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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Postby ellalou73 » Sun Nov 16, 2008 7:31 am

Wow, Blessed Death, that is a really great pic. I like it alot, and I agree about what you said about the men. It's for anyone who wants to read it, not just teenaged girls.
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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Postby Blessed Death » Sun Nov 16, 2008 4:39 pm

Hey thanks!! I wasn't allowed to use images in my project so I made the lion and lamb completely out of the line 'so the lion fell in love with the lamb'. It might be hard to see unless you can zoom in on the image.
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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Postby ellalou73 » Mon Nov 17, 2008 2:49 am

Okay here I am again, I've made a new banner of Renesmee and her parents with a quote, which I am currently using, and I couple of icons of Rob and Kristen. So take what you want.

I also have a story going, Different, where they have to move away from Forks, and Renesmee adjusting to all that and being different. She's a little younger in this one, and I've tried to do some of her POV, but its a little difficult so I've started adding Edward, Bella, and others too.

Here is the link for my Avatars and Icons ... /twilight/

Here is the one for the story.
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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Postby LilyMorgana » Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:00 am

A while ago I made a Twilight Wallpaper. It was the first thing I ever made with Photoshop so it's not perfect but I did like it in the beginning ... before I got tired of the pink. :lol:

Wallpaper - Bella & Edward
- Nele

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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Postby Nostalgicmiss » Mon Nov 17, 2008 1:03 pm

I finished my story, an alternative Breaking Dawn. I hate the thought of saying goodbye at the end of breaking dawn so I gave my fave couple an alternative ending. It ended up being 156,000 words, but it's also rated M, steamy scenes!! To say they bake would be an understatement.
It was up for a Twilight award.
There are fights, betrayals, fear and Drama as the dynamic duo fight their way through their new life together. i would love to know what you think, this was like a labor of love for me :)
So here is the link . . . BD: Immortal Souls . . .
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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Postby Wingtear » Wed Nov 19, 2008 12:10 pm

I completed my Nessie & Jacob story yesterday, 22 chapters in one month, I'm brain-dead by now :D ... _in_a_tree
There will be a sequel, but not for a few weeks, I've had enough of them making out in the back of my head (at least for now) all day long.
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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Postby annabelle » Wed Nov 19, 2008 8:58 pm

I'm writing a (work in progress) Emmett/Rosalie fic, the physically bonded couple that often gets overlooked. They're my favourite couple and their pasts, specifically Emmett's past, and how they ~came to be~ were barely mentioned in the books, so I wanted to write my own take on how they met, how Rosalie's past effected her from ever loving Emmett, and just trying to work as a couple because she's this stoic and determined girl while he's this joking, carefree guy. This is set pre-Twilight, even before Alice and Jasper came into the picture. But they do come in... later in the story though.

It's called And We're Slow Dancing and is a romance/drama. Here's the snippet summary from

And We're Slow Dancing (summary) wrote:Ever since Royce happened, Rosalie learned that the best way to stop herself from getting hurt was to stop herself from getting attached. But then, as a vampire, she met Emmett and without even knowing she fell for him—the boy who gave her back her life.

R&R's are appreciated :D
Rosalie’s been through a lot: losing her heartbeat, losing her faith in mankind, losing herself... but then she met Emmett and fell for him—the boy who gave her back her life.
fanfic: Blame The Beauty
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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Postby Arre » Sun Nov 23, 2008 9:40 pm

"Corona": The unofficial "fifth book" of the Twilight series.

This is the fanfiction I wrote, based on the Twilight series books. I tried to stay as true to the orignal ideas and intents of the story as I could. I feel that anyone can write a fanfiction, but it's a challenge to make it fit into the original story as seamlessly as possible, while still including my own personal "flare." With that said, I consider Corona the unofficial "fifth book" in the series (meaning it takes place after Breaking Dawn). I say this with the upmost respect for Stephenie Meyer and her work. This story is in honor of that work.

This story is written in a similar style to that of Breaking Dawn (meaning that it's broken up into 3 books: the first is told from Bella's perspective, the second from the perspective of another character, and the third is back to Bella).

“Mommy?” Renesmee’s voice came from the back seat.

“Yes sweetie,” I answered.

“Why are you upset?” she asked.

“Just some things have me worried,” I answered, trying to sound reassuring.

Renesmee was quiet for a minute. “You know what, Mommy?” she asked.

“What honey?”

“Me, you and Daddy are together, aren’t we?”

“Yes baby,” I answered.

“Then everything will be alright,” she said with conviction.

I closed my eyes and smiled a little. What I wouldn’t give for child-like innocence and faith. Was I better off knowing the “grown up” things I did, or was she better off knowing the “simple” things she did?

Should I hold to her conviction that everything would be fine, or should I give into the worry that gripped me? The worry that had me feeling this wasn’t going to end well.

First couple chapters are completed. Find it at
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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Postby Oceaness » Fri Nov 28, 2008 12:18 am

Hello fellow Twilighters/Twi-hards. I too have been bitten by the writing bug.
Now, I'm not quite sure if this is considered fanfiction, since my story actually takes place during Twilight, but the "camera" is in a different location.

Just my take on exactly what happened after Bella left Alice and Jasper at the Phoenix International Airport. ;)
I might write more if this one gets positive response.

Thank you in advance for reading!
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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Postby JasperRocks3000 » Fri Nov 28, 2008 9:18 am

Hey Does anyone know a site where i can post my Fanfiction story .
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