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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Postby SweetRinny » Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:37 pm

Me and a friend started this fanfiction entitled Bittersweet Memories, I got the idea from another one of the EXTREMELY WEIRD dreams I have.... :lol: well let me post the summary then you can read the first chapter; the person I am co writing with has it under her account and she is putting on the finishing touches on the next chapter so enjoy! :D

A girl from Edwards past appears, he doesn't truly remember her, but she does all to well and of the pain

The link is here :P

Not to beg and or either annoy but if you can please review our fanfiction :) Thanks for reading ^^ we'd appreciate it :D
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Postby lulu » Thu Oct 22, 2009 4:57 am

hi. :) i think i've posted before. anyway, i absolutely love fan-fiction. i recently found someone new to me and i love her work. she does an amazing job with edward as a dad.

author: edward-bella-harry-ginny -ebhg

Edward's Epiphany: Edward, Bella, and Rosalie's missing scene while Jacob was on his joy ride in the Vanquish. Edward and Bella reconnect while Jacob is away. BD missing moment.

Introducing Renesmee: Edward's POV during Bella's change when he introduces his daughter to the Cullens. Based on the glimpse of memory Ness shows Bella. This story makes reference to another that I've written,'Edward's Epiphany' but they can stand alone.

Renesmee's First Lie: Renesmee Cullen believes that broccoli is a four-letter word. Edward is shocked by how far his little girl will go to avoid the excruciating cruciferous torture and finds that he has to step up to the plate of parenthood. Collaboration by Gleena and ebhg.

Fatherly Pride: Edward and Bella take Renesmee to Seattle for a day trip six months after Breaking Dawn. Fluff, fluff and fluff. This is a stand-alone outtake from my story Bonding with Daddy. Written for Father's Day.

they're all rated T or less.


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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Postby remylebeauishot » Thu Oct 22, 2009 6:02 am by Open home. Coalescnce is an amazing story. She works the stories so that things are fast paced and entertaining. and not to mention, she updates regular. But make sure to read Singularity first or Coalescence won't make much sense. Rated T. Clean language. She's an amazing writer!
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Postby gkk » Thu Oct 22, 2009 7:33 am

You should really check out this FF profile for a Twilight widower who calls himself "wantmywifeback"

He's writing Twilight "smut" to try and lure his wife back. It's actually Twilight romantic parody and are all very short and quick to read. He has 5 posts now, and they are HYSTERICAL!

It's all completely tongue-in-cheek, but Man o' man, does he have our fandom pegged. LOL
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Postby lady4string » Thu Nov 05, 2009 7:28 pm

I have a new fic of Edward as a ghost here: ... Green_Eyes

It's my first one, but I hope people like it and Ghostward!! :D

BTW: Ditto on Openhome's stories. She rocks!

Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Postby Openhome » Sun Nov 08, 2009 7:36 pm

Thanks guys!! You two are wonderful!
I have a great author called EliseShaw who has written some incredible stuff about Esme and Carlisle and Edward. All are beautifully done cannon work Both are phenomenal. Here is the link to her stories:

Here is a link to Edwina Cullen who has also written a terrific mystery set during the early part of Edward's life with Carlisle. It is charming and utterly beautiful in it's writting.
Enjoy reading!
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Postby Twilight-fan868 » Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:47 pm

I love finding new stories to read. I feel like I've nearly read the all that I have nothing else to read. There are so many good new stories out there that are slowly making their way up and need more readers.

1. Volition by Rochelle Allison is one of my favorites right now.
Everyone lives in Belfast, Ireland in the early 1970s, and Edward and Emmett (Bella's brother) are heavily involved in the Irish Republican Army. Rochelle is one of the best authors I've ever read. If you don't like Edward/Bella miscommunications and misunderstandings you'll LOVE this story. Their relationship is so sweet and open and honest, nothing is left unsaid. And you can hear their accents come to life. You'll start reading it out loud trying to get your own Irish accent.

2. Summer Nights by Jenny0719 is so so good. It's close to being completely maybe around 5 or so chapters left. But Edward is a former Marine trauma surgeon living in Chicago and Bella, Jacob, and their son Eli move to Chicago and Bella falls for Edward but someone doesn't want them together. The Bella/Jake thing seems complicated but it's explained right in the first chapter. It has a few twists.

I just love Jenny as an author. She's a heavy Edward/Bella author and it's fluffy with drama not really angst In this story she really plays up the Cullen's Irish heritage and it's just a great story.

3. The Man Who Can't Be Moved by Jenny0719
Bella Swan gets a job as a personal assistant to 'The Sexiest Man Alive', Edward Masen. After fighting the natural chemistry between them, they finally give in to temptation. Rated M for language and future lemons

Edward is British, a hot actor and 38 years old...Bella on the other hand just turned 21. Scandalous! I'm so excited about how that will play out

4. The Road Gets Rougher by Lorelei913. It doesn't have many reviews but the story is so different in terms of Hollywood Edward and Bella.

Bella & Edward are actors with a shared past, one that neither of them has quite come to terms with. When they see each other one night, she'll realize that things aren't as buried as they seem.
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Postby SweetImpakt » Tue Nov 10, 2009 7:50 pm

I've just finished reading Parenting skilss 101, which was absolutely hilarious, so if you ever want a break from serious fanfic, I would definitely recommand that one. It by VJGM;

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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Postby theotherStephanie » Sat Nov 28, 2009 12:20 am by Open home. Coalescnce is an amazing story. She works the stories so that things are fast paced and entertaining. and not to mention, she updates regular. But make sure to read Singularity first or Coalescence won't make mu!ch sense. Rated T. Clean language. She's an amazing writer

Title: Singularity and then Coalescence
Author: Open Home
Why you should read this: This is an incredible story of Alice from the time she wakes up to her vampire life to when she and Jasper meet and come to terms with their relationship. All the years she waits for him to come into her life and what takes place to make her who she is, is brought to life by Open Home. I can't recommend these two stories enough to anyone who loves Alice! Open Home writes in a very similar style to Stephenie Meyer, so Alice's story is believable and fits the profile perfectly. If you're like me and can't get enough of ALL the Cullens' stories, please, please read these!
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Postby Twilight-fan868 » Thu Dec 03, 2009 2:27 am

I love this fic. It's so detailed and Bella being the music composer is a win all around. I love it when they have music in common

Chance Encounter -
When Bella Swan, a 23 year old cellist studying music at Julliard meets Edward Cullen, a Hollywood movie star, their lives will be forever changed as they struggle to make their relationship work against the greatest of odds. A/H
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