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Re: New Moon~ The movie

Postby spookybell » Sun Nov 23, 2008 3:50 am

While I found New Moon painful to read. In fact - I think it is so heartwrenching. I never cried in this book, so I don't fear that I will blubber through that movie. I got a few tears in Breaking Dawn, but no blubbering. Hmmm... I'll bing kleenex just in case. I hope I remember this in 20 months!!!

I also can not wait for it to come out. All of my freinds left the movie saying "I want New Moon NOW!" Ah... too bad it takes a good 2 year to make a movie.

I am very excited and curious to see how they will develop Jacob as he gets bigger.

Taylor's hair as Jacob could have been so much better. Like a little moisturiser or smoother. A flat iron? It looked like a $19.99 synthetic halloween wig. It didn't ruin it for me because Talor is dallzing both as an actor and a person. I hope he stays good.

Jacob won't gut his hair until halfway through the movie. He dosent go wolf until the movie with mike.

Everlong... eventhough people may not have liked the movie that much... I bet half will see it twice. I love the book and saw it twice and am trying how to figure out how I can see it 4 times with my friends and family...

Jamis :o :o you really didn't think there was a chance for new moon??? I never doubted it

New Moon won't stink. Taylor is a good actor and eventhough there is less Edward, I know that this book can be made in a way that all Jacob lovers, Lacob likers, and New moon Lovers will enjoy this story. Not all are Edward Lovers. I love Jacob. He's darn cute. I will miss Rob A LOT as I am absessed... but maybe he will do a movie between New Moon and Eclipse and we can have tripple the Robert!

I could care lass who the Voultri are and I have no prior images, so it will be interesting to see the development of casting.
Ed Westwick would be great!!!

LOL Nwe Moon Mondays (why not cash in!)

xoxocamille: A film usually takes 2 years to complete. There are 3-4 months of preperation, storboarding, casting, set locations etc. Then comes filming, which rind about 3-4 months per movie. After that thee is post production, editing, adding music, reschooting scenes if they must be re-shot) Packaging and advertising. If they choos to do 2-3 of the movies in a row for age continuity, the timing could be off, but that could mean we get a movie every year.

I can't wait to see Bella on the bikes and Edwards voice. I also like Jacob so I'd enjoy seeing their relationship develop in a way that isn't love and lust both sided.

If I had to make my best guess, I think they will start filming as soon as possible. They need a script and a storyboard and locations becore they can shoot. They have until May to shoot in rainy overcast weather. Summer Runs from June to Late September, so those will not be the best times to shoot... Unless we don't care about the vampire sparkles! I'm going to guess they Will start Filming in February or March! I almost wana make a bet :)
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Re: New Moon~ The movie

Postby soozabooza54 » Sun Nov 23, 2008 9:54 am

I'm guessing that they are going to try to butt... ha... to get the movies out once a year. I bet a lot of the pre-production stuff on this movie is actually already done, and they'll start shooting by Feb or March (although I have no clue what actors are signed on to other movies that they have to make before coming back to the Twilight universe). I think they'll try to roll New Moon out by either Thanksgiving or Christmas next year.

As far as I've heard, they are only filming New Moon now, not doubling up on New Moon and Eclipse at once.

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Re: New Moon~ The movie

Postby YouAreMyLifeNow » Sun Nov 23, 2008 10:00 am

OMG!!!! I was just in Stephenie's web site and.......THEY SAID THAT THEY ARE GONNA MAKE NEW MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D
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Re: New Moon~ The movie

Postby amandaxcullen » Sun Nov 23, 2008 10:21 am

ah, I've been busy all weekend so I about pissed my pants when I saw this thread!
I wanted to be one of the first to comment though =[
I hope everybody liked the movie, I'm seeing it this afternoon, I had to see Bolt yesterday and it was PURE torture knowing that Twilight was showing on four different screens.
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Re: New Moon~ The movie

Postby Apparition » Sun Nov 23, 2008 10:46 am


New Moon

now we need a

New Bigger Budget

and a

New Director
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Re: New Moon~ The movie

Postby vampluv78 » Sun Nov 23, 2008 10:56 am

I think new moon will be great, seriously. I liked new moon the book, no i loved it. *cowers in fear of having a book tossed at me* (My friend tossed a hardback new moon at me when i said that)
I mean jacob was hot in the movie he was. So was edward. But jacob oh my, swoons. Anyways i think i will like it
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Re: New Moon~ The movie

Postby kcartchick72 » Sun Nov 23, 2008 10:57 am

I would guess they have secretly been in pre-production for a couple of months now. There have been subtle hints all along from Taylor Lautner and Melissa Rosenberg that they were going forward. It will be a longer shoot than Twilight given the Italy scenes and the enhanced special effects, so I would guess May 2010. My hope is that they film NM and Eclipse back to back – I'm fairly fearful that as the core audience ages, the fervor and the demand will diminish and we only get two out of the 4 movies made. Then again, everyone still seems to be on the Harry Potter bandwagon, although I've never seen a single movie or read any of the books.

And IMDB has listings and dates for the remainder of the saga with Breaking Dawn in 2013. Can you imagine it??
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Re: New Moon~ The movie

Postby oleander » Sun Nov 23, 2008 11:36 am

I was so excited when I heard that they had the greenlight to go ahead with NM that it was hard to get to sleep.

NM is my favourite book in the series, hands down. I know there are a lot of haters out there because Edward is gone so much, but would the strain of their situation be so great in the later books if he hadn't left? It is well worth Edward's absence for those seemingly endless pages for the reunion in Volterra. I can only imagine the intensity of that scene, because it gives me goosebumps every time i read it.

A lady in the line for Twilight the other night essentially told me that i was crazy for loving NM. She was incensed that I could possibly find anything redeeming about Edward being gone and having to endure so much Jacob time. I stand firmly that NM touched me more than the other books. If you have ever lost someone you love so deeply, you understand the pain and the angst and the agony that Bella goes through. I just hope that KStew can pull it off. Maybe she'll be able to produce some tears this time.

I also love this book because Alice plays such a great role in it.

Sigh. I can't wait!!
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Re: New Moon~ The movie

Postby Lynzeee » Sun Nov 23, 2008 11:46 am

i don't think that the release dates will have anything to do with the filming dates- they sort of have to film at least new moon and eclipse back to back- when they release it is up to them! but just to see all over them with release dates makes me happy!
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Re: New Moon~ The movie

Postby myth0dical » Sun Nov 23, 2008 11:58 am

Just curious if anyone else saw this. But we are also talking about the 'movie business.' In every other movie, when they 'hint' towards a sequel and show something at the end hinting towards the next movie. They usually put that particular thing in the next movie too, (I.e The Tony Stark cameo in The Hulk.) Follow me yet? I'm a little worried because of the whole Victoria thing at the end of the prom scene. Every one who hadn't seen the movie is going 'mmm sequel.' I really hope they don't try to shove Victoria in New Moon... she clearly is supposed to be in Eclipse, and I'm just nervous that because of the cameo at the end of Twilight (my personal opinion, it should have been at the end of NM) they're going to try to incorporate her in some way into NM and throw everything off. I mean.... who's to say they'll follow the books now that Twilight has had such a great success and they changed quite a big, you know? Anyhow.. Just one of my concerns. New Moon is supposed to really target the emotional side of Bella. I'm also worried that because of all this negative feedback about Summit not developing Edward and Bella's love through out twilight, they might take more time to develop Jacob and Bella's, which in the end might make her love for Jacob seem more prominent than her love for Edward.

Just little things that have crossed my mind since the announcement. I just hope they get to Eclipse. :D
Anyhow, I have my fingers crossed.
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