Adult thread -- The Summer House II

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Re: Adult thread -- The Summer House II

Post by Jazz Girl » Sun Aug 30, 2009 2:45 pm

"Aaannnnddd... when the summer's through...we'll drink a toast or twooooo... A toasT... to our Summer Hooouuusse... And a TOAST to Robert Tooo....Rob..Berrt..Too-oooo" :lol:

Sorry Hons, couldn't resist. It's a...shall we say... a revision of a song commonly sung at the end of summer band camp by members of my alma mater. I thought it appropriate. :D

I am in complete agreement about the difference between Rob in the restaurant and Rob outside. The inside pics just make me smile. He is so carefree and comfy and happy. It's kind of like they create a happy little bubble where no one can get to them. Then the bubble has to pop and they have to go back into the real world. I just want to knock down every damn one of those papz.

DarkMuse wrote:Pics from the Graduation scene. And Jackson's hair. I'm scared. Is that his real hair or a wig? It's freaking me out. He needs to take the hat off. Not that I don't like it, I just wanna see the full head of hair.

Kristiner~ Thanks for finding these, love. I've been looking for Jacksper pics from the set. Whether or not that's a wig or real, I am not sure. I saw a pic of him walking around the Couve, and his hair was still in seriousl Airbender mode, with the sides shaved and dark. So, I am thinking they are wigging Jax. I can't be objectine though, cause I just find the man to be too adorable for words with his Texas charm and the boots and that sideways grin. *sigh*

Trine~ Bad Bad Bad!! Scared the shiza out of me, too, hon!! But, I do hope you enjoyed a lovely Sunday chilling on your own. Sometimes we all need that kind of time. :D

Jade~ Well, I am pretty sure that that security would have been a hell of a lot more effective than what he had on the RM set.

MiniMe~ I was just getting ready to pm Nena and December.

Alright. Everyone make sure they have all their stuff packed. The Summer House is getting closed up soon, and we can't come back for about 10 months. Though, what I love...I just realized that, the next time we are back in the Summer House, we'll all be in full freak out mode because Eclipse will be mere weeks away!! See you all back at the Halfway House. Heart you all!!!
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Re: Adult thread -- The Summer House II

Post by diane771 » Sun Aug 30, 2009 3:32 pm

Hi everyone
Trine here is the link to dress Rob let me know if it works