Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Post by mandyb7 » Wed May 06, 2009 12:09 pm

Thanks for the welcomes guys!
Lieziewiezie wrote:Breaking Dawn, or wether the lack of it Do any other contries experience this? Well since my copy got stolen, well lend out and never returned, but that's the same. I wanted to buy a new copy in London. But every single store only had hardbacks of BD. Weird huh! Couldn't do that cause 1. That (together with the other 6 books I bought) would way to much in my suitcase and 2. All the others are paperbacks, so he'd stand out to much.
Then I came home and in a lot of stores here they now carry the english saga. Well the first three, but breaking dawn was never to be found.
So I ordered it in (again, yes) and it's supposed to arrive tonight. I was scared it'd be gonne forever.
Is Breaking Dawn still easily to get where you live?
hmmm here where I live, Toronto are, the last time I checked BD and EC were still in hard cover, although I went to Mexico over Easter and they had BD in paper back, I was so shocked that I had to take a picture lol. and all the book are easy to get here
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Post by therealmrswhitlock » Wed May 06, 2009 12:52 pm

Tilly I love your avi! I'm thinking about getting back my old one--a pic of Jackson/Jasper with "Team Jasper-He knows his way down south!" I've decided I like it better than Mr. Sexypants. People screaming at me to cook lunch--gotta go!
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Post by angelgonemad » Wed May 06, 2009 1:33 pm

therealmrswhitlock wrote:Tilly I love your avi! I'm thinking about getting back my old one--a pic of Jackson/Jasper with "Team Jasper-He knows his way down south!" I've decided I like it better than Mr. Sexypants. People screaming at me to cook lunch--gotta go!
This post made me chuckle - the bit about Team Jasper. Would you mind if I used that in my signature?
Hmm this quote isn't right but oh well -

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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Post by obieewok » Wed May 06, 2009 3:28 pm

Hey all! I'm at purgatory---er, work, and having a lovely day. I got here at noonish so I'm only dedicated to be here until four than geez---You'd think after being off for a week plus I'd be ok but now I'm having home withdrawls lol. I miss my bed. I miss my fridge. lol

Congrats Ninna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won't bash on you too much for being a breeder....only because I love you. The other reason will be leaked at another time lol. I like the name Dragon Pup---very regal. It screams "Notice ME!"

@cant---I have not seen True Blood only because I do not subscribe to HBO, but I'm thinking about renting season 1 now. I went to the website and saw the pics of the cast----I'm in love with Sam and Eric---hotness incarnate. The lead vamp, Vampire Bill, is just eh to me. Anyone else notice that there are some striking similarities as far as this book series and twilight go? I mean more than the normal vamp similarities? I think the sookie books came first if I'm not mistaken. But yeah, I totally plan on checking out the show now. I'm on the third book now and Holly promised me a lot more Eric action:)

@nocs---dude, you don't scare me. (this is the part where we embrace and then we bolt out the door and you refer to me as spider I LOVE your PMS (let's give them something to talk about) Hey. If you type PMs with a big S it looks like PMS. Nice. By the way to all newbies---Nocs is hot but Jazzy won't let you touch. I had to get a special pass for that. :) He also happens to be insightful and one of those smart and hot dudes---thus is why you need the special pass.

@Becs---Nice of you to show your face:) I banish the cold you gave me! Don't act like you didn't! I know you did. (to all newbies looking for a corruptor as far as fanfic goes----becs will hook you up with some raunch:)

@Megs---Same thing sort of happened and my computer was down most of the weekend. I hate outsourcing! I got Andy (yeah, right..what is your real name dude?) and I had to answer all these dude questions. I don't even know what kind of computer I own---I was like "A silver one?" and he chuckled. HE CHUCKLED AT ME. So in the end a dude had to come to the house (not hot and named Napoleon...go figure) and fixed it by replacing a router thingy. I had severe withdrawls.

Yes, I am clammering for my Wide Awake (newbies---read this fanfic and you'll be hooked) fix and trying to read all sorts of other fanfic too. I'm on Bella Hale right now which I can forgive for it's T rating and lack of smut only because it's very very well written and funny as all get out.

I ate taco salad for cinco de mayo (think five mayonnaise jars and laugh) and bought tickets for me and hubs as well as his bro and wife to go see Star Trek on Saturday. Only seeing it because that dude who plays Kirk is ten degrees of freaking hotness if ever I've seen it. (note about Obie---she luvs hers some man) So I'll go watch it if only for eye candy. I really don't care about Wolverine but will probably end up seeing it for the Ryan Reynolds factor.

To all newbies: I'm Obie, Terri, Maneater and Im 28 years young and hail from the wasteland of Texas. Near Dallas. Grew up near Shreveport on the East TX line as poor white trash. Still poor , just a better status of poor. My cover is financial analyst by day----dude lover by night. Love Jasper more than Eddie. Think Alice is the cat's pajamas but have the sense of humor of Emmett. Love my lex. Married, mother but not a "breeder" with a minivan---yet. Nope. No minivan.

Hope everyone's Wed is going swimmingly:)


ps....because I was too lazy to find the remote watched on accident 35 min of some horrible movie that was a sequel to Lost Boys. I cannot believe Corey Feldman was in that. Horrid. And the lead vamp was named Sutherland----Angus Sutherland. Nice name.
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Post by animegaijingirl » Wed May 06, 2009 3:37 pm

*briefly shows face again as per Obi's request*
Terri-licious, you know you love me, even though our hot virtual make out session got you sick. just think of it as the closest you'll get to J's germs, what with the look don't touch policy I've implemented for you.

Femme-puter (my laptop) has started coping an attitude with me, this whole "I do not recognize the internal hardware necessary for your wireless to work... oh wait I do... oh wait I don't" game is lame. I told her she's not indispensible and then used her to look up new laptops. She took the hint and is working again. I also shook her a few times (I think a wire is either loose or about to fry).

I ended up crashing in the middle of the day due to cough-related lack of sleep, afternoon naps = good. Of course, then I had to go sit down at my desk again and catch up with my work, but worth it. So worth it. (And J was home from uni so we had a nap together, it was like a holiday or something lol).

OK, coughing getting in the way of typing, I shall see my lovelies on the flipside and be back to actually TALK to you guys instead of babble away incoherently (no prizes for saying "how's that different than usual")

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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Post by jasmine » Wed May 06, 2009 4:53 pm

obieewok wrote:
I've missed you peeps! Jas---I totally was scoping those pics you posted on facebook of you and Nocs---Jeez---have you people seen how hot that couple is? It puts the rest of us to shame I tell ya. To shame. And thanks for my Lush addiction by the way---they should be giving you commission for what I spend in there it's unreal.

Off to read more fanfic and ponder the world's quandries. Just finished Stitches and Scars, and that was good if you like a human doctor edward. I forget the one I read recently that was just gawd awful. I'm about to start Bella Hale---so Bella was adopted by the cullens at a very young age apparently and has to grow up with a very akward vampire brother type edward. Got a ton of reviews, so we shall see.
uh..what pics?
haha nope dont get commission, but they do listen to me sometimes. You could always order form dutch mailorder, but it would give you enormous shippingcosts, so i advise you not to.

i LOVE Bella Hale, one of the first i read and i really liked the concept. I liked the characters in it aswell, emmet is really fun.

@dazzled, thats so sucks i know what it feels like to loose everything. I lost a harddisk with 5 yrs worth of photsos, all gone forever. Right on the day a friend would come to burn them on cd. It was a new Harddisk aswell.

Funny how you have a totally diff holiday for the 5th of may. We 'celebrate' something different, translated literally it would be 'liberationday'.

you already have the new BDB book? *cries* i dont know if i can wait for the paperback to come out, but if i buy the hardcover my whole collection will be weird(as all of my others are *rollseyes* )
whos the main character in this one?

CantBreathe wrote:Jasmine and Sid are totally like the Brangelina of the Lexily! Damn them and their hotness *shakes fist at them*
HAHHAHHAHAHH, i got a mental picture with that one. Very dramatic. i HAD to read that out loud to sid and laugh about it. You should see us on a normal day, closer to the inlaws of 'keeping up appearances' LOL.

obieewok wrote:
@nocs---dude, you don't scare me. (this is the part where we embrace and then we bolt out the door and you refer to me as spider I LOVE your PMS (let's give them something to talk about) Hey. If you type PMs with a big S it looks like PMS. Nice. By the way to all newbies---Nocs is hot but Jazzy won't let you touch. I had to get a special pass for that. :) He also happens to be insightful and one of those smart and hot dudes---thus is why you need the special pass.

ps....because I was too lazy to find the remote watched on accident 35 min of some horrible movie that was a sequel to Lost Boys. I cannot believe Corey Feldman was in that. Horrid. And the lead vamp was named Sutherland----Angus Sutherland. Nice name.
Im glad you like his PMS, so if its THAT time of the month, i can just let him pm you? Good to know..
Funny, i dont remember giving out special passes...or any passes at all. *frowns*
But if i would have some, i guess i would give you one...just because you always make me my book, thats worth something.
Could you please stop telling the newbies hes hot and steamy? Because if you dont i feel obliged to tell them about his less hot and nerdlike behaviour, and hubs wont like that. He thinks i do it to tease him, cause he doesnt understand i want to keep him all for myself. As if its not enough he works with a lot of woman, who all are way to interested in him, and i still remember the groupies he had when i met him. *shakes head* He's a nerd, a nerd i tell you! *mumbles* hope that helps...

omg, sid is soooooo going to reply to that stuff about LOst Boys. *hides in anticipation*

@wingtear congrats congrats congrats on the pup (again) :)

@all the newbies:
jasmine, married to nocty, 27, 3 cats, weird, pvc, leather, lace, velvet, satin, peacockfeathers and from the netherlands. That about says it all.
*sighs* i really should make a standard doc about myself for the newbies, im running out of ideas/info.

ok, so..can anybody explain me simply how you convert the degrees to degrees celsius. Yes, i should probably google it, but im to lazy, so just tell me already. it drives me NUTTS.

About the sookie books, how good are they? do i need to buy those?

@lieze, i bought my books at the american book centre in amsterdam(around the corner form my work), they had almost all the books, and right acroos from them theirs waterstone or something, they also have a lot of the series.
ABC also order any book you want for you, like i did 6 days ago fro a friend: they called today that its arrived.(they can also send it to you)

So i came home today, and my red leather corset already arrived! Okay, its not the best quality but what do you expect for 25 dollars(excl shipping)!, its ffing awesome and i LOVE it.
Only need to cut part of the string at the back, to lace it at the front, for some reason they didnt do that.
So i might wear this for a mord sith costume, but itll probably be worn wayyy before that *grins*

i had some trouble with allergies today. last night my throat went dry and i had to cough a lot, couldnt sleep. This morning i woke up with swollen eyes and they were teary all day. Its so frustrating, feels like theres something in your eyes, but there isnt. Hopefully itll be over tomorrow.

and my fatherinlaw totally burnt a dvdversion of underworld 3 for us, so we dont have to wait for it to get in theatres here(if it does anyway). And he also had the leaked version of wolverine, its supposed to be funny, because you can see strings and such. We'll see tomorrow.

not much more to tell, except my cats hid one of my fluffy slippersthingies and im pissed. I always have cold feet and i miss them already. Cant wait for it to be morning and put my cold feet on the cold floor *grmblz*

anyway, off to bed, im deadtired, dunno why.

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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Post by Dazzled_by_Cullens » Wed May 06, 2009 6:26 pm

Look at me posting two days in a row. *pats herself on the back* Yes I know I am a dork, but you all <3 me so. I really want to buy the sookie books, but sort of low on funds right now, but I heard there are some good deals out there online. I also can just rent True Blood when it comes out, but we shall see. TOday work was blech again. I am sick of having craptastic days at work. Need a new job ANYONE WANT TO HIRE ME!!!! LOL. But yeah. Have a lot of stuff to do and little time to do it in. But I am taking the high road of procrastination today and not doing anything except TV, Books, online and bed. But I did still manage to go to the gym and shower so that counts a little right. LOL.

Sami-I know i know it does feel like ages. *hugs her lovely lexling* Wrote on your wall today too! CUz I missed ya and was thinking about you sweetie. Ohhh I think we shall go with Javier then! That is very sexy I was more going for the funny name but you went for straight up sexy and I like it. Plus Javier sounds like he could get a little dirty if you know what i mean *winks* I really want to watch that movie. Ahhh things keep pilling up on my to read/watch list. It is out of control.

Sid- See Ok there is some conspiracy going around with our computers. Now it is You, Me, Becca and Obbie! WTF is going on with that. It is like a revolution or something. LOL. BUt yeah it is a bummer. I can't go on at work, bc this site and FB are banned. Ohhh the horror, LOL.

Obie- For shizzle my nizzle. WHat up my homegirl! *says all ghetto with her chicago accent while you all just laugh at me* See I am always good for a laugh. SOrry you are back at work, but I hope you are feeling better *HUGS* BTW I miss my bed about 18 hours a day. I never get enough time with it then I go into with-drawl. I do like to spend time in it with the laptop, reading, watching tv and well ya know..... OMG your computer story is priceless. Yeah the first person I talked to was like "Hi my name is Jenny" in thick Indian accent and I was yeah it so isn't. Then I talked to another person who was "hi my name is rashish" and I was yeah it really is, LOL. My computer is Silver ROFLMAO!!! I am dying over here. So how are things at work? Did the ruthincon get hitched yet? My work has been a little ding dong the witch is dead which old witch the wicked witch. I HATE working in the Finance industry right now. Unless that is that I could totally get a job working with you!!! What do you say???? Want Razzle Dazzle to show those biyatches how it is done. hehhe

Becca- Hmmm so my dirty mind was like you guys so didn't "nap" together. Glad femmeputter took the hint.

Janny- This book is about Revh.revhrand/rehvenge which is different bc his is a sympath and all. I know what you mean, now my books are mismatch as all the others are paperback and this is soft cover and I didn't want to wait. BC the library wasn't going to carry it so I sucked it up and got it. It got really good last night and I had a hard time putting it down. They are addicted

BTW can I have the Bell Hale FF link pretty please. You all have been talking about it so much I should give it a whirl.
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Post by CantBreathe » Wed May 06, 2009 8:30 pm

Obie- I don't have HBO either and didn't when I watched True Blood. I'm a sneaky little devil and managed to find all the episodes online... or you could just rent them instead haha I'm so with you on Sam and Eric being hot and Bill not so much. Bill kinda just looks like a creep, but he's kinda cute with Sookie. I just love how it translated onto the show... the whole first season is basically the plotline of the first book with some other stuff added in. I just think the characters on the show are a lot spicier (or something... couldn't think of a better word there :lol:) So that was the first thing I thought when I was reading the first book and I immediately looked to see when it was published and I believe it was 2001 or so, definitely before Twilight. But the similarities are just too much to be coincidental it seems. I'm surprised there hasn't been a lawsuit about it, but I guess there are enough differences just in the vamps to set them apart. I never got past Book 2, but maybe I'll pick them up sometime when I get the chance. I just can't wait to see Book 2 in Season 2, next month!! Oh and I love Lost Boys by the way, and yes, I actually rented that sequel (couldn't help myself) and big surprise, it was god awful!! :lol:

Jasmine- I think Cinco de Mayo is actually Mexico's Independence Day, so I guess it kinda holds the same meaning. Of course, being as it's a Mexican holiday, I think the only reason we celebrate it in the US is as an excuse to get drunk off tequila :lol: Just like Brangelina, I know you two look stunning even on your "normal" days. Now, if you two had ten kids, you'd really be giving them a run for their money ;) You just further proved your hotness by posting that corset pic... that is seriously freaking hot!! I wish I could pull something like that off, but not in a million years :lol: I like the TV series True Blood better than the Sookie books, but I know Holly likes the books better, so I guess it's open for interpretation. The books weren't bad, I just didn't think they were particularly well written and a bit boring. They're on the thin side though and in paperback, so I think you can get them for pretty cheap if you wanted to give them a try. Hope your allergies clear up soon, that's the worst!! *hugs*

Megan- I know what you mean about the To Read/To Watch lists. I have a pile of books sitting here next to my bed, three of which I've started and over 500 movies on my Blockbuster Online queue.... which sounds rather pathetic now that I've written that out. I think going to the gym counts for a lot, actually... way more than I can say for myself :oops: I'm trying to get myself motivated and crap though, sucks I can't afford a gym membership so I'm thinking of giving jogging a try. Here's the link for Bella Hale: Enjoy! *huggles*
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Post by Ally_Cat » Wed May 06, 2009 10:25 pm

Just a quick drop by!

Newbies - I'm Ally, 20, from South Carolina

Ninna- CONGRATS! You'll be a fabulous addition to the mothers of the world :D

True Blood - what are the Sookie Stackhouse books called again. I really want to read them. It seems like everyone I know who has read them has enjoyed them.

Wide Awake - so I finally caught up to the most recent chapter. Can we talk about how there is only 1 chapter and an epilouge left!?!?!?! What in the world, its already ending! I'm going to have complete withdrawls.

Alice in Wonderland pics - my camera's batteries died, so once I get some new ones I'll post the picks :D

Hope everyone has had a good week so far. 2 more days until the weekend (atleast from where I am).
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Post by buffygrl3 » Thu May 07, 2009 1:06 am

about Cody I got a letter from him a few days ago. His shoulder hurts and he feels like a jack @ss. Turns out the whole thing was kinda his fault. I'm very dissappointed with him, as I'm sure a few of you will be. But I'm glad he's okay and it looks like the other two people involved will be okay. I'm going to write him a letter in a few days so if you have anything you'd like to tell him you can PM me and I'll make sure it gets to him.

Nocturnal Lure- I'm so sorry to hear about that. This is the first I've heard of it I've been shying away from the news lately so I'm not even sure if it was mentioned. I hope that those kids, and everyone else who saw or was in it, is or will be okay. I can't imagine what might make a person so angry or miserable that they would attempt something like that in the middle of a crowded place.

HarriannCullen- Hello new best friend! I'm sam, 17, U.S. little young for the gen y thread but my coolness makes up for it... sorta 8-)

MRK- I'm sorry to hear about your brother and the lady thinking she knew him. I went through the same type of thing when my great aunt died. My family started getting letters from people who claimed to be her friends. It was all really annoying and upsetting so I get you on that one. Hope you're feeling better after your rant though.

BellsEdwardalways - my 4th grade teacher got me that book. I loved it, I still think about it sometimes. It's one of those weird-ish ones that just stuck wth me.

jasmine- hmmm... I always go with the nice smelling bath or shower stuff. I don't know how good it'll be while she's pregnant but she could probably use the relaxation when the lil bun is out and cryin' all the time. :D


TillyWhitlock- Hi Tilly, I'm not sure if I've met you. I'm Sam, maybe you popped in on one of my off weeks? Anyway, nice to meet you. :)


As for my own stuff... ummm, I went to the movies the other day and say "Last house on the left" and "Gran Terino" they were soooooo soooo great! I loved them and I gotta get em

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