Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Postby pharmer4 » Sun Feb 22, 2009 9:52 am

jasmine wrote:@pharmer, i posted in that thread once or twice, but most bands im interested in, nobody knew, and well, it seemed most ppl there were a lot younger, it just didn click. And i dont think our other lexily's would mind of we would discuss music in here ;)
I LOVE the foot with the woman on it, its a very nicely done tattoo. My husband designs tattos and a friend of mine has a tattoo parlor so im always interested in designs and have seen lots of them. This one is amazing!
I really like it that you have real meaning to your tattos. Thats the way it is for me and my hubby aswell. I cant understand ppl who just pic a picture, not representing anything. I mean, thats their choice, but i just dont understand. I think its beautifull your family is represented so much on your body, you must love them very much. :)
Do you also have a special tattoo for the sister youve lost or is that what the match was for? I always think tattoos are a beautifull reminder for loved ones youve lost. My rose is for my grandmother, who meant the world to me, and loved roses aswell. It also represents the part of my life that was really hard to get through, thats why the rose has thorns.But like my other tatts, its has many meanings, im a complicated woman :mrgreen:

Do get your wife to join. We are one big happy family here, and we love every new member we get :)

@wingtear, underworld 3 isnt even in thatres yet around here, we want to see it 2. Im really curious about it.

I don't have a tattoo for my sister, but her name is incorporated into my eldest daughter's middle name.

I think everyone has already covered the reason NM is so soon after Eclipse, yet Breaking Dawn is so much later (at this point) - obviously, contracts with crew and cast plays a major role.

In addition, they'd have to take the ages of the actors into account - it would not look good for immortals to age between each movie! This will be a major issue with BD being so much later.

Jasmine, to the bands you listed as liking in the Metal thread, I like all of them, especially Devin, he's THE man - Heavy Devy!

If anyone is a fan of Lord Of The Rings, let me know, I'll link you to a picture of a tattoo my tattooist did based on LOTR - very very well done (award winning, in fact).
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Postby Kes » Sun Feb 22, 2009 12:20 pm

Hmm. I feel like I should be dubious about this whole 'hurried release' malarke, but I actually think it will be more beneficial to the books than if they were played out over a number of years.

The books themselves were released over a very short space of time as far as mainstream continuous-story releases go, and the events within them span an even shorter amount of time. It would be unrealistic to draw out the saga as the spaces between would appear far too unrealistic for the events, and, as others have rightly pointed out, it's tricky enough to make a 20-something look 17 for one year, let alone 4 or 5.

Although I don't necessarily like to make such obvious comparisons - Lord of the Rings worked as films. Harry Potter doesn't. (I think this is actually for many reasons [note acting skills, productions skills, contect etc.]) But the main one, in my opinion, remains that the first HP book was released before I was 10 years old, and the way things are going, the last film will coincide with my 22nd Birthday (or thereabouts). I enjoyed the books, but now i'm so bored of the franchise. There won't be any further 'Twilight' books in the near future, so I think it's approriate to contain the 'hysteria' to a few short years and keep it relevant, rather than milk something that has already finished.

Please excuse my pretentious and obvious ramblings. I find it hard to resist a chance to throw in my two cents, as it were. Plus i'm trying to watch Peep Show at the same time, so it wouldn't surprise me if this doesn't make much sense!

Enjoy your respective days, everyone! Or night, timezone depending.

Tattoos? None. But I find them more than appealing on others...

(edits for hyperactive typo's and the like)
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Postby Wingtear » Sun Feb 22, 2009 1:23 pm

pharmer4- I seem to screw the acrylic balls to tightly and they break... the metallics I loose... I only have a pin, since I need to be able to cover it in tape 3 times a week. I've only had it since September, so I don't know that much really...

Honey/Misty- LOVE the banner!!!

I'm home, Misty, I sent you a e-mail. I'm going to do some writing now. Love ya all!
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Postby CappuGirl » Sun Feb 22, 2009 2:26 pm

I try to keep myself off the computer on sundays but here I am... to GLOAT! 8-) :oops: :lol:
I just got home from watching Twilight in the theater. And it was almost like having my own private showing! :D There was only six other people there; 2boys+2girls-group of 20 somethings that were sitting on the back row, silent all the way through. And then there was a pair of teenaged girls that sat two rows behind me. They were pretty silent too... until the moments right after the big fight scene when there was Rob's song playing and the clips of B+E's moments together. That made one of the teenagers cry a little outloud. Really heartbroken cry... Then she got so ashamed of that crying she giggled a bit for the rest of the movie. But I'd say it was a pretty good experience. :D No SCREEMING teengers... and I had the best seat! :D

The movie itself was already very familliar to me. I think it was about 7th or 8th time I saw it (hubs teased me about that when I got home), but first time in the theater. I realized that the torrent I've got is missing about 20 seconds on the kissing scene. And of course the whole movie looked way better. Still I had the same thing that I've got everytime I see it: the first half of the movie didn't feel right, stiff somehow.. And then after the meadow scene I loved it again.. *whistles*

And now I'm listening to the soundtrack... :lol: OK, I'll start behaving again.. And try to stay off the computer for the rest of the evening. Read all your posts properly in the morning with a nice cup (or two.. three.. okay, seven..) of cappuccino. :D I hope everyone's having a great weekend! :D Or is it monday already for Honey..?
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Postby animegaijingirl » Sun Feb 22, 2009 2:40 pm

Just popping my head in to give a little *wave* :D Had a quiet but good weekend, J and I had a nice long lunch at an Italian saturday, then we went and saw Push and I take back everything I said about Dakota Fanning being Jane *cough* OK, I said, I take back my criticism of Dakota Fanning's casting as Jane *fake huffy sigh*. She was good, really enjoyed the movie (so much better than Jumper, or some of the other sci/mutant films have been to lately). Oh, and I managed to make J :roll: groan at my Twi joke, saying if the movie were in French, would it be "La Push" hahaha :lol: I do love to wind him up with bad jokes sometimes :lol: Today we met my friend and her bf for lunch and chats before his shift started. Now I'm tired, that quiet weekend tired, trying to wake up my brain a little to call a bff in the US when it's a good time-zone cross over.
Oh yeah, and I got a new iPod today *little happy dance* upgraded to a 120gb as can't fit all my songs on my old one, and also the old one was out of warranty and the battery was on it's last legs. There goes that Xmas money I'd been hoarding, but no complaints! :D
Will be good next week and not do a me me me post, once I've read what everyone else's been up to :mrgreen:

Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Postby SarahGoddard » Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:04 pm

I don’t have any tattoos because I’m terrified of needles. I’ve always wondered what I would get done if I wasn’t scared though. Something meaningful but not tacky…that’s as far as I got though!

I love tattoos on other people though – so sexy!

Jasmine I love the sound of you and your beloveds tattoos – they sound awesome. Any pictures?

Maria the way you talk about your deer meat I’m certain your actually a Cullen! ;)

Wow Pharmer – absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your tattoos and more so the meanings behind them all. Absolutely beautiful. I love the claddough symbol (even before watching Buffy) and I have a ring with it on. Nothing major or expensive but I love the symbolism behind it. (I’m very big on symbolism) I’ve heard of winged bulls in sories but I didn’t know that’s what they were called so thanks for that :)

Def get your wife to come join the Lexily!

Honey – your banner is awesome! Love it – nice one Misty. By the way where do you come up with your ideas for banners? I’d really like an original one but I don’t know what I want it to say..hmm maybe I PM you and we chat more? *wanders off to PM Misty*

I understand completely what your saying about the films coming out quickly with the hype and all Kes and I agree. My opinion on the Twilight film however is…I didn’t like it. *ducks for cover behind the sofa and peers out to see if the dirty looks and tomato pelting has stopped…* Sorry to everyone that did, and I’m glad you enjoyed it but for me it almost ruined the book entirely. I wont go into a major rant but if anyone else hated it and wants to complain with me PM me. Ok I’ll stop there before I get kicked out altogether!

Anyways I hope everyone had a fantabulouso weekend. Chat to you all soon! :mrgreen:

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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Postby jasmine » Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:43 pm

@pharmer, i definately want to see the LOTR based tatts!
I love the claddah symbol aswell, my hubby and i bith have a claddagh ring. Its special to me because my hubby it form origin from a real scottish clan.

@ihand, great banner! i love those kinds of jasper jokes.

@anime: i love your twilightjoke, i had the exact same though when i saw the movies title.

@sarahG: There are lots in my myspace and facebook. but let me link you some:
My dragon, here its only days old.

second tattoo, ive got some other pics, on my myspace, but those are not really clothed,because of where it is on my body :P

third tatt, triple goddess:

both my upperarms, dragon and triple goddess:

today was great. My parents in laws new car is very kewl and we actually have spaces for our knees in the back now, hahaha.
Anyway my parents loved to see us, and we talked a lot. Even went to watch a carnavalparade, thats been a while since its something of the south(carnaval is a few days of partying dressed up like something/someone else and a lot of drinking. You can google carnaval ). Anyway i brought my mum some red roses and she loved them. She even wanted a sapph bra aswell after she saw mine, so now im ordering one for her, so kewl.
My dads foot was really swoolen and now one of his toes was infected aswell. *shakes her head* hes so stubborn and thinks he can already go to work, but he has to stay at home at leasttill tuesday, and maybe then get a cast.

We havent heard from the vet. They would call us yesterday(casuse of it being weekend and all), but noone called, and you cant call them in the weekend. So im hoping everything is ok and they just forgot, and not like theres something wrong and they have the wrong number. Tomorrow morning at 8 we can call, and my fathe rin law can help me pick him up if its allowed. Im a lill anxious now.

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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Postby buffygrl3 » Sun Feb 22, 2009 8:13 pm

Wow, new thread. Thank god! lol Sorry its been so long guys, things got pretty busy around my house. We had to get a couple of my cats neutered (they hated me for days afterward). My best friend came to visit me yesterday and we took ad rive out to the lake, it was totally rad. Remember the friend who was having drug problems? Well he stopped calling me and he won't return my calls so I guess that's one problem out of the way. Sorry I'm not responding to any of you guys' posts, I've got a headache and reading on the computer doesn't really help. I'm going to try to get on here more often than I have lately, I missed you guys! Oh! I have some really neat news, it might only be neat to me but I'll share it anyway. Yesterday I got my first 100% on a math quiz. Its the first time ever so I'm really proud of myself. I have a whole spiral notebook full of math notes and they finally did me some good. Well, that's about the extent of new stuff in my life... oh and for anyone who remembers my post from valentines day, Cody finally called me. We had a really nice conversation and it made my v-day really nice. Y'all might have answered this question already but how were your valentines days?

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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Postby EddieC » Sun Feb 22, 2009 8:19 pm

Hey all!

Eddie's back, lately, he's been coding, but he's screwed, cause he's been thinking of proposals the whole time. He has an Improv Troupe, and they're being recruited to come up with a proposal idea.

Here's one of them

Mandy - Barry Manilow

Actors: "Mandy", Eddie, Sarah, Ely
Location: a grand hotel lobby
Extras: you're wandering hotel residence, either sitting down enjoying the newspaper, coffee or whatever.
When: almost evening (6pm-ish)

Sarah (since she's an asian female *ducks racist comments*), sits down in front of a grand piano, and starts daddling, playing some tunes.

Eddie and "Mandy" walk in, holding hands, they are obviously in love, and by the looks of it, they are dressed very formally, and if anyone bothers to listen in their conversation, they are going to see a show.

Eddie looks over to Sarah on the piano, and stops "Mandy" for a moment, he goes over to Sarah, slips a $20 and talks to her. Sarah smiles, and stretches, she plays the piano intro of "Mandy". Before this happens, Eddie stops a nearby agent, Ely, and gives him a camera, and asks him to record it.

Eddie goes back over to "Mandy", and starts singing:

"I remember all my life
Raining down as cold as ice
A shadow of a man
A face through a window
Crying in the night
The night goes into...

Morning, just another day
Happy people pass my way
Looking in their eyes
I see a memory
I never realized
you made me so happy, oh Mandy

Throughout the music, a curious crowd(of agents) gathers, they are all touched by this little escapade, some join in quietly in the background Oooos and acts as strings, anything to contribute positively to the sound, but mostly watch with teary eyes.

Well you came and you gave without taking
but I sent you away, oh Mandy
well you kissed me and stopped me from shaking
I need you today, oh Mandy

(crowd oohs and awws, Katie and Lauren whip out their trumpet and divvy up the horn solo)

Yesterday's a dream I face the morning
Crying on the breeze
the pain is calling.........

(climax, crowd woots!)
oh Mandy!

Well you came and you gave without taking
but I sent you away, oh Mandy
well you kissed me and stopped me from shaking
I need you today, Mandy

(Eddie gets down on one knee, the crowd goes wild)

Well you came and you gave without taking
but I sent you away, Mandy
well you kissed me and stopped me from shaking
And I need you...."

During his last lines, holding the last "you", he slowly brings out a box, and reveals a ring inside.

When piano finishes up her little daddle, hushed whispers occur, hopefully, by now, we attracted some non agents to gather, agents fill them in with "OH! I think he's proposing to her! So exciting!".

If we haven't gotten glares by now for being so loud, the crowd slowly says "Yes, yes, yes, yes"

"Mandy" nods, the crowd erupts, congrats are then thrown around to Eddie, the piano goes on to daddle, and before you know it, the crowd dissapears, with "Mandy" and Eddie being nothing but a warm memory in everyone's hearts.

What would you say we can improve on? :S
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Postby CappuGirl » Mon Feb 23, 2009 3:44 am

Eddie, I loved that. ♥ I can't think of anything to make it better. And I'd really love to see you sing that song. You like singing, huh? :D Thanks for that. Made me feel a bit warm and fuzzy...

I can't hang around here all day.. bummer. I thought I could start up the week a bit easy but I guess I have to start up with my HUGE clean up project. I did some on the weekend but saved the biggest parts for tuesday/wednesday because hub's friend and his gf are coming to visit us on wednesday and they'll be around the rest of the week. I figured if I cleaned it all up on the weekend, the kids would make another huge mess in these two days and I had to do it all over again anyway; so why not take the easy way out on the weekend. Since I had my Twilight-movie-experience to get to..
Well, looks like my brother, sister and her three kids are coming to visit us tonight and they'll continue their trip to north (to visit my dad and their friends at our old hometown) tomorrow. So.. clean up time. I'm not a fan of clean up but having the boys at home 24/7 makes it a necessity... It used to be enough to clean once or twice a week but now it's more like a daily duty.. :roll:

Bad mood is trying to take me over.. Because I really don't like cleaning. And my heart is breaking for my sister. Looks a lot like she and her hubs are breaking up. :cry: That's something I tought would never happen. They're so perfect together... Makes me question again if our whole family is destined not to have life-lasting love... :( All of my other sister's relationships crash. My moms.. Dad never had another woman after mom.. And my brothers are so shy with women they can't even start a relationship.. Or my younger brother has some kind of on-off-thing going on..
This makes my insecurity resurface again.. I keep getting this feeling that me and my hubs aren't gonna be together forever... Something's gonna break us up. I just know it... I try not to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.. But I already sabotached it once when our first child was born. The way I was acting; kinda getting ready to be a single mom.. I kinda pushed away my hubs and he ended our relationship when he had a crush on another woman.. We were apart almost two years until hubs decided he wanted me back.. In the past two years during my winter blues I've actually tried to leave him myself... and hubs talked me out of it both times.. It's so much easier to see flaws on one's companion when the blues is pulling me down.. And during those times it feels like a better solution to leave myself before it gets to that point.. I just know I'm going to loose him in some terrible way that's gonna break me... Sorry.. I sound like a crrrrazy person.. :oops:
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