Edward vs. Jacob Campaign!

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Re: Edward vs. Jacob Campaign!

Postby dazzleme » Sun Nov 23, 2008 8:57 pm

Why team Edward?
Well, duh, cuz Edward's soooo much coolier! He won't die, and he doesn't kill Bella. He even tortures himself to get used her scent
Favorite thing?
Uh, hello, he dazzles frequently! And he sparkles!
Things I'd change...
Hmm... well, why change someone so awesome? His flaws make him unique. If he didn't have them, he and Bella might not be the same. So he stays the way he is.
Favorite Quote...
"A sadistic vampire, intent on torturing her to death, sure no problem, she runs off to meet him. An IV on the other hand..." from the hospital in Twilight
Saddest Moment...
When Bella tells him that the newborns in Seattle and the vamp in her bedroom are the same... he kinda lost it. Also, whenever he has to see Bella in pain. That's gotta be torture.
Well, all of New Moon basically is in it too.

EDIT: I lUV Jacob too guys... but I like vampires and Edward more... sigh. So yeah. Look I'm sorry to all those die hard Jacob fans... but Edward is cooler. Face the facts. Team Edward... cuz Jacob doesn't sparkle (or dazzle).
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Re: Edward vs. Jacob Campaign!

Postby Lynzeee » Sun Nov 23, 2008 9:23 pm

sorry book and movie Edward totally rule over Book and Movie Jake.

I like Jake as a friend =)

I love Edward!

Jacob is a pushy guy.

did i say i love Edward?

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Re: Edward vs. Jacob Campaign!

Postby Ichigo Kitty » Mon Nov 24, 2008 10:30 am

1. Why Team Edward? Team Edward because he's one of my favorite characters. I love how he never bites bella because he really loves her and has never left her. He loves his family, he's compassionate, gentle, and polite.

2. Favorite things about Edward? Pretty much what I just said above. I love how he's a caring vampire.

3. Things i'd change about Edward? I don't think I could change anything about Edward.

4. Favorite quote from Edward? That's pretty hard... he says so many things that I like. Umn... I'll come back and edit my post...

5. Saddest moment for Edward? When he thought Bella was dead in New Moon.
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Re: Edward vs. Jacob Campaign!

Postby Leoni » Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:46 am

1. Why Team Edward?
Oh where do you start? First off, I love Jake, I do. But. Edward. Wow. He's just so lovely. He is romantic, intelligent, strong and gentle. All together. And he's a man, his masculinity is not compromised by his 'looks of an angel'. Oh I just adore him.

2. Favorite things about Edward?
Everything I just said. And his infinite love for Bella. His ability to love her so much makes me love him.

3. Things i'd change about Edward?
Nothing his flaws are just as important to his character as his strengths. But I'd quite like it if he quit being so damn fictional.

4. Favorite quote from Edward?
Hmmm, I hate to say it but it's from Midnight Sun.
"Her existence alone was excuse enough to justify the creation of the entire world."

5. Saddest moment for Edward?
Oh god the WHOLE of New Moon. I could not believe that he left her. Literally could not believe it. It must have been killing him.
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Re: Edward vs. Jacob Campaign!

Postby kkswmmr114 » Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:26 pm

1. Why Team Edward?
Because Jacob is immature and whinny and that makes Edward even more perfect.
2. Favorite things about Edward?
He is smexy and mature and perfect!!
3. Things i'd change about Edward?
He needs to relax a little on the whole self-loathing thing...
4. Favorite quote from Edward?
OME!! Too many... uuummm... "Keep my heart safe, I've left it with you." I don't know if that is the exact quote... :?
5. Saddest moment for Edward?
When he left!! I knew it was just as hard or harder on him when he left in New Moon...

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Re: Edward vs. Jacob Campaign!

Postby ashiekins16 » Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:56 pm

1. Why Team Edward?
Jake isn't as sweet. Haha..Jake is a cool friend but I think Edward is a better boyfriend. Edward is so caring and sweet. =)

2. Favorite things about Edward?
Hes so protective. Hes sweet and he really wants to do whats best for Bella.

3. Things i'd change about Edward?

4. Favorite quote from Edward?
Oh man, I don't know. I guess.. "What if I'm not the superhero? What if I'm the bad guy?" I just love that quote.

5. Saddest moment for Edward?
The whole New Moon. Ah man.. =( I get sad just thinking about it.
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Re: Edward vs. Jacob Campaign!

Postby bite_me » Tue Nov 25, 2008 1:53 am

1. Why Team Jacob?
a) because Team Edward is too big, b) I don't like the cold, and c) Taylor Lautner just looks so much better in the movie.
2. Favorite things about Jacob?
The way he never gives up on Bella, he keeps coming back! He has a way better sense of humour than Edward (What jokes does Edward make?) and he actually seems to feel emotions more. For Edward it seems really theoretical, not raw, like Jake.
3. Things I'd change about Jacob?
He doesn't imprint so I can have him. :mrgreen:
4. Favorite quote from Jacob?
"It's not so hard to erase a blonde's memory. Just blow in her ear."
And ALL the other Rosalie jokes, and basically everything happy he says.
5. Saddest moment for Jacob?
The bit between when he goes downstairs after he thinks Bella's dead, and before he sees Nessie. The way he didn't care whether he died or not, it was like 'NOOOOOOO!'
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Re: Edward vs. Jacob Campaign!

Postby foolinthemoon » Wed Nov 26, 2008 9:08 am

1. Why Team Edward?
I've always perfered the cold over the heat.

2. Favorite things about Edward?
He's old-fashioned, a gentleman, sweet, I love his morals, and that He's willing to suffer the worst pain you can imagine just to be near the one he's in love with.

3. Things i'd change about Edward?
I'd change that he's fictional (don't hit me) and That he's NOT inlove with me... lol!

4. Favorite quote from Edward?
"Watch After My Heart, I've left it with you."

5. Saddest moment for Edward?
New Moon was so sad, I had never cringed so much reading as Bella ran across the square to save his life, I was SO nervous/scared for him. But Sad? It broke my heart in eclipse and part of Breaking Dawn. Every time Bella got excited to see Jacob i was making the disapproving face... I didn't understand how she could hurt someone one that much if she loved them so much, ofcourse, it all makes sense later, but STILL... Poor Edward... : (
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Re: Edward vs. Jacob Campaign!

Postby 'twahy-lahyt' » Wed Nov 26, 2008 4:17 pm

1. Why Team Edward?
Because Jacob has always been a little bit annoying to me, and I love how Edward is willing to do ANYthing for Bella.

2. Favorite things about Edward?
He's a gentleman, and he's sweet. His morals. and the fact that he's absolutely smexy.

3. Things i'd change about Edward?
Honestly I'd change nothing.

4. Favorite quote from Edward?
I have waaaayyy to many.
So I'll go with the first that pooped into my head.
"When I told you that I didn't want you, it was the very blackest kind of blasphemy." - page 510 of New Moon.

5. Saddest moment for Edward?
Umm I have 2.
The first is of course in New Moon, when he left.
The second -- Is in Breaking Dawn. When Bella has the baby, and he has to keep putting venom into her, and has to keep pumping her heart, so that she would survive.
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Re: Edward vs. Jacob Campaign!

Postby metro_girl0 » Fri Nov 28, 2008 11:43 pm

Totally Edward (Sorry Jacob Fans)
1. Why Team (Edward -or- Jacob)?
I chose team Edward becasue Edward is her born to be soul mate, and they're so matched. I don't think Jacob is as matched to her as he is.
2. Favorite things about (Edward -or- Jacob)?
My favorite thing would have to be his protectiveness, he doesn't like anything messing with bella, and by doing that, he is proving every time that he loves her.
3. Things i'd change about (Edward -or- Jacob)?
Quietness (I talk alot! And fast!) Um, the way he keeps everything inside. (It would probably be really hard for me to date him, because I'm horrible at telling feelings, and on his face he usually doesn't show it.
4. Favorite quote from (Edward -or- Jacob)?
"You’re quite adorable when you’re jealous. It’s surprisingly enjoyable" I find this so funny. I was looking for the bed quote where he talks really fast but couldnt find it sadly. Anyways back to why I think it is funny, I think it's funny because if Bella had said the same thing for him about him being jealous, he would probaby not find it so funny.
5. Saddest moment for (Edward -or- Jacob)?
The saddest moment to me for Edward has to be when the baby was killing Bella and he knew there was nothing he could do about it.

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