You know you've read too much Twilight when

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Re: You know you've read too much Twilight when

Post by Elizabeth »

Where do we start?! I've been catching myself saying I just pulled a Bella, or an Alice... a lot!!! Or when someone lets me down and I instinctively think, "stupid unreliable person" even though I know that's not the way the line goes. Or how shiny volvos DO make me squeal like a fangirl. How about having to remind yourself that no one can read your mind, thank goodness!
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Re: You know you've read too much Twilight when

Post by porscheturbo911 »

BeautifulVeins wrote:You know you've read too much twilight when...

1. You find yourself thinking "What would Bella do?" And then deciding according to what she would do.

4 You carry the books around with you everywhere, even if you aren't reading them.

6. You have no interest in any boys except for Edward and Jacob.

8. EVERYTHING can be related back to twilight.

9. You find yourself absent mindlessly doodling quotes and twilight related phrases through all of your school books.

13. You threaten to slaughter anyone who dares to insult the books.

14. Every conversation you have involves Twilight in some way.

15. You will be waiting the rest of your life for your edward, and will not settle for anything less.

17 You are proud of your clumsiness.

18. You despreately want to visit Forks (if you haven't already)

20. You refuse to accept the fact Twilight is not real

It is real.
It is. :D
So very true! :D

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Re: You know you've read too much Twilight when

Post by spookybell »

when you wake up every day having drempt of vampires... (I mean really it is getting weird now.)
When you drive a little too fast (and you never were a fast driver) and you wish you had an internal radar detector because you clearly are driving a little to fast. (NEVER EDWARD FAST!!!!!)
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Re: You know you've read too much Twilight when

Post by FidoLover »

You can't think of a 'you know you've read too much Twilight when' because you think about it so much that it's just a part of your daily life.

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Re: You know you've read too much Twilight when

Post by ellybean »

You know you've read to much Twilight when.....
1.You sleep with Twilight on the pillow next to you
2. You want a fast car
3. Whenever you make Spagetti you think of when Charlie burnt the noodles in book 3
4. You start to use the word "dazzle" in everyday conversation
5. You scream whenever you see a Volvo
6. You like a boy in school just because he looks like Edward
7. Your favorite colors become black and red
8. You want to visit Forks for senior vacation
9. You watch every movie that someone from the Twilight cast is in (I've watched Harry Potter 4 like 20 times!)
10. You refuse to read any other book becasue NOTHING will EVER compare to Twilight! :D

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Re: You know you've read too much Twilight when

Post by Rosanesmee »

You know you've read too much Twilight when:

1. You see a container of Forks with a sticker saying 'Forks' on it and you think of the place in Washington before you think of the cutlery.
2. You see that Harry Potter 5 is on and you wait for the tiny, itty bitty scene where it flashes to Harry's dream when Cedric dies, just to see Rob for even just a second. (haha, I tried to watch it 3 times and I never even got to see the scene :| )
3. You start trying to quote Twilight in normal conversation
4. You say "hold tight spider-monkey" when you give someone a piggy back
5. You laugh to yourself when you see a volvo (or any other Cullen car)
6. You realise you only like the boy you like because he looks like how you imagined Jacob
7. Your new favourite colour is brown
8. You buy a vampire book... then find out that THERE AREN'T EVEN VAMPIRES IN IT!!
9. Every conversation you have ends up about Twilight
10. Your day dreams always involve Jacob... *ahem*
11. You try to be either really clumsy or really -oh no what's the word? - not-clumsy
12. You have random quotes all through your school diary
13. You got bored in class and created 'International I <3 [insert Twilight character of the day] Day' (theres one for everyone- i think)
14. You have about 50 inside jokes that somehow relate to Twilight.
15. You correct someone and they say... Jeez, obsessed much?
16. You threaten to set Edward on anyone who doesn't like Twilight
17. You trip over and say "I just pulled a Bella" - OMG Elizabeth, you do it too?
18. Your myspace song is Clare De Lune
19. You get Clare De Luna in your head almost every day
20. People come to you when they want to talk about Twilight
21. People yell at you when you talk about Twilight
22. You write a story including all your friends in which they meet the Twilight characters
23. Half your friends are honorary vampires because they have cold hands/golden eyes/they just are
24. You order people to read Twilight, or you won't talk to them
25. You miss your books becaue you want to read them again but all your friends are borrowing them
26. You added Stephenie Meyer on myspace
27. Edward Cullen added you on myspace and you completely freaked out
28. You almost danced around the bookshop when you got Breaking Dawn
29. Your not doing a really important assignment- instead your finding ways that you know you've read too much Twilight
30. Someone mentions the word Twilight and you stifle a giggle
31. The name Edward/Jacob makes you swoon
32. You just found 32 ways that your obsessed (although i did steal some off other people because they related to me)

All of these relate to me - hmm slightly obsessed... :?
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Re: You know you've read too much Twilight when

Post by little-freak »

when you laugh for HALF AN HOUR after you get over the shock of bella being pregnant, because now the stupid girl from your school HAS to believe that vampires can have sex (she didn't even believed after i showed her the personal correspondence where stephenie's saying they can have)

when someone has a question about twilight they are coming to you and your best friend cause you're considered to be the "experts"...

when you win every twilight quiz and knowevery single detail, like the name of the waitress in the restaurant in port angeles (amber...)

when you tell your father, who's an engineer at mercedes, to bring home a s 55 amg for your birthday...

when you totally freak out when you're father brings the cabrio rosalie has got in the twilight movie home (it was excactly the same colour!)

when you're running to all cinemas in your area, asking if they've got twilight movie posters...

when you nickname your best friend bella and yourself alice, cause you are like alice and she's like bella...

when you're constantly searching for other people matching twilight characters

when you're wearing your twilight fan shirts just because a friend of you is holding a lecture about newmoon

when you're called "fanclub" by your teacher because you giggled and nodded through the whole newmoon lecture of your best friend and you even wore a fan shirt

when you start to tell your classmate EVERYTHING about emmett cause she sighed when your friend showed the class a picture of kellan lutz while holding her newmoon lecture

when you got over ten people to read twilight

when no one except you is allowed to touch your copy of eclipse, because it's signed

when you can talk about twilight aaaaaaaaaaall day

when your door is full of twilight inspired pictures

whe you've made yourself five twilight inspired bookmarks

when you made four twilight fan shirts, but you're hardly ever wearing them, because they are holy and you're afraid you ruin them

when you can't live without your internet, because you have to visit the lex every single day

when you yell at your brother for an whole hour because he dropped your breaking dawn (NOT accidently!!)

whey you've made yourself a fire and ice bracelet
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Re: You know you've read too much Twilight when

Post by Krystina the Alien »

1) You want to name you kid Jasper when you have one
2) You freak out when you find out there is a Carlisle County in your state
3) You let people believe that you want to name your kid Jasper after the cool town in the next state, when secretly we all know it's because of you're insane obsession with Jasper Hale.
4) When people in your math class start talking about anime, and you don't understand, you try to link it to Twilight so you can understand it better (happened to me today)
5) You are afraid to let people borrow your books, because they are your babies
6) When you're bored in Music Tech class, and the teacher is out, you come onto the Lex, and post random stuff
7) You find ways to link country music to Edward, even though Edward hates country
8) You have Twilight fanfiction open, and write your English paper due the next day while the next chapter loads
9) You get mad at friends who'd rather read Anne Rice or Laurell K. Hamilton than Stephenie Meyer
10) You're MySpace is dedicated to Jasper and Hanson (which, Taylor Hanson should've played Jasper)
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Re: You know you've read too much Twilight when

Post by Nightvision »

1. When you wish you could transform into a werewolf, and tear people apart
2. You want to drive really fast
3. You want to talk to Dr. Cullen about the events in history he's lived through
4. the only girl you want is Bella

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Re: You know you've read too much Twilight when

Post by manda87 »

When you noticed after doing laundy most of your clothes you own are blue, like the color Edward likes on Bella, and laugh at yourself.

when your alarm clock goes off it plays clair de lune.

When one of your best friends has never read Twilight and youve been trying to get her to read it but shes afraid to, and then she tells you two of her roomates are obsessed with Twilight and were talking about it I guess for an hour. So you get really excited and you plan on trying to find ways to meet them and bring up Twilight so:
A. you finally have someone to talk to about it. (I dont know anyone who's read it) try and get your friend to read it.
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