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Re: Dating Thread

Postby holdencaulfield » Wed Oct 08, 2008 12:45 pm

x_mystical_dreams: Well this one guy sounds pretty creepy. I'm sorry about that. I really dislike people who won't just take a hint that your not interested. Then again I feel like I sometimes acted like that as well. Nevertheless I think that you should just be nice to this one guy, and just tell him that you are really busy lately, so you probably can't. That's a very subtle way to reject someone without actually doing it.

StupidxLamb: Well if Andrew does like you more than a friend you probably made the right choice. That way you don't mess things up with Eli, and you don't feel awkward at the dance. And better yet, hopefully this way you don't lead Andrew on and give him unrealistic expectations of his relationship with you.

Landiana: I think that's a good idea, but be careful with how you do it because you don't want to mess up your relationship with him. So I'm wishing you good luck, and keep us updated.

XAlicexLoverX: I'm really sorry for you. That's a really cruel thing of her to do. It sounds like that she wasn't right for you though. I know that probably doesn't help, but I feel really bad for you. Well Happy Birthday nonetheless. I hope that you feel better soon.

Ruby: Thanks, it was a nice experience. And my honest opinion as to why it went so well was because it was Elke's first kiss too. So since we both didn't know what to do, it went well, because we didn't have any high expectations and we just wanted to be close to each other. So it was really nice.
Holden's Update:
Ok so yesterday I get online and Elke tries to start talking to me. I'm really brief with her at first, because honestly why wouldn't I be. I made it quite clear that I was mad with her, and that she shouldn't treat me the way that she has and she shouldn't be so hot and cold with me. She told me that she would try not to be bi-polar with me (I wonder if she actually is). I thanked her and remained quite distant. I also brought up all of the times when she was terrible to me and hurt my feelings. I felt like her apology was honest and sincere, and I told her that if she can be nice to me then I may consider getting back together with her. Anyways so she started flirting hardcore with me, like more than we had ever, and so we ended up chatting online for about four hours. We decided that (assuming her parents will let her) we are going to try and get back together with each other. But I made it clear to her that we are not going to pick up where we left off. We are going to basically have to start over. Because I don't want to get hurt again. Don't worry girls, I am going to take this very carefully because I don't know if she really will change. She says she wants to. But as a person, I must accept that I do love her, and that if she did change I would want to be with her. So this does make me want to forgive her. I really am going to try. It's probably a bad idea, and I know that but, I think that it's what I need to do. She told me that she was sorry for not kissing me too. She told me that she would kiss me when I least expect it. I said that since I don't expect it at all, I assume that it will be real soon. She said yes, and it was kind of funny. But I honestly don't think that I will want to kiss her, because I want to be able to heal first. Thoughts?
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby kaitlyncullen » Wed Oct 08, 2008 2:20 pm

holden: i'm a little new to this thread so i dont know everything that happened with you and elke but it sounds like you love her very much. you're definitely taking the right approach with getting back with her though. if she hurt you, she needs to realize what she did and fix it. especially if it was something that ruined your relationship in the first place. i think starting over is the best way, and just take things slow. see how you feel and see how she feels. if something doesn't feel right then you're not supposed to be together again yet.
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby tiffi » Wed Oct 08, 2008 2:50 pm

AxL HAPPPPPPY BIRRRRRTHDAAYYY!!!!!! (woah ur names like SxL...funny) we havnt met b4 im tiffi but call me ishmeal......

ok CATCH UP TIME!!! (ill try to keep editing this and replying to lots of ppls updates)

holden-donnnnt do it! no like seriously the more you push her away the more clingy shes going to be. basic law of human nature. you two are either WAY inlove or WAYYY heartbroken and hating eachother (ook maybe im being extreme but you get my point) i do remember there was a time when you said you were best friends? is there any way to go back to that point. wow this all must be very hard on your sister...

SxL-YES be a good friend and go with andrew. but make sure you hint very obviously (since eli is after all a boy) that andrew is JUST a friend. or maybe the jealosy factor will work in your benifit. wait i think ik ur real name but im like having a brain laps rite now lol wana help me out?

christine-wait WHAT??? whos this joey guy and how did i miss him?!?!?!

leeeenaaaaa wheree arrrrree youuuu!?!

dude weve gone thro like 5 pgs a day but there are only a couple legit updates from the regulars? wt????? or are ther more regulars and i jus never got to kno them cuz i always scare the newbies??? and yess yess yess anna, simplymortal (wow i cant remember ur real name either lol) and christine this is chat posting lol no need to pull out the bright big text on me. it wont happen again

edit:wow thats a lie lol sorrrry tho

ill tell ya what was missing from Breaking Dawn! a full paragraph... page... CHAPTER of edward cullen naked!!!

splenda is splendid........:D
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby samajama » Wed Oct 08, 2008 3:32 pm

Marie: I'm glad you decided not to go with Andrew. Since he likes you, that would have been really awkward.

Holden: I've told you what I think about you and Elke getting back together. It's probably not a great idea and I don't want you getting hurt again. But if it's something you must do, then by all means try it, but tread carfeully. Everything happens for a reason. If this is meant to happen, it will.

I'm completely confused. My thoughts were so distracting that I ran into a trash can during gym. Yup, I'm that pathetic.
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby Ruby » Wed Oct 08, 2008 3:50 pm

Holden - I'm not sure that getting back together with Elke is a good idea. Actually, I know it isn't. But if you decide to anyways, you need to be really careful, and keep in mind that you are probably going to get hurt again. You seem like you already know that it's a bad idea, so I don't think there's much more for me to say.

Update...sort of.
So things have gone completely back to the pre-homecoming, just friends relationship with Logan. Not that anything really changed that much in the first place, but still. It might be just because I hardly see him at all during school, though, and there's always a bunch of people with us when we do see each other. And I didn't even see him tuesday, because he was home sick. so idk.
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby Conzoni al vento » Wed Oct 08, 2008 4:28 pm

Sorry i disappeared on you guys. I really just needed to not be here and update when i did have something to update with.

I don't thinky ou ever mentioned that you hated BG. If he's the one you said your're swooning over then it's dfeinately not hate, darling. And YES it DOES seem like a lot lot less posts from regulars. i agree completely on that. Good old days when it was just you, Christine, anna, virginia, marie, holden, me and some others. good times. Now i can't keep up with anything.

Any more camp stories? They are simply divine!

I thinky ou did good. I wouldn't go out with him just to be nice and i nthe process build him up--alot! So whats going on with you and Eli? DOn't you think a whole month is ALOT of time? ???

I don't know what to say. EVerytime you post an update it's always you dont want to be with her one day and the next you do. It also seems like she is always trying ot sweettalk her way to manipulate you-- stop lettin gher do that!!!!! I don't think it's a good idea for you to get back togetrher becuase you can't resist love so you won't be able to resist her...even when shes so not deirable thanks to her actions.

Updating time...
So today i was livid (ahhaha. Thanks to Marie iuse that word all the time!) I seriously couldn't stand how Lu STILL wans't talking to me or looking at me or sitting with me in the morning and just passing on by as if i didn't exist. It was the most frustrating thing i've ever experienced-- more so than if he just said no. So then a big group of us are all together and even in class when its a small goup of us he STILL won't talk to me. I don't even try becuase i figure that if he's immature enough to give me a cold shoulder then he's not worth me tryig to talk to him. But today it was just rediculous. Way too much time without talking to him- it made me feel all wierd so i decided that today i would talk to him. I tried so many times but it just wasnt right.
So i stayed at my locker and waited until he passed by me and pretend like we casually just got there at the same time (hahaha. not creepy at all). So he came, i went after him, tugged on his hood which almost choked him, and then proceeded to asking him why he wasn't talking to me. He shrugged and said he didn't know and that he thought it was ME who wasn't talking to HIM. gAH!!!! So apparently this whole time it's just been some "huge misunderstanding". Then we talked normalish and i went with im to his locker (dont even get me started on how much i wanted to violently hurt Chelsea everytime i saw them together in the hall[ which was alot. way more than i thought i could handle] or just in general. She was walking in front of me in vacant stairwell yesterday and i stopped myself from pushing her down. i hate her. hate her intensely)
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby holdencaulfield » Wed Oct 08, 2008 4:39 pm

Ruby: Well maybe you should talk to him. Do you know if he likes you or not? Does he see you just as a friend? I'm sorry that things were not working well in terms of that, and I hope that you can figure things out. I think that it's probably a bad idea to get back together with her again, but honestly I do want to be with her. I would be lying to myself if I said otherwise. I hope that she has listened to what I said. She's a very confused girl, and I know that she doesn't try on purpose to hurt me, but she does sometimes. I will be very careful.

samajama: I know, I need to take things very carefully. If she thinks that I'm just going to fall into her arms again so to speak, she is very mistaken. I'm really going to consider this as me and her starting over. There will be nothing of what it was, and we will have to build up to where we were before. It's something that I know I need to do, and as stupid as I know it is, I would regret not at least trying one more time. I agree, if things were meant to be with me and her it will work. But I must be careful. I will keep everyone updated so that you all can analyze things and maybe help me. And I'm sorry that you are so confused. I really am, perhaps you can explain later.

tiffi: Yes this is tough for my sister. And I feel bad for her, but I really don't know what to do otherwise. Yes, my goal is to get back to the point where me and Elke were before. I want to try and work our trust back to where it was before. I told her that if she doesn't stop being so hot and cold with me then there is no way I will stay with her.

kaitlyncullen: Thank You. Yea she needs to realize that what she has done is wrong, and hopefully with time she will be able to more or less change. I think that you are right, and if everything feels wrong than I should just explain it to her and end things. I think that she wants to try, but I will have to see if her actions can back up her words.

Conzoni al vento: I agree with what you have to say. I do also seem to be hot and cold with her in my own little way. And this is no doubt because when she is acting like herself I love her, but when she is a different person I hate her. I have thought that she is trying to manipulate me. I will consider this when I talk to her. I think that I just need to be careful. If she starts being even the faintest bit mean to me I will tell her off. I'm sorry about Lu and Chelsea, I can see why you are so irritated. Well congratulations for not committing a felony lol. But I hope that Lu starts paying attention to you and not ignoring you. Did he actually ever answer your question?
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby a_n_n_a » Wed Oct 08, 2008 4:44 pm

Conzoni al vento wrote:She was walking in front of me in vacant stairwell yesterday and i stopped myself from pushing her down.
Ha, this kind of made me laugh a bit. Mostly because you had to describe it to us as vacant. Very nice; it kind of sounds like what I would consider doing in a hypothetical situation as I think of the consequences.

But Lu is being a jerk face. I've kind of deduced that if a guy stops talking to you it's like he expects you will forget you're friends or something. If I was in your position, I would think about putting on a bit of a guilt-trip. Horrible, I know, but it would work! Don't be overly dramatic or overly hurtful, but just kind of say, "If you don't want to go with me just say so" or make it a bit sarcastic and say, "If I knew you hated talking to me so much I would have stopped a long time ago". The second one is definitely more light-hearted sounding though. Get it through his thick skull that you can't wait for his answer forever.

As for why I may not be posting as often: A) I'm doing homework and college schtuff. B) There's nothing to update about. C) A combination of both.
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby lovemesomecullensss » Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:15 pm

I'll try to make this quick, I need to go volunteer...

Lol, Coomer is his last name. His first name is James. (If anyone's friends with me on Facebook and wants to see any of the guys I talk about on here, just look them up... Haha.)

Haha thanks. :]

Well, yeah, if you think there's a chance he may have a crush on you, then it's best not to go. Even if it wouldn't really be leading him on, you don't want him to try and make a move or anything. So, poor kid. I'm sure he'll get over it soon, though. No big deal. :]

No problemo. :]

Haha, I'm sorry you hate BG. Is that the right sentiment? Lol. But I'm glad that you enjoy Ben's little sweet nothings... haha. :] And Joey's this kid (that I've talked about a lot lol) who moved here from Chicago. He's British. And he's pretty cool. And he has a crush on me. Lol.

Haha, nope, not yet. But thanks. :]
And noooooooooooooooooooooooo. HOLDEN, come on... and you were doing so well! HOW many times has she said she's going to change. And HOW many times have you believed her only to realize that she's not changing at all? ...I really wish you wouldn't get back together with her. I don't think your parents will be too keen on it either. But most of all I'm worried about you. You say you'll take it slow, but you get so invested in your relationships... I don't want to see her hurt you again! So my advice: DON'T get back together with her. But since I know you won't take it... Think long and hard about whether you NEED her in your life. You just said the other day you're feeling better; you're doing fine without her! I thought we already established that you can love and person and it not be best to be with them... Oh, HOLDEN. I love you, pal, but I hope you change your mind. *crosses fingers*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm sorry your girlfriend was such a witch. It seems like you know that it's best that it's over, though. So go out there and find someone who won't believe silly rumors about you and who deserves you. Have a great day! :]

Good luck! :]

Stay away from creepers... Haha. Yeah, I can't believe that guy thinks you're dating. You should probably clear that up ASAP. And this other guy... well, when you get his number (lol) just let him down gently. Tell him you've lost touch and drifted apart so you don't feel that way about him. But tell him you stil want to be friends if at all possible. That should be easy enough for him to accept. And since it's via text, it's not as much pressure. Good luck! :]

Why so confused?

I think you need to tell Logan how you feel about him. Otherwise, things are going to remain in this friend phase because he's obviously not going to make the first move. So you just need to have a talk with him and be honest. I'm sure you'll feel better once you do. :]

At least things got cleared up with Lu. Kind of. What I mean is, at least you're speaking again. Even if he hasn't really given you an answer. It sounds like a no to me, honestly, because he seems to be avoiding the subject... But hey, you tried! And that's all that matters. If he's not smart enough to see what's right in front of him then he's not worth trying to go after. You can still flirt with him, though. And picture stabbing Chelsea in your dreams. Hope you feel better about this, hon. :]

As for me:
Had a matinee today. It went pretty well, I think. We ate in the dressing room afterwards and Patrick was being weird. Like insane kind of weird. Haha it was interesting.
Oh and Coomer's gf broke up with him after like two days... because "they're better off as friends." Great. Now he's still all over me.
Joey kneeled down and kissed my hand before the show today to wish me luck... LOL. He's a character...
Andy's SUPER EXCITED about me telling him. Haha... but the cast party got moved to Saturday, so I think that's good. He won't be getting wasted directly after my little revelation... haha. But he's driving me. I told my mom that my friend's mom is driving me... but what she doesn't know won't hurt her. As long as we don't get into a wreck... And I also told her that the boys won't be spending the night (even though they will...) and that there won't be any drinking at the party (which there will be...) So I've been kind of been bad today... whoops. It should be really fun though, minus my guilty conscience.
Tim ignored me in the hall today. Go figure...
Jordan was especially chatty today. I helped him with his grammar homework. Lol. It was cute.
And... that's it.
Later, guys! :]
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby wildroses » Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:29 pm

Holden: awww your first kiss story was so cute. i hope mine can be really special :)

kkswmmr114: yuck! i'm so sorry! what a horrible first kiss..hopefully your others and ones to come are a lot better..but hey you can only move up from there right? :lol:

Christine: i agree, about kissing someone you know. I want it to be special too, with someone i actually care about as opposed to some random guy :)
and eee i can't wait to see what andy's reaction is when you tell him it's him! be sure to let us know! Oh and i think the reason he's so excited, is because he likes you. ;) just throwing that out there. lol

AxL: i'm really sorry about that stupid girl. that's low, like really low. she was probably just feeling down about herself and thought being rude to you like that would make her feel better. i hate people like that.

x_mystical_dreams: what a creeper! annaversary? when you aren't even dating? what's going on in his head? and about the other guy that asked you out..just tell him you're super busy and can't do anything that's a nice way of letting him down.

Lena: I don't know what's up with Lu. Maybe he wasn't talking to you because he thought maybe it'd be awkward after you told him. Either way, what a jerk. Grow some nads and talk to Lena boy! :lol:

Marie: I think it's good you ended up telling andrew no. Especially since he could have had feelings, that could have ended badly.

My pathetic excuse of an update...
UGH! So today, Tristan came into my class, and of course i couldn't stop looking at him. We didn't talk or anything. But it just really bugs me how aware of him i was. Even when i was trying to ignore him and talk to my friend, i just couldn't stop wondering if maybe he was looking or thinking about me. What is wrong with me?! ugh! and to make matters worse i was getting SO PISSED at this one girl who was flirting like wayyy over the top with him. I was so surprised at how jealous i was getting! I have no reason to be feeling jealous, or getting upset because girls are flirting with him..why am i like this?! grrrr.
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