Alphie -- that's me!!!!

Introduce yourself here.
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Re: Alphie

Post by mariah-esque »

This forum rocks hard, Alphie. lol. So thanks!!

. . . Also, person with vampire button avatar? (Sorry, by the time i clicked the "post reply" button, i'd forgotton your screen name!!)

AWESOMEST AVATAR EVER. lol. Cracked me up.

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Re: Alphie

Post by vampirechick101 »

Yay !! you're back. Thanx for getting this back together. I'm sure we all appreciate it very much or at least I really do. so thank you thank you thank you and Welcome back WE LOVE YOU !!!!!! :D
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Re: Alphie

Post by soozabooza54 »

Thanks for all your hard work Alphie! :) You rock!
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Re: Alphie

Post by jlbower79 »

just wanted to mention that I'm like a huge Star Wars dork myself... I could so do me some Luke! I love Luke! He'll always be my hero! Of course, Edward is 'alright'.... kidding, I would blast Luke away for some Edward, but living in a galaxy far far away is like tucking yourself into a dream!

Ok that sounded retarded, but it's me! What ya'll expect!

woot woot!
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Re: Alphie

Post by twilightmom »

I was reading the posts on your and Pel's "introduction" and sounds like you all had a tough time with this site. I'm brand new and I'd like to say thanks for this forum and sites! I've never been on one before, and I have to say this is pretty well laid-out (but a bit overwhelming!) A week ago I thought I was alone in my crazy obsession (as a more "mature" woman) with Twilight... Now I know differently. Thanks for giving all of us a safe, fun place to be.

I have always been a Disney Fan... But now that I have a young daughter, I'm rebelling against the whole "Disney Princesses" thing! Oh well... Maybe when she's older she'll learn my love of all things sci-fi. But I still do love the individual movies and my favorite female character is Ariel - I'm quite partial to redheads, since I am one!

Anyhow, thanks so much!
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Re: Alphie

Post by MagnoliasNSunshine »


Anything else you would like to share

I'm a big dork when it comes right down to it. Between my love for Star Wars, Disney, and Harry Potter, obsessing over Twilight came very naturally! So really, I'm a geek and pretty proud of it.[/quote]

FOR REAL! I think we're all addiction prone... The whole series felt like H.P. for grown ups to me!

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Re: Alphie

Post by Dreauror »

Hello Alphie nice to meet you
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Re: Alphie

Post by alellie »

I really wish to see more of you.

I'm still underage for the Gutter, so I can't go there. But, I hope I see you sometime.

Thanks for the Lex!
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Re: Alphie

Post by pcntnk »

A fellow scrapbooker and Tennessean!
Also a huge Disney freak and enjoy HP as well...
Nice to meet you!

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Re: Alphie

Post by twi-nerd »

Hope you like the boards, it is so awesome that you are, like, awesome. If you ever run into Stephenie again please tell her twi-nerd says hi. I love Stephenie's work. Hope you love it here. :D
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