Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Postby cascsiany » Sun May 10, 2009 12:47 am

Lets try this again, seeing as my post earlier this morning disappeared. Hey guys, long time no see. Things got a little crazy for me. Anyone wanna give me a run down of what I've missed?

Catch you all up on my life. This past semester I worked, slept, went to class, went to my internship and repeat. I finally dropped the internship. I was wearing myself out trying to keep up with everything. I'm still working as a dispatcher for the University Police. This summer all I'm doing is working, so I should be able to get on a bit more.
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Postby Wingtear » Sun May 10, 2009 3:03 am

Hey, Cas, you're not the only one, apparently every post made in 12 hours before a glitch in the server was erased... I think I might have to re-introduce you...
Everyone, Cas was rolling here before we became the lexily... She was there for the original cafe-discussion too.
We rock facebook pretty hard nowadays, so if you're on there, come find us! search groups for "the lexily" and then request to be accepted (it's me and MRK who does the acceptances)

Cat, your post went missing too. I don't think the blockbuster job sounds like something for you, seems very boring... *tries to pretend she's not dying from jealousy* Just kidding, hope you get it! How did the interview go?

Pharmer, your post may be gone, but I can answer your question just the same... I'm an awful procrastinator! I don't know, there is sooo much better things to do than clean the house, like lying on the couch and starring at a TV screen without a clue what's on it... but I need to get a grip soon, I got an official warning from my landlord (mom) yesterday...
And I wonder who's got his mind in the gutter... You know, fot that kind of potty-humor there is a whole thread called "the gutter".... somewhere here in flight to phoenix. you can go there and imply things ;)

Today is a good day!
Happy Mothersday to all you breeders out there (yes, that do include Janny and Obie ;) )
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Postby Tabs » Sun May 10, 2009 10:25 am

Umm, hi guys. Sorry I've been AWOL for a long time now. :) This is just a quick post to say hi, specially to all the newbies. And to say that I haven't been on for a while cause I've just been really struggling with myself and my life the last few weeks/months (can't remember how long it's been!) but I've been keeping up to date on what's been happening. I just haven't been able to get up the necessary impetus to write anything. I promise to be a better lexling from now on!

I can't try to catch up now, but I'll try to get into the swing of things and start joining in. Just want to say for now congrats to Linda and Obie! I'm so happy for you guys. :)

And welcome back Cas and Cat. Seems like we all got the idea to come back at the same time. You know what they say, great minds think alike! (I think the end of that saying is 'and fools seldom differ', but we'll just ignore that bit.)

Oh, and I'll join in the best 5 vampire movies (in no particular order)
1. Interview with the vampire
2. Underworld 1 + 2
3. Blade
4. Blade Trinity (To be honest, I just loved Ryan Reynolds in this movie. So hot. And Jessica Biel. I'm no lesbian, but man! She has some body!)
5. That one, (forget what it was called) where they're filming Nosferatu and they think the guy playing him is feeding on people, or something. Saw this a long time ago.

Nice to be back!
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Postby pharmer4 » Sun May 10, 2009 10:26 am

I think I had a very important contribution to the thread in that post that disappeared, too. Damn.

Some of the things I remember talking about were some Vampire movies NOT to see, including Vampyros Lesbos (a 60s or 70s sexploitation movie) and Vampire in Brooklyn (i think it is called) with Eddie Murphy.

I also mentioned some werewolf movies I like - I believe most of us on this board can be safe in saying we are big fans of vampires and werewolves, and I love zombies too . . .

So, some good werewolf movies are the American Werewolf movies (London is better than Paris, IMO), The Howling, and my favourite of all, Ginger Snaps. I like Ginger Snaps for a similar reason that I like Twilight - it is very much a different take on a well-worn mythos.

Zombies, of course, are always good, but not so on-topic for Twilight I suppose. Dawn/Day/Diary of the dead is cool - i really liked in the remake of Dawn Of The Dead, the zombie band in the opening scene - very very cool. Shaun of the dead is also ace, because it is both zombies and comedy. Great mix.

One of the things that I really liked about the first 2 seasons of Buffy was the way they covered most of the original movie bad guys - obviously vampires, but also werewolves, the creature from the black lagoon, zombies (and zombies, and zombies - the did them alot with Adam and the zombie god mask etc). I also like it because Joss Whedon is a creative genius.

Also to clarify on one of my previous posts that Dazzled replied to - the pharmacist I was making comment about is not my boss, I want to make that clear. I'm her boss, but she is a boss of other staff that answer to me, and the way she acts to them, and orders them about sometimes, is very annoying and bordering on unprofessional.

Lastly, wingtear, what ever do you mean by me implying things? You must have just read things wrong, it's not like me to joke around like that ;) :lol:

Actually, this is lastly - very soon, I won't be a gen-Y by the definition of this thread (I'll still be Generation Y, but not in my 20s). Gonna have to be a rebel and go against that I guess, there's just no other answer.
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Postby jasmine » Sun May 10, 2009 10:55 am

dont worry, nocty hasnt been a 20 something for some time now, and hes here anyway :)

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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Postby DunnerheartsTwilight » Sun May 10, 2009 1:19 pm

hey guys, im from the teen thread and i just wanted to say
Happy Mothers Day
to all the mothers on this thread
(dont worry i wont post here again until i turn twenty)
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Postby Nocturnal Lure » Mon May 11, 2009 8:47 am

@ Pharmer

Dude, a Vampire in Brooklyn? I actually thought it was kinda cool. :D

On werewolves, I actually am dissapointed every time I see a werewolf movie. It seems to always end up too fake ( Cristina Ricci in the Curse, big let down ). One of the better attempts in my opinnion is "a company of wolves". And in it's time American werewolf in London and Howling were pretty awesome, but alas they do not stand the test of time ( I recently saw them again on Zone horror or something ). I think the Lycans in Underworld are okay and I kinda liked Blood and Chocolate. I have only seen one part of Ginger snapps and am going to watch em all, they seem worth the effort.

Zombies, so much junk out there, so very few good Zombie movies. Return of the living dead was one of my first and I followed through on the series and they actually came up with some nice touches, the female Zombie in part 3 making me feel weird about Zombies alltogether. :oops: . Romero's the Dead series is brilliant though I don't really like the new "Dawn" and "Land" they break with Zombie "rules" I feel, making them faster and intelligent and changing some important plotlines in "Dawn". Diary of the dead was a great comeback in my honest opinion, one of the best Zombie movies as far as I'm concerned. I also really love the Resident Evil movies. Shaun was just sheer bloody brilliance.

Buffy has had some fantastic episodes and only the "Adam" storyline made me miss it a few times. I also loved the first half (or so) season of Angel, but I quickly lost interest after Doyle died, it lost it subtlety. Calling anything with a mask "demon" was too easy, like you mentioned Buffy had a good thing going when they stuck to classic monsters.

As you may have gathered I am a sucker for the classic monsters, werewolves, Vampires, Mummies, Zombies and the like. It's just there are so very few good movies out there. For those who know what I mean, I am really into the Fantasy side of undead, Vampire the Masquerade*, Ravenloft and other universes are so inspiring, it's a shame that few have bothered to explore them for movies.

You will all have to miss Jasmine today (or at least for a few hours) we have a small internet mallfunction... it doesn't actually function, at home.

Love, Nocturnal Lure

May the moon light your path.

* If you get the chance to play the PC game of Vampire the Masquerade, do so. A brilliant RPG with an awesome storyline. Buggy but worth it.
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Postby obieewok » Mon May 11, 2009 9:16 am

Happy Monday morning (or night if you are Honeythestripper) to all yall!

Ok--right off the bat----werewolves in movies=greatness. I'm a HUGE JACOB fan. Huge. No, I don't think him and Bella should have ended up together, but you got to admit he's so friggin adorable. I discuss with Becs all the time my disdain for fanfics that have Jake as a tool. A bunch of people make him a murderer, a crack addict etc lol. I guess you either really love him or really hate him. Fact is he was the boy that put the mess back together again and should be given props. Anyways, how can we mention werewolves without bringing up the best movie of THEM ALL???? SILVER-FREAKING-BULLET THAT'S WHAT. Corey Haim at his freaking best not to mention a seldom sober Gary Busey. That movie rocked and I watched it thousands of times as a kid. I'll give you the Howling but I really haven't seen any others that did anything for me. The Curse is always on Sci Fi so that should tell you everything you need to know---if it's on Sci Fi it's either straight to DVD or just utter crap anyways. They were lucky they got that kid from Dawson's Creek (isn't his last name Jackson or something?) because he was hot. Zombie movies: My alltime favorite is Shaun of the Dead. Simon Pegg is so freaking funny and it captures all the crazy zombie movie sterotypes perfectly. The remake of Dawn of the Dead was also awesome and the first five minutes have you sure to be biting your nails the entire time. Plus it takes place in a mall---what's not to love?

On Saturday we saw Star Trek and I cannot begin to heap enough praise on this movie. I am not a Star Trek fan at all---in fact I kept asking hubs where Data, Number 1 and Jordy were and he told me to shut it after I didn't see the Picard dude from X men anywhere. I get confused! I can't remember who is on what Star Trek show! I love Data and hotness that calls himself Number 1! Anyways, the dude who plays Kirk is good---he's hot and a great actor and captured the Kirk arrogance (from what little I've seen of the original). I also liked the Spock guy and he was believeable. I give major kudos to Simon Pegg for Scotty and my favorite of the movie: The guy playing Mccoy NAILED IT. I know this character because he's the one I remember from the original---the dude even nailed his mannerisms and dialect.

Previews I saw while at the IMAX Star Trek showing:

Transformers 2---Eh. I can't say I was all that diggin on the first one. Yes, I have a slight crush (slight I say) on Shia Lebouf but the overall feel of the second movie is eh.

G.I Joe----you know you've jumped the shark in my opinion when you get a wayans brother in the cast. I don't like the look of the movie at all and I would not have known what the freaking thing was unless they told me at the end. It's got the yummy Tatum Channing dude from fighting but I still won't go see it. I see bomb written on it.

Disney's Up---God, I am not a breeder! Shanna can take her kids to see these movies but I have no patience for them at all. I barely sat through Coraline. No, I do not want to see it. I'll buy Lu the movie when it comes out.

Terminator Salvation: God Christian Bale is a potty mouth hotty. I love the fact that he had a twenty minute f you rant. Anyone else find this hot? Yes, I'll see it but only for him. I really have no desire for the plot---I know you have to "forget" that three ever happened for this one to work and I don't like that at all.

I think that was all the previews. Did anyone else have any others to comment on?

No, I won't go see Wolverine---I heard from several peeps that it sucked and I'm not a Hugh Jackman fan at all. I'll rent this when it comes out probably.

Yesterday I got waffles for breakfast made by hubs and Lu (note Lu helped by putting them in the toaster---that is why mine were scorched) and Lu made me art---I guess she's at the age where I have to start fake liking her artwork---which looked to me like stick figures doing it but it was her practicing making circles. I also got a necklace and dinner. I got two pairs of the freaking most awesome khaki pants ever from Old Navy---as I told Halls it's function over fashion and these pants can be worn by me all throughout pregnancy and to work.

Thanks to Halls my newest addiction are those stupid TrueBlood books (still got to watch the show!). I'm going to try to go today and get the next one (the fourth one).

Rant for the day: Country music. Why do they think it's just fine to rhyme words like "World" and "Girl" together. Last time I checked my linguistic books those two words did not rhyme at all. Drives me nuts.

Ok---so how is everyone today and what the freak are you up to? Today is muggy and rainy by the way in Dallas, Texas.

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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Postby SarahGoddard » Mon May 11, 2009 9:37 am

Woo loads to catch up on!

Hey everyone! :D

Might be a bit late now Jasmine, sorry but what about a “day”. You can buy vouchers for like a day at the spa or an adventure course or in London for example tea at the Ritz. I’m not sure if its something they do in the Netherlands but a spa day is generally a nice gift especially for a mum to be.

HUGE congrats to Ninna! Yay! HUGE congrats to Obie! Yay! Such an exciting time in the Lex!!!!

Becca and Kes – HOW do I get my Facebook on pirate setting? That’s SO cool!

Kes I love Bill Bailey! “The spiders are not insects…but in a war they will side with the insects…Spider traitors!....Human slaves….in an insect nation. Ahhh ahhh ahhhh” hehe! Love it!

Pharmer I have the exact opposite problem RE: bosses/work collegeus in general. I never went to uni so I’ve always been the baby in my work team. (I could’ve gone it just didn’t appeal to me – my teachers were p*ssed!) To be honest no one ever realises how young I am but when they find out you just see attitudes change…its really frustrating not having your opinions respected because of your age because sometimes I do actually know what the frick I’m talking about. Anyways mini rant over – apologies. Its cool to know you’re a good boss. They’re rare in the world so don’t lose it!

Megan I cant wait to see Wolverine and Star Trek too! Why do all the good films come out at once?

Hi Amanda, Jen and Cas! I’m Sarah, 22 from London. Bit mad and random, tend to go off on tangents. I like purple and eeyore!

Sid I love this list “I am… thing”! Can I play?

I am:

5’4” (ish)
a little bit random
currently saying “Yes” to life as much as I can without being too crazy about it!
Wearing purple
Sitting at my desk at work which has so much “stuff” on it its unreal
Wishing good things for my friends who are having a hard time
Loving her Lexlings and wishing I hadn’t been awol for a week
Continuing to slip into 3rd person
Eating olives
Gutted that I didn’t kiss the amazingly hot guy (so hot he made me want to cry!)at the club on Friday night before he kissed some skanky girl when I went to the loo for 2 minutes
Going to stop this list before it becomes less of a list and more of another random tangent

Obie – a sequel to Lost Boys? Sutherland? As in Kiefer? As in David? Are they serious? Oh dear….

Becca! How are you feeling now? Are you still ill? That’s so rubbish if you are? Has the computer stopped having a mood? Could I ask anymore questions in one sentence?

Sam, I’m relieved everyone else in the car was ok. Tell Cody “tut tut tut” from us.

Bells – Stardust RULES! That is all :D

How could I forget from Dusk till Dawn Ally – love that film! Hang on – back up – they were supposed to be VAMPIRES in I am Legend? Are you freeking kiddin me? Other than the only come out at night thing I would never have known that? Oh dear….

“My final remark is this: Why is it impossible to find a kind, intelligent, sweet, cute guy? Because they already have boyfriends”. – Amen sister! :lol:

Mothers day? Mothers day in the UK was in March. Is it different in the rest of the world? Huh?! :? :shock: :?

CAT! TABS! Yay! Welcome back! *Bear hugs!*

Yay werewolf films! American Werewolf in London is one of the best films ever made. I watched it in the same night as The Exorcist when I was about 14 and American Werewolf scared me more. I tell ya' old tube stations at night still freak the hell outa me! :o Ginger snaps – also love it.

Excellent yet weird film I recommend – the company of wolves. Very odd but cool.

Ok this is a mega long catch up post so I wont go all egotistical and give you an update spesh as I chucked in some random stuff in my replies. However I will say this on the whole vampire/werewolf coolness…

If you havnt already beg, borrow, steal, youtube, download anything to watch the BBC series Being Human. It. Is. AMAZING!

Love to all my lexlings. I see you soon! :mrgreen: xxx

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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Postby jasmine » Mon May 11, 2009 9:54 am

Im back, the cats ruined the coaxcable so i had to buy a new one. And ofcourse, while i was out anyway, do some groceryshopping, and go to get all our medicines.

about terminator, who cares what the movies about?its with christian bale *drewls and stares blankly* what was i saying again? I havent seen terminator 3, so i guess im good, hahahah.

@sarahg, well she goes to the sauna when she feels like it, so its not really original. Hope nobody -erv- thinks it would be a great gift to send -me- to a spa, because i would hate it. hahaha
And yes, mothersday around the world is on other days. I know yours is earlier, because at Lush we always have to order the mothersdaysgifts early, because you make sell them in march instead of may.(our products come from the UK).
Fathersday is on 21st of june this yr here, but in belgoujm its like the 14th or something.

Anyway, not much to say. I was home all alone yesterday, no mothersday for me. Not that i really care, but -was- my first one as an official stepmom and nobody cared. (well except for you guys :) , thanx btw)

and ARGH why are things always on sale when i have no money? The newest lip service gangsta pranksta dress is on sale for 52 instead of 70 euros. *sighs*

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