True Things ~ The IV

Re: True Things ~ The IV

Postby Starless*Eyes » Sun May 03, 2009 2:41 pm

Truth- I am wearing my twilight shirt with Bella and the Cullens
Truth- my allergies are acting up >_<
Truth- I'm trying to memorize all of Macbeth's lines in Act One Scene 3 for tomorrow..
Truth- today is my sister's nineteenth birthday!- she's re-dying her hair blue-black.
Truth- I'm addicted to Bones<3- I rented seasons one and two
Truth- Agent Booth is FBI man! Booth and Brennan are my favourite tv couple, other than Chase and Cameron.
Truth- I'm hungry *roar*
Truth- I really need to start getting research for my Vegetarianism anthro project
Truth- I love teasing and picking on my sister's boyfriend. It's become something of a hobbie.
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Re: True Things ~ The IV

Postby Bella_Cullen_13 » Mon May 04, 2009 3:39 am

StickStones&&Techno wrote:truth: i'm super excited for the hey monday and the bigger lights and stereo skyline, et al concert (:
Truth: Im sooo happy - By the time the tour gets to Houston - It will be the 7th time Ive seen The Friday Night Boys!
Truth: My friend wants me to go on a roadtrip to Bamboozle with her next year - Im sooo up for it.
Truth: Im so happy to be home - Im also excited to leave in the next day to see We The Kings!
Truth: Travis just tweeted about it.
Truth: Im talking to Kate right now.
Truth: I took a whole bunch of pictures on the Mississippi River today - It was such nice weather.
Truth: I still do not like New Orleans.
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Re: True Things ~ The IV

Postby StickStones&&Techno » Mon May 04, 2009 5:48 pm

truth: i'm going to try to convince my parents to let me go to java jazz may 18th for the anarbor concert.
truth: milanos are basically the best cookies ever.
truth: sixth period was hell.
truth: i had to take the fitness gram :o
truth: this is ivy league has such good music (:
truth: ryland sounds so british (:
truth: i'm moving on the same day i moved to my present house, 7 years ago.
truth: coincidence much? (:
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Re: True Things ~ The IV

Postby simplymortal314 » Mon May 04, 2009 10:58 pm

Truth: I have not posted in here in a long time
Truth: I just lettered in Academics
Truth: Iguess it's a big deal
Truth: My car is now fixed after a car crash I was in.
Truth: The guy I liked/like is a Twi-guy
Truth: Now he has a girlfriend
Truth: Most of my friends and I are not exactly thrilled.
TruthL I am eating some delish grapes
Truth: I am addicted to fountain drinks right now.
Truth: It's only because of This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen
Truth: I just read all her books for the second time.
Truth: At least it's not alcohol or drugs I'm addicted to
Truth: I attempted to kidnap someone and scratched my foot in the process
Truth: I dd this at anti-prom instead of going to actual prom
Truth: The anti-prom group consisted of under ten people
Truth: And the person we 'kidnapped' was the guy I like/d
Truth: That was a fun evening. =]
Truth: Now I have to start researching on my final history project.
Truth: I can't believe the schol year is almost over. eek. =/
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Re: True Things ~ The IV

Postby roo-roo91 » Tue May 05, 2009 11:49 am

true: I can't wait til september
true: i'm mainly posting to get closer to my next rank
true: i forgot what the next rank was
true: i called about 4 places yesterday to see if they were hiring
true: only 2 places were hiring
true: i love my new location.
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Re: True Things ~ The IV

Postby dandyvampgirl_13 » Tue May 05, 2009 7:33 pm

Truth: Driving is terrifying.
Truth: But I managed not to die!
Truth: I got my permit, finally (stupid DMV... reminds me of my seminary teacher)
Truth: And I drove from the park near my house to home, and miraculously didn't crash!
Truth: My friends are still scared of me driving.
Truth: Apparently I'm rather absentminded and easily distracted... psh
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Re: True Things ~ The IV

Postby deven » Tue May 05, 2009 7:58 pm

StickStones&&Techno wrote:truth: i'm going to try to convince my parents to let me go to java jazz may 18th for the anarbor concert.

truth-i love anarbor
truth-i dont know anyone else who does
truth-i have seen them in concert!
truth-i met slade and got a pic with him <3
truth-if you have the chance you should definately see them!
truth-i am wondering how many bands i am gonna be able to see at warped???
truth-i have developed a recent love for ATLs song Remebering Sunday..i really love it!
truth-i had to buy new headphones today cuz i broke mine...grr
truth-this is my 4th pair!!
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Re: True Things ~ The IV

Postby cassis_rose » Wed May 06, 2009 9:29 am

Truth: I need more time.
Truth: I really have a lot of things to complete.
Truth: I'm feeling tired everyday.
Truth: I can dozed off anywhere, in lecture halls, while standing in the bus etc.
Truth: I'm happy that my birthday is coming.
Truth: And that's the only thing I'm happy about.
Truth: I actually want the government to raise the swine flu alert to 'Red', which I think students won't have to go to schools then.
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Re: True Things ~ The IV

Postby -Jasper » Wed May 06, 2009 3:06 pm

Truth - My head hurts.
Truth - I'm drinking water.
Truth - Haven't been drinking enough ...
Truth - I'm bored.
Truth - I wish more people would come online.
Truth - The days go so fast, again.
Truth - Luckily it only feels like Tuesday, and it's Wednesday.
Truth - I love 3 day weekends. :D
Truth - Shame they aren't every week. No more Monday mornings ...
Truth - Tuesday mornings aren't as daunting as Monday mornings. Even just the name..
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Re: True Things ~ The IV

Postby StickStones&&Techno » Wed May 06, 2009 6:09 pm

deven wrote:
StickStones&&Techno wrote:truth: i'm going to try to convince my parents to let me go to java jazz may 18th for the anarbor concert.

truth-if you have the chance you should definately see them!

truth: the good thing is that they're coming to a semi-small venue, so if i do go, i'll have a good chance of meeting some of them (:
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