Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by allieb » Wed Jan 28, 2009 3:55 pm

hello again.
oh maddyy i read the outsiders for school....... it was really good!
and i read all the uglies books..... those are really good too! you'll like them.

and i'll get to the house of night series EVENTUALLY!!

mmmmm babysitting tonight..... funn. haha. not really. oh well. i'll get paid. i hope. haha
ahhhh whatever. its only a few hours of my life!! =] =] =]

hmmm so logan... i wont be able to help you much until after eight.... sorry bud.
kaykayy well i thought i would check in with y'all... talk to you later... maybe!! haha

byee loversss
allie ;)

J'adore toi. - I love you.<-- haha
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by brunetterebel010 » Wed Jan 28, 2009 4:08 pm

OKay so I have posted a fanfic on FanFiction.net and I want to link it into my siggy. Does anyone know how to make a hyperlink? I'm pretty technology impaired. And why won't fanfiction.net let me use my - or when I tried to type <3 it took out the < I'm so upset, because I was trying to give credit to some people who helped with my fic and they both ahve "<3" at the end of their name!! Can anybody help me? *breaks down into tears*
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by Wingtear » Wed Jan 28, 2009 4:12 pm

OK, I guess it's my punishment for saying GenY rols faster than random, but 8 pages people? If it's going to be this way, I'll just go ahead and say Bye bye randomness 10, because I'm off to bed, and won't have time until late tomorrow night either.

Why are everyone celebrating snow day? here it sucks when it snows... Because, you still have to get to school/work/whatever... and if you're late because off it, well, you work it of or they duck your paycheck. So it's just to put the shovel in the car and get going... (I have been stranded waiting for the plower one morning... I lost an hour of work...) Seriously, the only time there was a "snow day" was 10 years ago, and then they just asked people to stay off the road unless absolutely necessary. You could barely see a foot in front of the car...

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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by samajama » Wed Jan 28, 2009 4:29 pm

DunnerheartsTwilight wrote:edit- good bye randomness 10 incase im not on again... you went by soo quickly...
this is nothing compared to Randomness 5. heh heh.
that was gone in less than a day..... and then the rules were implemented. :twisted:

so ..... i've been reading Z's book all day and that's been taking up all of my time
i am avoiding the last 2 acts of Hamlet like the plague. although i NEED to read then and write a journal about them. along with packing for SING! i have to get my costumes ready. and shower... and possibly straighten my hair... hrm... what else

i want to finsih Z before i go read hamlet.. because otherwise i will be SOOOOOOO distracted

bella is an idiot. like...really.
i should text lynz...

i have no gotten a good email since....monday? everything i get is either spam or stuff from school which is pointless. blah.
i'll be back later...possibly..
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by DunnerheartsTwilight » Wed Jan 28, 2009 4:35 pm

i cant wait till my bday i get my cell phone!! yay!!

ok i dont no what is on the tv upstairs but... it sounds really weird!! i should probs go turn it off...
while my bro is at hockey... ya he has hockey today ... tomorrow and like veryday .. this week... not fun!!!

i dont no what to type except that i cant wait for one of the mods or pel to come on soo that they can approve of the team alice thread!! hahah
ok my computer is weird ... and slow... kinda... even thought it is like high speed apparently.. then again im not patient!!! i wish we could use different fonts on here... that would be great!!
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by Lynzeee » Wed Jan 28, 2009 5:16 pm

Randomness 10 has lasted a month! that is AMAZING, i've never witnessed that. well Random 1 lasted awhile

HAHA sam, I so remember Randomness 5! that was INSANE!!!!

My kids are losing there minds. and in turn making me crazy.
I am going to go read some DH short stories. I need my DH fill I've been reading Kyrian's story today just trying to get some DH fill.

man i love those dark hunters.

I am tired, funny how naps just make you more tired. Except with kids they make them INSANE.

i am off to read short stories.

Be back later
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by LadyViolet » Wed Jan 28, 2009 5:21 pm

just a random note

You peeps in Randomness are doing a lot better than us over in the Mafia at the moment we're on 99 pages and we only got the new thread on sunday or monday :lol:

ugh i really wish i could sleep in tomorrow i want sleep!!
Sorry for the babbling *runs out again*
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by Kris_Aingeal » Wed Jan 28, 2009 5:30 pm

wow random has been here for a month already!!?!?!
that's insane.

so i haven't been around lately.
been working and/or sick the entire time.
i hate having a sucky immune system....

i just read butch's book and zsadist's book.
OMG zsadist's book was phenomenal!!!
i loved it.

i've read wrath''s, butch's and zsadist's...
whose should i read next??
please tell!

okie doke.
well i'm off work today and just ate at sonny's bbq and i'm sick as a dog.
go figure, huh?

missed ya'll!


(wow for not being able to spell... go me)
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by maddy<3twilight » Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:41 pm

Heey guys.

Ok I love this video..


I think its hilarious. I just keep laughing at it. I can't stop.
Especially the part where he is banging on the door.
And the car thing. He probably wasn't even old enough to drive then...

Anyway ya...

I like Soulja Boy. I was listening to one of his raps and he was like:

My lyrics get recycled
but your lyrics just garbage

I laughed so hard!
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by DunnerheartsTwilight » Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:50 pm

i am watching this john and kate plus 8 thing i cant see how they couuld live with 8 kids!!
ok i am soo happy i ahev lots of peoplein the alice thread.. names i mean.. and me and my twin kimmy ahve it all pretty much figured out!!

i have to go to gifted tomorrow... this thing where if your smart you go to a different school every month.... and just hang out and do csi things its fun!!
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