Adult thread -- Rob's halfway house

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Re: Adult thread -- Rob's halfway house

Post by DarkMuse » Tue Jun 23, 2009 12:01 am

Sandy - Congrats on going to see Bon Jovi! Woohoo! That should be all kinds of exciting. If you happen to get any pictures, feel free to post. :D

Caryn - Yes! Bed of Roses is one of my favorite songs of theirs. I remember it being played quite frequently when the movie came out. What ever happened to Christian Slater, anyway? Oh right, he was on that show with Taylor Lautner. Lol.

Mandy - Your bf's name is Kyle, yes? Most of the time my remembery is broken. Does he still talk to Robward? I remember you saying he had conversations with him. Hahaha.

Jen - If you do get receive the pics, please post! I wanna see. Lol. I so shoulda had my picture take with him during the Twilight DVD Release party at Hot Topic. I wonder who won him? Hmm. Not me. Sad face. I will watch that video again so I can figure out which pics you're talking about. I most likely have them. Oh and I believe you were asking about these?

Diane - I have seen that video before. Thanks for posting it though!

Ashley - Good luck on spotting the Rob! I reeeeaaaallllly hope you get to! Find out where they are filming and tell your parents (or whoever) to make a pit stop. Lol. Good job with the hiding of the RobCrack. I can't think of anything else that you would need. And I don't even have to access the internet for Twitter. I get updates sent to my phone thru texts and I just reply to the texts and it sends it directly to my Twitter account online. Love it. And I love getting texts when The Brit Pack update theirs. Always makes my day. Too bad our man doesn't have one. Or TomStu. Meh.

This song reminds me of Twide Awake. Haha. Makes me cry everytime I hear it for some reason.
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Re: Adult thread -- Rob's halfway house

Post by diane771 » Tue Jun 23, 2009 12:15 am

I try and find things but you have so many doing it, but I have a lot of things sent to my sites. Also everybody should get on the Sam Bradley band wagon he is just GREAT!!!! he is a friend and posts on my myspace pictures and things and he also sends me things on Face book check it out I have some stuff also in you tube but I like myspace better. I am trying to find this one video that I only saw once and he was great in it but in the mean time I will send more if you want me too. :)

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Re: Adult thread -- Rob's halfway house

Post by GenevieveCullen » Tue Jun 23, 2009 12:36 am

Oooh thanks for the link Kristiner! Hopefully no one already chose this one.

Oh dear :lol:
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Re: Adult thread -- Rob's halfway house

Post by older_twilight_fan » Tue Jun 23, 2009 12:47 am

♥midnight_sun♥ wrote:Kristiner~Thanks for the JD pic. I have seen a couple of pics of him as the mad hatter, but I had yet to see that one. It is indeed weird, but perfect for a TB film.

EDIT: Rob getting arrested...*sigh* If only we could see the handcuffs. 8-) :twisted: ;)

Another pic of the arrest.

Okay, its really for Remember Me, so Rob didn't actually get arrested...his character did.
Ashley, thanks for the set pictures from Remember Me of Rob being arrested. Oh dear lord...those are pretty hot! I'd happily volunteer to strip search him if necessary. 8-)

Hope you have a safe trip and I know how it's tough to be away from the Lex for awhile. I almost had withdrawals when we were out of town for a week. I love that you've packed all your Robcrack and Twilight listening paraphernalia before clothes, toilietries, and such. You've obviously thought of the most essential items first. :D

I'm pretty sure we've already seen this pic, I just don't know if we saw it so big. ;)
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