True Things --Second Round

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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by simplymortal314 » Mon Nov 03, 2008 12:36 am

Truth: I am getting a cold
Truth: I feel like I've been in a daze
Truth: I have an inkling why
Truth: The nice person I am is waking up early to go help a friend with chem homework
Truth: I think the homework was ridiculously easy
Truth: I didn't have much HW this weekend
Truth: I kept busy though
Truth: I did the laundry on Saturday
Truth: And my Pre-Calc HW
Truth: Today I went to a friend's house and we filmed our History project that is not due for another 2 and half weeks.
Truth: Then I got home and left after eating in 15 minutes to one of the local colleges to sing at a celebration for the day of the dead.
Truth: Yes, there is more than one college in my town.
Truth: Two in fact, some of the best in the country
Truth: I will not attend either of them though
Truth: The football team at my school is going to state.
Truth: I was driving all over the place today
Truth: My day was pretty hectic.
Truth: I didn't have a proper chance to rest until 9:30 pm
Truth: After I check some other things I'm going to bed. =]
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by xoxocamille » Mon Nov 03, 2008 12:51 am

Truth - Its 940pm here.
Truth - I'm currently listening to music.
Truth - I'm super in love with this song.
Truth - Tomorrow's Monday.
Truth - Shoot me.
Truth - I don't feel like going to school. AT ALL.
Truth - It's Monday, which means I have class from 730-235.
Truth - With NO BREAK in between whatsoever.
Truth - I have to quickly jump from class to class.
Truth - I still need to do homework, but I'm procrastinating so bad.
Truth - Meh, screw it. I'll do it in class tomorrow.
Truth - I wonder where Elaine is.
Truth - I miss her super terribly.
Truth - It's been WEEKS since I last spoke to her.
Truth - I hope we get to talk this weekend or something.
Truth - I love you Elaine, always remember that. <3
Truth - I went to Borders today.
Truth - I saw the Twilight Collector's Edition there.
Truth - I wanted to get it SO BAD.
Truth - My mom thinks spending $83 on books I already own is stupid.
Truth - She just doesn't understand...
Truth - Which reminds me, next Monday (after tomorrow)
Truth - I'm gonna MEET the one & only, Robert Pattinson<3
Truth - I'm so excited, and nervous as heck.
Truth - And it's SUCH a blessing because I don't have school that day.
Truth - It feels as though I'm meant to go there.
Truth - At first I was conflicted because I thought I had school.
Truth - But now that I don't, I am SO going.
Truth - I'll take the train there, if I have to.
Truth - I just HAVE to meet him, and no one is gonna stop me.
Truth - Not to mention the movie is in 19 fuh-reakinnnn' days.
Truth - I'm so excited, I can't even explain what I'm feeling right now.
Truth - This is insane.
Truth - Hm, I'm planning to go to sleep early tonight.
Truth - I really need to get out of the habit of sleeping at 2am every dang schoolnight.
Truth - It's hard to get out of something you're so used to doing.
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by mz.cullenn » Mon Nov 03, 2008 2:52 am

Bella_Cullen_13 wrote:Truth: Especially the one that has 2 iPods full of music.
Truth: I feel sooo bad for Kate.
Truth: No iPod would absolutely kill me.

Truth- Two iPods? I agree with Sarah. Lol.
Truth- It's killing me.
Truth- I think I am being over dramatic. Haha. (:
Truth- I'm currently giggling.
Truth- I'm imagining Camille meeting Rob. The Robert Pattinson.
Truth- I hope she has a rockin' time. (:
Truth- I just finished making some cake for tomorrow.
Truth- I don't have to go back to school until Wednesday as does everyone else who lives in Melbourne.
Truth- The Shuffle I am using as a replacement iPod just ran out of battery. Fantastic.
Truth- I was listening to Electric Feel my MGMT.
Truth- I need to charge the Shuffle but I can't be bothered turning on my laptop since all of a sudden everything is taking forever to load.
Truth- My laptop need a good thorough clean out.
Truth- We are having typical Melbourne weather at the moment, aka- All four seasons in one day.
Truth- Melbourne weather is so unpredictable.
Truth- This thread is made up of awesome.
Truth- My username is bugging the hell out if me.
Truth- I've already made a new account but I just haven't gotten around to activating it yet.
Truth- My new username that I might use if I get around to it is Kate. Thats all.
Truth- Pretty simple, eh? I was suprised it was available.
Truth- It's my birthday in 17 days.
Truth- I remember this because my birthday is 2 days before the Twilight movie is released.
Truth- But maybe it's in 16 days due to time differences. Hmm.
Truth- I want to go for a run but I feel too lazy to get up off the computer.
Truth- I don't like running but I'm used to it.
Truth- In fact, I loathe running. I used to love it though.
Truth- I miss the old VMT.
Truth- This reminds me that I saw one of virginiax7's posts on this thread in a couple of pages back, I think.
Truth- I haven't seen her on the boards in forever. (:
Truth- I want to listen to music.
Trutth- I spelt 'Truth' with two t's.
Truth- I'm not going to change it.

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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by Bella_Cullen_13 » Mon Nov 03, 2008 3:20 am

spookybell wrote:Truth: I don't like Panic! at the Disco's new Video.
Truth: I don't know that OME stands for.
Truth: I had a bad headache when Bella_Cullen_13 had a headche and it lasted forever!
Truth Facebook is better than myspace.
Truth- That is the most absurd thing Ive heard all day (& Sarah told me I have brain cancer)
Truth- OME stands for Oh My Edward
Truth- Myspae is better than facebook(:
Truth- I did more research on that.
Truth- It would be semi-normal if there werent other symptoms I had.
Truth- I knew I shouldnt take anything for them.
Truth- Self-medicating (even with Tylenol) can make your symptoms worse, cause dizziness, anxiety, restlessness (why Im up)
Truth- That is only the case if it is stress induced.
Truth- Sarah can still be right about me having a tumor.
Truth- I havent done enough research yet.

Truth- I cant stopped listening to FTSK - Especially Catatrophe & Coffee Break

Truth- Im posting from my DS.
Truth- My icon is intoxicating.
Truth- I thought it was cute that Beckett was scared to rea Twilight because ofthe obsessed fans (thats why I was)
Truth- I bet he ends up reading it - he's a sweetie that way.
Truth- Decode was just on MTV2.
Truth- Ive yet to hear 'I caught myself'.

Truth- She just filled her 2nd one up (this iPod is signed by THE Zack Merrick)
Truth- Ive been wanting to change my username, but havent.

Truth- I need to just take some time off.
Truth- I think (this is going to sound cheezy) i need to prioritize & put things in perspective.

Truth- Im listening to The Antidote-Story of The Year
Truth- Im going to put on some PCFH next.

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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by sarah-belle » Mon Nov 03, 2008 6:37 am

Bella_Cullen_13 wrote:Truth- I cant stopped listening to FTSK - Especially Catatrophe & Coffee Break
Truth- I need to just take some time off.
Truth- I think (this is going to sound cheezy) i need to prioritize & put things in perspective.[/color]

Truth:Ew, I HATE Coffee Break
Truth:But I love Breakdown and Catastrophe
Truth:That's just the tumor talking :wink:

Truth:It's ridicilous how early I have to go to school
Truth:I forgot that I have to memorize a poem for my Spanish class....
Truth:By today :shock:
Truth:Good thing I don't have Spanish until 7th
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by mz.cullenn » Mon Nov 03, 2008 7:36 am

Truth- I'm happy about how my current banner turned out, considering I nearly fell asleep whist making it.
Truth- It's simple, but I love simple graphics.
Truth- It's nearly midnight.
Truth- I should be in bed getting a good nights rest.
Truth- Psh, I don't want to sleep now.
Truth- I'm in a mood to make graphics!

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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by nissanmama » Mon Nov 03, 2008 7:49 am

spookybell wrote:Truth: People don't appreciate brown.
Truth: I hope Nima feels better soon.
Truth: I don't know that OME stands for.

Truth: Chocolate is brown...mmmmm...
Truth: I hope I feel better soon too.
Truth: MG is sick too and I bet she calls me to come pick her up from school.
Truth: Another favorite is OMC which can ben Oh My Cullen or Oh My Carlisle.
Truth: Edward and Carlisle are both so god-like.
Truth: I'm having orange tea again right now.
Truth: If my throat feels better I'll try some real breakfast.
Truth: My mother sent me an e-mail counting down the days til I get there. ... directlink
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by SethisMine » Mon Nov 03, 2008 9:01 am

Truth: I like brown.
Truth: But I like green also.
Truth: There is not enough green in my opinion here.
Truth: I have to go to school in like 40 min.
Truth: I don't want to go to school.
Truth: I want some hot chocolate.
Truth: I can't find any. :(
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by Lynzeee » Mon Nov 03, 2008 10:16 am

true- i lost my voice yelling over 48 full throttled Sprint cup cars for the duration of that race.
true- i sound like a 90 year old chain smoker
true- my sister met carl ewards
true- i didn't
true- that upset me
true- i am having a near quarter life crisis i think
true- i need to keep reading twilight
true- i am almost done with chapter 8(sam can be happy she gets to read tonight)
true- i need to vacuum
true- i can't wait for friday
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Re: True Things --Second Round

Post by StupidxLamb » Mon Nov 03, 2008 11:31 am

Truth: I overslept this morning and had 15 minutes to eat and get ready for class.
Truth: Then I slipped down the stairs.
Truth: After class, I got a coffee at McDonald's and it leaked all over one of my books.
Truth: I came home and took a shower and started crying over a broken heart that refuses to heal.
Truth: Now I am eating lunch and thinking about how much work I have to do today.
Truth: Last night I went to Sonic with three of my guy friends.
Truth: After that we went to a park that had no lights.
Truth: They tried to scare me, but really I was glad that I was there with three guys who are significantly bigger than I am. :shock:
Truth: I am so ready for my high school youth group retreat in 3 weeks!
Truth: I need a God high so I can rejuvinate myself and get out of my mini depression
Truth: The youth group retreat is the best weekend out of the entire year.
Truth: This will be my third.
Truth: I want a new haircut.
Truth: I cut my hair when life feels out of control.
Truth: I might get bangs.
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