How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by TwilightxSagaxLover »

She has inspired me in a few way...
1.) She has shown us that even on a busy schedule, a successful career is available to anyone. She had 2 kids and a husband and one day had a dream that started a million dollar series.
2.) i myself want to be a writer, and i never thought i could make it because i didn't know if i would be able to get published. She has shown me that you can write for fun because you love it and then by taking a chance you can do anything.
Stephenie Meyer has shown that anyone can do anything. I love her not only because she wrote Twilight and The Host but because she shows us all that we cna do whatever we want.

Here is the thing though, i have never read. The only time i ever read is when i have to for Reading Class or another class. With the books that Stephenie Meyer wrote, i was able to escape into a world of something completely new to me. Whenever i read a book i often got bored in the middle and never finished. With this book i was never able to finish homework. Stephenie Meyer wrote about things that we can all relate to. Even though Stephenie had her doubts about if people would be able to relate to Bella after she became a Vampire, i think we can all still relate to her and that is what makes her characters and books so amazing.

I think that Bella is still relatable because for one she is surrounded by human interference. She is in the human world. She still has a family, she still has a human father, lives in the human world. Everything they do is based on something human. They still live a normal life in the way that Bella has to raise a daughter, she still has a husband and she still has a father who is human. I think that Stephenie Meyer has a way to write that no matter what character she is speaking of, it relates to someone.

I think Stephenie Meyer is the best author of our time and for most of time.
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by IloveAliceCullen<3 »

I wrote a poem :]
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by comicazi »

She is my favorite author. Between her and David Rouzzo, I have learned to reach for my dreams and never give up on anything. She is one of my two role models!
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by The Dark Knight »

I have never been much of a writer before. Some short stories and SCA related stuff, like Chivalry, Knights and Squires and the like.

Well, after reading these books I got a bur in my side. I have written 10 chapters of a book that deals with regressions. It's a love story of all things that transcends many lifetimes. I have about 140 pages done but need to get on it some more to finish the first rough draft so I can edit it better.

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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by di0772 »

Stephenie has inspired me with her books. They are so easy to get lost in. I can read for hours and not notice the time has passed. I can feel, touch and taste the characters and scenery, they are so vivid.

I saw the movie and was uninspired by the screen adaptation so I have written my own. Complete with rough drawings (I drew a room and then cut out pictures of furniture and pasted them on since I can't draw) of what each car, house, room etc is meant to look like (again it's stirictly from the book). Even put in some directional tips for the director. It's called Through Her Eyes - Bella's Twilight. I have kept to the book explicitly although some of the dialog changed (Not much). There are only a couple and I mean a couple of smaller scenes that I have left out. They weren't needed in the scheme of the story. I timed it the other day and it runs about 2hr and 10mins (Hollywood should have done it better). Maybe one day I'll get it looked. I just had to write it because I was bugging me and I am totally addicted to the books. Maybe I might do New Moon.
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by jhoggins »

I have been bitten by the Twilight bug since I read the first page of the first book. It was the same day I read the last page of the first book, because I just couldn't put it down!!! Since then, there hasn't been a single day that I don't read her books, watch the movie, go on a fansite...anything Twilight related. I also love scrapbooking, and I started to create some scrapbooking pages with Twilight quotes/themes. I now have about 150 pages. I decided that I'd like to start a store and sell these pages, but I love Stephanie and the books too much to infringe on her copyright. I have contacted her publisher to get permission to sell these pages, who forwarded it on to her agent. I haven't heard anything back in over a month. Please, Stephanie, please, if you do happen to read this, please contact me! I'd really love to share these pages I've created! We have a mutual acquaintance, Cindy Belliston Piper.

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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by Yameka »

If it wasn't for Stephenie I wouldn't have gotten back into reading, or writing fanfictions again.

Also She has inspired me too look back at the old stories I have written and fix them up. Hopefully maybe one day I'll publish my works and be a wonderful person like her! :D
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by Emmett_Pwnz_All »


She inspired me to writeness even if people don't likeyz. :D
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by LoveMeSomeEdward »

I know alot of people have said it, but S.Meyer was one of the reasons why I continued writing again. I had a dream ages ago and after a day or so I wrote it down just so I wouldn't forget it then it turned into over 50,000 words. I'm sure she's proud she's inspired so many people.
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by Chernaudi »

Stephenie has gotten me back into writing again, something I kinda got out of after high school. I continued to read, but it was mostly magazines and non-fiction books about things that interested me(and have helped in their own way with my fan fictions-they'll be on occasion detail descriptions and specifcations of cars, aircraft, firearms, etc).

I wasn't really inspired to write much, because I didn't own a computer that I could type on until late 2005(just after I gradulated), and even then, I posted at forums and stuff. In early '08, I brifely wrote for a motor racing website until the guy who owned it shut it down(I wasn't getting paid for it, it was just something I did in my spare time).

But then, as I worked at a library, I noticed for over a year in a half that the Twilight books were flying off of the shelves, and I wondered what was so special about them. Then there was the movie, which at first I didn't pay much attention to, until I found out that Kristen Stewart was in it-I was into her as an actress, but I hadn't heard much of what she was doing since the Messgeners and Speak era movies. So I decided to rent a book after I saw that Kristen was in the movie. And the rest was pretty much history.
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