Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by VirginiaMay »

Good morning!

I tried to get up early enough to say hello before the rest of the household woke up this morning, but as soon as I stepped out of the shower (at 6:12am) Little Man was waiting for me. So, I did something I cringe to do, but plopped in front of the TV so I could get ready and hopefully post. :? As soon as I'm done here, I'm off to Starbucks and the grocery store this morning. We're out of coffee and milk, and that is just not acceptable around here. ;) Anyway, it sounds like everyone is busy, busy... It seems to be wedding season or something. We have a big wedding that we're invited to in a couple of weeks. I'm excited about it, it's going to be on the beach at a beautiful resort on the Atlantic Coast.

JennJenn~ HI!!

Fi~ It's nice to "see" you back! Glad GB was given a warm welcome by Mum. :D

MissP~ My condolences to your family and prayers for safe travels as you head home.

Marielle~ I went through a punk phase sometime in college. My favorites stuck with me. It's funny, you never would have known it from my "Goody-Two-Shoes" exterior, but I could head bang with the best of 'em! :lol: I went with my sister and her boyfriend (now my BiL) to The Warped Tour a couple of times. (I think this is a US/Canada thing, now put on by Vans.) Anyway, it was our one rebellious act of the year. Our mother SO didn't approve! We saw Dropkick Murphys and Blink 182 back in 1999?? I think. ;)

Susie~ I feel for you trying to type laying down. It just isn't comfortable! Also, I finally sat down and got to watch the video you shared with us about Sonny Boy's circus. WOW!! :o I had no idea it was such a huge deal, and ALL youth! That's amazing. How ever did you learn about this prior to his participation?? By the way, good luck today.

Caryn~ Best of luck on your presentation too! It sounds really interesting and I too would love to at least hear a summary sometime. I think what your doing is really, really important. I talk to parents of teens at our church all the time and it amazes me that where books, TV and music are concerned, how uninvolved many of them are.

Tracy~ NO! I'm not pulling a Midnight Sun. LOL!! :lol: I am a moving a little slow on What Drives Her, but still plugging away. My "new" story is actually quite old and I was just really happy to have it back and be able to share it. There really isn't much of an audience for Post-BD 'original character' stories in the fanfiction world, to be honest. However, The Nomad Chronicles was an idea that I had right after reading the original series for the second time and I just went with it. I actually think from the success of Bree Tanner, we can see that there may indeed be a market for shorter novellas about the lives and adventures of other characters in the Twilight universe. I would love to see Stephenie Meyer and Little Brown work with other talented authors and produce more material for the world of Twilight. I'm a firm believer that as long as she retains creative control, SM could syndicate her series with the same kind of success we've seen happen for Star Wars, Star Trek, Nancy Drew, or The Boxcar Children. The Boxcar Children is the best example I can think of to illustrate my point. It started with a single writer creating and publishing one successful book. Now there are over 100 titles in the series written by a number of authors with the caption, "Created by Gertrude Warner". Anyway... I'll just jump down from my soapbox now. :oops: I get a little carried away on that topic. :lol:

*** EDIT: Well, shoot... now Jacyln, Tracy and MissP posted again and I've run out of time.
Sorry if I missed anyone, but I'll catch up again soon!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by dazzel21 »

Hi Ladies!

I just had a very crazy day today :twisted: . First the good news my ophthalmologist gave me an all cleared. He just said to continue using the eye drop for another week and then I'm as good as new. Although I might have to wait until next year to wear contacts again to give my eyes time to recovered fully. Yay!!! That's a very good news. Though he gave me another option, Lasik Surgery. But the darn thing costs more or less $2000 :shock: so I might have to save up for that one first.

Anyways after work I got dragged by a couple of my colleagues to go to the mall near our office, they're having a midnight sale. But we got sidetracked by this street party just outside our building. Every October, this local beer magnate company throws a party dubbed as Octoberfest. It's held outdoor usually in the heart of a business district with lots of local bands playing and an overflowing supply of beer. I had 2, that's my limit. We stayed for a couple of hours and jam with the rock band that's performing. The weather was perfect for a street party, a bit cold but tolerable. After that we hit the mall and do some shopping. Although I might take note that doing shopping on a midnight sale while being a bit tipsy is not the best idea :? . My head is pounding a dull ache and with all the crowds in the mall I'm feeling a bit claustrophobic. But still its shopping :D I managed to get get a couple of clothes, pajama's (i love staying in my pj's all day during weekends), hoodies since its already the wet season and of course toys for my baby niece. She loved the sketch board that I got for her, its the first time she gets to doodle.

Yay! I think I might take a nap now or go to sleep early. I'm so tired.
I'll catch you all later...
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by marielle »

Hey girls....

I'm having a crazy day...
I couldn't wake up this morning but dragged my big butt to work anyway...the tramride to there woke me up dearly because that were actually a lot of cute guys...(and it rained :x )...anyway work was so fun, one of my co-workers celebrated his birthday with a big chocolate cake...lunch with the cute guys again (normally I see them once every two weeks or so)... the level of talk dropped below the ground really quickly and the talk was about hot actresses... so I stated that if it came to Kstew a girl-crush was normal but that her boyfriend would do even better...
I think I blushed for the rest of the day...
I got home cleaned the house quickly...colored my hair again...(I'm now rivaling the playboy bunny for the blonde BF likes it a lot when I'm blonde)... and now I'm feeling like I'm getting sick...grrrrr....
I'm so happy I'm going to get a lot of sleep this weekend.


Raine, it's so funny to hear some one from the philipines talk about a dubbed octorber fest...I thought only us europeans were THAT crazy...
Congrats on the good news...I like when a doc thinks in solutions and not in makes them workable...

Ginnie, I'm quite a headbanger myself but I'll pay for it dearly the next neck just won't cooperate...I think I'll never get over my punk-metal-rebel period... I love it to much and it makes me meet new people all the time... twice a year I go to a gothic and fantasy convention, a lot of metal and punk fans are going there as well, it's so much fun...I feel like an 16 year-old again...
last year we went to the Green Day was the most brilliant punk concert ever...I still have a lot on my wish list...

Tonise, I'll send you good vibes to get you through the day...

Tracy, your comment on Rob's long fingers made my brain do funny created smutty pics in my mind...I'm sure he could do a lot with those fingers besides playing the piano.. :twisted: :oops:
(you know, now I will never look at his hand the will always be accompanied by smutty thoughts...)

Jaclyn, I didn't know the tax-man in the UK was as bad as that sucks...
I can't imagine living of minimun as well, I know people do it but I think I would die in missery...I'm too much like Alice I just have to shop...

well, I'm trying to OD myself on Rob-crack and smutty fan-fic to make it through the night without falling asleep early...

edit: Raine, I only noticed now that we started our post the same way... :lol:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello ladies,
A little sexy and a little sweet Robcrack to get you ready for the weekend

Marielle~ Rob's fingers are long and lean :shock: .....enough said. 8-) Glad you saw cuties at work, and on the way to work to wake you up properly. What did the boys think of your girl-crush on KStew? ;) It seems that everywhere you go, mens' ears suddenly perk up whenever one woman mentions that another woman is pretty. :lol:

Raine~ That's great news from your opthalmologist--you must be so relieved! Hopefully you'll be able to wear contacts again, before you know it. Sounds like a fun time at Octoberfest and shopping. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Ginnie~ Good for you getting your errands done early in the morning. I'm looking foward to reading more updates to What Drives Her. I enjoyed your other story as well and am glad you were still able to retrieve it succesfully from its trip through the washing machine. I believe our very own Missp also writes stories with post-BD original characters. I honestly wasn't too keen on the idea of the Bree Tanner book at first, but found it both captivating and intriguing. As partial as I am to Edward and Bella, I'd be very interested to read the backstories of other characters as well, especially Carlise, Alice, Jasper, or even newer characters such as Garrett. My kids loved The Boxcar Children series. That shows how unobservant I am...I didn't realize they were written by more than one author. :oops:

Missp~ I'm so sorry about the loss of your cousin's wife, especially after he's been through so much with his own fight against cancer. I hope you had a gorgeous day for the funeral; you and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Here's a link to a Hitfix article (from the front page of the Lex) praising Kristen's performance in "Welcome to the Rileys", and stating she has a decent shot at a Supporting Actress Nomination for the Oscars next year.

The link is here
It seems as if the Supporting Actress category is usually pretty competitve and draws from a wide range of talented and quirky performances, so even a nomination for Kristen is a long shot, at best. But here's my fantasy...

Not that kind of fantasy... :lol:

Imagine the Academy Awards in very early spring of next year, with Kristen looking gorgeous on Rob's arm, and Rob looking dashing in a tux, of course. Kristen's nominated in the Supporting Actress category and probably doesn't win, but is very honored just to be nominated. And Rob receives some very nice attention and acclaim for his upcoming (and Oscar-worthy) performance in Water for Elephants. :D

A girl can dream....right? ;)

Hope everyone has a great weekend and safe travels to all those heading out to weddings or other places. :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Hi girls

I am doing a fast drive by sense I am taking care of hubs from knee surgery.

My RobDream~ Now you would think for as long as I waited for this dream it would have nothing but lemonygoodness but NOOOOOOOOO. Rob and I had been dating I guess for awhile and we we're headed to London from a ship but then it changed to a bus. He was hugging me and kissing me and telling me he was so happy to be with me because he could act like himself. Then we we're at our flat assuming in London and then he started kissing me again. :oops: Then I woke up :roll: I sure would've liked to know where that was leading. :twisted:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by despoina92 »


I know, I've not been much around, but I really miss you! There's so much going on in my life right now. Moving to a foreign country, to a massive city (which happens to be Rob's homeplace, too!). I guess I'm having the time of my life over here, but things in life change quickly, so I shall see in the first few months. For all I know, I love the uni and my course!

I cannot wait for BD to start filming! New pictures of Rob! Yay!

I hope I'll be here more often.

See ya!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by Susie »

Don't tell me that Susie is going to do a drive by post!!

Oh No! What will be next?

Perhaps she was totally offline today at her conference and then had to pick up Daughter Dear at college for fall break and then rendez-vous at circus with Sonny Boy and Hubs. Perhaps she's just too doggone tired and has to "Ice and Elevate". Perhaps she is going to watch the documentary entitled, "Babies" with the whole family. I'm sure she will make one of her Mega Posts tomorrow, never fear. It's not like she is on a trip or anything. (Unfortunately)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by SwanCullen »

Susie-My hands get like that as well when I try typing laying down. Then my wrist hurt like a hammer has beat them. tell New Jen hi! And don't worry about the drive by post. Just do what you need to for that knee! We want you pain free, we love you too much to have you in pain!

MissP-I hope the funeral went okay. They are always emotional!

Marielle-I :lol: at that pic of PFach! That is so halarious!

Tammy-Beautiful creation once again! You get better and better each time :)

Fi-Sounds like your life is busy! A good busy though :) Sounds like some great friends you have that are helping you out.

Jacklyn-Hello! and if you don't check in, we'll see you when you get time!

Tracy-Some of them suprise me. The ones they have for the Amazon's are not what I pictured at all. But, I also know that make up can do a LOT for that. I think the Denali coven was great! The best one I think is whom they casted for benjamin :)

Ginnie-Sounds like the wedding will be loads of fun! I cannot headbang at all lol! It hurts my neck way too much and I get sick at my stomach. Love some of the music though!

Raine-That's great that you will get to wear contacts again :) But it is a good idea to give your eyes time to rest.

Desiree-Hope your hubs feels better soon! I always love rob dreams. I have had a couple, more Roward then Robert though.

Deb-Hey chick! Good to see you checking in!

I have great news! I am going to be able to visit my mom for a whole MONTH in December! I'll come back in January. I will so enjoy this trip! I need the time away from Kentucky to really see if I want to stay here or not. I might end up moving back to Cali, which I really want to do. But I need to make sure that this is what I want 100%. I have to think of my daughter as well so I'll see then.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by marielle »

Good morning girls...

Wow I slept for 9 and a half hours...I'm feeling much better now...
Today will be devoted on shopping and writing fanfic...nice day I should say...

Jaclyn, I was that they are predicting snow in the Scottish hills!!!... it was on the bbc news this morning...I suggest you buy that winter jackets really soon ;)

JennJenn, yeah that pic of Pfach was really had me rolling on the floor...
Nice that you'll be able to spend time with your mom...I would go crazy is I have to spend a whole month with her, but I can unerstand that when you live that far apart it will be a joy...
Big decision moving's good you are going to take your time to think about it...

Susie???WTH???? you are drive-by posting...when did that happen... :shock: :lol:
but yeah you need to take care of yourself...see you tonight...

Deb, hey girl...nice to hear from you... we miss you...
have fun in London and don't forget to study...

Desiree...jep...good dream...makes spending the night asleep so worth it...
I was dreaming about Rob as well last night but woke up half way through, grabben some water and remember hoping to continue the dream, but now I can't remember what it was about...

Tracy, at work they already think I'm crazy so talking about my girl-crush is nothing really (at least for me), but the guys thought different... so I explained that Kstew looks beautiful, showed them the pic from the HB-shoot with Rob and the roses...they understand Kstew is hot but they just don't get it why an other girl can appreciate I told them if Rob can appreciate it sure as hell I can...

I'm so backing you up on that Oscar wish...

Okay, I'm need to get bf os already waiting for me to go I better start going
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by missp »

Happy Saturday, Ladies!! The parental units and I arrived back in the hometown last night just in time for nephew's football game. Brakeman #68 played one of his best games ever last night and was named DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK!I drove straight home from the game and went straight to bed. I slept until 8 AM this morning. I am enjoying my white chocolate mocha caramel coffee at the moment while I catch up on all the posts you girls have been busy leaving behind. I'll pick up my dress for the step-niece's wedding in a bit and get ready to head over to the chapel. The AUBURN WAR EAGLES are playing today at 2:30 pm...RIGHT in the middle of the *BLEEP* wedding! I plan on making a drive-by appearance at the reception and rushing home to catch the second half of the game. :lol:

TO ALL OF YOU WONDERFUL SISTERS~~ Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers during our trip to South Alabama for the funeral. Continue to remember my cousin and his family in your prayers. The coming weeks will be the toughest. He is the pastor of a terrific church family, so they have really taken great care of the entire family. But, they will need continued thoughts for months to come. I held it together pretty well yesterday until one of the songs they played at the funeral was one in which Margie was actually singing. She and Jeff were in a Southern Gospel Quartet for years. She had a beautiful voice and they wrote some beautiful music together. Margie left an amazing legacy behind. I sat in the pew yesterday thinking... "What kind of legacy am I leaving behind?"

GINNIE~~ Being out of milk in this house is liveable, but being out of coffee is just plain unforgiveable! Coffee is the breakfast of champions for LapBand Girl!

DAZZLE~~ Great news from the eye doc! I have considered Lasik surgery as well, but I just don't think I want to go through another surgery in quite a long time! Octoberfest sounds like a lot of fun! Hope you got rid of your headache!

MARIELLE~~ Since you're in the cleaning spirit, come on over and clean my house, too! LOL! I don't feel like doing any of that today. It's been a long week! I think I'll just sit and stare at it until next Saturday. Thanks for the good vibes! WOW! That was some great sleep you got! Enjoy your day writing fanfic and shopping. I hope I get to a little writing this weekend sometime. The shopping will have to wait until November.

TRACY~~ Mmmm... great sweet and sexy Robcrack! The weather for the funeral was absolutely beautiful. I do hate funerals, but they seem to be so much worse when they weather is nasty. I'm sharing that OSCAR dream with you, as well!

Ed's Ragazza~~ DRAT! You woke up from your RobDream too soon! Hope Hubs is doing well after surgery.

DESPOINA~~ *WAVES FRANTICALLY WITH A HUGE GRIN!* Hiya, Girl!! I am sooo proud for you! It sounds like you're having the time of your life! Hope we get to see more of you soon!

SUSIE~~ *Picks myself up off the floor after fainting dead away!* What??? A drive-by from Susie? Say it ain't so! :lol: Sounds like your RL is succombing to the same condition mine is.... STUFF I'M OBLIGATED TO DO WITH PEOPLE I'M OBLIGATED TO! Oh well... I wouldn't have it any other way. Those people I'm obligated to are the cream in my coffee! Hope the knee isn't giving you too much trouble! Enjoy "BABIES" documentary!

SWANCULLEN~~ That is terrific news about the month long visit with your mom in January! So, what moved you from Cali to Kentucky in the first place? I've heard it's beautiful there. But, Cali would be amazing as well. I'm sure Little One would adjust no matter where you lived. Kids amaze me with their super ability to adjust to new situations.

Well, I think that's everybody who's dropped by since I last popped in. Sorry if I missed anyone. I'm off to go do some writing until wedding time. Ya'll have a TERRIFIC day!