Dating Thread

Re: Dating Thread

Postby holdencaulfield » Tue Oct 07, 2008 5:57 pm

kkswmmr114: I'm so sorry. That doesn't sound like a pleasant experience. And I'm sorry that he just ended up betraying you in the end. That is really wrong, I'm so sorry. That's really an awful thing of him to do.

StupidxLamb: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I'm sorry about the rumors though, I hope that you get them under control.

tiffi: I'm sorry that Gus was being so rude to you in class today. But it sounds like you got some things figured out with Ben. That's good.
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby Carmen » Tue Oct 07, 2008 6:03 pm

kkswmmr114 - Ow, that's bad! I'm so sorry for you!
Well, maybe it's no that bad I haven't had my first kiss yet...

@ everyone: Thanks a lot for all the advice, I'll try to do something with it ;)
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby lovemesomecullensss » Tue Oct 07, 2008 7:08 pm

Describe your first kiss.
Not applicable. I'm hoping it'll be this year. If not, it's really not that big of a deal. I'm waiting for something really special. :]

That is weird. Hmm... And about first kisses from semi-strangers... I'd say no to that. I'd rather have my first kiss mean something, even if it isn't the greatest actual kiss ever. It should be with someone that I care about, not someone I've known for a week. You know? Although, that's just a first kiss. Other kisses, well, do with those what you wish. Haha.

Your first kiss story's so sweet. At least that's something you'll never regret about your relationship with Elke.

Haha Gus is a creeper... But many boys are. It's sort of unavoidable haha. But I'm glad Ben was just messing with you and nothing was seriously wrong. I hate it when guys do that... but love it when they apologize. Haha. :]

Awww, hon. I'm sorry that Sarah is such a witchyskankkkk. That's awful. Hopefully people know that she likes to spread rumors, so they won't believe them. Because technically there really isn't anything going on between you and Eli. As long as you two keep it on the DL, you can deny, deny, deny. I hope that all clears up. But yay for Eli reading Twilight! That should be interesting. :]

Who would be the first person you would tell about your first kiss? Or, who did you tell?
I would call my best friend Rachael. We've known each other since we were three. And there's another friend in our trio that I would call second, but I've always felt a little closer to Rachael so I'd call her first. She didn't call me when she had her first kiss... I had to squeeze it out of her. I think she was embarrassed. Haha.

Awwwn, hon, I'm so sorry that your first kiss happened that way! At least you know he was the bad kisser and he's a jerk. No need to stay hung up on it. I'm sure you'll look back at that one day when you're married to the most amazing kisser ever (lol) and laugh. :]

I have a matinee tomorrow. I don't want to do it. I'll have forgotten all my lines haha. But at least I get to miss half my classes!
But then I have a chemistry lab to make up after school and orientation at an orphanage that I'm going to volunteer at.... So I probably won't be on tomorrow.

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Re: Dating Thread

Postby Layla_Hale » Tue Oct 07, 2008 7:22 pm

LSMC: yeah, I’m glad I didn’t either! And I’m glad Andy is trying to quit smoking (I bet if he also would have tried to quit if you had asked him! ;) ) One of my friends is trying to quit dipping, and I’m pretty proud of him (it’s only been a few days so far but he’s workin on it!) and Tim’s an Eagle Scout? *whistles* haha…I don’t even think I know any eagle scouts….hmm..I’ll have to get on that! ;) oh, and maybe now Coomer’s girlfriend will keep him from chasing (is that his real name?)

Marie: ugh, sarah sounds horrible. What a [insert mean word here] !!! and their plans do sound a little weird considering that they have barely seen each other in their short relationship. Hopefully, when Noah comes home, you won’t even have to deal with him. Is there some way you could discreetly avoid him? (and GO ELI for reading twilight!! :D)

tiffi: yeah, we’re very anti-cellphone. There are some teachers, tho, that will let it slide by, but most don’t. the other school in our county has this thing where you get suspended if you get your phone taken up, like, twice I think (it might be three times….) like I said, gus is a strange kid. And thank goodness ben was only kidding with you that night! And you definitely deserve the award for best lex couple! And I bet that soon ben will start talking more in person now that your dating, it sounds like he’s kinda coming out of his shell a little bit.

Sam: why are you freaking out about the optometrist?

wildroses: I think it’s better to have your first kiss with someone that’s important to you, and not just a random guy. If it’s somebody you know and care about, it will make it that much more special.

kaitlyncullen: oh, wow. Well, here’s my opinion (it’s quite similar to LSMC’s) I think that cody should be a thing of the past-if he’s always with other girls and in and out of jail and he doesn’t really seem like that best person to devote yourself to. It sounds like your trying to talk yourself into liking jj, but you can’t make yourself fall in love with someone. My vote goes for steven. Although he has the girl he feels that he has obligations to, you should tell him how you feel (preferably during one of his break-ups…) or, like someone else said (holden, maybe?), you could just wait him out. Hope this helps! :)

kkswmmr114: oh, so sorry you first kiss sucked and was followed by drama.. At least you know one person knew you were telling the truth! And I bet it made you appreciate your next kiss SO much more! Haha!

Holden: I’m happy that your first kiss was special. :)

xAlicexLoverx: care if I call you AxL or some nickname (that’s shorter…lol) I know this was posted yesterday, so did you talk to her today? Maybe you could talk to the guy she was flirting with, or a friend of hers that you know really well. ---sorry, this advice is suckish but I’m not quite sure how to help :oops:

Describe your first kiss: well, aside from the kindergarten kissing thing…I’ve never had a real first kiss.

a_n_n_a: Who would be the first person you would tell about your first kiss?
I would probably tell my friend kb. She’s one of my best friends, and the one I tell all of my relationship stuff to!

*my longest post ever!*

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Re: Dating Thread

Postby edward x lover » Tue Oct 07, 2008 7:24 pm

lovemesomecullensss wrote:Describe your first kiss.
Not applicable. I'm hoping it'll be this year. If not, it's really not that big of a deal. I'm waiting for something really special. :]

I just got my first kiss this year (10th grade) it was actually last week. So, don't worry about it, I waited and it was really special. My BF is the best.

As for me...there is no new things with my best guy friend. He doesn't talk to me as much as he used to.
=[ We used to be attached at the hip and he had to go and ruin it. :cry:
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby samajama » Tue Oct 07, 2008 7:47 pm

Wow I'm glad I'm not the only one that had to wait 'til sophomore/junior-ish year to get kissed ;]

Who did I tell... Well, no one at first actually. Since we kind of weren't alone. Awkward, I know. Oh well. Pretty much all my best friends at the time were there, so there was no need for me to tell anyone, lol. I tols my friend Sasha at school though (because what else do you do in gym....?) :lol:

Layla, I was freaking because I thought my vision was getting worse, but actually, my eyes have gotten stronger!! I'm so excited!! =] And I'm getting cute new glasses ;)

Christine, I have no idea where Lena is :?

Anna gives the best questions ;]
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby StupidxLamb » Tue Oct 07, 2008 7:56 pm

I NEED HELP. There is this kid named Andrew who I have gotten to know over the past few months. He is a really good friend of one of my best friends, and we've been texting a lot lately. He's a grade below me, but he's a really nice kid. Not someone I would be interested in dating, but he's funny and I do like him as a person. Anyway...he asked me to his homecoming. I said I'd get back to him tomorrow because I have to check with my parents. And I asked him if this is just a friendly thing, and he said yes. So I'm hoping that is the case. I told him that I will text him in the morning, since I don't want to keep him waiting. Buuuuut is this OK? I don't even know if this is appropriate, considering my conversation with Eli on Sunday. I mean, Eli and I like eachother. But Andrew IS my friend, and Eli is technically still thinking about whether or not he even wants a relationship with me. What do you think??
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby Elyse » Tue Oct 07, 2008 8:31 pm

I don't think there is anything wrong with going to a dance with one of your friends. If he has made no indication that he may think or want something more than you have nothing to worry about. Also, if you and Eli have established that you like each other but are not exactly going out yet, then you're still not doing anything wrong. If you want to go to the dance you should go and have a good time. I wouldn't worry so much. :P
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby samajama » Tue Oct 07, 2008 8:48 pm

Marie: Well, you should tell Eli about it, and see what he thinks. IRONICALLY (although, I should just realize by now that we live identical lives), Amanda asked Mark to her prom (while he was still dating me) -- not homecoming, but still. I flipped out. Mostly because he told her yes before he even told me about it. Even though we were txting the whole time. Urgh. They were "just going as friends, don't worry!" But yeah, I was really upset. I'm not saying Eli's gonna cry, lol, but I'm saying just check with him first. I told Mark whatever I didn't care, but it really upset me. Sorry if I'm confusing you.This isn't the same situation. FIgured I might as well share, though. Good luck, love.
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby kaitlyncullen » Tue Oct 07, 2008 8:48 pm

thanks for all the advice guys, you all pretty much reinforced what i was thinking. it seems a lot smarter to just wait for steve. he's the best guy for me. and i can't force myself to like jj. i saw him tonight and there was just... nothing there. =/ i feel bad but oh well.

anyways, my first kiss, hmm it's really not even that special, i think i was twelve and i was "dating" this boy name eric. and he had kissed me on the forehead in school, so i freaked out about it all day and decided i was going to kiss him after he walked me to my bus. it was really sweet kinda. i was really nervous and it was a whole two seconds. i wasn't fourteen until i had my first real kiss. ah, i miss those times. lol.

and btw, elyse, i LOVE your banner and avatar. =]
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