Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Postby MRK » Tue Sep 15, 2009 11:07 pm

AHHHHH!!!!!!!!! MCMEG is coming to stay with me for sorta 3 days for the NEW MOON MIDNIGHT SHOWING!!!

Seriously I don't think I'd be this fangirl if Charlie showed up at the showing! Yay for Megs!!
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Postby animegaijingirl » Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:18 am

Paula paula paula, over heeere, talk to meeeee ;) lol just kidding girlie, think I owe you a big letter when it's my turn to pass things your way :) get caught back up with you (really, I'm just jealous and ignoring you cuz you live in a land where guarana is readily available when my supply's been cut off :lol: )

Misty, not jealous, nuh uh, not at all! *fake not jealous face* which means, you two better have a blast without me! and then tell us all about it! 8-)

Ally, sounds like your Bella moment turned out OK! Tell us about the rest soon! Would be great if they become really big then you can have your "I knew them when" moment lol

As for me, the "t" key on my keyboard is driving me nuts, it takes 2 or 3 goes to work sometimes, and perfectly the first time others, drives my proofreading brain insane to always be checking it worked instead of "i akes 2 or 3 goes o work someimes" haha. Also doesn't help login processes when your email's with hotmail! though homail takes on a whole new meaning considering some of the smutty spam offers out there haha
I'm going to stop talking now, lack of sleep = never a good idea for me to post!
Night/morning all :mrgreen:

ps. Honey, did you get your account here working again? Can you post yet? Answer on FB if the answer's no!

Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Postby CappuGirl » Wed Sep 16, 2009 4:49 am

@Cappu - That was exactly how it happened! The wolf came and tried to pee on me, I kicked him in the nuts and we have been together ever since! :lol:

:lol: Very cute!

I had some very weird dreams last night. I woke up 5am with a snap because the dream made me somewhat anxious. I was at some semiformal party taking food from a table. Suddenly some older man from the other side of the table croped my tits and really glinged on them so his crasp didn't let go and really started to hurt. Everyone else just stared and did nothing. I said "Mind my space, PLEASE" and tried to get further away but couldn't. he just glinged there and grined like a drooling idiot. I started beating on his hands and when I got really angry at him (and at everyone else for not doing anything) I suddenly got an adrenaline rush and croped his arm, threw him to my side of the table like ragdoll and on the floor on his belly while holding his hand back. And say again "Mind my space, please". :lol: I woke up with my boobs hurting. Three thinsg are certain: 1. I watch WAY too much TV, action in particular. 2. I should buy new bras and shirts, bigger, because the damn boobies have grown again and I'm painfully aware that men stare at me.. 3. I have to stop sleeping on my belly.

Just before that dream I had some weird dream that me, my younger son and my daughter were in some competition. It was some weekend thing we were invited to. when we got there and had to start practising, we were told that we're supposed to run 1,3km each. I was just wondering "jeez, I dunno if my knees can do it. I've never even tried running a whole kilometer because my knees have this thing they start doing when I strain them too much" (which is a true thing). I wasn't at all wondering if my son could do it even though he looked like the 2,5yo he is now. :lol: I was thinking of my kids like they were grown ups.

Then this morning when I was trying to nap, I dreamed that one friend of mine faked his own death and I was in on it. I was helping him with some stuff. Helping every stranger with what ever they gave me to handle. he dyed his hair to look younger or some crap but he still looked very much the same. yet he walked among people and nobody recognized him. It was really weird. Didn't make any sense. In the end I was running after him and then I woke up just as I was about to catch him.

So that's what happens when i have a bit of a restless evening and finally get to sleep... Kas was keeping me up again...
Other than that I've had a nice couple of days. The cold is getting a bit better. The little fight I had with JT the other night didn't renew itself. He actually did do a compromise not just faked like he did. he's been very cute. Even the boys have been a bit easier few days. Or i'm just finally getting on the same wavelenght with them. Really hard to know what they're thinking. I guess some astrology-person would say "of course you don't understand how your kids' minds work. You're an Aquarius, your kids are two Sagittarius and a Capricorn" In which point i'd say "hey, my hubby is a Capricorn too" and then that person would say "No wonder you've got issues and fights about the same things all the time.. yadayadayada.. you should have taken a Gemini!" :lol: Okay, my mind is wondering all over the place now. This is such a mememe-post i'm embarressed but surely half of you will jump past this anyways.

Have a nice humpday everyone!
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Postby obieewok » Wed Sep 16, 2009 9:31 am

Hiya crazy kids!

All is well in Obieland. For now.

Hubs car should be fixed today, which is cool, because riding with the BFF in his car that smells of fart isn't cool.

Doctor is threatning hospital stay if I don't stop stressing and gain some weight. For the first time EVER, people want my fat self to gain weight, and unfortunately, it's not happening. I eat and eat but no weight. I'm sure it's going to catch up with me soon. Yuck.

Ally---babes, I told you not to worry! Whenever you get a sec mail them out. Not a biggie. Just let me know beforehand, that way I can keep the vulture children from next door from my vampy smut books. PS---SAM MERLOTTE is the hottest thing in jeans----as that chick said in the season finale, "I'd wear him like a scrunchy." I'm not sure how that works, but I wanna try.

I took a detour this morning and went to my very first Dunkin Donuts. Gasp you say! I know---I've never EVER been to one before. I don't drink coffee, not a huge fan of sweets, so duh! Plus, i'm a krispy creme girl. Anyways, I got something called an eggwhite veggie flatbread sammich. It's not bad, but not good. It's eh. But while you all condemn me for this blahness, I cancelled out my healthy sammich by getting a bavarian creme donut lol. So there. I'm about to try that.

BFF Shanna is getting tickets today for our midnight showing of New Moon! Yeah baby!

Speaking of BFF Shanna, we had a WTF moment yesterday, because we were discussing the new Dan Brown book.

Obs: I'm just not a huge fan of Dan Brown, so I probably won't read it. It's about Freemasons.

Shanna: (pregnant pause and I should have known then) Freemasons? What's so great about those dudes? Sure, they are in parades and wear the little hats and drive the little cars, but I don't think you could fill a book about it.

Obs: Yeah Shanna. Dan Brown wrote a book about your drunk Uncle Lou and his lodge buddies. Those are Shriners you tard.

Shanna: Oh. OHHHHHH.


SIDENOTE TO MY SIDENOTES: I had to watch Wolverine with hubs last night. Um, how come that Ragin Cajun dude had NO accent? That dude is hawt and all, but I wanted some cajun-ness. Who the freak is that dude, anyways? Oh----and new crush----this dude on some show called Criminal Minds which I don't watch, but Jackson Rathbone was on it not too long ago, and this other dude on the show looks like him. Matthew Gray Gubler---hawt. Check him out Jack fans.

I hope everyone is getting through the week ok.

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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Postby Dazzled_by_Cullens » Wed Sep 16, 2009 11:55 am

OK first off I will come back later and make a proper post. I am sorry for being so absent lately, but have been superbusy.

But coming her to say. WOOOHOOO! Going to go see Misty and I see she already told you all and beat me to it!! LOL. But yeah SUPER EXCITED ABOUT IT! Took me a while to get the time approved from work, but so glad I did. YAY!!! ROAD TRIP TO MISTY's! CANT WAIT!!!! Now who wants to come with??? LOL :)

PS Misty the banner you lent me won't load...stupid site =(
I left my heart on the Gen Y thread...I my LEXILY
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Postby therealmrswhitlock » Wed Sep 16, 2009 1:00 pm

First of all--

Obie-- Yaaaay!!! Now Kimmy and I aren't the only Gube fans on here!!! Funny thing--did you know he was in "The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou"? He was Intern #1. I only know it because way back then (2005) I had a subscription to a teen mag called YM, and he was in there 50 Hottest Guys Issue. I never threw it away, it got lost in storage, and I found it the other day while moving my stuff out of a rental unit. I squealed when I saw his pic. Randomness over.

Wolverine---That guy's name is Taylor Kitsch. He's Canadian. Watch "The Covenant". Super hawt shirtless. Seriously.

Last night I dreamed about fleas. Big fat ones. Everywhere. Ewww.

That's especially weird considering I fell asleep watching Twilight last night. AGAIN.

Okay, maybe randomness is not over. Oh well, that's me.

Watched the NM trailer AGAIN. Screamed AGAIN.

That is all for me. Monday me starts me new job. Wish me luck lexlings!! Later!!
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Postby Dazzled_by_Cullens » Thu Sep 17, 2009 8:49 am

What up my peps! Sorry I haven’t been writing lately, have been stalking/reading. But have been super busy these past weeks and now I am in a tizzy with the big move coming up shortly! EEEkkk. This work week has been all over the place. Our computer systems crashed globally causing so many problems. So of course our management isn’t too thrilled right now. So I am just trying to keep my nose in my own business and do the best I can right now.

Going to a major league baseball game on Friday. IT is the Chicago White Sox Half way to St. Patrick’s day game. Basically the White Sox are on the South side of the city which used to consist of mostly Irish Families (this goes way back ) anyway so the Sox have a big game where everyone gets a free Green Sox hat (the sox normal colors are black and white) and they have a bunch of other giveaways too. So it should be great and it is supposed to be in the 80s outside BEAUTIFUL!! I could use a little break from things right now.

So I caught the 1st episode of VAMPIRE DIARES and have to say didn’t hate it but didn’t love it. Don’t know why people are trying to compare it to Twilight etc. I mean I know twilight is really hot right now, obviously cuz what site are we on, LMAO. But Vampire have gone in and out of being popular for a while. Plus this series is based off a book written in the early 90s. I think someone said it already here, but looks like to me Twilight could have ripped some of its’ ideas from these books too, just like TB. I am trying not to compare any of the shows/films/books to one another and leave each as its’ own. I think I will check out a few more episodes before I make up my mind. Plus it is on Thursday and well Thurs TV is the best day for TV here in the states IMO. There is already a lot of good stuff on that night. Sorry for the lengthy weirdish rant here.

Bex-homail!!! HAHAHA LOVE IT!!! Hmmm please send me some homail later. My keyboard does the same with the 3 key? Didn’t think I used 3 that much but guess I do.But it doesn’t have anything cool like your lack of “T”

Obs-WHAT NO DUNKIN DONUTS!!! Wow that is crazy, even if you don’t like coffee hello DONUTS!!! Not that I am a huge donut fan now, but still every now and again. A donut with chocolate and sprinkles HELLO!! Lets us know when you get Misty’s painting! I want to see it!!! =)

Also, yep am one of those working pay check to pay check too, And lately things have been super tight too  Wish it wasn’t that way, but it is what it is. I now I work hard and have many things and I am grateful for what I have so don’t get me wrong. But it would be nice to be able to travel or buy things without having to calculate in my head how much money I have and if I can afford it. Not even anything extravagant either.

Janny- I hope you are feeling better sweetie :( it sux not feeling well. I am going to the dr next Monday. Been having horrible Migraines and dizziness plus feeling so lethargic lately. So maybe I will get some answers and no people I am not pregnant either, LMAO!! Hahaha

Misty-banner still not working :( not sure why, but don’t worry about it. 63 days till I see you…..but who is counting, LOL.
Peace out for now my lovelies!!! MWUAH

Peace out for now my lovelies!!! MWUAH
I left my heart on the Gen Y thread...I my LEXILY
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Postby pharmer4 » Thu Sep 17, 2009 9:08 am

obieewok wrote:My arm hurts just LOOKING at Pharmer's pics dudes. I may be a total Tattward fan (READ CLIPPED WINGS AND INKED ARMOR PEOPLE---ME AND BECCA ARE, AND WE ARE TOTALLY COOL) but I don't know if I could do any of the things Bells is doing in the fanfic. She's getting a full back tattoo---FULL FREAKING BACK----and she gets some areas pierced that make me want to faint. Questions for ladies with er, "hood" peircings (what the freak do you call the lower body pleasure button piercing anyways? Is there a PC term?) does it make doing stuff like a ton better? I'm curious, but I doubt I would EVER be able to
pierce me there. The main reason being embarrassment. Yes, I know that tattoo/piercers see a ton of crap (the dude who gave me my tat told me a dude once came in to have a Dallas Cowboys NFL Star put OVER his butthole. HIS BUTTHOLE. Can you deny service or something?) but I would feel totally awful if they had to see my hot mess. But thanks to the peeps who provided pics of viperbites. I find it totally hot that Eddie from the fic has those and something called an aprayvada (I butchered that----I believe technical term is a thingy in his thingy lol--Pharmer can enlighten us all, I'm sure), so apparently I have a big thing for an inked all holey Ed. Becca---I feel the same way. It's the fanfic that I chant "nookie nookie nookie" to and pray for updates.

And yeah, I agree---My review of last night's CW sure-to-be-a-hit-with-chicks-who-are-obsessed-with-eddie-cullen THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Twilight 2.0. It has a TON of similarities, which I was shouting out while watching it. If you dig Twilight THE MOVIE, then you'll dig this show more than likely. I didn't care for the movie, so it makes sense I didn't care for the show, but will probably watch just to eye hump the Walmart Eddie lookalike. (biggest flaw: Stephan, the eddie, looks 34. Just sayin.) Vampire falls in love with girl at first sight (backstory there, but not altogether sure yet of it) and she's broken a bit, he's broken a bit, he feeds off animals, hates what he is, enrolls in public high school (what is with vamps wanting to go back to hs?) has super human speed, strength, hearing, yadda yadda. The only venture away from twilight vamps (besides no sparkles---he can be out in sun) is that you have to invite him in, ala Trueblood vamps. So go watch it if you haven't and tell me what you think. I guess this show is based off some books, so maybe if I would've read those I'd appreciate this show more, but seriously---this show isn't much different from Twilight, at least so far. But it's vamps---so of course there is going to be a lot of repetitiveness, I just didn't expect so much (they even have a psychic too!) And you are right Paulinha---their Bells is way cuter.

Pharmer---how long did the forearm tat take? Ouch. Although, I guess after a certain point you get used to the pain. I've only had the one tat and one piercing when I was much younger (that was not a pleasant experience) so I don't know a ton about it, but from reading and friends I gather that a lot of my friends find getting extensive tats very VERY thrilling. Shanna has a big one on her leg and she says that once you get back the initial shock of it, it is almost relaxing and cathartic. I'll take her word for it until I get the balls to do something big. I just know the last time I went she got a freaking four hour thing done and I hurt more than she did. Ugh.

I'm off. Everyone keep rocking (and pharmer---we all want to see some full body pics---are you Tattward?)


OK, been away for a bit,m so got a few things to reply/comment on.

Obs, just so you know, there is a difference between a "hood" piercing, and going the whole hog, so to speak. most girls can only have a hood piercing, because there is not enough real estate for the full-version of that piercing.

Ironically, one of the "full" versions of that piercing is called the Isabella . . . I kid you not.

why get them? well, i think in most cases if you can't answer that question, then it should never ever ever be considered. Just like tattoos or ear piercings, if it doesn't mean something important to you, then it's not something that should be done. There is reports of it enhancing sexual experiences, but IMO, if your doing everything right, it shouldn't be able to be enhanced any further anyway . . . .

apradravya piercing is through the let's keep this PG shall we? head (the glans). Imagine if it were like a finger, the piercing would go through the finger nail to your fingerprint. If you have seen the movie The Sweetest Thing with Selma Blair, Christina Applegate & Cameron Diaz, this is the type of piercing that gets caught in Selma's thought (not likely to happen in reality though . . .).

Vampire Diaries - It's not screened here, we have endless ads for it. I'm gonna watch it, not expecting it to be groundbreaking. It will be what it will be. I believe, though, that the books were written long before Twilight and Sookie etc.

jasmine wrote:@pharmer nice sleeve, i especially like the lowest part. Great detail and very nice lines.

Yar, the bottom half is fully shaded, the top half is only outline, no shading, and the inner length has nothing done at all. So the koi fish (lower arm) just needs colour, the koi dragon (upper arm) needs shading and colour, and the un-done section needs outline, shading, and colour. About 4-5 sessions left.

For the record, I beleive Obs asked how long - the upper arm took about 3 hours to do, with stencilling time extra. The lower half took 5 hours, and was done completely free-hand - if you have seen or experienced tattooing, you know that is pretty impressive and come out looking that good.

jasmine wrote:so, i went to the doc on friday and ugh, i dont get them at all. now my bloodpressure went to the roof, d0h, i dont like being at the doc it makes me nervous. but he just laughed it off and said my bloodpressure wasnt to high and i shouldnt worry about it.
say WHAT? So, they made me panic for over a yr about my bloodpressure, making me buy an expensive bloodpressuremeter, visit the doc, test my blood, because my bloodpressure ISNT to high? i mean, what the ffing crap?? last yr they even asked me if i wanted the medication and now all of a sudden its just okay?
UGH. im not sure what to do with this, so ill just keep myself updated, because it IS in my genes and i DO need to be carefull about it (what????).
anyway, im still sick, and in a very weird way. sid has been home for 2 weeks with stomachflu. he went to work after one week but got send home again rightaway. ive been home for a week now and im not sure what it is. not stomachflu, because well, it hurts once in a while but not enough. now, mostly, my head is just...fuzzy. i get the sweats now and then to shiver in the next minute. though sid things i dont have a fever (anymore). and i get really emotional about stuff, oh joyy.
i still have a headache,(which was why i went to the doc, because i onkly had a headache for so long and then it was wayyy high), and i cant seem to do anything.
its almost like im not really sick, unless i want to move. i tried to do some laundry and i started sweating like crazxy and i started to get ..i dunnoo.not dizzy, but something like it.
So im staying at home tomorrow aswell, just to make sure. dont wasnt to make everyone at work and in the train sick aswell.

But it also means im at home..and sid is at his parents all weekend, and im having sooooooooo much fun watching tv. ugh. its just re-rungs over and over.
why do you guys get all the kewl stuf?? we dont have vampire diaries, and true blood has just started(i already saw season one) i did see nurse jackie and i think i liked it a lot. im not sure though with my head this way.
and im bummed, because reading is the one thing that lightens the headache, and i dont have much to read. anita blake is in a bookstore in amsterdam, and dresden is at a friends house (whos sick aswell).

kay, my head is empty again, probably time to sleep some more..or something

The Bloodpressure thing - OK, first, it can change over time, and I would say they are not worried because of your age. Blood pressure takes decades to cause damage, and it can be reversed, while having your pressure dropped too low by medication can cause you to have a stroke or even die, so they play it on the side of not medicating for younger people.

For instance, I've had high blood pressure since 17, but never taken anything for it. This year, though, I will.

therealmrswhitlock wrote:Well, first of all, OMJ SO TOTALLY WATCHING VMAS TONIGHT!!!!!! Taylor looks like he did a good job of developing Jacob more than just physically.

Now, with the fangirl screaming out of my system, I'm ready to speak coherently.

Pharmer, I have a dream for you. A few days ago I had a dream about my old High School crush. I haven't seen him since the last HS football game I attended in 2004. I've never dreamed of him before, even when I thought I was in love with him, but that night I dreamed we met at our ten year reunion and we hit it off right away. This is the only guy I could ever describe as "so beautiful it almost hurts to look at him" the way Bella describes Edward (sorry Jackson, lol). I literally could not look him in the eye. It was physically impossible. But, in my dream, I was able to talk to him and laugh and smile without any hint of shyness. I wasn't even thinking about him at all, and he randomly popped in to say hello to my dream self. And everyone else in the dream (i.e. my friends (the nerds) and his friends (the "A" crowd)) were completely okay with it and not weirded out at all. And we all smiled and went on our merry way.
And the crazy thing is, I know he used to have a facebook or myspace or something, because we had a mutual friend on there, but all of a sudden it's like he dropped off the face of the earth. I couldn't even find him by googling him. Seriously. He has completely disappeared, at least from cyberspace. I even tried searching by his nickname (on the social networking sites). I'm going nuts trying to figure out why my brain picked HIM when I'd actually been thinking about Jackson that day, lol. Have fun with that.

Later lexlings!

You could read a few things into this, but this kind of encounter in a dream usually has nothing to do with the person you are dreaming of, and more likely the feelings you had surrounding them (mainly the intimidation and shyness - and by intimidation, i don't mean he was being malicious)

I'm wondering if you've come to accept something about yourself recently that you've always not liked or had negative feelings about? Another explanation is that you've subconsciously come across him again (maybe you saw something that reminded you of that football match), and that's why he came up, and since you've gotten older/matured all that jazz, you are more able to deal with him, at least in dreams
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Postby obieewok » Thu Sep 17, 2009 10:07 am

So we all know Pharmer is a tattoo God, but does he do piercings as well? What's the weirdest tat/piercing you've done?

Freaking A----There's more than one type of down there piercing? I need to get out more. I can sort of picture the "hood" piercing, but when you say the full on shebang, I'm lost. Where else would you pierce? Although (since most of us smutty fanfic girls are reading it) in Clipped Wings and Inked Armor our Tatward wants to pierce a lip on Bells---down there. So I suppose you could do that.

I agree with you---if you have to ask why, then you probably shouldn't get it pierced. The fanfic writer is making it seem like by piercing the kitty that it's now a magical place in Narnia, so that everytime it's touched, rainbows shoot out or something. I was just perplexed because I know people who have pierced the nips and they say it's not that much more sensitive. If anything, it makes it less sensitive they say.

Yep I take back all I said about Vampire Diaries being a rip off of Twilight since the books came out way before Twilight did. But the show is soooooo like watching Twilight. I suppose with any Genre you get overlap, but some of it seems way too close for me to enjoy.

We have a bunch of newbies on and I take this time to formally apologize for not intro-ing myself. You know what----it's been a bit, so maybe we should all just take a few seconds and say a bit about us. I don't know what half of you guys do in RL, so this might be nice.

Name: Ters-Terri-Obie-Obs
Year you graced us by being born: 1980
Locale: Dallas, Texas
Slave to da man? : Yes, I am a Financial Analyst for a Bank that ends with "Of America". I hate math, so yeah, perfect.
Spawn?: Yep---A 2.5 terror named Lulu and Alice Rose (guess why) on her way in December.
Doing anyone? : A husband, Hubs, who is a Dallas actor and marionette puppeteer.
Tats/Piercings: One tat, which I totally regret---tramp stamp on lower back of a butterfly---and I had a pierced eyebrow at 17 until it caught on a pillow while sleeping and I ripped it out. Ouch.
Attracted to: Sons of Anarchy-type guys, big dudes who ride motorcycles and have tats and who look mean; also attacted to nerdy bookworms who are smart hot (i.e. That Gube dude on Criminal Minds) and wear glasses; guys in cowboy hats and boots. Ugh---any dude really.
Turn offs : Extreme Christians (your views are yours, not mine, so don't push), discrimination, that jello stuff with things floating in it, cat and dog hair (i don't own pets for this reason), Jon Gosselin lol.
TV Watching: 30 Rock, The Office, Top Chef, Hung, True Blood
Reading: Smutty fanfic, fluffy Jane Green books from time to time, anything Halls recommends
Lex member you want to recommend....maybe Pharmer because he's the one that perplexes me the most. He's like some undercover agent who knows everything. Sort of Doogie-meets-LA Ink. He can interpret your dream, tell you all about the newest diabetic drugs all while piercing your kitty lmao.

Favorite movie of all time: TIE-Urban Cowboy-For Keeps (best Molly Ringwald movie ever)-Labrinyth (david bowie in tights was my first love)

Tag---you are it.
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Postby animegaijingirl » Thu Sep 17, 2009 10:23 am

pharmer4 wrote:Ironically, one of the "full" versions of that piercing is called the Isabella . . . I kid you not.

why get them? well, i think in most cases if you can't answer that question, then it should never ever ever be considered. Just like tattoos or ear piercings, if it doesn't mean something important to you, then it's not something that should be done. There is reports of it enhancing sexual experiences, but IMO, if your doing everything right, it shouldn't be able to be enhanced any further anyway . . . .

Oh my goodness, this cracked me up Pharmer! Valid comments about why to get them me thinks! Thanks for the chuckle.

Megs - I was thinking of signing up the downstairs neighbours for the homail account haha

BTW, my friends and neighbours and I are cracking up that I now live between a prostitute downstairs (well, I could say alleged, but come on people, we ALL know) and (now that he's done with training) a policeman upstairs!! J and I are in the sandwich of lawful and lawlessness hahaha Think we should warn the copper's next door neighbour? He's a DJ but I hear he's started dealing soft drugs on the side to his friends... And no, I live in a decent area and have great neighbours, I'm not in some scummy crack den part of the city lol just normal life happening!
I've been hanging out with my neighbours a lot the last few weeks, C got proper swine flu so I ran some errands of mercy for her (leaving things on the mat, knocking on the door and running away as per her request) and then took her out in the car when she wasn't contagious any more, and then last week C and L (another neighbour) and I went for "lunch" which turned into lunch, icecream in the park for which L went back and got her wee dog, and then "one" drink with L and her friends which turned into the 4 of us and the dog in the back patio of the bar for a good 4 hours with cocktails, followed by back upstairs to L's flat to eat and chat more. So, good friday evening then! And L and I got to know each other much better with the few lunches and coffees we've had, and I've met her bf now (it only took us 6.5 years to hang out *shakes head at self*).

And just to say sorry I've not been about much. Was talking about it to a friend at dinner last night, we've come to the conclusion that I'm not withdrawn like I am when I get really depressed, I'm just having a little trouble with staying on top of communicating if it's not orally (phone, face-to-face) etc. I need the prompting of other people and am having trouble having one sided conversations! So that's why I'm pretty absent from here, emails, FB etc. My brain's just not keeping up!
Though.... if I get a few good nights of sleep that all may change, but that involves a few nights of sleep first! Also we were very preoccupied with J's dissertation getting finished up, I was either in helping with that (why be an editor and not use my skills for my bf!) or out of the house to stay out of his hair!

And OH YEAH!!! Super excited!!! PARAMORE ARE COMING TO TOWN!!! December baby! Am going to go with my neighbour L, her mates, probably J, and anyone else who wants to come along! Getting tix as soon as I know who's coming!

OK, that's my news that I can think of! :mrgreen:


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