Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Postby openfire » Fri Jul 02, 2010 8:49 am

Hello again folks,

I think I have done everything I need to do before I leave work… now just got to wait until 4pm before I can leave. It’s a sad day! :(
Lunch was really good tho. Plus they paid for mine, which I thought was really sweet! Aww!

Deb – Haha, Deb you made me smile at the “Robert Pattinson’s best friend” comment – thanks!! :D :lol: Have fun helping out with the choirs!!

Mel – Thanks for the info about GMTV. I thought it was this morning, but my mom said it was Monday. I was like nope, it’s today! :lol: I will have to remember & record the show!!
I like Andy Murray, but I also like Nadal. I normally would want Nadal to win, but I would also like to see Murray go to the final…
(ps. I LOVE the show Hanny Manny Hahaha!)

I am seeing Eclipse tonight, but due to the million and one things I will be doing this weekend, I won’t be able to go to any more of the preview showings :( So I won’t get to see it again until it is released on the 9 July. That’s ages away!!! :(
But at least I am getting to see it tonight!! Yay yay yay!! :D
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Postby vampirelover109 » Fri Jul 02, 2010 9:22 am

Hey ladies I'm back from london had the most amazing time ever vicky is so nice and all of her freinds of lovely met david slade, xavier samuels, boo boo stewart and alex meraz seen kellan lutz, ashley greene and nikki reed but diddnt manage to get there autographs oooh and robs video message awww I love him even more and while we were camping a nice guy was chatting to us and went and brought us burger king such a nice man we did get stupid drunks being stupid but had a fab time

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Postby Jazz Girl » Fri Jul 02, 2010 11:02 am

TGIF!!!! Only about 2 more hours until my next viewing and the waiting is killing me. Seriously, we're going to need to start a support group! "Hellow, my name is Caryn and I'm addicted to Eclipse. :lol: Yes, because that statement shocks the crap out of all of you, doesn't it?

Marielle~ Just think RobLicious thoughts at the dentist and that should get you through. Don’t be ashamed, girl. BE PROUD!!! I’m headed to my third viewing this afternoon, fourth tomorrow and I know I’ll go at least one if not two more times just this weekend. I’m a complete junkie and I need my fix.

Brienna~ We’re a loving bunch!! And we show our love by sharing RobCrack. Ach, I don’t have a sun allergy and I’d be hiding inside. I don’t do heat and I’m not a fan of the sun. Maybe there’s something to this vampire way of life after all.

Jaclyn~ No, I don’t think the words, “too” , “much”, and “Rob” can even be put together legally in a sentence. :lol:

Just remember, the anticipation only makes the main event that much better. Not that Eclipse itself needs to be or could be better. But, you’ll make it. We’ll all be here with plenty of RobCrack to get you through.

Raine~ Watching Eclipse is the perfect cure for just about anything right now!

AnnMarie~ I’m so glad you guys had an awesome time. I tried to watch a vid of Rob’s message but the feed was messed up.

Mel~ GAH!!! I’m so totes jealous of you. Just saw a YouTube vid of Florence & the Machine performing Heavy in your Arms at Glastonbury!!! That is my absolute favorite song on the soundtrack.

And, just because I'm nonfunctional, I figured, you all could use a break, too. :twisted:

RobWard should ALWAYS be in UHQ!!
“Directing 7 Cullens at once=herding cats" :ROTFLMAO:
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Postby Susie » Fri Jul 02, 2010 11:18 am

Happy Friday, Girls!!

Guess What???

Hubs just left on a 10 day trip to Guatemala!!!

You know what that means??? More Lexing! More Fanfics!!! Yes, you read that right. I’m going to finish up the personalized Rob fanfics next week!

But first, I’m going up to the north shore of Lake Superior for the 4th of July weekend. My parents have 4 cabins (3 right on the shore and one on the hill) and it is our tradition to go for 4th of July. Hubs is missing it, of course, but Sonny Boy’s girlfriend is coming as well as my bff, Mary. Mary gets her own little cabin. My parents will be there with their two dogs, and my aunt and uncle will be staying in the cabin on the hill.

So, I won’t be able to get online until I get home on Monday. I will miss you so much!! It is just going to kill me!!

Caryn – You are just going to be WAY ahead of me in details from the movie to reference! That favorite Robward moment – all I remember is seeing him from the rear – probably because it is in the Movie Companion……Robkowski – Speaking of Oscar Winners – dare we hope for a nomination for our boy??? DS interview on leg hitch/proposal scene – Awww!

Mel – You must be all prepared now to see Eclipse. When are you planning to go? I agree that it just wasn’t fair that the UK opened later than the rest of the world. I’m confused – there’s a special premiere weekend when you can see the movie, but then after that you have to wait until July 9 for wide release??? Strange!!

Brienna – Yep, This has been a very active thread this week. It usually slows down on the weekend. So far my hubs hasn’t actually caught me with the pics of Rob up on the screen. He did ask me what “hump day” means (he knows that it means Wednesday, but wanted to know what we meant by it) I said, “You don’t want to know!”

Marielle – Sorry about your tooth! Supreme Court Hearing – totally serious. Dutchie v. Brazil – might be too nerve-wracking to watch anyway – you might as well go to Eclipse AGAIN.

Jaclyn – What a big day for you!!! I’m glad they are showering you with affection doday at work! What? No more Lexing at work?? Boo Hoo!!! I’ll miss your work posts. You’ll have to do a Mega post after work. Have fun at the Midnight showing. I’m sorry I won’t get to read about your Eclipse experience until I get back on Monday!!!

Raine – Hi Sweetie!!

Deb – Have fun at the Choir Festival!

Ann Marie - Sounds like the waiting was worth it!! How fun!!! Do you have pics for us??

Well, I’ve got a ton of packing to do – I’m a bit behind because I had to take hubs to the airport at 4 am and then I came home and went back to sleep…………

Happy 4th of July, all you Americans!!!

Have a great weekend, those from other parts of the world!!
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Postby openfire » Fri Jul 02, 2010 12:07 pm

Oh my:
Marielle - HOLLAND ARE IN THE SEMI FINALS!! Wow!!!!!! Congrats to the Dutchies!!! That's mental. Brazil is out! Wow.

I'm pretty speehless about that ^^ Well done Holland!! :D

Anyways, that's me home from work now. All done :(
No time to be sad tho, cos got a busy Rob filled evening!!

Vicky & Ann Marie - Glad you guys had such an excellent time!! I saw the pics that Vicky posted on facebook - I'm very jealous!!

Caryn -! Gorgeous gorgeous picture of RobWard!!! Wowza!

Susie - Yay! More Lex time is always a good thing! And woohoo to more Rob Fanfics - I can't wait to read them!!
Enjoy your weekend up at your parents cabins - sounds like it will be a very wonderful trip! We will miss you!!

Well folks, I am getting ready to leave now.. We are heading for tea first, then Twilight & New Moon double bill starts at 7pm, and Eclipse at 12.01 YAY!!

Have a great evening everyone!
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Postby Brienna » Fri Jul 02, 2010 12:42 pm

Marielle: I meant crazy in a good way :roll: ;) I hope your mouth will feel better soon. Have fun at the movie tonight!

Jaclyn: I hope your last day at work went well!

Caryn: enjoy the movie (no doubt you will ;)) I just went outside and checked and it's 37 degrees now... So glad my house is a bit cooler. I keep walking outside every ten minutes or so, just to be able to really enjoy the coolness inside.

Susie: fortunately hubs doesn't mind me looking at pictures :mrgreen: And, maybe you don't want to explain to your hubs about wednesday, but will you explain to me? :oops:

YAY!!! Holland won from Brazil! It was a very exciting game, I'm very happy now :)

You know, I joined this forum three days ago and I already have 82 posts :D
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Postby fi_fi » Fri Jul 02, 2010 1:47 pm

Hi all! Ok, mega-post coming up:
Have just discovered the photobucket pages of Rob. What can I say? Except Oh My Word!

Only JUST over 24 hours to go until my first viewing of Eclipse - have now admitted to myself that once will NOT be enough!! AM going to organise taking my friend's teenage daughter later in the week, so bf (nicknamed 'Roger' by my work mates - don't ask!!) doesn't catch on to just how obsessed I am!! And NM tonight with my bff, yay!

Other excitement for me today - I'm learning how to be a web designer, and I managed to make changes to a whole site today JUST in html, with no reference to TS, the lady teaching me, YAY!

Tracy - Am thinking I too will have Eclipse hangover, come Sunday morning, or even late Sat evening - 'hair of the dog' is the only way in this particular situation, me thinks. As Oscar Wilde said, "the only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it" !!

Susie - I love counting things in 'sleeps', makes it more exciting some how! I worked in a nursery for 4 years, I think the kids rubbed off on me! Glad you like my photoshopped Rob!

Caryn - OH MY GODS that TGIF pic you posted - I think my heart actually stopped for a moment there! Happy Canada Day to you.

JenJen - I hope your bro comes through with the extra pennies for the VERY necessary Eclipse viewing.

Marielle - Sorry to hear about the dentist - hope this helps with the pain. Was it you who mentioned my bumper sticker? I bought the "I drive like a Cullen' one for my bff, and also treated my self to the "Forget a knight in shining armor..." one (same as my sig), though that one is on the inside of the car, had a sudden fear it might get stolen from the actual bumper... I bought them from

Brienna - Sorry to hear about your sun allergy - very unfair! Still, gives you more time indoors for Lex and RobCrack!

Jaclyn - Hope you had a good last day at work. Why are you leaving? New job? Just so you can spend more time on the Lex??

Deb - Good luck with the choirs, hope it all goes well for you.

Mel - Is VERY unfair that we in the UK have to wait for films, I'm not usually fussed by it, as there are few films I'm bothered about seeing opening weekend, however, when it comes to Eclipse HP and Pirates , it gets very frustrating!

I know I've gone a bit overboard with the RobCrack today, hope you ladies don't mind, I got carried away after finding the photobucket pages! I know most of you will have seen most of them before - but he just gets better the more you see him!!

Can't wait for B, my bff, to get here so I can show her, she has a soft spot for Hugh Jackman aswell, so can't wait to show her this pic!!

Hope you all have good days, Happy 4th of July to all you Americans!

fi xx

Edit: Just tried to submit this post, and it told me off for having too many urls! Have had to take some out - think I might risk a double post so you can all see the pics I wanted to share!
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Postby bored by the sea » Fri Jul 02, 2010 1:55 pm

hey guys!
sorry didnt do an update last night after it was all over, my phone battery went dead and i didnt get home til quarter to 2 this morning :| slept in until 12 so i feel a little better however another nap is most definitely needed before the eclipse midnight screening (yes yes we finally get to see it tonight!!)
*********************MEGA MEGA POST!!!!*********************************
UK PREMIERE! -o.k. soo heres a basic rundown of what happened (although for you guys on fb you've probably checked out the pics ive uploaded lol).
* sooo we ended up camping out for about 25 hours, yeah we're hardcore, we met kellan lutz, xavier samuels, david slade, alex mraz and boo boo stewart, we were a little dissapointed by the cullen sisters ashley didn't really make that much of an effort towards the fans she kind of signed a few on one side and then did a short interview for us to see then headed into the cinema, nikki signed loads but she didnt make it over to our side :cry: its rubbish as i really wanted a pic with either of them. but all the twi-guys were sooo sweet! david slade signed our mates poster ( we got these massive cardboard poster things that they were putting up), it was the cullen one and he signed right in the middle of robs head and put was here and coloured in robs eyes :lol: it was really funny, i told him i was really excited to see the film tonight and said thank you for signing my book, i got kellan and xavier to sign these headshots that theyd handed out prior to them arriving on the carpet. all the guys basically signed for everyone and were so sweet and polite and just generally truly nice human beings. i think the girls gave up becuase they couldn't really walk on the grass+astroturf in their heels lol .
* on that note i should probably say that Leicster square (if any of you have ever been there you'll know what im talking about) essentially it is a square surrounded by about 3 cinemas and a ton of restaraunts and bars, in the centre is like a small square/ garden with a fountain in the middle but most of the time its all locked up and you can't go in there, however for the eclipse premiere they had decorated it with some astroturf (to bulk up the grass that is already there) and a ton of vines in the trees and lights, to make it look like a mixture of the forks forest and the meadow, they had sprinkled the purple and white flowers all over the grass, it looked really pretty.
* sooo as i said in my mini post we basically spent the whole night having to answer to complete drunkards, just the same questions over and over and over again :lol: "why are you here? whats twilight? what are you protesting? why are you camping out for it?" although we did meet this guy who came over and he was soo nice but check this story out he showed us some pics on his phone and basically his ex likes twilight and had been dressing him up as edward, as in got him the grey coat, changed his hair, got him to do photos that were blatant rip offs of really famos robward photo shoots, it was really hillarious, so any way he was like o.k. ive got to go now im going to the casino if i win anything ill get you guys some food, anyway he came back later and hed bought everyone burger king, bearing in mind in our little gang that had made friends there were like 13 of us, soo we shared it all out but it was really sweet of him, whether he remembered it in the morning is entirely different. even though we were thinking the whole girlfriend story may not be entirely true and that he just did all that stuff himself to get the ladies :lol: we eventually got let into the main area of the square around 10 ish and then just waited there all day just chatting random stuff.
* it got to time for the red carpet and tons of the press came around and interviewed us, we were in the background for soo much stuff :lol: and theres even pics of us and our signs on one of the entertainment websites:
check it out here
ha yeah i actually even looked as though ive been camped out on concrete all night :lol:
* erm jeez i know ive missed out soooo much lol, o.k. so spread throughout the night they played the separate messages that Rob, kristen and taylor had recorded, they saved Robs until last, but it was totally worth it it was only 28 secs long but it basically said sorry i cant be there hope you all have a really fun night, he looked very tired and he sounded quite hoarse as well, maybes he's getting a bit ill with all this overworking :( . gah thats what else i was going to point out! o.k. so aaaalllll throughout the premiere and before all of the media were totally muck raking and trying to get people to complain and moan about the fact that the holy trinity weren't coming and making it a really big deal, it was ridiculous, a woman interviewed us about it and we basically said we were sad but it was fine becuase we love all things twilight, and hello why would everyone have camped out if that wasn't the case, yeah she didnt use our interview because she couldnt make any drama out of it! :lol:
* aside from all of that there were just a ton of random celebs walking the carpet oh and we had a group of freerunners who were dressed up as the wolfpack running around the area the whole night.
if ye fancy seeing more check out my fb pics, we had an awesome time and camping out was definitely a new experience and completely worth doing, i love hiow all twi-hards band together and help each other out :D
in response to posts:

brienna welcome to the HH you'll love it here everyone is super sweet and equally as obsessed. im Vicky im from the U.K.

marielle ha ha yeah i was giggling alot although that soon changed to screaming, i now have totally knackered my voice, i sound like a teenage boy ha ha

newjen the weather was nice, it wasn't actually that cold until the sun started to come up but we had blankets and sleeping bags etc so we were all alright, bless you guys for thinking of us.

caryn boo to the haters indeed, they totally shall miss out, oh man you would be proud of us, some team jacob girl walked past us and was like "yeeeaaahh team jacob" an we were like "booooooo TEAM EDWARD!!!" (although our tshirts, hoodies badges signs etc woul be a giveaway, clearly th muttpack supporters are a little slow ha ha. p.s. have just read all your posts about your eclipse addiction, i totally get it i haven't even seen it yet, its not out until midnight tonight but ive got 4 viewings of it all booked in just this weekend- midnight tonight then 11 tommorow morning, 7 in the evening and 11 on sunday, then am seeing it again on the 9th for the actual proper release.

susieno they didnt have portaloos, we were using burger king and mcdonalds toilets lol but ehere were public toilets nearby, they were a bit grim though. erm mine and my mates sing said "DOESN'T HE OWN A SHIRT?!" TEAM CULLEN" ha ha and then we later added on how long we'd been camped there and how we hadnt slept lol, we stuck on pics of ashley and kellan and then rob and kristen check the pic out on fb gah i cant remember what ann maries said lol. we made them at like 1 ish in the morning i think lol. p.s. in the u.k. we have advanced screenings just this weekend (basically probably becuase everyone complained so much that we were getting it late!) and then we can't see it again until the 9th which is the proper cinematic release.

jaclyn whoop whoop for eclipse TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shauni i may have just passed out those pics hmmmmm!

mel ha supposedly we were on some of the gmtv footage i saw a bit of it but must have completely missed us on it. weare on the filmfour gallery and we were interviewed by the bbc not sure if they used us on the radio though lol. and we are in the background of tons of interviews, check my fb everyone keeps finding stuff and posting it there lol.

ann marie a thank you for the compliments dude, i truly was worried that wed scared you, yes lexlings my friends and i are epically vocal aboutmost things ha ha. in return to the compliment i should inform you all that ann marie is equally as lovely in person!

right im off i need to go have a nap before 11.00 tonight which is when i leave for the cinema eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, ill inform you all of my thoughts later, but seeing as everyone here has such high praise for it i have no doubt that it will be amazing.
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Postby fi_fi » Fri Jul 02, 2010 2:00 pm

Ok, so first of all, sorry for the double post, but I REALLY want to show you these pics from photobucket:
*wimper* *drooling on keyboard now* And that's only from the first 16 of 38,616!!!!

Jaclyn - I wanted to send this for your last day at work

Brienna - I wanted to send you this RobCrack for having to stay inside on sunny days


Deb - I wanted to send you this to say good luck with the choirs!

Ok, I think that's me at my 7 URLs limit again - am off to get ready for NM viewing.

Take care
fi xx
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Postby marielle » Fri Jul 02, 2010 4:44 pm

Happy weekend ladies....

I so totally forgot it wa sthe 4th of July weekend for the US girls...

Susie, have fun at the lake....(is the weather nice enough to go for a swim?)
You know, you should feel sad that you hub is leaving on a trip, not celebrating :lol: ;)

Fi...dang those pics are hot...I was talking to my mom and totally forget what I was saying... :lol:
Yep it was my about the bumper sticker...I loved the knight thing as well...
Oh thanx for the link and the painKiller ;)

Vicky, it sounds like you had a very nice time in London...what a story....

Brienna, I knew was fun..but to must doglovers...I really don't like that...

Caryn..How many times did you gag when you saw that scene? I just look away so I won't feel sick...
It worked pretty well, thinking about Rob at the dentist, I did the same thing with the MRI... I was totally relaxed and smiling...

Ann-Marie...Wow just wow...I think I need to make plans for the BD premiere in's just an hour of flying....

Jaclyn, Yeah I know...AMAZING !! I'm so proud of our guys...I heard it in the cars while driving to the cinema... how much better could my evening get..?

They are releasing all these HQ pics...but I want the one from the tent scene...girls for who haven't seen it...make sure you have a droolcup with you for that...

Ok, I'm of to to drive back home tomorrow....Sleep well...
and for those who don't comeback before...HAPPY 4TH OF JULY
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