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Re: Dating Thread

Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2008 9:33 pm
by Granuaile
Christine: Wow, I remember the days when I had boys adoring me on all sides... rellish them while they last. Ok, I know I'm being gloomy. But it's true. The reason I care why Hot Ukrainian Guy is popular is that I'm not, and I would still be adored like you, but boys are such cowards about going out with the school outcast... Don't know why... 8-)

Re: Dating Thread

Posted: Fri Oct 10, 2008 12:54 am
by samajama
Granuaile wrote:My update: This isn't really an update, I just forgot to mention. Hot Ukrainian Guy (His real name isn't that, I just call him that. Giggle.) Is always on his cell phone after school, which is when I see him, so no conversation there. Other than that I see him in P. E. I could try talking to him there, but he's usually surrounded by friends...
Gran: You should try talking to him even if he's with his friends. Or casually suggest that he's probably getting a brain tumor from being on his cell phone all the time ;)
Oh! We should call him HUG :lol: Sorry, I'm exhausted and think that's funnier than it probably is.

I have no real update. I'm tired. I didn't study.
More to come...

Re: Dating Thread

Posted: Fri Oct 10, 2008 4:26 pm
by tiffi
granuaile-im jus going to call ya gran ok? lol im a bit confuseed. haha id help ya 'keep up' but i hav no idea wt ur talkin about...hmmm well i was up late last nite ;) so maybe im jus outa it

oooh wer gettin near the end of this thread. ok so last nite: i texted ben and he didnt get the text till lots later when i was asleep (his phones screwed up so thats not unusual) anyyway he was rele rele apologetic about waking me up but i decided to be all flirty and say "dont worry bout it. course im nawt mad at u!! texting u is wayy more intresting than sleeping (: " yadda yadda, and i think that may hav raised his confedence level cuz not too many texts after he asked me to hang out saturday (first time being together since we were offically together does this mean its a date??? anyone?) and i said "ya. id like that." he said me too smily face. idk wt it is but smily faces over texts are sweet lol. then i said i had to sleep and he wrote back "nite (;" lol winking faces to me are like "ooooh ow ow" rele flirty haha so now i hav a question: tone of voice for different smiley faces. wt do they mean to you when texting with a crush/bf?
-oh and another thing. he likes little kids and like babysits. HUGE turn on for me lol its like he's working from a list or something!!! lol aww gawd i jus hope he TALKS when we hang out on saturday.
-gus: yet again rele annoying. playing wit my hair poking my back, always touching me. and being all
gus: tifffffi
me: wt?
gus: ur soooooo cute
me: ik rite?
gus: like ik ur suchhhh a cutie!
gus:*pats/pokes/w.e my back*
me: yess??
gus: ur lovely
me:ik rite?
............................................................not quite sure if he's being sarcastic or not lol

-ken's so cute! lol hes a dork (and wow omg IN THE BAND) but i think he has a crush on me. awww its flattering.

Re: Dating Thread

Posted: Fri Oct 10, 2008 5:35 pm
by nissanmama
tiffi wrote:gus: ur lovely.
Ahhh...there's the nugget of real feeling among the banter.

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Posted: Fri Oct 10, 2008 5:49 pm
by Conzoni al vento
I am kinda content with life right now. Lu asked Chelsea to the dance. Guess waht? She already has a date!!! Woot! Yay for me!!! lol. But he doesn't even want ot go to the dance (like before he asked her he didnt want to go either. ) so i have to convince him to go. At the moment i'm not so pissed that i'll be going alone otherwise. So him and I are totally normal again. It makes me content.
And tomorrow i have a party to go to and Josh will be there...without his girlfriend... and there will be dancing (in a dark room) so i hope that i can resist him. Really hope so.

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Posted: Fri Oct 10, 2008 6:19 pm
by StupidxLamb
Conzoni al vento wrote:I am kinda content with life right now. Lu asked Chelsea to the dance. Guess waht? She already has a date!!! Woot! Yay for me!!! lol. But he doesn't even want ot go to the dance (like before he asked her he didnt want to go either. ) so i have to convince him to go. At the moment i'm not so pissed that i'll be going alone otherwise. So him and I are totally normal again. It makes me content.
And tomorrow i have a party to go to and Josh will be there...without his girlfriend... and there will be dancing (in a dark room) so i hope that i can resist him. Really hope so.
Oh good!! I'm glad that you and Lu are A-OK. But more importantly, I'm glad that Chelsea won't be anywhere near Lu at the dance. :roll: That girl...jeez...

Hahahaha, Lena, you are hilarious. Resist Josh with all of your being...if you want... :lol:

Tiffi! Gus is so funny. But probably not the best person to be flirting with should actually be Ben. :lol: Oh well. Haha. I love you. As for your question, I use lots of smileys in my texts and IMs. I use this one : D and that is not really flirty, but Eli uses it in a flirty way. When he teases me. Which he does. All. The. Time. :roll: And I use the winky smiley. :] Hehe. I love that one.

Oh! Eli took a Twilight personality quiz and he came up with Jacob. :lol: He got that same result when I forced him to take the quiz about a year ago. It makes me laugh. He's so a Jacob. :roll: And he watched the new trailer. At one point, I "won" a contest we were having, so he said I win a prize. But he wouldn't tell me what. He only told me that I will get it in time. And I said,
Me: "Does it have anything to do with Twilight?"
Him: "It's similar to an idea in Twilight I guess."
Him: "Maybe."
Me: "So that's the prize?"
Him: "Sort of..."
Me: "I think you're making the whole prize thing up."
Him: "Not a chance; I have an idea."
So now it's a mystery. :lol:

Re: Dating Thread

Posted: Fri Oct 10, 2008 7:44 pm
by Conzoni al vento
hahahhaa. That's so awesome. He's adorable. I wonder if he's going to take you to ssee the movie... i have a feeling that could be it. Then again that is way far along.
Btw... Sarah and Noah are going to be around this weekish aren't they? Just look like yuoare having a good time and break some pencils while you are at it. (stab Sarah with them)

as for Josh-- i want to not have to resist but he has a girlfriend so i don't want them to break up becuase of me (even though he would break up with her anyway) and then i dont want her to hate me, be his bootycall, and be considered easy. And i would feel like crap about it. I don't like him... i'm just really really attracted to him, is all. Like ALOT attracted to him. Man, this is going to be difficult. Especially with the blacklights. ;P

Re: Dating Thread

Posted: Fri Oct 10, 2008 10:19 pm
by samajama
Lena: I'm glad that you're content with how things are at the moment. I hope you can convince Lu to go to the dance with you. I'm glad I didn't have to kick CHelsea's butt for you. :P lol

Marie: I think Eli's is referencing the "I want to try something" scene. Just a guess. *cough* :lol: Let us know how that all goes.. ;)

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Posted: Fri Oct 10, 2008 10:58 pm
by lovemesomecullensss
I'm heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere. Yeah, I decided not to do anything after the show tonight because I hung out at my friend Emily's house after school. So yeah. Updates... After I comment! :]

Talk to HUG (Hot Ukranian Guy) in PE! There's no reason not to. You say you're an "outcast..." Not true! Outcasts don't have friends. I'm sure you have friends. :] So who cares if he's "popular?" What does that word really mean anyway. I think you're popular if you're happy with who you are and you want other people to know that... That's you. :] So just be confident, believe in yourself, and strike up a conversation! Join in on a group discussion with him and his friends. Put yourself out there. :]

Awww, Ben's a sweetie, as usual. And yes, that sounds like a date to me! Maybe not a really formal one, but it's just you two hanging out, so that's a date. I'm so excited for you! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun. :] And Gus needs to lay off... You're Ben's girl. ;] No, but it sounds like maybe he has a little crush on you... so be careful. Which it sounds like you are. As for using smilies, I use them ALL the time. And honestly, they mean different things in different situations. (Haha, the crypticness of smilies...) But really. It varies. So use them at your own discretion: everyone has their own style. :]

I'm glad you're content. All that sounds good. :] And yes, resist Josh. Well, flirt with him but don't take it too far... Hey, you have to have some fun! ;]

Awww, Eli's adorable. I can't wait to find out what this surprise is! I'm sure it's something really sweet... Keep us posted! :]

So as for me...
School today was pretty uneventful.
But after school...
So getting ready for the show, a few things happened.
Joey and Coomer both approached me, standing really close to me, and Coomer said, "Do you hate me?" And I was like, "No, Coomer." And he said, "So we're friends, right?" And I said, "Yes, Coomer, why are you asking me this?" And Joey chimed in, "Because sometimes we just can't tell. I mean, I love you, but we just can't tell sometimes..." Haha. But they were really close to me and Andy busted in and was like, "Step off her!" Lol. So later they made me give them hugs and tell them that I love them so they could be happy again... Haha.
And after the show, Patrick was like, "It was really great working with you. Really. I'm really glad you were in this show. *big bear hugs*" It was really cute.
And everything sort of unraveled tonight...
So Joey kept talking to me with other people around and he'd be like, "I need to talk to you later." I was like whaaa? And at one point he goes, "Christine, you look beautiful..." Me: "Thanks, Joey." Him: "Isn't is weird when you tell a friend, who you might have a crush on or something, that they look good and then there's an awkward silence... And you don't know whether to say, 'Just kidding' and seem like a jerk or whether to say nothing and look creepy... Oh yes, that's amusing..." I was like, "Uh... You lost me..." Haha. AWKWARD.
And then after the show, Joey texted me and said, "So Coomer sort of confessed that he has a crush on the person I love... YOU." I was like, "Oh, really? Interesting..." He stopped texting me after that. Haha...
And then Tim came to the show tonight, alone. And after the show, he waited to say hey to Emily and me... It was really cute, I'm not going to lie. He was all cute in this blue and red striped polo and he was just smiling like, "You guys did really good. I really enjoyed it." It was really sweet. And we stood there awkwardly for a minute and then hugged him goodbye. And now we're Facebook chatting. I suddenly have remembered all the reasons I'm friends with him and may have a semi-crush on him. He's adorable. :]
This is a side note, but there was some random couple who were sitting in the center just making out the whole time... It was creepy.
So now for my Andy update... drumroll...
So all day and all before the show he was SO EXCITED. "I can't wait to find out!" "YAY, I get to find out today!" Yeah. Very enthused. So it comes time to tell him, we're in the final scene on the picnic blanket together. So we have some lines and then the final monologue starts and we have some time before we have to start "swaying" to the music and staring off into the distance... Yes, very theatrical haha. So it went something like this (this is in really close whispers, by the way. Like really close):
Andy: Tell me.
Me: Hold on...
Andy: TELL ME!
Me: Hold on...
Andy: 'Till when?
Me: Just hold on...
Andy: WHO IS IT!?
Me: *looks at him with a smirk* It's you. *looks away with a grin*
*music starts, swaying commences*
Andy: *stays frozen for a good fifteen seconds before starting to sway*
So we do curtain call and all that and get all of our stuff together. I go to take my costume downstairs. And he comes with. It's just us. Everything's totally normal, it's not weird. So then we go to the dressing room and we're alone and he goes, "Has it been that person the whole time?" And I said, "Whole time?" And he said, "This whole month and a half of you telling me about it." And I said, "No [it used to be Jordan, FYI, but he doesn't know Jordan]..." And he said, "You couldn't have told me that?" So we leave and he gives me a hug bye. And he drives away and texts me, "So you got me. I was totally shocked and surprised. Didn't see that coming." Haha, I sooooo called that one... But then he texted me and said, "But I feel the same." And I said, "I know." So I don't really know where that leaves us. Obviously he's not going to just go break up with Cara because I might have a crush on him... And he shouldn't. I don't want him to. Plus, I couldn't date him anyway. He smokes. That just doesn't work out. But yeah...
That's my update.

Re: Dating Thread

Posted: Fri Oct 10, 2008 11:08 pm
by a_n_n_a
'Ello chums!

Nothing really big has happened so I decided to post a question for this night. With only one page left I figure we can end this thread with answering the question I have yet come up with . . . It's getting difficult after all this time, that's why they're all ridiculous these days.

Have you ever pretended you had a significant other, or at least a pretty serious crush, to prevent someone from asking you out/on a date?

Tonight I think I'm pretty guilty of this. I hadn't really texted/talked to my Marcas, but tonight I initiated that while at the football game. I was sitting by two of my friends while various others stood around, one being the guy who asked me to prom but I said no to, Lucas. The background of my phone right now happens to be Marcas . . . So while I'm texting, my friend Madi takes my phone and is like "Who is that??! AMIGO ESPECIAL!" [Spanish for "special friend", an inside joke with the entire AP class about boys/girls who are not boyfriends/girlfriends]. Now, Lucas asked out Madi in the past but she had just been through a break-up. I kind of thought he might be lurking for me again so I wasn't too objective of her yelling that out, but still. And so he asks me who it is and I try to cut it short by saying, "My friend from camp who lives in Indiana". He just sort of goes "Oh" as he looks at the quite good-looking Marcas, if I do say so myself; even on my phone w/ a crap camera.
It did seem to work, though.

Oh, and I just read Christine's since she posted while I was writing: Ummm, you're awesome. The end.