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Re: Randomness #7

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 4:47 pm
by Jethro
Hello Lovelies!..

yeah, just like everyone is doing, I'm just checking before I went to school!.. So.. uhmm.. let's see.. I already took a shower, dressed up.. studied for the huge accounting test later.. and..

OME! I forgot to do my Spanish homework.. Gah!..

So yeah, I'm going to do it now.. and yeah.. :D

Lynz: Congrats to you and your hubby! Let's partaaaaaaay!! (ok, not today, but soon, mkay? :D)

Sachael: Maligayang Bati!.. :D.. hope you have a wonderful day!.. :D..

EDIT: Yeah, I just wanted to post here before numero ocho comes up.. haha.. seeing that this may be the last chance I have before moving to Randomness 8.. hehehe!.. :D

Re: Randomness #7

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 4:55 pm
by sachael
jet: salamat.. :)

well im about to log off from work.. and we'll celebrate.. :)

Allie: pm me if you had read this message.. i am not mad at you and i don't know where you get the idea.. pm me ok? i'll be logging off any minute..

Re: Randomness #7

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 5:04 pm
by HalfAznVamp
hello everyone....
megan....jayna...I lost the game D:
lol xD

Re: Randomness #7

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 5:09 pm
by metro_girl0
I thought you were, im a blonde (joke) sorry, talk to you later. Sorry again.


Re: Randomness #7

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 5:15 pm
by threethings
Allie: There are rules!! 4 lines minimum, please! I know I was just talking to you, but rules need to be followed.

Twi-guys: This holds no interst for you. . .

Random: Okay, so yesterday I was in line at the Chick-fil-A before I went to the derma and there was this car parked that had a magnet on the back that was for some college and it said "crimson tide".
I was about to die laughing so hard. My mom asked me what I was laughing at, and I really didn't want to explain, so I told her it "didn't sound right". I immediately thought, "I really need to post this for the randomness girls!". Ha, ha.

Where's Maddy today? She hasn't logged on since last night. . . .

Re: Randomness #7

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 5:21 pm
by 'twahy-lahyt'
ABSOLUTELY NO one line posts. Posts must be at least 4 lines.
^^^^^^^^^^^ That is our number one rule. PLEASE follow it.^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Okay B is gone and around the corner, but I can tell you that she will be back if we have posts like that again!

*calms self down*


Jet!!! - I missed you!?!? Anyways hope your classes go well. and your test :)

I just earned another 20 dollars...

Random - I have been waking up earlier and earlier each day. It's very odd because I'm not even tired when I get up. Usually I am DEAD tired.

Random 2 - I was in a really good mood today, and then I asked my father what he was going to do this afternoon. ughh!

Random 3 - I am desperate to watch Twilight again.

Re: Randomness #7

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 5:26 pm
by samajama
why are we all celebrating? (i.e. Sam is too lazy to read old posts ;)) hehe

Jet!!!!!! What's up?

holy elephants, this thread is going to be history soon! ... 55,255,255
isn't that pretty?


Sing practice was :x

I like expression my emotions with emoticons ;)

i have a headache. grr.

Re: Randomness #7

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 5:29 pm
by threethings
Sam: I think i'm about to PM you.
We're celebrating because Lynz's husband got an interview with his dream job, besides google.
That's what I read, anyway.
Shel: Looks like I beat you to the punch on rules!!! ha,ha. How's the banner coming along?

Random: Where is everybody today?

Re: Randomness #7

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 5:38 pm
by 'twahy-lahyt'
Sam! <3
We are celebrating with Lynz because her husband has an interview with a company he has been wanting to work for.. since forever..Besides Google.. really good news.. 15k-25k pay raise.

I'm gonna go work on some banners that I've promised.
I don't know whose yet though...

Random - I think I may order my friends presents tonight or tomorrow. I have enough money now. They are going to sooo love me when they get them. They've been wanting to reread the Twilight series for a while now, even though they just finished.

I should start dinner soon, but I think I'm gonna take a shower first -- I smell a little funky, haha. No I don't. I don't think... I just want to take my shower.

Random 2 - I got a 99% on my Sign Language test, which is good, because I was really worried about it. I was shaking while I was signing I was so nervous, I thought my knees were about to give out.

Chloe - I just read your post, and I don't feel like editing anything in my post, I'm too lazy.
I'm about to work on some banners, just after I take my shower and start dinner. And yeah you did beat me to the punch with the rules and now why we are celebrating.

I think I may go see if any new posts are on the Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen Thread -- those women are dirty, haha... but very entertaining, well they were last night ;)

Re: Randomness #7

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 5:43 pm
by Ohs0sexyBella<3
Threethings-- My name is Jany...yours??ooohh...haha...I speak espanol!!!

Randomness:::: I was just watching t.v when I stumbled upon that show on MTV- Paris Hilton my BFF..and there I am thinking "wow...why would anybody put themselves through that?"...ahaha :lol: ...poor girls.
I have a LOT of work to do today... People we got to keep the rules for the forum going..OR WE'LL NEVER GET TO NUMBER 8...which is my favorite number so we better comply!!! :geek: ...

Oh my goshness, guess WHAT???! ...Im obsessed with the word cinnamon...because no matter how hard I try I!can never say it right! I always sound crazy ..."!!!!"
I know...random...but hey- that's what this is for!!

I'm thinking about my hair black...What do you guys think?? :o