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Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2012 5:01 pm
by Openhome
Hi all! Here is your first place to discuss all things Breaking Dawn 2--until the actual movie comes out. After the movie premiers, we will create a new thread for it.

Confused about all the new vamps? Post your comments here.
Think Bella's eyes changed too quickly, Nessie is too tall, or Edward is even hotter as a dad? Post those here as well.

This thread is allowed to be a bit spoilery, so be warned ahead of time.

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2012 11:48 am
by corona
I've never read the books or seen the movies, but I do know some people in the business (don't ask), so I'm aware of a few rumors I thought you might be interested in.

* Bella becomes a vampire. This is going to be a shock to a lot of fans.

* Bella's eyes don't stay red for long because she lost a lot of blood.

* Edward is a bit sheepish and his eyes are a bit reddish.

* There is apparently a huge fight between Bella and Edward near the beginning of the film. Bella is stronger but Edward is faster. After battling all night they declare each other a winner and smoke a cigarette (huh, I don't get this???). Somewhere in the distance we hear the howl of a wolf.

* Jacob phases in front of Charlie.

* A startled Charlie shoots Jacob in the leg.

* Everyone goes to Charlie's for Thanksgiving.

* A "startled" Charlie shoots Jacob in the other leg.

* Charlie and Edward develop a surprisingly strong bond.

* There is some kind of "green" conference at the end involving vegetarians, hybrids, and a fleet of Volts. One of the cars bursts into flames.

* The Volts silently leave.

* Jacob is also silent...but deadly [super slo-mo HD 3D closeup of his casual haunches shift; the spectacular CGI effects of his fur ruffling in the "breeze" are a tour de force].

* Bella's shield disintegrates and everyone flees the conference. Nessis is NOT amused.

* Without her shield, Edward is able to read Bella's mind. There's another big fight but it looks more like wrestling...and...and I think I'm beginning to figure this out. Bella isn't quite as strong, but she apparently doesn't care as long as Edward is still...nevermind (I feel really dumb now).

* Somewhere in the distance we hear the howl of a wolf. This is followed by the sound of a gunshot, followed by more howling but pitched a lot higher.

I will be sure to post any more rumors that pop up. I hope I haven't spoiled anything for anyone.

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2012 8:07 am
by Suzan
Uuhhmmm.... corona.... Are you being sacastic? I think you are, but I can't be sure.... Are those really rumors that are floating around? They don't make any sense, like AT ALL.... But then some of them I get....
And btw, are you quoting someone, because I'm pretty sure you posted before that you've read the books and seen the movies and you've been involved in some pretty deep discussions, so....
Yeah... uhm... you lost me... :?

Anyways, BD2; I can't wait to see the final movie. Although it will be bittersweet that it will be over after that. I have to say that the teaser trailer left me a little disappointed. It wasn't that exciting to me. Bella as a vamp... seen that in the previous teaser-teaser-trailer. The Volturi's new outfits... I don't know what to think of that. It's too colorful with the red. I liked them better in just all black or grey. Edward (and appearantly Bella in the car) on the move (to Denali?)... I'll have to know how they'll justify that twist before I judge. The fight at the end... It could be cool to see as a vision from Alice. But like someone noticed, there are wolves in that shot and Alice can't 'see' the wolves.
I am excited about Bella in the human world meeting Jenks. I'm so happy they left that part in. The demonstration of Benjamin's power looks like it could be cool, but it just goes to fast to really be impressive. Maybe that's my main problem with the teaser; it all goes to fast. It's almost like they put a bunch of stills together. And they're quite like inconsequential scenes/shots as well. It doesn't form a story imo. I feel like I have to disect each shot. That's how careful they are of not releasing too much information.
But anyway, I'll take what I can get and be happy with that. I'm just not overtly excited like I've been with the trailer for part 1 for example. I almost think the EW interview and stills were more exciting. ... Actually not 'almost'; definitely more exciting. Arm wrestling: YEH! Renesmee and Bella interaction: YEH!
Quote from the interview: They also say there’s some kind of visual valentine to fans in the closing moments. Pattinson, who’s seen a rough cut of the film, found himself surprisingly moved. “The end is so sweet. There’s this nice finality to it,” he says. “Everyone who was watching started crying. It does a serious justice to the series.” Stewart emphatically agrees. “Bill decided to do this really f—ing amazing thing at the end,” she says. “The fans are going to go nuts.”
See, they can't say stuff like that and expect me to wait until November! That is a teaser.

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2012 2:05 pm
by corona
Suzan, you are KILLING me! Yes, I was being sarcastic, trying to have a little fun, and now I feel stupid. Yes, I get into deep discussions sometimes, but it's always good to come up for air now and then and have a laugh. I did throw in a fart joke. Now I just feel dirty and unclean. :oops: :blush:

[goes to corner of shame]

OK, I'm back.

BTW, why wasn't Nessie amused? She can't stop breathing. :lol:

OK, no more of those jokes, it's going over like a lead balloon. :worried:

Trailer comments:

First, Bella's first time out in the blue shirt, with Edward's comments, appears to actually be the first time. Therefore there is a little something different with Bella in different clothes and Jacob. The timeline has been changed or Bella puts on something more comfortable then meets Jacob for first time. Non-canon, no biggee, but I'm curious. She changes, but hasn't met Nessie yet? Don't know.

[EDIT: there have been rumors that Jacob gets some kind of smack-down by either Edward or Bella. It didn't happen in Part 1, so it must be Part 2. But, if Bella has time to change, would she have done so without seeing Nessie? She and Jacob appear to be on friendly terms. It's actually a good scene. Is Bella holding back, prepared to launch an attack on Jacob? Middle shot between the two scenes is Bella in forest in all dark-gray top, but seeing Jacob is two-toned gray, so not the same shot. I'm puzzled.]

Winter scene is inconclusive. There is snow in the clearing as well, so it's not necessarily Alaska. Likely, though.

Volturi shot right after Jacob's "lot of red eyes" comment number 70 or more.

Later shot shows about the same number, with 4 staying back (Volturi wives and guards?). No "witnesses" ringing the clearing. If witnesses are there, they are charging right along with the Volturi.

About that final fight. If I really wanted to show a fight scene (and I would), I would have no problem discarding canon about Alice's visions and werewolves. I've seen Tornado's comments elsewhere about appearing to be live, not a vision, and there is something to it. Would Alice's vision include a panoramic view of the clearing so you can clearly see both sides charging each other? Well, it might. Still, I can't be sure BC didn't really change things up, or added this shot just for the trailer.

Having said that, I think it's conclusive that there is a fight of some kind, real or vision. If Alice dances into the middle of it all and tells them to stop, the reviews would be absolutely vicious, and they should be. You can't advertise the biggest vampire fight in all moviedom and then back out.

BTW, that still shot of Kristen charging is NOT flattering, she looks like Chyna from WWF.


Two trivial predictions I'm going to throw in:

1) Bella "slips" in front of Charlie. The only giveaway in the book is skin contact that leaves goose bumps. I think the movie will do something more. Perhaps a slip of the contact lens, or an accidental show of strength.

2) A chance meeting with old friends. Likely, Jessica or Mike. A mall in Seattle, perhaps? C'mon, this is almost obligatory. Maybe a double-take, Jessica sees Bella, looks away, then eyes dart back but she's no longer there?

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2012 4:12 pm
by Suzan
:lol: Sorry, corona. Don't feel stupid. If anyone here is domb it should be me because I didn't get it. LOL I was just confused. I was reading this thinking; What the heck are you talking about? But I get it now.

What you said before about Bella's eyes changing color faster because she lost a lot of blood - I can totally get that if that where the case. Personally I have no problem with the changing eye color. I'm really happy we get to see her with golden eyes too. It's like a little bonus. But I was thinking, maybe they extended the 3 month gap from the book... That could also explain the apparent age of Renesmee... Although the have to explain the snow then...

About the meeting with Jacob and the different outfits on Bella: If you look at this still, Bella is wearing the same clothes as in the trailer right before it cuts to Jacob and his line "I didn't expect you to seem so... you." Plus Jacob is wearing a different shirt. Also If you notice the house: Bella is quite some distance away from the house, while Jacob can practically touch it. There's now way those two shots are from the same scene.
I'm just guessing about his one, but maybe this is about Bella spotting Irina when Irina sees "immortal child" Renesmee...
What I don't get is this shot. It looks like the night of the birth if you look at Rosalie's and Edward's clothes and the white blanket around Renesmee. But that can't be right, because Bella can't be there at that point. Plus Edward was wearing a white shirt when Bella wakes up and isn't Renesmee supposed to have grown past the baby-stage by that time...
BTW, notice the dark shirt on Bella. That's again a different outfit. And it's obviously night time. As apposed to bright daylight in the Jacob scene. :?

Winter scene - But why would the Volvo be in the clearing... With Bella inside... I definitely think it's Alaska.

Hmm, there's no way they can justify a live fight imo. It has to be a vision (and I'm all for that btw). They really think the Volturi are going to stop when the fight has already started, once little Alice shows up? I don't think so.
Maybe the fact that there are no witnesses in that shot is an argument for the vision. Alice wouldn't have known that there will be witnesses if the Volturi hadn't decided that yet... But I always get confused about the finer details of Alice's power, so... Or maybe they just cut the witnesses part out. There are already a lot of new vampires and Volturi guard members involved so it could be possible they just decided to drop that detail.

See what I mean about random shots? I just get lost and not excited, which is supposed to be the point of a teaser.

LOL about the charging shot of Bella. It's not very flattering, but it's fierce, which is the point. And talking about unflattering - Is she about to sneeze?

And now that I was really looking at the screenshots - Is this what Alec's power is going to look like? I imagined it to be lighter, clearer. But I think this is cool as well. It's creepy.

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2012 1:46 am
by Openhome
Corona, you made an entire room of Lexers crack up into roaring laughter. We are in Chicago together, and I read your post, and everyone is howling (don't shoot!) with laughter. :rotfl: :rotfl:

Jazz Girl in particular is loving your post.

We've decided you should have written the script for BD!!

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2012 11:35 pm
by smitten_by_twilight
Quickie post since I have only seen the trailer 2 or 3 times so far. (Don't egg me! I've been busy! I will watch it a gagillion times soon.)

Corona - His. Terical! We really did LOL really loud and multiple times, even though I didn't get your fart joke until I read it. I did get your third leg joke though! As to the fight, I really really really hope and pray that is only Alice's initial vision. Did notice those irritating little canon deviations - Bella's eyes, Volturi side all cloaked and all in same color. But I will forgive little color details if the main thrust of the story is there.

Suzan - JazzGirl and I agree that Aro's shirt looks like a marching band uniform. If this is unfamilar to you try searching images for American marching bands to see what we mean.

More in future.

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Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2012 3:17 am
by RebeccaCullen
I'm very conflicted because the trailer Summit released has made me kinda want to see BD2, but I have a very bad feeling that they are going to do the same thing they did with part one: get me interested with the video ad's and some of the early print ad's, and then completely turn me off with the print ad's and the final push before the movie comes out.

I like all the pictures that were released and posted on the main site except the one with just Taylor and Mackenzie; they both look really awkward in the picture, IMO. And I think the last one would look nicer if Jacob wasn't there, but that's just me being me. :).

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2012 12:35 pm
by corona
Suzan, I agree, the splicing together of shots from different scenes makes it confusing, so I shouldn't be reading too much into it.

Also, that isn't a sneeze shot of Alice, that's her right before fleeing the clearing after Jacob's SBD. :D We are in Oscar territory here.

BTW, I'm glad to hear everyone enjoyed the humor at HH Con. Keep the howling down, though, Charlie has a gun and isn't afraid to use it.

Bella's eye change doesn't bother me in the slightest. As someone who actually did lose a lot of blood, it is to be expected she won't keep her vivid red as long. They were already changing by the time of the confrontation. To take the step of having them yellow, becoming visually a true member of the Cullen family, provides the only opportunity we have to see that, so it isn't a big leap. She'll also look great with matching eyes in shots with Edward.

Something else. If Bella's eyes have completed their change, would she hide that from Charlie? She wasn't going to in the book. We might see a scene with that between Bella and Charlie.

One thing I just thought of, Bella can't be running in real time at the fight. This must be a vision or BC REALLY changed things up. Bella has to totally concentrate on her shield with the Amazons providing bodyguard service. She had no plans in BD to attack, only to defend. She is the only one preventing a total Volturi victory, so it would be absolute folly to have her charge. You can bend canon and break it sometimes, but her defensive position in BD was completely logical.

Now that I think about it, even a vision would be wrong since they are doing something they shouldn't be doing otherwise. I can see it making sense for dramatic tension, but really, sticking Bella at the head of a wedge formation striking the center of the Volturi? Doesn't make tactical sense. It isn't as egregious if you write Alec's power out, but there is that still shot of him using it, so a Bella charge is suicidal.

If we are making chess analogies here, this is like taking your king right up the middle as part of your opening moves. Lose your king and it's checkmate. It's insane.

The teaser shows the Volturi are smart enough to keep at least 4 of their vamps from engaging in battle (having Alec and Jane stay back makes sense). Apparently all of the Cullens and their allies get Emmett fever. Breaking canon logic on some things can work, but breaking logic itself isn't going to be pretty. There must be something else going on here.
RebeccaCullen wrote:I like all the pictures that were released and posted on the main site except the one with just Taylor and Mackenzie; they both look really awkward in the picture, IMO. And I think the last one would look nicer if Jacob wasn't there, but that's just me being me.
Heh, it was always going to be a little awkward. I think they'll play it like they did with the wide-shot of the Cullens and their allies. You see Edward and Bella in the center with Nessie between them, and wolf-Jacob off to the side a bit, a little too far for canon. Jacob should logically be sticking by their side like glue throughout the entire confrontation in case things go bad. I think the filmmakers are going to be emphasizing the familial B&E and daughter aspect far more than the book did, with a little more distance between Jacob and Nessie. Also, Jacob's relationship with Nessie is never a focal point in the teaser, at all, which is some more evidence the filmmakers saw things needed a delicate treatment.

Re: Breaking Dawn 2-The Discussion Before the End

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2012 8:33 pm
by RebeccaCullen
I'm in favour of there being changes to canon on the big screen if it means that Edward appears to be the parent in the messed up situation and not Jacob. I always found the imprint in the book very hard to swallow, so any changes they can make to it on screen to appear less creepy with the child imprints, the better, IMO.