The Cullens' taste in music

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Re: The Cullen's taste in music

Post by Cymbrelynn »

Alice-I think Alice likes a lot of fun music. More than any other Cullen she is probably most likely to like whatever is on the current Top 40 charts. I think she likes anything you can dance to. Other than that I think she shares the same musical taste as Edward. I think Nessie's tastes are probably almost identical to Alice's as well.

Jasper-I think Jasper likes country but more like alt-country than regular ol' country. I can see him also really liking 70s rock and modern southern rock bands like Kings of Leon. He probably also enjoys metal somewhat. And blues too.

Rosalie-I don't see Rosalie liking singers like Britney Spears at all. I think she likes classical music and the music that was popular during her human life. In terms of modern music I think she would like singers along the lines of Fiona Apple.

Emmett-I definitely see Emmett liking rap but also folk music and bluegrass, or any music indigenous to his native Appalachia. Definitely 70s rock like Jasper too.

Carlisle-Reflecting his age, Carlisle probably has the most expansive music taste. So expansive I can't even really wrap my mind around it! Lots of classical, opera...And in more modern times I think Carlisle likes jazz.

Esme-I can see Esme being a big fan of female singer-songwriters. Lots of delicate, pretty songs a la Regina Spektor.
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Re: The Cullen's taste in music

Post by StephieTelli »

Emmett: R&B
Jasper: Country
Alice: alternative, emo, paramore almost
Rosalie: haha yeah i can picture angry girl rock
Esme: she always love when edward is playing the piano so Im guessing classical
Carlisle: hes a tough one, like others said hes been around the longest so his taste expands alot that you just cant pick one kind
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Re: The Cullen's taste in music

Post by alice_is_my_homegirl »

Alice-i honestly have no idea
Emmett-heavy metal
Rosalie-depends on her mood
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Re: The Cullen's taste in music

Post by harmony_624 »

Alice - I'm a lot like Alice (I think) so I think we would have the same taste. I think that she would like a little bit of Everything. Beatles, Ramones, Pink Floid, and newer stuff like top 40, Paramore. A little bit of everything.

Jasper - God, that's hard. No clue.

Emmett - Rap, The Ramones! umm....I can't think of anything else....

Rosalie - classical, top 40. All of those really feminine singers.

Esme - Feminine singers also.

Carlisle - hmm....that ones hard too.

Renesmee - Probably the same stuff as her parents.

(Just for Kicks)
Jacob - I can see him listening to the same kinda stuff as Emmett.
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Re: The Cullen's taste in music

Post by JasperRocks3000 »

Carlsisle would probalby listen to like Beethtoven
Jasper : Definately country and Patriotic
Alice something Happy and Bubly
Emmett: Something loud like I don't know David Cook
Roselie : most likely really girly annying stuff like Miley Cyrus
Esme ????

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Re: The Cullen's taste in music

Post by twilighter_alice »

I think Cullen's taste in music might be as mine own.
Emmett- maybe a little rap, some rock
Rosalie- some rock, maybe she listens with Emmett
Alice- umm... maybe a tiny bit of rock, some of Edward's music as well, maybe a little opera
Jasper- Definetly country
Carlisle- opera, classical
Esme-Folk, opera, classical

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Re: The Cullen's taste in music

Post by allieb »

emmett:rock!! especially classic rock... my love.
rosalie: girly music about love
jasper: alternative bands... also my love.
alice: EVERYTHING... that girl is insane
esme: beautiful classical music
carlisle: i cant see him listening to music... i dont know why.

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Re: The Cullen's taste in music

Post by debussygirl »

Cymbrelynn wrote:Alice-I think Alice likes a lot of fun music. More than any other Cullen she is probably most likely to like whatever is on the current Top 40 charts.
I would disagree with that. Remember in Eclipse during the party, Alice asked Edward whether they should educate the kids or stick to what they were comfortable with. This makes me think that she really only listens to stuff less mainstream, but knows about mainstream just because it's mainstream.
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Re: The Cullen's taste in music

Post by Jadey »

Alice - Heavy Metal/Screamo
Emmett - Punk Rock
Rosalie - Pop/RnB
Jasper - Rock
Emse - Classical/Country
Carlisle - Umm.. stuff like the eagles and neil diamond, eric clapton

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Re: The Cullen's taste in music

Post by KikiMasenCullen »

Wow...haha. Let's see here...this is what I pick.

Carlisle: I think he de-stresses with some form of classical music. And I don't mean like Debussy. I'm saying, Beethoven...
Esme: Uhm, probably something on the modern adult contemporary charts...and I mean like, Michael Bolton, Celine Dion...things like that
Rosalie: Definitely some angry girl music. Or just angry, angsty music in general. Bands like Pink, Katy Perry, Shinedown, Bullet For My Valentine, things of that nature
Jasper: Country. That's it...just country.
Emmett: Something he can suddenly bust out dancing to. He just seems like a random dancer
Alice: Classic rock. Beatles, CCR, things like that.
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