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Alice's Party Planning Committee -- Team Alice Thread #2

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 4:55 pm
by December
Welcome to Alice's Party Planning Committee, Round Two!

A place to discuss everything Alice... from her relationship with Jasper to her love of shopping and Party Planning!!

A few rules from your Host/Hostesses:
(allieb, dunnerheartstwilight, sachael, threethings)

1. 4-line post minimum, please
2. No I.M. talk
3. Only Host/Hostesses are to write in green
5. PM sacheal (kimmy) your name and info ... so she can add you to the head count

Re: Alice's Party Planning Committee -- Team Alice Thread #2

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 4:56 pm
by DunnerheartsTwilight
Welcome to A.P.P.C I am Logan and i will be one fo the hosts here... we host parties on our website (see below thanks chloe!!)... and have been sucessful with our first already... before you join answer the questions listed by Allie below! Thanks

Host: Me (Logan)
Hostess': Sacheal (kimmy)(MIA), Threethings (chloe), Allieb (allie) and Edwardlikeshaystacks (emmaline) Newly added are
Sarah! (Sarah) and DudeRocksTheTwilight (Derek) they will be doing promotions and invitations. I would like to extend my thanks to them

Okay these are the jobs for Host/Hostess'
1.The Keepers (me and kimmy) will make sure no one breaks the rules
2.Social Butterflies (all of us) will start new topics
3.Project Manager (kimmy) will keep track of promotions
4.Public Relations Managers and Guest Welcomers (chloe and allie) will welcome newbs and answer any questions they may have
5.Web Desighner (chloe and allie) will create and manage our website
6.Budget Manager (kimmy) will keep track of all memberships and ranks
7.Party Manager (me) will provide information from the books/pc and will keep this thread on topic
8.Dj (kimmy and emma) wil provide people with new ranks
9. ALL Hosts/Hostess' will be required to write in green! (except for kimmy THE KEEPER who wil post in red!)
10. Invitation Sender (emma) will send out invites to new members

Promotions for Team Alice members: (from kimmy)


2.V.I.P guest

waiting tobe dazzled ~ Heather
lauren00 ~ Lauren
shanon ~ Shanon
little-freak -- vanessa
deven - deven
yanjan3 - yan
xXBeSafeXx - Michelle
i am bella ~ Sam

3.Celebrity Impersonator
copper curls

4.APPC Platinum Member
Sarah (sarah!)

1.Bouncer in training


eliselovesedwardx ~ Elise
ravenGirl2468 ~ Raven
Sydflower ~ Syd
DudeRocksTheTwilight ~ Derek

3.Ultimate Bouncer

4.Head Security Guard
skylarblue ~ Shannon, Sky
FrighteninLilMonster ~ FLM
-Jasper ~ Jenni

1.Caterer's Assistant

2.Resturant Manager

bite_me ~ Tessa
WhenTheSunGoesDown - abby
roo-roo91~ Chelsea

3.Head Caterer

debussygirl ~ Jenna
4.World Class Chef

1.Bag Carrier
Lirpa ~ April

2.Head Shopper

elizabella - eliza
kimmyBEE ~ bee
edward x lover ~ Lee
BellaNicole ~ Nikki
best_beating_heart ~ Lourdes
jacobblacklover96 --Neva
Bellsedwardalways - bells
navarre - navarre
Ally_cat - ally

Mrs.TeddyBear ~ Ted

4.World Class Money Spender
Oh Rosalie! ~ Rosie
slightlyobsessed ~ Jolynn
Gabi (Eternally dazzled)
Shadow (shadowsinger)
Jess (Jessica x Louise)

when you join tell us which career path you would like and you will start out at the lowest part of that one eventually making your way up to the top one!!
we will add more jobs as the number of members increase... ohhh ya and if you dont get the job you picked its only because we made a mistake or that job was to full while another one was empty...

Thank You for Being Co-Operative with the Host/Hostess'!

- Do you have a nickname or something you would rather be called?
- What career path do you want to follow here?
- Why did you want to join Team Alice?
- What is your favorite thing about Alice?
- Any favorite quotes from or about Alice?
- Is there anything else you want to share?

Alice's Party Planning Committe: (*your current job here*)
APPC: (*your current job here*)
Team Alice- Because sometimes it is better to be small.
Team Alice- Seeing the future since 1901

Re: Alice's Party Planning Committee -- Team Alice Thread #2

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 4:59 pm
by threethings
Please check out the sites where we'll hold our parties and talk generally!


Re: Alice's Party Planning Committee -- Team Alice Thread #2

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:00 pm
by Mrs.Edward_Cullen<3
Ahhhh..fresh new thread smell. *sniff* Ok people back to biz for our 2nd partaaaaayyyy. By the way, Logan, are you able to switch jobs if you want?

Re: Alice's Party Planning Committee -- Team Alice Thread #2

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:01 pm
by DunnerheartsTwilight
if it is totally nessucary than yes you can change jobs but you will go back down to the bottom of that job....
hahah yes new thread smell yummm thanks chloe for posting the site or forum


Re: Alice's Party Planning Committee -- Team Alice Thread #2

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:02 pm
by Mrs.Edward_Cullen<3
Ahhh ok. Well I'm fine with that. Can I be a shopper? I know I have to start from bag carrier but you start small then you get the big bucks. ;) :lol: :lol: Ok can someone please update me?

Re: Alice's Party Planning Committee -- Team Alice Thread #2

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:07 pm
by sarah!
Yay! APPC thread number 2! That was quick!

Well we still haven't decided on a day, but one of the hosts is going to put a poll on the APPC site and we can vote which day would be best to do the party on, and the day that gets the most votes will be the day we do the party on. So excited! :)


Re: Alice's Party Planning Committee -- Team Alice Thread #2

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:11 pm
by debussygirl
Yay! new thread!
Er, last thread I thought I'd been promoted to head chef? Even if I didn't that's okay, I just don't want to look like an idiot with my siggy saying i'm a head chef when i'm not.

Re: Alice's Party Planning Committee -- Team Alice Thread #2

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:14 pm
by edwardlikeshaystacks
What? How did I miss page 100? *pout*

Well, here is the list of most of the questions asked in the last thread.

Logan, put it in the first post so members can answer if they feel the need to:

Where does Alice get her love of parties and fashion sense from?

Who would Alice invite to a party?

What is Alice's favorite movie?

Why do you think that Alice was attracted to Jasper.. even with all his scars?

If Alice and Jasper were to [remarry], who would she have plan it? Or would she do everything herself?

What do you think is Alice's fave place to shop for Jasper?

Do you think Alice instantly bonded with the Cullens? Or did it take a while for her to settle in?

What do you think Alice would be like (as a vamp) if she hadn't found Jasper? Also, would she still be a vegetarian?

Why do you think Alice/Jasper's relationship is so much more discreet compared to Rosalie/Emmett's?

What is Alice's fave colour?

What do you think is Alice's favorite music/band?

What do you think is Alice's favourite flower?

If Alice had not been institutionalized how would her life have turned out?

How different would things have been if Alice's visions applied to werewolves as well? -- Would that have meant that the Cullens would not have returned in NM since she would have known that Bella was simply cliff diving?

If Alice had been born with a different gift, what might it be? And depending on gift would be still be a Veg Vamp?

Would you ever let Alice plan a party for you? Or would you pull a Bella and dread every moment of it?

Do you think Alice is a chocolate or vanilla person?

Do you think Alice ever went to visit her niece or at least check up on her?

What do you think Alice's favorite animal would be?

We all know vampires can't change their appearance, but if she could, what would Alice want to change about herself?

Who do you think is the first to apologize when they fight? Alice or Jasper? And why?

What do you suppose drew Alice to fashion?

What do you think the relationship that Alice had with her vampire creator was? A friendship? Father/daughter? Or something else?

How do you think Alice would plan the Oscar's Party?

What do you think Alice and Rosalie's relationships like as sisters? It's clear Alice and Bella will get on as sisters, But the book never goes in to detail about Alice and Rose's relationship..

.What do you think Alice will do if she had not found Nahuel?

Do you think she'll fight the Volturi? or join them?

How different would things have been if Alice did NOT have her powers?

why do u think Alice is drawn to jasper?? (if she hadn't seen him in her future!!)??

It is constantly mentioned in the saga by Bella that Alice "dances" when she walks. Where do you think Alice gets her graceful strut from?

If you could have alice look into your future, what would you want her to forsee?

Say Alice was dressing Jasper for a party, what would she put him in?

If Alice were to pick a celebrity to throw a party for, who would it be and why?

Do you think Alice has a favorite designer?

When Alice saw that Edward was going to provoke the Volturi, what do you think ran through her head?

If you could have had Alice dress you for a certain event, what would it be?Why do you think Alice would go to Port Angeles for a pair of shoes for Bella? Why not somewhere fancier?

How do you think Alice would have bonded with Renee, judging by how much she bonded with Charlie when Bella needed someone to bathe her?

Re: Alice's Party Planning Committee -- Team Alice Thread #2

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:16 pm
by DunnerheartsTwilight
hHhahah emma i dont think that i can fit much more into the first thread hahahh..... ohhh and the poll is on the site now hahah
okay ummm for all ummm promotions talk to emma or kimmy hhah