Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 3

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 3

Post by marielle » Wed Dec 16, 2009 9:18 am

hey girls....

i'm finally home from work...
It starting to snow here... I really really hate snow... but then again I'm going to learn how to snowboard tomorrow....
DarkMuse wrote:He should not be holding his hand like that. *snicker* Makes it very hard to concentrate. Just saying.
Kistener... you dirty girl...!!!!!... I didn't think anything of this picture until I saw you comment....

hey did you girls see the trailer of Jakpers's new movie...he looks smoking!!
here you can see stills and the trailer..

wow I love the banner from Robsessed

well I'm dieing my hair at the moment, so I better hit the shower before it starts to turn green!!

see you girls later

edit: 20 minutes later.... well I'm back from the shower, I'm now tanya on top and Bella the under half...
I went a bit overboard with the darkning tint :oops: ... .but I like it...
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 3

Post by Jazz Girl » Wed Dec 16, 2009 11:12 am

Buenos Dias Hermanitas!

It's Wednesday. That means it's HUMP DAY!!!!!!!!!! I love Hump Day!!

Jade~ Don't go being all Mr. Grumpy Gills!!! We're all here for the long haul, lovey. And don't you dare leave in protest of a slow day either, young lady. Yes, we miss Julie and Erika and Ashley and we hope they will come back and visit one day. But, until then, we just have to do our best and be loving of the Rob and the KStew. Now, here, enjoy some back-of-the-head goodness and soothe your nerves. 8-)

Marielle~ Thank you thank you thank you for the link to lovely Jax. I do heart him so. New film looks a little on the side of creepy, but dear gods does he look yummy, and amazing. Might have to swallow a little fear and go see it! Hope the hair turned out the way you wanted. But, gotta say it love, *gigglesnicker* Tanya on top and Bella underneath sounds like a bad fanfic lemon *ducks and giggles*

KSter~ TeeHee.... I know. I actually thought of that when I was rereading my post. I would so get lost in my own little fantasy world anytime I saw my...anything linked with his. Alas, I have very little hope of even ever hearing him speak my name, given that no one uses Caryn (or even the normal boring spelling of it :lol: ) as a movie name anymore. :cry: Seriously, if I ever had an audio recording of him just saying my name...DEAD! and, by the way, have I told you lately that I love your brain! It's almost as dirty as mine. I went there the very first time I saw that pic....and anytime I see the boy with a mic in his hand...good gods the gigglesnorts are painful!

Diane~ You have found my weakness. You have seen into my soul and now know how to bring me to my knees!!! The eyes...oh holy hell, the EYES! Sweet Mary and all the saints preserve me!

RobCon2010~ Must happen. There is no discussion. I know we won't all be able to be there and I hate that. But, it just must happen. We have been talking about it for a year now. June 29-July 2 in Chicago. Sandy, as the local, you are in charge of scoping out appropriate hotels, theaters and other activities. I have a connection to Marriott hotels through work and I will see what I can work out in terms of price for hotels. Midnight showing of Eclipse is a GIVEN, so we have to ALL order those tix as soon as they become available. All in favor?

And, I close with the loveliness I opened with....cause seriously, this picture pops into my head as soon as I say the word HUMP

“Directing 7 Cullens at once=herding cats" :ROTFLMAO:
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 3

Post by openfire » Wed Dec 16, 2009 3:22 pm

Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing good?

I'm late again but....
Caryn - That blog!! It took all my might to peel my eyes away from the computer screen and post on it! :lol:

NewJen - LOL! I loved your sypnosis of New Moon!! :lol: And your Christmas list haha!

Mandy - Yep I know someone who likes Twilight better: my boyfriend LOL. He didn't really like New Moon :shock: I can't beleive it either! LOL. Tho I dunno what I'd choose as my favourite LOL. I know Twilight had its bad bits, but also a ton of good stuff... Hmm..

Jade - I'd love to go to McDonalds or something in America and get a "supersize" too :D Is it not something like 1.5 litres?? That's mental!!
Oh, and I don't think I'll ever get bored of this place. I don't get on as often as I'd like tho...I'm always thinking when I can get my next Lex fix!! I won't leave!!

Tracy - Haha, I loved your captions for the "oldies but goodies" pics of Rob you posted!

Laura - Hiya! You must be glad to be back to your own store now! Though I'm guessing that's still very busy with everyone renting Christmas movies?

RobCon - I hope someone buys me a ticket to Chicago for Chrsitmas if you guys are gonna do this!!

Sorry couldn't comment on everything, but RL has taken over. This is the 1st minute I've had since Friday! I was busy babysitting, work, and going to 2 concerts. I went to see Marilyn Manson yesterday, and Placebo the day before. Anyone like them? Both were good, but Placebo was so so much better. Sorry I'm gonna babble for a sec... They were Placebo again, it felt very much like the "old days" (the last time I saw them, they seemed really down...) and Brian Molko looked so incredibly beautiful.... (I was planning on posting a pic but stupid url limit won't let me!!). Anyone else like them? I am so excited, the concert was EXCELLENT!!

And I am too hating the Ron & Kris drought...

So..Some RobSten pics to keep us entertained.

I've not saw this one before I don't think

The almost kiss

A nice wee manip...

Hmm never saw this before either - is it a manip?


Anyhoo, need to head. I'm freezing & my head feels hot - hope I'm not getting ill :(
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 3

Post by Edward_Addict » Wed Dec 16, 2009 4:33 pm

Kristiner, thanks for posting that Fb Remember Me link. Me likey. 8-) Unfortunately the question submission was closed when I finally looked. Sad face.

I'm also worried about the sudden die-down of NM excitement. I went last Friday with my sis to the morning show and the theater was nearly empty. I remember seeing Twilight in JANUARY of this year and the theater was so packed I had to sit in the very front row. What gives? :? NM is a million times better.
And I'm also uber worried about Eclipse. It's my fav book in the saga and DS better not eff it up. My beloved Jackson ( :lol: ) NEEDS screen time to tell his story.

RobCon - um, I'm confused. Are we doing RobCon in Chicago in June, or are we meeting here in California for the Eclipse premiere in June? I don't think everyone could afford both trips. I think we should combine the two, and have a RobCon/Eclipse premiere weekend in CA. And at least that way we'd know Rob is actually nearby and thus more likely to swing by our little shindig. :D Or we could conduct a RobSpotting search party and hit all the local In-n-Outs, seedy bars, etc. Good times will be had by all.
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 3

Post by Fizzles » Wed Dec 16, 2009 5:07 pm

Hi Everyone

Happy Hump Day. I love this song.

Thanks for all welcoming me back. Caryn - I laughed when you said ‘My Little Shamrock’. So cute!

This was in a British Magazine.

“Wednesday, 16 December 2009
The X Factor's Lucie could be the luckiest girl alive: she's revealed that she's going on a dinner date with R-Pattz.
The 18-year-old Welsh singer was stunned when Rob's sister contacted her to reveal that he's a huge fan of hers. But at first, Lucie turned down his request.
‘His sister got in touch and asked if I wanted to come to dinner after the Twilight Saga: New Moon premiere a couple of weeks ago,' reveals Lucie.
‘Unfortunately I had to switch on the Christmas lights in Warrington on the same day! I couldn't believe I'd missed such an opportunity. I was gutted.' Lucie insists that she and Robert, 23, have another arrangement planned to make up for it.
She says: ‘We're still in touch and we're going to go to dinner or something next week. I can't believe it - he's my dream man, I really, really fancy him. Kristen Stewart had better watch out!'
After being linked last week with former X Factor runner-up Rhydian Roberts, it looks like Lucie is setting her dating sights a bit higher.”

This is the girl in question. Lucie Jones Again tabloid stuff which we never generally believe.

Speaking of the X Factor. Olly and Joe, my favourite two, made it to the final, with Joe finally winning, so I was a very happy bunny. :D Here’s two of my favourite songs he did on the show. Sorry seems to be the hardest word … Elton John. She’s out of my life … Michael Jackson.

Just thought I'd share.

Laura Xx
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 3

Post by G-Faerie08 » Wed Dec 16, 2009 5:41 pm

Dude, whichever location Robcon is going to be at, I will try my hardest to attend! Since it would be in June, thats after my Spring semester and graduation soooooooooo..perhaps I will take a mini-vacation!! Of course I need to get a job then so I can have money..stupid work..

Actually. It is not a manip and thats not Rob..Its from KStew's movie The Yellow Handkerchief

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 3

Post by diane771 » Wed Dec 16, 2009 9:23 pm

Good evening
Chicago sounds like fun, want a ride Kris? Thats if I can afford it. :)
Yes Caryn eyes to me just make me melt and Blues eyes OMG and Robs Blue eyes, such a wet feeling inside
I wonder what he is thinking if this was a girl? More?

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 3

Post by JulieM » Wed Dec 16, 2009 11:57 pm

Hello All! I'm super tired, but posting for Jade :-)

The Runaways Trailer-ET showed a teaser trailer tonight and it's supposed to be online tomorrow morning. I'm super excited. I don't know if it's becuase it's something new for us or what, but KStew looks like she is going to kick backside in this movie. Seriously, it looks awesome!!

Tracy-Loved the "Wondrous Place" video you linked. It was soooo yummy!

Marielle-cute pic of robsten. I have never seen that one before. They look so comfy together. Yes, all the interviews so far about Eclispe are about the fight scene. That bothers me too. There is more to the story than that. And I also like your picks from ComicCon. After seeing The Runaways trailer tonight, and thinking back to comiccon. Kristen seemed to be in Joan Jett character a bit during comiccon.

Caryn-That's so awesome you have some time off coming up. I also am looking forward to Christmas break. I just have this week and two days next week. My firsties are really starting to get excited. I hope to see New Moon at least two or three times during break as well. I miss RobSten too. I think that's why I was so excited to see The Runaways trailer. New Kristen!

And, yeah, the thought of Rob and Emilie at a photoshoot, I don't like it.

RobCon-I'm in too! I will seriously be out of my comfort zone, but I think it would be a blast to meet all of you.

Sandy-I loved that Rob video you posted. And yes, Bon Jovi is an extra bonus. It was so cute how it showed London and said, "This is where you belong." But, he really belongs here, in the HH, with all of us!

NewJen-LOVED your Christmas list. Except, where you have muffled sounds of weeping for schools day left, I will insert jumping up and down with excitement! Ha-ha-ha.

Jade-There's no way you would be able to join us at RobCon? It would be so great to have you there. Did you see The Runaways teaser? KStew is gonna rock!! And I know she will be nominated for something someday. She extremely talented. I don't care what anyone says.

And your "No one is leaving" post had me cracking up. You know I won't be leaving. You're right, we are family. Don't be worried. We're all here. And you can't be leaving either. Where are you right now, BTW? :-)

edwardsluv-Welcome to the Halfway House! here is my welcome gift to you.. Do you have another name you go by? We use first names around here. I can put you on the Member List on the first page.

Kristiner-I love this picture of robsten. She's saying, "Stay away, he's mine."

Jaclyn-Don't know who Placebo is and do not like Marilyn Manson, sorry! And I think that first picture you posted is a manip.

Laura-That Lucy girl better watch out for us in the HH. Did she really say those things or was it the tabloid making it up?

Okay, off to bed girlies. I smell a new thread coming soon.
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 3

Post by Jadey » Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:32 am

Hai everyone. Im calmer today, so no more grumpy gills!!

Jaclyn ~ I like Placebo! But I don't like Marilyn Manson. He creeps me out. Yeh, 1.5litres... thats like a whole big bottle of coke. thats insane. It would be sooo cool though. lol

Jooolie ~ Um if someone helps pay for my tickets, which will probably be around $900+ return, then sure! I'd come to Robcon. Also consider the fact that im afraid of flying and I'd get lost. But if you see a 6ft female with an accent, then that will be me :) The Runaways teaser was AWESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOME. Me = Jizz :shock: :shock:

Edwardsluv ~ Welcome! Im Jade. Im from New Zealand, and I love Kristen. And Rob ofcourse. ;)

Laura ~ I aint believing it. Part of it is probably true, just someone wanting attention.

Caryn ~ Sorry sorry sorry. I just blew up. Its only cause I love you guys :( Thankyou for calming me down

Sandy ~ Good. I dont want anyone to leave :( *huggles* Yes, RL is a bummer sometimes.
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 3

Post by Dovrebanen » Thu Dec 17, 2009 2:06 am

*walks into the Halfway House and hangs head in shame* :oops: I don't know how long it's been since I've posted...Sometime last weekend... And I am sorry. Jade, I'm here for the long run. I'm not going anywhere. This week has just been crazy for me. Haven't had any time to post at work, and been too tired at home. Been doing lots of Christmas shopping and other stuff.

I've missed a lot...So just some random comments:
edwardluv~ Welcome! I'm Trine.

Kristiner~ It was like that the last time I saw New Moon too. We were 6-8 people in the theatre. And that was good, but it makes me concerned that it will disappear soon...

Laura~ Glad to see you back here!

Mandy~ RobSpotting sounds like a great idea!
Btw..I've sort of given up on True Blood. Not the books, but the show. It just got too removed from the book, IMO. But maybe I'll give it a go later.

RobCon~ I would love to go. But it would require some planning to actually make it happen. It's a long way from Norway. But I would definitely make an effort to make it happen. It would be so much fun! And I've always wanted to visit US mainland (having only been to Hawaii before, and one night at LAX...).

It is snowing like crazy here today. Wind and cold. But it does lift the Christmas spirit. I only have my parents left to shop for presents to now.
Sorry for everything I didn't comment on. And I'll try post more regularly from now on. Have a great day!
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