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Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 10:47 pm
by BlueStarlight
You know we love you, right? This is just beyond awesome news for you!!! I'm a bit jealous that you will get to see the movie a whole 3 days before we do... but not jealous of the fact that you will have to keep it to yourself for those 3 days!! LOL! :lol: Honestly, though, congrats on that-- it's a dream of all of ours! It IS nice to have a place where you can freak and spazz out without worrying about what others will think! *Raises her glass* Here's to our little group of 30-somethings! Cheers, guys!

Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 1:34 am
by ChristinasHeadache
I have been pondering if they will do a sneak preview of the movie.... Do you think so or is that just for movies that are NOT as popular to try to draw in foot traffic? And I am sorry to all of u but I am so not prepared for holiday talk lol so I had to cut out when it got heavy lol...

Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 6:57 am
by nissanmama
una wrote:I spend all day (the day after Thanksgiving) getting the tree up, decorated and other decorations up.
I do the same thing. I usually go out and do the pre-dawn shopping as well. I have one whole wall of my basement that's taken up with boxes of decorations. I redo my china cabinet with Christmas china, holly and expensive ornaments that I don't want anyone to "bump" off the tree. I do the stair rail and hang oversized ornaments from eight inch ribbons from the chandelier in the front hall.

Favorite dessert? I make amazing Christmas cookies, especially my sugar cookies. It's not really a dessert, but my cinnamon rolls have magical powers, able to get whole football teams and coaching staff to do my bidding. My favorite recipe, however, has to be Great Gramma Davis' Seven Layer Masterpiece Chocolate Cake. It has a quirky story that goes with it which is kinda fun too.

Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 7:12 am
by oleander
Twinnie that's awesome news!!!! I can't think of a better person for it to happen to!!!! Please promise you'll brief me as soon as you get done swooning after the movie is done!

I just watched the SPIKE "World Premier" footage from last night and it wasn't new at all! It was the same footage they showed at ComicCon. It's still hot, still makes me want to squee like a little girl, but it's not new.

Less than a month to go ladies (and gents).

Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 7:35 am
by inspired
WOW Spooky ,that is amazing! I am so psyched for you and a little envious ;) .

I saw the Spike footage last night, too. I didn't realize that it wasn't new, because I didn't see the Comic Con footage. It was really amazing, though.

Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 8:53 am
by BlueStarlight
Nima- that seven-layer chocolate cake is making my mouth water waaaaaaaay too early in the morning. My mom has a chocolate cake recipe that has been in the family for generations; it icludes strong coffee and sour milk... and a fudge frosting. *drrroooling* We have that at almost every family gathering, so I guess that would be my favorite dessert.

Yeah, the "world premiere" footage on Spike. It was just another edited version of the fight scene. I DID notice a difference than in other clips. After Edward picks up Bella and says "I'm sorry," he flies up. James collides with them half-way and Bella falls to the floor... THAT I hadn't seen before! My hubby said, "THAT'S it??? They've already shown that." Well, yeah, those of us who keep up with it have seen it tons of times... but I dare say there are folks out there (but I don't know where they could be ;) ) who haven't seen it. So, from all these clips of the fight scene floating around, I'm getting anxious to see the thing in it's entirety!!

Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 10:13 am
by dimber
Gaaaahh...five pages in more or less 24 hours: we're going to get to 100 pages very soon!!!

Spookybell Well done!!! That's amazing news, really...I hope you'll enjoy the night :D

Regarding treats, what can I say...I can't reply to the first question because, despite being an excellent cook, I'm a wreck in preparing cake, candies and that kind of stuff. So, I usually provide the whole meal from starters to fruit..but I can't cook cakes and treats. Probably, this is the main reason why I don't love to eat them either.
We have a lot of typical treats for Christmas and Easter here in Italy, and they are different in every region. Where I was born and raised for Christmas we make a kind of stuffed cookies with chocolate, figs and almonds: they're pretty good. My favourite treat, by the way, is Christmas "torrone": sugar and almonds paste glassed with different kinds of chocolate. That's really delicious..... :mrgreen:

Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 12:09 pm
by una
Dimber, good to see you!

Nima I avoid the Friday after Thanksgiving shopping. No matter how good a deal is, you can't get me up THAT early to shop and we'll not even discuss the overly pushy and rude crowds. I did it once and thought I would go "postal." I cannot abide overt rudeness and being pushed out of the way by someone so they can take something out of my hand, no. I can't do it. Plus with my absolute primal need of coffee so I am pleasant, it's just an all around bad idea for me to go out there. (sorry...had to rant about rude crowds).

I shop the following weekend usually or the second week in December. I try to get it all done in a weekend before it gets too close to Christmas so I can avoid the worst of the crowds. I am not claustrophobic but put me in room with too many people (so I have no personal space) and I'll get scared. I'm VERY picky about my personal space (and let's not even talk about skin privileges! :D ). Last year hubby and I took off our anniversary (it was a Tuesday I think) and did all our Christmas shopping that day. It's was great, not a lot of people, quiet and easy. I loved it. This year with everything we are cutting back. Our thing is, let's not spend time stressing over a good gift that fits in our budget, let's just make plans to see each other this month or the following for a meal or just a cup of coffee and catching up. However, I will still do Christmas cards.

ETA: Yay! I'm helping Mike get a clue now!

Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 12:17 pm
by vampman

I am so jealous. I don't even know if I will be to see it opening weekend much less 3 days before the actual opening. I know you will be dying to tell everyone but, no spoilers! We can all revel in your awesome chance to see it early.

I can't remember the last time I actually Christmas shoppes at a store. Amazon is a really good website.

Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 12:54 pm
by BlueStarlight
Ugh- I really dislike Black Friday shopping!! I went with my SIL 4 years ago to Wal-Mart to get my parents a DVD/VCR combo; it was a joint-gift from all 5 siblings. That place was so packed with people that had been there ALL NIGHT, but couldn't check out until 6 am when the items "technically" went on sale. It was awful! The one good thing I got that year was my Christmas tree skirt from Michael's. They had a coupon in their flyer for 50% off an item during the 7 am hour; I got the one I've always wanted- hunter green and red velvet with gold bead trim.

As if the shopping crowds weren't bad enough... the drivers make me so nervous!!! They were doing construction on the Loop (which runs in front of ALL the stores and Mall) of our town last year, too! It was supposed to be finished before Thanksgiving, but wasn't, so they left things as is until after the beginning of January... not enough lanes, traffic cones everywhere! THAT was madness!!