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Re: Adult thread -- Rob's halfway house

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2009 5:47 pm
by ringswraith
Jadey wrote:The most awesomeist handporn picture I has ever seened! Looks like hes bout to take off into ze sky
/peering at this photo

Stain @ nipple o'clock.

I don't think they're double-jointed- I think he's just over-extending them (hyper-extending? I think that's the term...).

So how is everyone this weekend? I'm being a lazy, lazy bum. That does laundry. :lol:

Re: Adult thread -- Rob's halfway house

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2009 6:04 pm
by newtonscricket
Tracy, you're right, that is the best shirt for Rob.

This weekend my husband was away, so mostly I was A) being lazy, B)looking at pictures of Robert Pattinson.

Off to clear browser history

Re: Adult thread -- Rob's halfway house

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2009 6:25 pm
by GenevieveCullen
ringswraith wrote:
Jadey wrote:The most awesomeist handporn picture I has ever seened! Looks like hes bout to take off into ze sky
/peering at this photo

Stain @ nipple o'clock.
:lol: *dies*
Good eye my friend, good eye...

My weekend has been pretty unproductive. Gave my dad his Father's Day present (a new watch band). I had to sneak into his room to measure the watch and he caught me. I lied and told him he was dreaming. Poor man thought he was losing his mind :lol:

Other than that I've been watching Gossip Girl :oops:

As for dirt in nails, he looks a little drunk. Fell on the ground, I reckon.

Re: Adult thread -- Rob's halfway house

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2009 9:42 pm
by t_feva
quick question, does rob have a twitter? i thought awhile back someone said he did.

Re: Adult thread -- Rob's halfway house

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2009 9:44 pm
by GenevieveCullen
t_feva wrote:quick question, does rob have a twitter? i thought awhile back someone said he did.
Nope, sorry love, Rob's got nuttin. The Lex main site has a list of official.

Re: Adult thread -- Rob's halfway house

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2009 9:49 pm
by t_feva

Re: Adult thread -- Rob's halfway house

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2009 10:40 pm
by JulieM
Well, this is my last post for a week. :-( First, thank you Julie for the new avi. I love it.

I love your caption to go with the dirty fingernail picture. Hilarious!

Pammy-I love that song you are singing. And I'm sorry, but I haven't heard or Elephant Jeans or Earth Shoes. I'm sure they were very, "hip." :-)
Dovrebanen wrote:JulieM - I agree on the Twilight commentary. It's really worth to see, and for me it's a change from just seeing the movie. I'm one of those people who can't stand to listen to CH so I try to tune her out...
And enjoy your trip!
Trine-Thanks! I love listening to Rob laugh. And you really get to see another side of Rob and Kristen that an interview doesn't allow. They seem like really fun people.

I was laughing at your fingernail comment.

Jen-Thanks! I will be going to the beautiful Rainy Lake in Ontario. My family has a cabin on an island. It's very relaxing and just beautiful.
edward4ever wrote:And the scene in Biology, when he comes back after running away that first day. Edward asks Bella if she likes the rain and she says she doesn't like cold, wet things...Rob says the little laugh he does in the scene is supposed to mean something and CH and KS don't get it and he feels stupid like it didn't come across right....I totally got what it was supposed to mean...She doesn't like cold things, soooo he's screwed cuz....he's cold. He was taking that from MS, I thought it was great of him to notice something as small as that. He's Awesome! 8-)

Oh! And I've noticed that he really likes to talk about himself! He notices how his hair looks, or his sideburns, that he's got a "nubbin" on his chin :lol: or that he looks like an Anime' character....he's so adorable... ;) [/color]
Pammy-Yes, yes, I always thought that to myself. The laugh means because Edward is cold. I was surprised they didn't know that. I think Rob was very critical of himself. So was Kristen. You can tell she was embarassed a few times. I wonder if that's an "actor" thing to be critical like that.
older_twilight_fan wrote:I appreciated everyone's review of The Hangover as it certainly seems to be the sleeper hit of the summer. It looks hilarious and I absolutely love everything about Ed Helms on The Office, so I'm looking forward to seeing it. It's also received a couple of really favorable reviews in EW.

JulieM have a safe trip! I'm impressed you can do without the comforts of electricity and running water for a week. But I think the purchase of the portable DVD for the watching of the Twilight was a definite "must-buy"!
Tracy-Yes, you should see "The Hangover." I've been going to our cabin since I was born so I'm used to it. It feels good to go without makeup or hair done up for a little bit. Thanks for giving the okay on my crazy purchase. I can't wait to watch it!!

Okay, time to finish packing. I will really miss this place for a week. I think I'm going to go through withdrawl. Even from checking the Lex main page for new information. Have fun, stay safe and talk to you soon friends!!

Re: Adult thread -- Rob's halfway house

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2009 11:07 pm
by Jazz Girl
Good evening my lovelies.

Hope everyone had fatherly love going on today. I gave love to both my dads, as well as my hubs. So, I am feeling accomplished.

Ashley~ Hahahahaha!! Glad you enjoyed the tale, MiniMe. I consider it a duty of mine to defend the RobHottness wherever the call comes. But, to answer your questions, no, I do not ALWAYS have my April GQ on me at all times. Just times when I believe that my Lex access might be limited or times when I feel I might need some ammunition for convincing the doubters. Friday, I happened to have it with me as I was going to see a colleague who wanted to see what the fuss was about. She's already a convert, but hadn't seen the GQ. But, thank gods that I had it with me.... :lol:

Gii~ Hold your head high, Dear. Rob is a frequent star in my dreams as well. I consider it a small gift from a universe that used to make me suffer from horrible nightmares. Kind of making up for years of evil with lots and lots of yummy. :D

JulieM~ I do love the matching sunnies picture. But, are you noticing the extreme 80s-ness of Kristen's sunnies. I think I had a pair like that when I was in 5th grade. Not that she doesn't look adorable. I'm just saying is all...

Pammy~Yes, I had extreme hatred of CH on the commentary too. Can't stand her actually, especially when she makes her subtle little jabs at Rob. I want to scream at her that he has enough trouble with ripping on himself. She doesn't need to add to his self- hating issues!!! But, yeah, Rob loves to tear himself apart. I just wanna shake him til his teeth rattle most days.

NewJen~ Yup, love me some RedRob, too. There's something about his face in that picture, set off by the red. Just abso-fracking-lutely beautiful.

Kristiner~ Mmmmmmm!!! Rob and Orly together. Makes me think of a lovely gift someone gave me. :D

Neya~Missed the Would you PLEASE stop trying to get round the filters? outta you, woman. Lovely to see you.

Tracy~ Yes, yes, yes!!! Rob DEFINITELY looks at his very very best in THAT shirt.

Jade~ GAH!!!! That picture is just...EDITED FOR DECIDEDLY NON-PG-13 CONTENT...... But, I do think it looks more like he's getting ready to smack them thar hott little buns. :twisted:

Rings~ Actually, my father's day gift to my hubs this weekend was to take a bet that I couldn't stay offLex. Hahahahah!!! I won, but he sucks. He knows I can't refuse a dare from him. But, I did win, so now I get unlimited Lex time without interuption next weekend. TeeHee!! Sucker. :lol:

Re: Adult thread -- Rob's halfway house

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2009 2:21 am
by DarkMuse
Pammy - When I hear "Age of Aquarius" I think of The 40 Year Old Virgin. Lol. And as much as I love love love the commentary, I could not STAND CH's voice. Grrr. And I totally got "the laugh" when Bella said she hates cold, wet things. I made the connection the first time I saw the movie. I'm no Rock Scientist (Jessica Simpson), but I was smart enough to at least figure that out. :lol:

JulieM - Hope you have fun on your Canada trip. I woulda bought a dvd player thingy too. Haha. Yeah I noticed the dirt under the fingernails when I posted the pic. His nails are usually dirty. Makes ya wonder what he gets himself into. Lol.

Tracy - Nikki sent me that video and I swear I thought I was gonna piss myself. I don't know why they made it or who was video taping it, but it totally reminded me of me and my friends when I was a bit younger. :lol: And I did the same thing as Julie. I tell you and Sandy apart by thinking Twilight Tracy and Saga Sandy. Hahaha.

NewJen - Why yes, Rob does look good in lederhosen. :lol:

Neya - Nope, no spiders in BMBH. And here's the link. I just posted it for Siobhan a day or 2 ago. :)

Trine - The shirtless video was *Homer Simpson drool noise* Mmmm. Thanks for that. :)

David - You said nipple o'clock. Hahahaha. You are the awesomest. And I'm doing well, thanks. I might be rearranging my room tomorrow. Yeah I think I will do that. Hmm. Being a lazy, lazy bum is always fun!

Caryn - You seem to have more strength than you give yourself credit for. You won the bet! Lol. Congrats and I hope you have a lovely little swim in the RobSea this weekend.

Re: Adult thread -- Rob's halfway house

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2009 5:44 am
by ♥midnight_sun♥
Okay, I believe I am caught up on comments now....

Kristiner~First off...YOU HAD A ROB/ORLY DREAM! No fair! okay...and you are welcome for the posting of TBMHB vid. That's one of my favorite parts too because Robiel (nice combination of names by the way) says 'sexually aroused' :lol: And the connection of the Brit Pack is weird, but oh so awesomenessly cool! :D And I totally saw that 'Searching for Sam Bradley' vid on your twitter. Its hilarious...'Its a hat' :lol:

Julie, my oh so lovely e-mum1~Congrats on the win. I'm usually not very good at stuff like that so I had to learn to count the cards and all that. Its weird and hard to fully understand, but I win a lot more now when I play against my mum. :D

Sandy~Yes, we had a slip-in-slide at rob's b-day party. But thinking of that party is making me want to have another one becuase it was fun! :D *cough*Juliecrashingoutonthefloor*cough* And we had another bad storm here I went outside and made a slip-in-slide as well. Those kids at your neighbors party had the right idea. :lol:

Pammy~I wasn't born in the 70s, that's for sure but I did wear elephant jeans when I was in 4th grade...and I know what earth shoes are too since I have seen them in old family photos. And yeah the commentary is awesome. I also yelled at CH to shut the 'F' up when Rob asked them to be quiet during that one phone call. And I also noticed the little MS stuff. Like when he makes his first appearence in the cafeteria and he looks like he's listening in to what Jessica is saying and then smiles because of what she's really thinking! I just love that he did little things like that.

JulieM~Yes, his hand does look really weird in that pic that Jade posted, but I doubt he is double jointed as I know I am not, but yet I can do that with my hand too. As I unknowingly did that in a picture once. And have a safe trip!

EDIT: E-mum1, if no one else has the avi yet, could you please link me up for the first one in the second row? I love his hair like that! *drool* If someone already has that one though (BOO!) then I shall take the second one in the second row, please, *melts*. Thank you! :D