Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by TammyAZ »

Hey girls!

Yes I'm here Susie :) Just been lurking and reading when I can. The kids start school tomorrow, so things have been a little nuts around here!

Jaclyn~ Spiders?!?! Ack! I would have to stay in a hotel or with a friend until I was sure they were all gone...HUGE spder phobia :oops:

Robsten pics~ I am in the same boat with everyone else here.....not wanting to invade their privacy but enjoying seeing their happiness :)

Caryn~ If you're able, I would love a list of your fanfic selections also....I've read the ones you have recommended over on the fanfic forum, and we seem to have similar tastes in what we like!

Tracy~ As much as I love looking at Rob, I get even more wistful looking at Rob and Kristen together. i just hope with all of the Hollywood madness, they can find a way to stay together and beat the odds!

Raine~ I hope your brother starts feeling better soon!!

MissP I've always admired people that devote their lives to's something I've considered in the past, but I just don't think I would have the patience for it :oops: I don't know how I would have handled a day like that!!

JennJenn~ Just wait!! I try to help my kids with their homework (10th and 11th grades) and it really makes me think I need to go back and try again cause I have no clue!!

I know there are many more posts I need to reply to, but I need to hit the sack...gotta get up and take the kids to school in the morning!! My daughter is terrified of her first day in high school, but with Big Brother there, I'm sure she'll do just fine :)

EDIT*** I can't remember if I ever posted this wallpaper or not....I made it exclusively for all my HH sisters!!

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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by Brienna »

Just a quick post... I'm not forgetting about you ladies! I have been reading with you, just can not find the time to make proper posts! Next week hubs is off to work again, so I should be able to make a decent post then!

I have a few busy days coming up. This morning I'm going to an old friend I haven't spoken to in years! This afternoon to my sister. Tomorrow morning first Young Mothers Group and in the afternoon out with the kids and hubs. Friday the gym and also out with kids and hubs. And Saturday hubs and I are going to bring the kids to the grandparents and take a motorcycle day, just the two of us! Sunday is always busy here, so I'll be back Monday!!! :) :) :)
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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by marielle »

Good morning ladies…

Wow it’s so nice just to have the time to wake up slowly…I’m still in my pj’s getting ready for the 2 hour drive to my parents…

Caryn…pfew.. I thought it was just me getting crazy, those vids…wow I think I’m in love with love as well…
Jaclyn, yeah I’m leaving today…when I’m ready and packed…we are staying at me father-in-laws place which is around the corner from the party, they have a computer in room that we are staying and with a bit of difficulties I can get online so I hope I get the chance to post properly somewhere this week, but I’ll be back on Sunday…

Tracy, yeah that’s a way of looking at it as well…I’m sure my clothes aren’t completely Alice approved…still it would be nice to have her around to tell me what kind of weather it’s going to be…
I agree with you on the outtakes, most of the time they are some much better then the printed ones…

Susie…I heard more than I saw, but still…
You have such a nice ideas for theme parties that you have done with your daughter…I bet you have lots of cute pictures…

JennJenn, yes I hate the Toddler and Tiara show as well, all those spoiled brats…and their mom!! They are even worse…but sometimes I just zapp past it and pause for a second…

Raine, Sounds like your niece is keeping you away from the Rob-crack…I don’t have patience with little children and always happy to give them back to their parents when they start to be a fuss….
I think they are adding fighting scenes to the BD script, or at least that’s what I’m afraid of…

Desiree, we haven’t traveled a lot yet, but we have been to Greece two times, to Spain once and twice to the Canary Islands…most of the time we simply don’t have the money for it…but we are getting better in finding cheap flights and nice hotels…we are planning on doing a trip twice a year…

Tammy, I love the wallpaper….good job…

You know, people can say anything about Rob and Kstew but they are going out together a lot and taking time for fans...I love that about them

Okay, I've got my mobile set so I can keep up with you...
so I better start packing and get ready now....
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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by vampirelover109 »

Good morning ladies sorry I haven't been around for a while but my internet was not working stupid thing any way I'm back now I will do my mega mega catch up post today hope your all ok and have a good day

Catch you later

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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by despoina92 »


I still have no Internet at home! I just wanna say I miss you loads and I just saw that our cute couple was together in MOntreal and my shipper heart exploded with joy! From next week I start pre-studying for uni. Why, oh why?

Tmorrow I may have Internet for the whole day, so I might see you then.

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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by openfire »

Afternoon all,

Susie - Sounds like your daughter has had loads of awesome birthdays over the years!! I hope the 4 of you enjoyed her birthday dinner :) I'm glad she liked the clothes! Did you tell her I got the same green top? :lol: That's really cute that your 2 kids enjoy spending time together and even cuter that they are knitting together!
Btw, did SonnyBoy like his clothes too? Were they for his birthday?
I hope you have an awesome time on your family vacation!! :D Pop in if you can.
EDIT: I see that you're online - should you not be on the plane? LOL. I hope that you haven't missed your flight again!

JennJenn - Aww sorry that you have a bad headache. I don't know if this is possible, but can you go to a county ER or something to get treatment? Or would you still have to pay for that too?

Caryn - I LOVE Buffy too! I have watched all the episodes many times, but right now I am rewatching the whole thing with my bf, as he has only seen bits and pieces. Last night we started season 4, so Hush is coming up soon :D I also love that episode! It's just so so well done - and creepy!! Once More With Feeling is great too - I love signing to the soundtrack when I'm driving :lol: Hmm, my favourite episode?? Erm..that's really hard!! What about my favourite from each season? Haha! Did you watch Angel too? I totally have a thing for Vincent Kartheiser, who plays Connor :D :lol: (yay, Desiree like the show too!)
That's cool about the fic list - hope your big computer is ok?

missp - Glad yesterday was better at school - my friend is a teacher and thinks it's also unfair that you are expected to work longer than you get paid for. Yay for having nice, hard working kids in your class!

Raine - Aww that's really sweet of you to watch your neice while your brother gets better. I'm sure him and your SiL really appreciate what you do for them!! I hope he feels better soon so you can get a decent nights sleep.
That really sucks about your friend - I'm sorry! Would there be any chance you could go and visit her for a holiday?

Desiree - Haha, I talk to spiders too when I'm killing them, though it's usually more like "aaargh, go away, aaargh!" :lol:
Yep Buffy = awesome!! It's one of those shows that I fell in love with and still love just as much as I did when I first watched them yeeeaaars ago. Hush really is great - I still think it is amazing that they done a whole episode with virtually no speaking. Another one I thought was made excellently was The Body, the one where Joyce dies. I find is amazing that the episode was made with no music at all - no scores, no soundtracks - just pure and utter grief. I cried so hard :( especially when Anya is freaking out, cos she doesn't know how to handle human death. It's so sad...
Enough with the sad stuff! Haha! Yep I own all the Buffy (and Angel) DVDs :D

Well I better get back to work,
Catch you all later!


I missed a whole page! How did that happen? Whoops! LOL

Anyways, also:

Tammy - Hey! I hope your daughter enjoys her first day of high school!!

Brienna - Hi! Wow, you sure are busy!! See ya on Monday !

Marielle - Enjoy your party!! I hope you have an awesome few days!!

Ann Marie - Nice to see you; hope you get on later!

DEB! Hey! We miss you!! I hope you manage to get on later.. Wow, pre-studying for uni? What kind of thing, reading up on textbooks etc?

Ok, now I'm late and really have to go - Haha - Bye!
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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by twilightsagaaddict »

Happy Hump Day, girls!

So far behind, but I'm here quickly today. The girls will be starting school on time (YAY!), so this is our last week of Summer Break. I'm trying to squeeze everything in before they go back. Then, FINALLY, I'll have some time to myself.
Hope you all are well! Miss you!
(just changed my iGoogle home page theme to Rob in the hammock - if only I could lay there with him ;) )

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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by Jazz Girl »

Happy Hump Day!!

MissP~ So glad things calmed down for you. The first few weeks are always crazy! Wow, you do a full classroom day and then run the afterschool program, too! Those kids are lucky to have you.

Raine~ The terrible twos start pretty much whenever they want them too. :lol: But, you are a wonderful auntie to take such good care of your niece and your brother.

Susie~ I suppose it would be a little on the side of rude to monopolize the SiL’s computer. I’m glad you’ll be able to post though. We’d miss you being gone that long.

Desiree~ We’d make a pretty funny sight, wouldn’t we? Trying to be all calm and subtle. Too funny! When it comes to Lexing, I jut have to make time. I am lucky in that I can do so from work when I get a little break. And, I always work to try to do at least one from home. Yes, I own all 7 seasons of BtVS on DVD. I watch them all the time. It’s my favorite tv show of all time. Who Are You was a fantastic episode. I absolutely loved Eliza Dushku as Faith.

Tammy~ Good to see you!! I’ll be happy to share my list with you. And thank you for the wallpaper. You make such pretties.

Marielle~ Awww, well, I’m glad I was able to confirm you’re still sane. :lol: Blame Rob. He makes us all a little crazy. And, I suppose it makes a statement at how well they've kept things to themselves. but, like I said, when you know what to look for, it's just so bloody obvious. :D

AnnMarie~ *hugs* YAY!! Glad to see you girl.

Deb~ We’ll be waiting for you.

Jaclyn~ Yes, the big computer is fine. It was a problem with the router attached to it, so we’re waiting on a new one, which should come today. Thus, I will send the fanfic list tonight. Fav BtVS from each season is cool. For me it would be: Season 1~ Out of Mind, Out of Sight, Season 2~ Lie to Me (that’s a really hard one because I absolutely love the entire last half of the season), Season 3~ Doppelgangland or Earshot ( I can never decide; the angst and dynamic between Buffy and Angel in both just kills me), Season 4~ Hush (obviously!), Season 5~ The Gift, Season 6~ Once More with Felling (but Normal Again is also made of win), Season 7~ End of Days. Such great stories and performances. I absolutely adore Joss Whedon. Anyone who can give us BtVS AND Toy Story should be sainted. :lol: I watched Angel for a while. But, after about the 3rd season, it went a little wonky.

Sandy~ Last week? Time to squeeze it all it. I hate it when it sneaks up. Ahh, HammockRob. Yeah, I think there’s room for all of us on there. :lol:

Rob & Kristen~ For those of you who might not have seen, Rob & Kristen left Montreal together *sigh* and landed at LAX yesterday afternoon. Reports on their final destination vary, every where from Ottawa to Argentina. But, let's just hope, wherever they end up, it's for some good old fashioned lazing, resting and recouperating. I like to picture them on a beach somewhere, completely alone, just living, maybe Rob hanging with his guitar, playing music for his girl. A last sip of sun before they both have to be all pale again. A girl can dream, can't she?

And, just because I love this picture.
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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by openfire »

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Sorry no time for pics as it's late here. I meant to come on earlier, but was super busy. I really wanted to read the MoBS epilogue too, but that will have to wait until tomorrow night now :(


Sandy - Hi! I'm glad your girls will be able to get to school ok - I bet you can't wait until they go back so you can get some time to yourself! I'm sure you love being with them, but after a whole summer, my SiL is always so thankful for school again so she can get some peace from her kids :lol:
I too want to squeeze next to Rob on that hammack! :D

Caryn - Righty-ho, after some thought I have came up with: season 1 - Prophecy Girl (with Nightmares as a close second); season 2 - What's My Line (although I seriously love all of season 2, apart from maybe Bad Eggs :lol: ) ; season 3 - The Wish (although again, there are so many that I love here...), season 4 - Hush; season 5 - Forever or The Gift; season 6 - Tabula Rasa or Once More With Feeling; season 7 - Conversations with Dead People.
Wow, that was hard!! I love this show so much, that it was really difficult to chose. I like different episodes for different reasons, and really they change I suppose depending on how I feel. The thing I love about the show is that it is just so witty - it has it all: great storylines, great cast & chemistry, humor, action, romance. Excellent, excellent, excellent!
Angel does go a little weird at some points, but it is really good. The last season is excellent - it kind of goes back to it's roots. If you ever give it a shot again, let me know what you think :)
Did you ever watch Firefly? (or see the movie Serenity?)

Rob & Kristen - Yep I saw that they left Canada together too - I hope they are off somewhere nice and quiet and they enjoy some time alone. Is Kristen all finished shooting her movie now then?

Ok now that Caryn posted the most perfect picture of Rob ^^ I can now go to sleep a happy person :lol:

See ya all tomorrow!
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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by SwanCullen »

Caryn-Cool! No rush to, thanks again :) I LOVE that second pic you posted. I sighed out loud at that one! :D

Missp-I feel for you! I fully believe that teachers are underpaid. You and other teachers deserve moe than you get!

Raine-Sounds like a rough few days for you. Hope everything gets better! Don't have a headache today.

Susie-I am alreading dreading when my baby starts highschool. if she needs help, I'll my best but I wasn't that good. I had to take 3 summer courses plus a college class JUST to graduate!

Desiree-Not yet. I wont go to see her till sometime after the first of the year. Money issues blow :( Did you cry at the end of RM? I just think about it and I get teary eyed!

Tammy-Good to see you around! I was wondering about you :) I know, I am already nervous about higher classes. I wasn't great in HS and I just hope my daughter does better than I did.

Brienna-Sounds like you have a busy but fun few days comming up! Have fun!

Marielle-Hope you have fun! I watched a full episode once and it made me so furious! Kids that age should NOT be faked tanned, fake teeth, or make up! It's like those poor kids are loosing out on their childhood :(

Anne-Marie-Good to see you on here! Glad it's working for you now hun!

Deb-I hope you do fantastic at Uni! Sending good vibes your way!

Jacklyn-I could go, but then I would have to end up paying for it. Plus the cost of medications is INSANE! I thank God all the time that my daughter gets a medical card (state paid medical care, all of it even dental! It's fabulous!) I used to LOVE BtVS! I had like the first 3 seasons on DvD, but those are long gone lol! I think the episode where Buffy and Angel have *ahem* "relations" is my fave episode. As it makes him a monster for the first time.

Sandy-Sounds like your a busy mom! Hope it doesn't drive you TOO crazy lol!

Did you know if you go to google and putb in your address, you can get not only a map, but a picture? I put in the adress of the last 2 houses I lived in CA and I felt like my heart would break. It was so nice but sad at the same time to see it. It's awesome. I know it'll do it for the US, but not sure outside of that.
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