Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Post by ihadanEdwardRush » Wed Feb 18, 2009 8:42 pm

Really seriously now, 107??? yeah welz, I think we are really vamps cos we stay forever here at the thread! Okay i won't comment now cos this might be the last (uh oh did I say this just yesterday) well, Maria I hope Nena will give us a much-needed thread now..cos definitely we're rule breakers now lol :D

oh yeah, Gen Y lexily rocks! :D
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Post by Tabs » Wed Feb 18, 2009 9:31 pm

107 pages? What the?

Anyway, guys I have no chance of catching up, but I just wanted to hop on and let you all know where I went. I actually posted last on Sunday night and woke up on Monday morning in enough abdominal pain to go to the emergency room and have been in hospital since. I'll post on FB in the group to let you guys know what happened because I don't really want to put it on here, but just wanted to say hi, and I'm back, and I'll try to catch up over the next couple of days.

Oh, and Sami, have a great road trip, if you haven't gone yet. :) I'm so jealous you'll be in LA before me. :)
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Post by ihadanEdwardRush » Wed Feb 18, 2009 9:44 pm

Yeah Tabs!! Your back! we missed you..actually I'm about to post a wall comment for you and will just check on you. :) good thing your here..Oh really what happened? emergency?hospital? uh oh quite scary..yeah sure I'll check your post on FB. But really I hope your doing good now. *Huggss*
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Post by roseaurora » Wed Feb 18, 2009 9:46 pm

108 :shock: :D

Sorry to hear about your sad news PaulinhaBrasil, I hope that your cousin is dealing alright too, I'm sure you and your family are there to give support through this tough time.

MRK: I love all the banners you have been using lately!

Kes:Good do see you back! Thought maybe we scared you off after all ;) Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Ally Cat: PM on the way, would love to help you out!

Tabs: Haven't peaked at the FB page yet and I am so glad you are back, I'm hoping that means you are better! And welcome to our crazy rules breaking thread... we are rebels now! :lol:

*Does happy crazy rule breaking dance through the tread*
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Post by Cymbrelynn » Wed Feb 18, 2009 10:25 pm

I have to does feel so deliciously naughty to have a 108 page thread...*joins rose in the dance* :D

Tabs, good gracious, girl! I am sooooo happy that you are okay.

Paulinha, I'm so sorry for your loss. Truly. *Hugs*

Ally, I wish I could help you but I never keep any boyfriends past 6 months! :lol:

Kes, glad you were able to get away from all that studying for the weekend! My weekend was pretty crazy too. I had my worst Sunday hangover ever. Ugh, it was brutal!

So I ended up not going to the job interview that I had today. Why? I checked out the place yesterday and it really was a in a very bad and sketchy neighborhood. If I got that job I wouldn't feel comfortable working there. So instead I went to a job fair and secured myself a couple of interviews for next week so I think it was somewhat okay that I didn't go. This unemployment thing is getting really old...and I'm sorry, guys. I know I must sound like a broken record by now but maybe we can have a massive Lexily dance party when I finally gain employment?
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Post by Mrs. Jasper Hale » Thu Feb 19, 2009 12:18 am

Wow 108 pages! I feel like I am doing something bad by continuing to post but if they won't give us a new then I will just keep going! I kinda like this rebellious thing we've got going! :lol:

Paulina: Oh so sorry for your loss! Hope you and your cousin are holding up alright! I will keep you all in my prayers!

Ally: That sounds like an interesting study! Would love to help but never had a boyfriend so I wouldn't be very helpful!

Tabs: Read your wall post and I hope you are feeling better soon! I'll be praying for you also!

Cymbrelynn: At least you got some more interviews! That is good news! Being unemployed is hard but if you keep trying you will get a job sooner or later!

Ok so I hope Cody doesn't hate me for this but he is going through a rough time right now (I don't want to give details because I'm not sure what he wants told) but just keep him in your thoughts! I'm sure he would ask the same thing if a computer was close by!

OK and you know something I totally love! Texting! I refused to get texting forever! Ok so it has actually only been like a little over a year and a half but now that I have a plan I can't stop! It is like way to convenient! I mean you just type this little thing and that is it! I love it and am now addicted! Like I needed to add to my addictions! :lol:
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Post by ihadanEdwardRush » Thu Feb 19, 2009 1:02 am

Yeah, I'm so totally, seriously breaking all the rules here now.

Paula sorry about the bad news. :(

Janny I love the market talk over there..You know what, we have markets too here, like you can talk to the vendors. Even my mom are friends with them already and they gave a lot of discounts. and we have a term here for like "very-good-relationship-between-the-vendors-and-the-people," its called "SUKI" hehhe :D

MISTY!! my gosh, look at the banner!! Jacob in a tutu lol..that's hilarious!!

hi kess! great to see you here again! :)

KIM yeah!! a lovely Lexily dance party would be great! it could be our next event. goodluck again Kim, don't lose hope okay? :)

Sarah Hello there *waves* happy texting! I love texting, too. I can go overnight texting lol
uhmm what happened to Cody, hope he's good.

I don't know, if this will be the last post for this thread but 109 is just posts away lol :D

love you guys!!
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Post by Lieziewiezie » Thu Feb 19, 2009 3:06 am

Hi everybody!

I waited this long to post because I know we aren't supposed to get over 100 pages. But it took me to long to be without all of you. So I'm posting!
Hope you're all doing well.
I'm a bit devestated, so my friend and me wanted to go and see Twilight tonight. There was a late evening one sceduled, but now I looked and it's gone. It's only showing here at 11 am and all the other theaters that would be reachable stopped showing it. Ain't that afwull!
Blah, not happy.

Other then that I'm fine, work is a bit of a pain in the Why are we talking about a donkey? because it's so busy and stressy. And I have this chest/ back pain I'm stuggling with for years. I have been to every doctor possible and did every test possible. And nobody knows what it is, annoying. But hey, we'll survive :)

The 5 year old stayed with us for almost 4 weeks straight, but she's going to her dads tonight. So we're looking forward to a quiet and relaxing girls night.

Hope we get a new thread fast :) So we can discuss our normal big topics again. Don't want the mods to think we only ramble on here. Now we do because we don't want any vital discussions gone :)
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Post by jasmine » Thu Feb 19, 2009 3:53 am


Ive just gotten back form the vet, and my cat Loki is still there. Last night, he vomitted at 1 and then again at 6 in the morning. His whole belly was spasming and i was really worried. So i called the vet as soon as i could and thank gawf the bf of my siter in law had vacation, so he could bring me at 9:45. Hes prolly got crystals in his blatter and therefor he cant urinate. Its pretty painfull and they can even die because of it.
Now they are gonna test his blood and operate him, so they can get everything out.
Im crying so hard right now. He has to stay there till monday, and i already miss him so much. What if the narcosis doesnt work right, what if something happens. Hes my buddy, i love him so much. I cant even begin to think about him not being on my bed the next few nights. Hes always cuddling with me, trying to crawl into me. And now hes not here. Hes only been away once when he and his brother got castrated, but that was just one morning. Im so afraid something bad will happen. :cry:
And it will probably cost us over 300 euros. I dont even know where im going to get that money right now. If it would be a bill i could get it, but it has to be in cash.
GAwd why do i have these kind of weeks? First the washer, then the plates, etc etc.
His father has ahd the same prob and he now has special food, like food that costs 79 euro! But if he got it from his dad, his brother might get it to. I dont want him to be in pain aswell. Gawd i feel awfull and responsible. Most of the time its because of the food that they get, and i just didnt know.
I want him to be here right now, i cant stand worrying so much.He always soothes when somethings wrong, and now hes not here. I miss him :cry:

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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Post by Wingtear » Thu Feb 19, 2009 4:04 am

*Gives Janny a BIG HUG*
That's just horrible! I hope he'll be alright! I know how helpless I felt when our dog got a stroke. My heart goes out to you!
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