Randomness ~ The 11th

Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Postby Jasper<3 » Mon Mar 30, 2009 3:57 pm

Hey hey Randies!

My friend Christina got me a shirt for my birthday with the Joker on it!! Yaay!!

I'm eating Ramen noodles, but I didn't add enough water....

Russel Brand is a loser. I hope he reads this.

I want a pet hedgehog, they're the cutest things!!

I guess that's all, Randomness!

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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Postby allieb » Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:28 pm

hey my lovely randies...

impressive huh!?! three days in a row.... :roll: im ashamed that i even PRETEND to call myself a reggie.... give me a week and i'll get back up there for regularness (definately NOT a word... well im guessing it isnt!).

so today ends one day of my four day hell.... (oh whoops am i not suppose to say that on this thread!? lemme know and i can edit it if necessary.)

but yeah... so today was probably the calmest.... i turned in bunches of late work. le sigh... im so bad at this... and i forgot about my history binder check.. well really i thought it was TOMORROW... but it turns out it was scheduled for today... so i finished it during the 45 minute "warm up" group activity we were working on... dang i lovers my friends... they are AHMAZING!

hmmm and then i forgot my bio homework... but thats whatever. i couldnt care less!! hahaha.

screw biology... its better in books anyway.

hmmmm then i invaded my journie classroom after school for a french project and accidently talked to my journie teacher in french.... yeah he looked at me like i was insane too. but then i got to work on my typography which looks amazing i MUST say... bahaha. it was actually kind of dificult... you had to pick three adjectives that describe you and then pick fonts that represented those ideas... then make a spread with them... but that part is EASY!!!!!!!! haha. but actually picking them was HARDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!! bahaha.

hmmmm then me and my journie teacher had a good laugh for 15 mintues while listening to my mom yell at me through his phone... good times good times! like she was so loud... so i held it two feet away from us and you could still hear her PERFECTLY. oh god...

then he laughed at me for getting my door taken away........


well thats all for my daily update...
i'll be lurking ladies!!

Allie !
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Postby deven » Mon Mar 30, 2009 11:10 pm

hey guys!

ok last night was amazing. it was the Taste of Chaos concert! with Bring me the horizon, pierce the veil, four years strong, and others!
oh man it was fantastic! i was with these hott guys from a local band...<3 lol
i didnt know i had that screaming capability! when oliver (bring me the horizon) came on i flipped out! i screamed so hard. oh gosh! and after their set we went out to get our stuff signed and get pics and the merch guys told us they did it before their set...i wanted to cry.
i have had the biggest cruch on oliver sykes since forever!
but then the guys from the band i was with earlier told me about this after party with the bands.
so we went. and i about had a freak attack...
we didnt think oliver came..but then i was going to go to the bath room. and i saw him..i turned and ran soo fast back to my friends to get my camera! lol
so i got my picture with my oliver!
and i seriously have never been so starstruck...i was shaking!
and then the band signed my magazine and oliver spilled his beer on it!!!
he felt bad and gave me a hug!!! =]

ok...so that is my amazing stroy of oliver!
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Postby samajama » Tue Mar 31, 2009 12:21 am

Layla_Hale wrote:Humm...random....I love Sam! :P

oh snap! i got random love!!! :D

Catherine- i read that the other day. or one just like it. hehehe. :]
ps- i PMed you!

i'm writing a journal. i've been saying that for the pasy half hour (at least) but i'm really starting right now!

then i need to go get ice cream (because Naureen said so)

um... *random thoughts* i shaved my legs! haha.

42nd street on friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sh--, gotta charge my camera. there will be pics on FB (for those of you on there)

love you, randies <3
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Postby -Jasper » Tue Mar 31, 2009 1:58 pm

Hi Randies!

^ That took me about 5 tries to get the capital letters in the right places! :lol:
I shouldn't use caps lock.

Deven, that's cool! Do you see a lot of bands?

Allie, yay for your door! Are you celebrating yet? :lol:

bodysnatcher - sorry, I don't know your name. I've been meaning to go on fmlife for a while now!

The clocks went forward, but I forgot to change my alarm clock, so I was rushing for school on Monday. Stupid daylight saving thing .. and I still have to check if my phone changed itself automatically or if I have to do it.

I'm listening to Blue October - Calling you, now.

The mug in front of me has a black and white cartoon drawing of a tiger on, and across the top it says 'tiger, tiger burning bright ... etc' :lol:
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Postby x. Jessica-Louise .x » Tue Mar 31, 2009 2:13 pm

Hi Randies

Lol Jenni your mugs always sound so random!

I agree the clock things totally screwed up my body clock, I hate it.

I started reading frostbite earlier I love it so far I cant believe I only have shadow kiss left I cant wait for blood promise to come out!

I’m drinking coke I love coke I don’t care what anyone says coke is better than pepsi and there is a difference seriously my friends have tested me on this by putting to glasses down one coke one pepsi and I can always tell which one is which. So there you have it there must be a difference else I wouldn’t be able to tell and get it right every time. Wow that was really random.

April fools tomorrow ahh I always get played pranks on!
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Postby threethings » Tue Mar 31, 2009 2:52 pm

Long time no see, randies!

So anyway, will you all help?
This Obsessed thing is getting out of hand. . . it takes time. But fun too.

I was going to have this long butt post. . .but now I forget everything. Ah, well.

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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Postby Wingtear » Tue Mar 31, 2009 3:32 pm

Hi randies.

I'm really, really pee-needy
My friend E got a great job! They asked if she could start tomorrow... She starts next Tuesday.
I was at a family birthday tonight, it was really nice. Shoot how my cousins kids have grown...her oldest boy (out of 4) is 16 now and I would NOT recognize him in the street... help...
I need to go sleep...
actually, I really need to get some writing done. I feel awful towards the people who are following my stories. And to top it off, I started a new one (with lemons) that apparently have people drooling for more. I need to find my happy place and write. Soon! Maybe if we go to D's grandma this weekend...
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Postby -Jasper » Tue Mar 31, 2009 3:42 pm

Hi Randies. :D

More push-posting. :D

Jess, yeah, they are very random - so I include them in my daily randomness lol!
At least the time change thing means that you can stay up later and think you're getting lunch and out of work/school earlier. Kind of. :lol: Impressive telling them apart! I don't know if I could, but there must be a difference.

I just got reminded that it was April Fool's day tomorrow. I hope I don't fall for any tricks. *nervous* I'm not going to pull any, I'm not very good at that kind of thing. Unless someone is very gullible.

I have 15 minutes, so now I'm trying to post everywhere I want to!

I rewatched HP and the order of the phoenix last night, that was good. It was so sad when Sirius died.*sniffle*
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Postby Jasper<3 » Tue Mar 31, 2009 3:45 pm

Hey hey!!!

Chloe: My computer is being a spaz and the thingy won't let me email, but I read a 357 page book yesterday, you can add it! :P

So this morning I wore my Joker shirt and I had the following conversation: *hem hem*

[Scene: Natallie enters living room in jeans and Joker T shirt]
MOM: I don't like that shirt.
NAT: But I do.
MOM: :roll: I just hope I don't get a call from the school...
NAT: Why would you get called by my school?
MOM: Because, that shirt has BLOOD on it!
NAT: Mom, there is no blood present on this shirt in any location.
MOM: What do you think that is all over his face?
[scene fades out as mother continues to insist that the shirt is covered in blood]

*bow* I hope you enjoyed my little performance...

By the way, the shirt is awesome, and it can't even look like it has blood, it's an animated Heath Joker that says Ha Ha Ha all over it in red, but it's like this color red, not bloody. :roll: My mother is so..... ugh.

So anyways....

That was the longest post I've posted in forever, sadly it was a rant about my mother.... :lol:

I need a drink.

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