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Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:28 pm
by Jazz Girl
Oh my goodness!!! Do my eyes deceive me or is that the infamous SenorGimp back to visit??? Wow, cool!!

Alright, kids, now for the next installment of What Do You Think?

Seems Fandango has blessed us with a new tv spot/clip.

Given what we see, none of which looks overwhelmingly positive for our dear Cullens or their canine allies, are we thinking, at least some of those more threatening parts are vision? Or is the epic battle that so many wanted at the end of the book becoming a more likely scenario? Thoughts and reflections.

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 5:03 pm
by Tornado
Damn. I've been trying to see that clip but it won't work for me. :(

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 6:46 pm
by Jazz Girl
Lynne~ here, try this link. It's the direct YouTube link, instead of Fandango's website...

Breaking Dawn 2 clip~ Alive

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Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 9:59 pm
by Openhome
Did you all see that the Volturi grab Alice??? I'm so worried about her now!

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 10:17 pm
by Jazz Girl
Openhome~ Yep, registered that. Between that, the Bella-pile-on and Carlisle's iron composure shattering... Hmmmmm, this definitely doesn't bode well. I'm not sure what to think right now. Lots and lots and lots of theories. Some about our precious Cullens, some about some wolves... So much to ponder!!!

By the way... when it rains it pours.

*Spoiler Alert* We get arm wrestling!

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2012 2:05 am
by Tornado
I think Carlisle's 'leave her alone' is probably about Irina. I'm pretty sure some of what we're seeing will only be vision, so Alice being grabbed could well be a part of that.

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:26 pm
by Violet Sunlight
Hello everyone, :wave:

Saw the recent BD2 clip and the arm wrestling one too, of course I loved them but I think they’re showing us too many BD2 footage. I feel we’ve seen or heard most of the scenes from the book either via BD2 pics, clips or interviews. Maybe Lionsgate/Summit feel they can spare all of them because the movie is a lot more different than the book, so none of the footage we’ve seen or heard of will spoil the highlights of the movie. If that’s the case, the movie is going to be even better than I expected.

Book scenes not shown yet in BD2 pics, clips & interviews (I probably missed a few, please let me know):
1. Jacob & Bella fighting about the imprinting. (I think – not sure – this has been mentioned but no clip or pic).
2. Renesmee’s growing phases and talent.
3. Zafrina’s talent (mentioned in an interview but no pic or clip)
4. Bella’s fight training & shield training.
5. We technically haven’t seen Nahuel, Huilen and Kachiri in BD2 pics or clips. (Does Kachiri even exist in BD2? I haven’t seen an interview.)
6. Battle - will it be verbal or physical? Are we seeing a vision-Battle or actual-Battle? (I’m okay with either versions. Although, I’m not okay if any of the Cullens’ side book-characters – Irina excluded – is killed).
7. The final look of Bella’s powerful shield. (BTW - I REALLY can’t wait to see this).
8. Sentimental Ending and Extra scene in Credits. (REALLY looking forward to seeing these too).

Also, I’m so glad that there are signs that BD2 will be as or more successful than BD1. [**wipes sweat off forehead**] I was worried there for a little while.

PS On my way home from work every day, I see a BD2 billboard (Edward, Bella & Renesmee on the left, Volturi in the middle and Jacob and the wolves on the right) that just puts a smile on my face every day I drive by it. Although, for BD1 there was BD1 billboard on my way to work and on the other side of the highway there was another BD1 billboard on my way home. Ah well, it is what it is.

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 4:37 pm
by Tornado
I think it's likely that there's a real battle, but I don't think it will last long. I think some of what we've seen is real battle and some is vision.

As for the points VS raised, I know Taylor has talked about being thrown by Kristen, so I think that means there will be a fight over the imprinting. Jack Morrissey recently talked about Carlisle measuring Renesmee, so it seems that will be there, too. I think I heard talk somewhere about training for Bella, so I think that's there, too. I haven't seen anything on Kachiri, so I think she might not be, but there have been interviews with Nahuel and Huilen. I think they're just leaving them until the movie.

The way they're doing the shield is, from what Jack Morrissey said, going to be more something transparent, possibly a little difficult to see. I've heard they're trying to distance it from the shield in Harry Potter, so it will be interesting to see exactly how it looks onscreen. And I'm starting to really look forward to the 'sweet' ending!

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2012 12:07 pm
by Violet Sunlight
Hello everyone, :wave:

Tornado - Thank you for the update, very much appreciated.

Regarding Bella’s shield, I always thought of the shield as a combination of blanket-like but also able to be dome-like, (like the Harry Potter shield and the Fantastic 4 shield) and with sparks above everyone who was shielded. I hope it’s like I imagined or better. Can’t wait.

[EDIT] I forgot to add Bella & Edward's love scene in the Cottage to my 10/26/12 list. Which I just seen a short clip of.

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2012 2:07 pm
by GrayceM
Suzan wrote:About the meeting with Jacob and the different outfits on Bella: If you look at this still, Bella is wearing the same clothes as in the trailer right before it cuts to Jacob and his line "I didn't expect you to seem so... you." Plus Jacob is wearing a different shirt. Also If you notice the house: Bella is quite some distance away from the house, while Jacob can practically touch it. There's now way those two shots are from the same scene.
Hey ya'll - Just throwing in my 2 cents and I think I've figured out why their clothes are different. For this still I think we're looking at several days later after Charlie comes over. Or maybe even after the arm wrestling match. Bella is wearing the blue dress when she holds Nessie the first time. After the hunt...supposedly, Edward has to change shirts because he gave his to Bella.

What I can't wait to see is the scene right after the arm wrestling scene. Where Bella destroys the boulder and her and Nessie get caught in a sunbeam! That will be cool, except...did they put the sparkle back in?

I have since seen a different trailer that shows Jacob's line "I didn't expect you to seem" but the Bella that he's talking to is in the dress. I think they cut up the trailers so much so we wouldn't be able to piece together too much. I remember in NM thinking there was something skipped from all the commercials and trailers we'd seen. I realized while watching the deleted scenes that Alice telling Bella she's a "...human that knows entirely too much about vampires..." is not actually in the movie. Just like Carlisle telling Bella that Edward and he disagree on the "afterlife" for their kinds.

I think we're seeing some of the vision and some of the actual end. I don't think I have a magazine on hand to look at some of the discrepancies at the moment but I don't recall seeing Emmett or any of the Cullen's on the trailer at the end... With so many other vampires in the scene it's hard to keep up. There's one that I keep thinking is Jane, but it's another vampire. I also saw one that shows Kate shocking Garrett for the first time. Very cool to get to see the vampires "playing" with their powers.

There's a picture of Carlisl, Edward and Bella, Kate, Tanya and Eleazar in the woods. I haven't quite figured out that one yet...and I've only seen it once. There's been a few scene that shows the other vampires...I think they aren't actually staying in the house. Or at least not all of them...

I can't wait to hear Renesmee's lullaby...Carter Burwell did a fantastic job for Bella's lullaby. I know he didn't write it specifically for that but it's a beautiful piece and watching Rob play piano is... :swoon: