Twilight Mafia XVI

Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Postby SethisMine » Mon Nov 16, 2009 11:46 pm

It had first started when father died. Witch hunting was dying out, but it still existed, and one of the victims of the terrible practice had been my mother. Our neighbors were planning on killing all of our family at first, they were only going to kill mother, but then a story arose that our ancestors used to turn into terrible beasts. Huh... I guess they where true....

Mother had contacted an uncle... actually he was a family friend, but he was close enough to an uncle to our family. The plan was to have Rosa and I move to America and start a new life. I begged mother to come with us, but she said she wouldn't make the trip. The plan was then settled. The ship was leaving after sun down. I was supposed to sneak on with my uncle when they where loading the ship, and Rosa was supposed to come later disguised as a boy... She never came.

I was distraught. I couldn't leave my sister to the villagers, but my uncle couldn't let me get off. I fought with him, which ended up landing me under the deck. I wept, thinking I'd never see Rosa ever again... I wept because I had failed my father's request to keep mother and Rosa safe....

I listened to the story quietly, envisioning him on his journey. He was so brave to continue going through his life. Even when uncle died, and he had learned that he was all alone in the world. I did interrupt him occasionally to give him directions, but it was pretty easy. We were about half way home thanks to the speed of this car.

"So, tell me more about our ancestors." I asked. "I've always have been curious about them and the shape shifting. Did you know we have a pack of wolves in Washington who are shape shifters?"

Stefan looked at me curiously. "No I did not... That's quite interesting. Can they only shift into wolves?" he asked. I nodded and he continued. "The definitely have shape shifting blood then... but they must be pretty distant from the first line of shape shifters. Otherwise they would be like us, able to change into anything. Our ancestors where of the first family of shape shifters. Our great great great something Grandfather apparently made a deal with a black witch. But he ended up breaking the deal, and the witch cursed everyone with his blood. She made it so he would turn into a beast whenever he was angry, he would have no control, and he would have to deal with the consequences of accidentally killing those around him.

"One day, when he had exiled himself into the woods, he met up with a she wolf. The wolf wasn't pure wolf. She was bigger and stronger. But at the end of the full moon she was human again. Soon, our Grandfather fell in love with this other human who shared his curse of the beast... But she was not like he was. She was a Child of the Moon."

I stared at Stefan with wondering eyes. I never knew exactly that I was not full human before I was changed. Wow... I was basically a mutt of a ton of 'mythical creatures.'
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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Postby DoNotFeartheDark » Tue Nov 17, 2009 2:11 am

((Lol I drooled over that car....))

Monica still couldn't see anything (the turban was in the way), but she let Lidia lead her across a luckily flat surface. She heard her quickly say something to the valet, she guessed, and felt Lidia usher her into a smooth feeling car. Monica sensed that it was very shiny. Once she was in the seat, she felt the contours of the car, the leather seats, the dashboard, the controls. A cool smile curved her lips, which quickly turned into one of a little boy who'd just found out he'd gotten the best Hotwheel ever for Christmas.

Lidia drove along the road as a steady pace. The car ran so smooth, it felt like they were floating above the concrete. Curious, Monica pulled back to turban and looked around excitedly. The windows were tinted darkly, so it felt almost like night in the small space. It made her feel comfortable, secure.

Hey Lidia, can this baby go faster?? Monica inquired mentally, innocently, but with a tinge of excitement.
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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Postby dandyvampgirl_13 » Tue Nov 17, 2009 8:49 pm

(Mah car? Yes, that's one of the 5 cars I want. Besides my Smart Car and my old British Mini Cooper and the Rolls Royce Ghost from the 3d Indianna Jones.
I quite honestly have no idea what Gio likes to eat, which can probably be attributed to my lack of paying attention. My first guess is chicken, but that just sounds stupid now that I think about it. Maybe if I were to reread the fic I'd catch on to something, but... *shrugs*)

I hummed to the rhthym of the car's engine, which sounded oddly like the bass line to Beat It.

Hey Lidia, can this baby go faster?? Monica asked as we cruised past the ghetto-outskirts of LA.

I smiled, We're headed for the back roads so we can go as fast as we freaking want. I waved my hand in front of the radio and motioned down my playlist to the one country song I had on my Zune. In a moment, Life Is A Highway was blaring from the speakers, and I rolled down my window to let the air in as I sang along loudly. Soon, we were fully outside the city, going up the coast on the twisty roads through the green hills. I gunned it, watching the dial inch over 100 mph as I mentally kept an eye out for humans and cops.

(Okay, the only reason why I have that song is because of Cars, and if you're going to be driving you have to listen to it.)
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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Postby ringswraith » Tue Nov 17, 2009 9:14 pm

((Chicken? Whatever gave you that idea? :roll:

((If I were to say it, I think it would cause quite a bit of commotion.))

It felt wonderful to have the earth under my feet and just run. The fresh air was soothing, calming. That is, until I caught the scent of prey.

It was hours later when I found myself resting against a tree, my last meal buried somewhere nearby. I had hoped that feeding would help me relax. Instead, I found myself worked up even more.

I practically flew back to the Mansion, stopping long enough in my room to toss my shirt in and grab a towel, then headed to the bathroom, intending to take a cold shower. The door was open and I was halfway inside before I realized it was occupied.

Roxy was in the tub, enjoying a bubble bath, one arm hovering in the air as she ran a sponge across it. The air left my lungs in a rush, and she squeaked a little bit as she turned to face me.

Ten, nine, eight... "Oh, God." Seven, six, five. "Roxy. So sorry." Four, three. "Didn't know you were..." Two, one... "Uh, I'll just..." One half, one fourth, one eighth... "...Bye."

I zipped out, making sure the door was shut, and headed into the kitchen. In no time at all I had started twelve different pies, three cakes, a dozen crepes and pancakes, and I continued baking.
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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Postby edwardlikeshaystacks » Wed Nov 18, 2009 8:45 am

(Wait, what was the counting down from ten bit, David?)

"Oh, curse you and whatever your eating preferences might be!" Queenie teased, a tiny smirk curling at the edge of her lip.
"Well, happy hunting then. And as they like to say in the states," (This in her best attempted American accent) "After a while, Crocidile."

With that, she giggled softly and disappeared out of sight, leaving behind a faint midst of black fog.

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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Postby Dex_TheBloFroGaBoy » Wed Nov 18, 2009 8:54 am

"You know, I can't feeling anything right now but I'm sure its gonna hurt like a ding dong the witch is dead which old witch the wicked witch in an hour or something if my ribs don't get fixed." I say outloud to no one in particular as I pop a squat on the couch.

I feel a little poke from both sides of my rib cage but it doesn't hurt or anything.

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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Postby JazpersGrl » Wed Nov 18, 2009 11:45 am

I opened the door as slowly and quietly as I could. I poked my head in. "Hello?" No answer. "Helloooof!" I fell flat on my face. I flipped over to see what I had tripped on. The door frame, nice. I stood up and brushed myself off. "Real smooth, Ali. I swear, the only clumsy vampire in the history of the world, just my luck. Heeelllloooo!!!" There was a figure hiding in the shadows that I didn't notice before. "Oh, hi. I'm new here. My name is Ali Marino. What's yours?"
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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Postby Dex_TheBloFroGaBoy » Wed Nov 18, 2009 6:11 pm

No one seems to have heard anything I just said but it was like a girl came out of nowhere and fell flat on her face.

If it wasn't for the pale white skin and her red eyes, I wouldn't have believed she was even one of the undead.

"Oh, hi. I'm new here. My name is Ali Marino. What's yours?". She says.

"Dexter Peeta." I say, not getting off the couch.

Hopefully she didn't take it the wrong way. My ribs were sorta all over the place.

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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Postby dandyvampgirl_13 » Wed Nov 18, 2009 8:01 pm

(Er, hey Ali. I guess Dex greeted you, some slightly-more-capable of helping you people should be around soon to introduce themselves.
Lid would, but she's not actually at home right now. Almost there, almost there.
Chicken Alfredo... Yes, it was a stupid idea.)

As we blazed down the deserted freeways in the dark of the moon, I sang along to my favorite musikals and songs as Monica looked out the window, mostly smiling happily at our speed, but frowning whenever a good song came on. I could tell she wanted to sing along too. I mentally contacted my friend, who assured me he would reach the Mansion about the time I got back, and then we could take care of business.
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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Postby willowtree » Wed Nov 18, 2009 8:53 pm

((Ali!!! Hey!))

I suddenly heard someone fall. Dexter? I ran quickly to see if he was ok.

"Dexter?" I called, than stopped short when I saw someone new.

'Hello? Who are you?" I demanded.

"I'm Ali Marino," The person announced proudly.

"I'm Lucia. Pronounced loo-THEE-ah. I'm new too. Anyways, nice to meet you."

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