Just Vent

Re: Just Vent

Postby sarah-belle » Sat Dec 27, 2008 2:07 pm

Sometimes being a good friend is really, really, really hard. And a lot of times I wonder if it's really worth all the trouble and tears and worriying. But in the end it always is. Always.
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Re: Just Vent

Postby Krystal » Sat Dec 27, 2008 4:39 pm

The schools in my area had a snow day on the friday before the holidays, so we get one extra day off, but the thing that sucks, is that everybody left everything in there lockers, and we can't do anything now!
I have some things, but I need my guitar melody so I can do a computer version. I don't know what I did with my copy. I think I either handed it in with all the copies we gave him, or in my locker, which I can't get!!
I need that copy! I don't want to ask him when we get back if I can have it back, its sort of embarressing..
But then most likely I wasn't the only one that doesn't have a copy of there's to make it, because (no affense), but it's mostly guys in the class, and there very forgetful, so we probably all need our melodys back, to make the computer version... now I am rambling..

I also have to get up almost everyday to go rowing at 9-noon. It sucks. Everyone there is cranky and just wants to go back to bed. They should at least make it in the afternoon. It also sucks because your not supposed to go to the school during the holidays, and I'm stuck there for 3 hours, 4-5 days a week . :(
I guess if I want to make a good boat I have to..
I think I should listen to all my friends that aren't in it. It's a cult, they say, and that I should get out before its to late, lol . I think its too late. But atleast they give me a good laugh about it!
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Re: Just Vent

Postby crazycarrie22 » Sat Dec 27, 2008 6:38 pm

This is probably going to be long, really long. My family is quite out there. And my house is non stop chaos, what with seven people living here. Four teenagers, two old people (well 44 and 51) and a baby who is turning one next month. It's hectic to say the least.

I'm worried about my brother because I think his girlfriend cheated on him. It's so odd, because he used to go out with this other girl for like two years then all of a sudden they broke up and not even a day later he began to go out with this new girl back in August. She seems nice enough I geuss, but our phone lines are never free. Yeah, that can get pretty annoying. My brother and I typically don't get along. At all. My family thinks it's because he never forgave me for being born on his third birthday. Hahaha, very funny. He's basically been yelling at me non stop since I was 8 years old basically. But ever since the begining of this fall, we've been having actual conversations that do not end up in arguments. I mean, sure, we still fight sometimes. I think it's because he's always in a better mood during marching band season, and my mom and I supported him alot this season - going to sevral compatetions and what not. I noticed on Christmas Eve while we were with our cousins that we didn't fight once, and talked mostly the whole time. Maybe he's just growing up. He is seventeen after all.

Then, there is my sister. My sister and I have always been close since as far as I can remember, despite our four year age difference. She's my best friend and my hero. She is eighteen years old and has been with her boyfriend for almost three and a half years. It may not seem like alot of time, but trust me it is. He moved in with us when they were going out for three months or so, because his family basically abandoned him. Of course, now they moved back and apperently want to be a big part in his life. Anyways, spring of 2007 my sister found out she was pregnant. I was the second person she told, after her boyfriend that is. They were scared because they were so young, but thrilled none the less. Then, she had a miscarriage. We were all really sad. Then, June 2007 came along and she was getting sick alot. And by alot I mean alot, she had to miss work all the time. She went to the doctor on Fathers Day and found out she was pregnant, this time for good. Untill she had the baby, that is. January 22nd, 2008 a day I will never forget if I live to be 100. The day my nephew Jayden was born and I became an aunt.

Watching Jayden grow up has been a wonderful experience to say the least. Everyone around him loves him. It is amazing to watch him mature. I remember the first time he smiled, and sat up, heck even the first time he opened his eyes. Now, he's laughing, crawling, standing up, talking some, it's just crazy.

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Re: Just Vent

Postby twilight813 » Sat Dec 27, 2008 7:41 pm

i know exactly how you feel about so much chaos in the house. there is seven people in my house including my boyfriend who has been living with me for almost two years. its always crazy. i have two brothers one is 21 and one is 15 im 23. my brother the one who is 21 has been a huge part of my life for a while. we used to fight constantly up until two years ago. and now he is amazing and we get a long so well. my father is an alcoholic and my brother has been the father figure in my life and i love him for it. even though he is younger than me hes has matured a lot. so it sounds like you and your brother are going to be just fine!
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Re: Just Vent

Postby museicalking » Sun Dec 28, 2008 3:32 pm

i hate english. :x
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Re: Just Vent

Postby Bella_Cullen_13 » Sun Dec 28, 2008 3:56 pm

Im in a not-anywhere-near-good place right now. - Its not as bad as it was the other day, but its not any better (that makes sense in my head). Not when I think about it. Nothing I can do, will help me, physically or mentally. I know I need to make a call, Im just not so sure it would be a secret, which isnt good at all. This state is making it incredibly hard to interact with people in real life. I havent been out of my room all day (Ive been up for about 8 hours). I know this is going to create problems & I know that my less frequent posts will make it more of a secret & I know that its going to mess people up. They just dont realize it yet. I feel sick. Ive never been so quiet in my life, the few things that escape me I regret. I like to type/write out my feelings, it sounds more normal when I put it into sentences than when I listen to my thoughts. I hate peoples pity & can-do attitude. I want a completely blunt & honest person to talk to. Someone who wouldnt be hurt by anything I say, think or do. Someone who could handle this & understand. I need a place to vent where only I could read. Where people who might interfere wont. Ive learned that Im a stupid person, who doesnt plan things out well enough. Hindsight, everything is clear.
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Re: Just Vent

Postby wildroses » Sun Dec 28, 2008 7:17 pm

i hate when people are condiscending.
i hate when people try and hide their rudeness and cruelty in a joke, or with a smile.
there's nothing that gets me more than someone that insults you and tries to make it seem like a compliment.
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Re: Just Vent

Postby Bella_Cullen_13 » Sun Dec 28, 2008 9:33 pm

People are greatly offended by quiet people that keep to themselves. Insincere & nosy people bug me. The most awful thing to say when you dont mean it is 'What's wrong?'.
I thought I could be wrong, I wish I could be wrong.
When someone gives you the idea that a gun is 5 feet from your head & only has to say 'Hope you're here when I get back' then up & off leaves you, by yourself, in a parking lot, around a bunch of strangers, I dont think that someone is someone who remotely cares. No matter how mad you are at someone, you never, ever, ever, do that. - I burst into tears not 1 minute after that was said. I couldnt care about my being anymore.

I hate the Cymbalta commercial, it makes everyone look sickly. Like they have pnemonia or something. Thats not an accurate dipiction. In fact, it would be way too obvious if it looked like that.

Im going to try to stop here & let my thoughts continue. Im trying to hold a grudge right now because it makes everything I do easier. It makes it easier to not feel, to not think, just do. I know I can go to sleep without worrying, I know I can figure out this science & make it easy.(That sounds sinister) I know I'll make it work tomy advantage.
I was just about to make this into a really happy ending untill I got yelled at for the stupidest thing. I hate my fcking parents. They suck so hard. My mom just said I always get what I want. Thats not even the slightest bit true, but I'd love to. I think I might. I think I hate her so much right now, that would be a great way to start her morning. Just to let her know she's an amazing parent, just to let her know that she was right, like always, I do get what I want. Now she's threatening me. Wow. I dont think beating me would really hurt that much. I dont think she can do anything to me that hurts anymore than actually living with her. She wont shut up, Shes standing like 6 feet from me complaining about how I do such & such, when in actuality, I didnt say anything bad to her this whole day! The meanest thing I said was when she asked me what song was playing in Best Buy & I said it was 'About A Girl' & she should know because I play it everyday. I hate listening to her. She wont shut up. I want to stand up & just scream at her. I want to tell her everything, then run out the fcking door & then seal my fate.
Whatever. Im was in a good mood. I think I just fixed everything. Or I completely fcked everything up for me, but Im going to say its going to fix it.
My mom just did the unthinkable & just tried to choke me with a power chord. Then thinks 'im sorry' makes it better. Then my 'friend' also thinks it makes it better.
Im going to be blunt - yeah this is going to piss someone off. - Im NOT dealing with this anymore. Im not going to bleed anymore, im not going to cry anymore - Im going to fix this.
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Re: Just Vent

Postby Bella_Cullen_13 » Mon Dec 29, 2008 12:26 am

Lullabies is on.
I hate myself.
Ive overstayed my welcome. Now even my friend is annoyed with me- I understand
Im in tears. Im scared. If I fck up, im miserable for life.
Im seconds away from throwing up.
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Re: Just Vent

Postby Immy93 » Mon Dec 29, 2008 4:38 pm

Divorced parents so I have to be truding between them all the bloody time!
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