Adult thread -- The Summer House

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Re: Adult thread -- The Summer House

Post by Jazz Girl »

♥midnight_sun♥ wrote::o :shock: :oops: :lol: *headdesk* watching Twilight...BELLA JUST SAID DOMINANT! (can't believe I never noticed that before.) :lol: :oops:

Gawd! Fanfic overload + Robsessed pics + watching Twilight while reading WA/ToV/ect. = really, really bad thoughts about what they are saying in said Twilight movie. (example, they are sitting there talking about Alice's visions and Bella says. "I bet she saw me coming.") Like I said, WAAAAAAAAY too much of a fanfic overload today!

And erm...could someone please tell me what The Ex-Factor is. I know its a fanfic, but like a summary or something? I believe its the only one that I haven't read from over on the Twilight Fanfic Discussion Thread and I am really starting to feel a bit left out.
MiniMe/eGodschild~ Good gods, Sweetie. You know we are ALL right there with you. My hubs and I actually made a list of all the lines that could be dirty in Twilight. It's hysterical!!!

And, of course, your eGodsmum would come through for you. Here is the description as given by AngelatTwilight, the genius behind The Ex Factor;
Edward Cullen & Bella Swan are exes who were once in a beautiful and growing relationship. On the eve of the day they
planned to tell each other how they TRULY felt, unplanned events took an extreme turn to the south, and things ended on a
hurtful, sour note. Though they are still in-love with each other, even four years later, they are stubborn and cannot admitt
their feelings, and treat each other like crap to keep their hidden emotions at bay. Now, fate as dealt them another hand of
cards, and when they get stuck in the same atmosphere together, they are forced to discover each other again, hash out
the past, and expect the unexpected. Because love is a force to be reckened with... especially when it comes out and bites
you in the backside. Twice.

It is an amazing story, though VERY VERY lemony. And, at times a little hard to read cause she often writes beta-free and she is not the most grammatically gifted writer. But, soooooooooooooooooooooo amazingly and totally worth the read. And, ExWard... sex on legs. AaT wrote him completely with Rob in mind, so it just makes it that much better. Plus, if you decide to read, check her profile before each chapter. She posts pics of all of the locations and outfits and links to songs. It's amazingly in depth. The Ex Factor is just win.

Okay kids. I am emotionally spent from all the joy and angst and fluff from not only THE fanfic being updated with win, but THREE of my favorite fanfics being updated in one night with total brilliance on all sides. Night night. *stumbles off to be with a shiza-eatin' grin on her face, fully prepared for dreams of DarkWard, ExWard and Edward*
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Re: Adult thread -- The Summer House

Post by Fizzles »

Morning Ladies and Gent :D

What a way to see a thread end with some lovely WA!! Offski for me, gotta read.

Bye for now ...
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Re: Adult thread -- The Summer House

Post by Dovrebanen »

I just want to say good morning too :)
And in case there's a new thread by the time I get back, this is goodbye to Summer House 1. It's been a good place for us. We really didn't take long to reach 100 pages...

Ashely - You should def read TEF.

I've decided to be strong. And work for a couple of hours. Then read WA at lunch time. I will be so proud of myself if I stick to that plan.

Have a good night/day everyone. My goodbye to this thread!
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Re: Adult thread -- The Summer House

Post by Fizzles »

:D :twisted: I read it! WooHoo! It was so good. Wanna go back and read it all again now. I'm sure we'll discuss more later.

Goodbye Summer House 1
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Re: Adult thread -- The Summer House

Post by DarkMuse »

Thank you everyone for posting the new outtakes from Us Weekly. *cannonballs into the RobPool*

Caryn/Sandy - Thank you for letting me know 50 was up! Totally made my night.

Julie - I'm with you on the armpit hair. I'm not opposed to a man with a little chest hair, but damn his armpit hair is out of control. Probaly why he has to air them out.

Ashley - Why is it that everytime I go to enlarge Rob, the Robmonster takes up my screen? Is the computer trained to show the middle of a picture or something? Lol. Thanks for that Darkward pic. *sigh*

Jade - I tried. I tried to read the interview. But MR makes the brain baby kick. I can't read her drivel. She just makes no sense at all to me. I'm not sure why she got to stay on. I don't understand.

Jen - That is a fantastic idea. I can't believe I didn't think of it. I fo sho will be going to see Bandslam but sneaking into another movie. Cause I'm a rebel like that. :lol:

NewJen - Hahaha. Love the story about your walk. We should totally make t-shirts for the Summer House residents. I think Erika suggested it just being funny, but I'm the kind of dork that would actually wear it. :lol:

Baz Luhrman - Forgot about this, but he was in on the Rob/Hugh karaoke night. And I thought it was cute that Rob and Kristen sang "Your Song" together, which was sung by Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge. Very small world.

Man hair - I'm not a huge fan of an overly hairy man, but a little is ok. Really, the only hair I absolutely require on the torso-ish area is the treasure trail. That has to be there. It just has to. Rob's is perfect.

This is awesome and I hope they do what was suggested. Cause it would rule all.
A t-shirt Rob would never wear. Even though it's completely true. Lol.
And this is my Goodbye to the Summer House 1.
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Re: Adult thread -- The Summer House

Post by Jadey »

holy hell Kris, i love the unicorn pic. Its backside is pointing at us = xtra points.

*twiddles thumbs while waiting for a new thread so I can christen it*

And that unicorn shall be also used to christen it
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Re: Adult thread -- The Summer House

Post by Edward_Addict »

Thanks for all the birthday wishes for my bf! :D (Jade, it was his bday, not mine.) He loved the decorations, he was so surprised. And we had a great dinner at our favorite Korean restaurant. Yum.
Tracy, yes Kyle is the bf that would talk to my Robward cardboard cut-out. He's all kinds of silly. :lol: He doesn't do it as much anymore, I think the novelty wore off. But I still can't believe he bought that thing for me.

And damn, I missed all the excitement...

Shiza. Those new (old photoshoot) Us Weekly pics are to die for. :oops: Too much hotness/goofy cuteness/sexiness for one man. And I really need to catch up on WA. I haven't read the last few chapters. :?

Old topic, but I'm a big fan of Leo/Claire R&J. In middle school/jr. high, me and one of my good friends were obsessed with it. I still have the soundtrack too, it's out in my car. :D I've only seen the 60s version one time, during my freshman English class. And like the teenagers we were, everyone giggled when they showed her boobies. :lol:

Jen, I totally agree with you about Rob's armpit bush. It's seriously not bad. I think it's kind of cute, actually. :oops: But I find the weirdest things about him so endearing.

And... goodbye Summer House part 1.

EDIT: OMG this is friggin hilarious. TWI-brows! :lol: I think they're all perfect, totally fit.
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