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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys -- Rainbow Popsicles. The Discussion.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2008 10:37 pm
by oleander
GNE, i'm more possessive of my pens than my stapler, although i do have a pretty good one right now. it's not red, but it fits my hand like a glove...uh, that sounds weird. it fits well in my hand.

Leah, is Let the Right One In out on DVD now? i've heard it mentioned in articles i've read and am intrigued.

Happy Turkey day to everyone tomorrow!!! I wish it was Thanksgiving here too. I could stand to have a couple of extra days off work. ;)

Re: Gutter Gals & Guys -- Rainbow Popsicles. The Discussion.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2008 11:03 pm
by skylarblue
Office Supplies - I have a fixation for pens (weird I know) and everyone I work with makes fun of me for it. I have over 1000+ pens and don't use 90% of them but I collect them. The weirder the better and everyone I know is always in a hunt to get me pens. I also have a thing for post-it notes, the more different from the norm the better.

oleander - i had this one stapler that I loved and no one else could use and when it broke, I thought I lost my left arm or something. I always want the thing that no one else has and if someone takes it, I know it's mine. So I respect your pen OCD and your love of your stapler :lol:


Re: Gutter Gals & Guys -- Rainbow Popsicles. The Discussion.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 27, 2008 12:54 am
by Destani
My news for the day: I just saw the movie for the first time tonight!

QOTD: What is your favorite office/school supply?
I too love office supplies. Notebooks, pads, post-it notes, highlighters... But my favorite is pens. I have quite a collection as well with some of my favorite cartoon characters on them or in my favorite colors. I keep them in a pen holder on my desk just for decoration. I never use them. I have a particular brand of pen that I always use for writing. I'm very picky about the pens I actually use, they have to feel comfortable in my hand and write easily with a nice flow of ink.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Re: Gutter Gals & Guys -- Rainbow Popsicles. The Discussion.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 27, 2008 1:08 am
by skylarblue
destani- like you I have a vast pen collection and I only have about 2 that I use because they are comfortable. I also have an OCD about blue ink, I prefer it over black and it seems that you have to pay more for blue ink pens and they make less of them.

Everyone I know, knows not to mess with my pens. They can use the paperclips, post it's, note pads, etcs. but don't you dare run off with a pen of mine. It's a weird fixation (as someone with a degree in Psychology, I should be able to understand it) but I don't know why.

Re: Gutter Gals & Guys -- Rainbow Popsicles. The Discussion.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 27, 2008 10:59 am
by oleander
Destani that's fantastic news! Can't wait until we can all start talking about it on here.

skylarblue: i had a favourite pen in junior high and my classmates knew it (it was a Zebra fine blue ballpoint pen). one day the girls who regularly picked on me grabbed it from my hand and snapped it in half before my eyes. sad to say i had a nervous breakdown and they had to call my parents to come and get me. (i sound crazier every day, don't i? sigh.) i've had my pen obsession for a long, long time.

uhm, i posted my thank you on GenX and i'm going to do it here too...THANK YOU to whomever it was who introduced me to BDB. I just finished Rhage's book and...WOW! I cried near the end.

I'm really never going to find a man now. No one will ever match up to the vamps in my life. ;)

Re: Gutter Gals & Guys -- Rainbow Popsicles. The Discussion.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 27, 2008 12:02 pm
by StarEmerson
Hey Everyone, can I introduce myself?! I am StarEmerson, been on the Lex for a while, and its nice to find this thread, it is not covered in OME's LOL's etc!

I am in my twenties, so most of the people around where I live are teens who have read the book, I am dreading the "sqeeee's" when I finally get to see the film on Dec 19th! (I will proberbly be gigglying like a school girl when I first see Edward!!)

Anyway, the thing that caught my eye, was the discussion on pens! Isnt it funny how so many people have an obsession with stationary and stuff.

At work, I cant have people mess with my system. I have a pen next to the till, sat next to it, is a blob of blue tack, then along side it, a mini stapler. It doesnt matter how many times I tell my boss to put them back after he uses them, when I look, GONE! I get so wound up. I am like "Where is my pen? Huh??"

Then when he needs one of them, he is searching high and low, and ends up buying some more. Wouldnt it be easier, if he just took a milisecond of his time to reach over and put them back?!?!

Maybe thats just men?!

Re: Gutter Gals & Guys -- Rainbow Popsicles. The Discussion.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 27, 2008 4:37 pm
by spookybell
Okay - So I may be whay behind, but I am taking a break from Thanksgiving cooking and cleaning... I wanted to catch up on the gutter :)

Are we aloud to talk about the movie yet? I think I have it all out of my system, but I am not sure...

BDB update: Going slow... actually, I have not read much, for lack of time to sit and dedicate a good chuck of time to reading. I am not giving up. I only bought all 5 of the books to start with, so I kinda committed myself. You go twilightmom!!! I am impressed. 24 hours! Whew!

Misfit Baking Peach cobler... LOL - All I know is what Baking means and that Peaches come from BDB, but I love it.

Vampman Have you read BDB also???? Gutter Gals & Guys Where Vampires are all the Rhage! is also good. I once again know only that Rhage is from BDB...

Welcome Back Nima!

Pirate Twin... We both have OCD! I don't know how we became pirates but I like it :)

okay my 15 minute alotment on the LEXis up. See you in another 15 after I've done my 15 minutes of Thanksgiving work. Heading to finish cleaning the master bathroom. and I will be back, since I have noticed I'm like 6 pages behind.

Re: Gutter Gals & Guys -- Rainbow Popsicles. The Discussion.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 27, 2008 4:47 pm
by Wingtear
Office supply's...
I couldn't live without my pens, unfortunately I don't use them much nowadays, but when I need them they're always there, in the big Marimekko purse :D only problem is to find it...
Mostly Swan/Stabilo but also random stuff. I use abusive amounts of tip-ex... not to correct things but to decorate, nothing white I've ever tried holds as good as that.

Re: Gutter Gals & Guys -- Rainbow Popsicles. The Discussion.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 27, 2008 5:14 pm
by spookybell
I remember the Electric Slide LOL from the days when I'd go out Dancing on the weekends and girls night and all those fond early 20's memories! I am with Bella on the "I Can't Dance" bandwagon.

Cullengirl... U2's with or without you is a fantastic song. Heck U2 is a fanstastic band. I am not a fan of the soundtrack, but it is growing on me. Funny thing is, Rob's song was just on because I am playing the soundtrack. Flightless Bird irritates me every time though. Painfully so.

Nima! I want to see the Aurora Borialis also... That is on my list of things to do before I die. I want to go on an Alaska cruise (I have never been on a cruise) but I would be crushed if I didn't see the northern lights as that is a huge motivator!!!! I have not seen Bucket list, but I hear it is good.

Okay - I know what would be on my bucket list... Find My Jacob (because I don't believe an Edward really exists). My list is longer, but... I'm still on my 15 minute time schedule...

QOTD: Fave office supply... PENS! I love them! I love office supplies. Notepads also kick butt! I just had one made that says Edward - Bella - Jacob - Twilight and it makes me happy to write on it, but I have to ration the pages because it is expensive!

I wish I had Angelica Bridges hair!

dank 15 min are up... I should check on the turkey and finish the bathroom...

edit instead of double posting...

Una! Feel better!!! Has anyone not been sick this season yet???

Twilight mom!!! I went to the store with my boss to pick up treats for a staff meeting and I asked her to stop by the magazine isle. The said "I never buy magazines" Imagine her surprise when I picked up men's health. I told her I had to see if the pictures and article were woth the hot boy on the cover. She shook her head in disbelief (she knows my infatuation with famous hot guys) she does think I am nuts... but I think she's nuts too...

It's nice to be friends with your boss.

I also need to share that I find it quite stressful then your turkey breast is reaching the done temperature a good 2 hours early!!!!

Re: Gutter Gals & Guys -- Rainbow Popsicles. The Discussion.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 27, 2008 8:03 pm
by LadyDi
Welcome StarEmerson,
I had to mention the "blue tack" - blue sticky tack is worth its weight in gold where I work. People steal it off walls and play with it, others scam it off my desk so when I want to put something up, I have no sticky tack to use. It's hard!
I wore my newest Twilight t-shirt to work (the one from Cafe Press, simple but classy - I love it!) and I had a six year old say "I know Twilight! My brother saw it. It's all about Bella and Edward." I guess now the "bandwagoners" are beginning to appear, now that the movie is out. I wonder how many will read the book after seeing the movie?