn't fair. I certainly wouldn't want to be held responsible for some of the things MY dad says.

Kristen IS only just 18. Maybe we should just back off and realize this is a difficult situation for ANYONE to be in, much less a child.

Just my two cents.
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Re: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan

Postby siobhan1 » Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:32 pm

I am very disappointed by Kirsten Stewart's attitude toward the fan base and the Twilight Movie itself. Having read her Nylon article, and having watched several interviews with her, she seems to be hostile toward the very idea of promoting a movie.Promoting the film and putting up with the fans is all part of an actors job. She seems very happy talking about her small indie movie roles and it seems that she didn't realize that this movie would be the huge hit it has become. Rob Pattinson and the other cast members all get asked the same inane questions over and over and respond with polite replies. For the money she is being paid and the opportunity to do other movies coming from this exposure she needs to "get over herself" and climb down from her diva status. I am finding it very difficult to like this child.
The most recent rude comment regarding the Twilight movie came from her father at the Oscars. Granted the Oscar comment by her father was his, not hers, but it does seem in keeping with her other interviews and attitude about Twilight. There is no excuse for rude behavior, and frankly if her Dad thinks that Twilight was merely a money-making movie and not a good movie, let hear his view of her next project "Adventureland". Obviously a "higher quality" movie for her than Twilight. Good luck with that.
I have no problem with actors who are shy or reserved or want to stay out of the spotlight, but when she is hired to perform and actually go to a promotional interview and she answers questions in a rude way, this is unprofessional.
I have watched Twilight several times and I came away with the feeling that there wasn't enough emotion from Kirsten in the scenes with Edward. I put this down to poor scriptwriting, but I always had a problem with the hospital scene. Bella hadn't a tear in sight, Kirsten couldn't get the tears to come, it sounded forced and she didn't seem like Bella loved Edward.
So, I rewatched a lot of other Kirsten Stewart movies, and found out that she acts the petulant, silent but strong teenager really well, (Into the Wild, The Messengers, Panic Room)but there is no emotional connection, it's always cold. The trailers I've seen for Adventureland have her doing the exact same lip-biting, stuttering hesitation,eyelash blinking she does as Bella)I don't think she has the depth of emotion to play the devastation Bella feels in New Moon. This added to the fact that she seems to have a healthy disregard for the Twilight series worries me that New Moon will be left very wanting as she has to carry most of the emotional weight throughout.
I hope that her acting coach gets her to realize you have to work to get in touch with those depths of emotion and make them available on screen. I think she may have gotten an inflated idea of her ability. Also,sadly it would appear she thinks she no longer needs the fan base to support her other projects. Don't bite the hand that feeds you!P.S. She's old enough to have sex and smoke pot, she's old enough to show some manners & respect.
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Re: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan

Postby KstewAndRpattzFan » Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:56 pm

She gets way to much hate...
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Re: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan

Postby Jen » Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:15 pm

Siobhan1 - well said. I couldn't agree more. I've tried very hard to like Kristen, but she's making it very difficult. The more I learn/read about her, the less I like her. I believe her fathers statement is accurate of the way she feels and is a complete diss to her Twilight co-stars and fans. I know she's only 18, but she choose this profession, and this movie, no one forced her. She should be grateful for the opportunities she's given.
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Re: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan

Postby Heart_in_Hand » Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:20 pm

siobhan1 wrote:P.S. She's old enough to have sex and smoke pot, she's old enough to show some manners & respect.

Everything else you said in your post I can respect. I don't agree with all of it, but I understand that you have a right yo your opinions.

This last comment however I found to be a bit more unnecessary. Most of what you said had some form of logic and dignity to it, but this bash is a bit... well immature in my opinion. How do you know that Kristen has had sex? Do you know her personally? Did you see her do it? Did she say for herself on live television that she has? OR was it some tabloid on online "interview" transcript that gave you this information? About the pot, so what? Yeah there are supposedly pictures showing her smoking pot, but how does that further your argument? If you are trying to imply that she is "adult" enough to know how to behave in every and all situations, how does her smoking pot prove that point? Are you implying that mature adults smoke pot? Because I am inclined to believe that the main pot-smoking community consists of young, immature, misguided, troubled, and/or uninformed children between the ages of 13 and 25. I don't know many "mature adults" that smoke pot, so if you want to judge her for that, fine. At least don't also say she should act like a grown up because she is "old enough to smoke pot".

I personally feel that because we do not know Kristen, and we are not in her situations, we cannot know what she is going through. I don't think we should judge her or her father based on what they say to someone sticking a microphone and camera in their face and demanding "TALK TO US!!!" I'm not even going to try to defend her personality or behavior because I don't pretend to know anything about her. I have often imagined what it would be like to be famous and have everyone all over me all the time. I would find it extreemly fustrating and stressful. Maybe Kristen feels that way, maybe not. Maybe she really is just a diva up on her high horse with a feeling of entitlement. We don't know for sure. Unless you know her personally, and I doubt any of us do.
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Re: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan

Postby akire » Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:39 pm

dazzle_me-xx wrote:
akire wrote:
cullens_love wrote:I`m a little ruffled with the interview she gave to Nylon mag.

I really like her and I think she is great as Bella but her attidude really annoys me. Yes being asked how it is to kiss a vampire is not a super duper question but calling it bull*******?? And the way she talks about the fan hype aehmmm hello you wouldn`t be what you are without the fans.
Did she really not see it coming how big twilight is going to be??

I read this and thought "typical Kristen" (not based on the fact I actually know her of course). One of my favorite comments I've ever heard her make was on the Today show when she and Rob & Meredith Viera were walking outside. Meredith said she was scared of the fans and Kristen said "Don't worry, they're nice to your face!!"

Maybe that was discussed already but reading the Nylon interview reminded me of that! :)

I didn't see anything wrong with the interview. I mean come on. She has a boyfriend who she loves a lot. And she takes her roles seriously. So she's a little pissed that people keep making up crap that she and Rob are dating. 'Cuz they're not. You try having papparrzzi + the media + thousands of screaming fans telling you that you should be with your friend, when you already have a boyfriend. You're probably gonna get pissed.

And I really think that Kristen is dedicated to this role. Maybe that's why she seems so... moody about it? Not because she doesn't like it, but she takes the movie serously, and wants it to mean something more than just be another teenage movie. Seriously, like, in all the interviews I've seen, she's really dedicated to the role, and she's greatful to the fans.
If I find them, I'll post them here.

Maybe I should clarify myself... I didn't see anything wrong with the interview, either -- or the Today show comment. I actually thought it was kind of funny. I totally hear what you are saying about all the rumors, etc.

I didn't mean to imply I thought she wasn't dedicated to the role. Maybe she just got a negative first impression of the fans when she was first cast, and that's why she often says negative things about the fans and/or press. Who knows what kind of crap she read(s) about herself, written by people who profess to love Twilight!

I liked her in the movie, and was glad she wasn't willing to say some of the stuff that was in the original script (or so I read), just based on the bootleg copy of the script I read a while ago.

On a more superficial note, does anyone else think she just has the best hair? Seriously. I sweat it soooo bad. With all the talk about *someone else's hair* I think this topic is sadly neglected.

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