Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

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Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

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Wow I love the new summer house. So cozy and warm...

Lex Odyssey Question #3
What did Edward die of?

a) pneumonia (page 9, post 3, line 8, word 1)
b) tuberculosis (page 2, post 4, line 2, word 5)
c) cholera (page 4, post 4, line 3, word 6)
d) influenza (page 3, post 4, line 10, word 3)
e) diptheria (page 6, post 1, line 4, word 7)

Here is the list of names.
The Names

akire - Erika (e-mum2)
Brienna - Brienna
bored by the sea - Vicky
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dazzledBrit - Linz
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Edwards Wheels - Mel
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GenevieveCullen - Jen
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Jazz Girl - Caryn (e-godsmum to Ashley)
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Re: Halfway House Annex **Eclipse Spoilers**

Post by Jadey »



I loved it. My heart hurts!
Rob and Kristens chemistry is just so freakin unbelievable.. it was so intense
^ by ForJazz
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Re: Halfway House Annex **Eclipse Spoilers**

Post by diane771 »

Best best begining and the best ending.
LOVE IT Rob and Kristen the hottest!
Just great didn't disappoint at all only too many dog lovers for me! :lol: that coming from a breeder.
Rob is just getting hotter all the time. His new haircut was growing on me and then I see him in this. woooooo hard not to like it longer 8-)
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Re: Halfway House Annex **Eclipse Spoilers**

Post by Susie »

Thanks for our very own thread, Mods!

After that movie, My estrogen level is climbing - and since I'm well into Menopause, I might have a little lapse! I'd better stock up on feminine hygiene products. :lol:

I was so happy with the film that I don't care if it deviated from the book - I thought it held together well as a total. I'm not going to analyze, I'm just going to enjoy - again and again.

The leg hitch - HOT!!! Even better than expected. When do we get the total gif of that???

Robward was almost too much to handle!! I was a puddle on the floor. Girls, don't kill me, but I found myself preferring Robward's eyes to Rob's steely gray! Everything was there in spades (pun!!) - jaw porn, furrowed brow, crooked smile. The only thing missing is a little flesh!!! Oh, well, there should be some of that in BD!!!!

EXCELLENT Acting by our Robert!!! So many different emotions shown.


I didn't mind Bella/Jake because it served as a great comparison for Bella/Edward, which as we know is much more intense and romantic - her true love. Taycob did a great job, I thought.

I liked the focus at the end of Bella talking about the choice between who she should be and who she is - I always had trouble with the double meaning of that. The movie made it clearer to me -she never felt normal, so she will never be who she "should" be - that's why she can't choose Jake.

I was expecting Jacob to get the invitation at the end and run away, but now I know that wouldn't have been good for the movie - he had already had closure in the scene before, which I thought was excellent.

I was surprised that Bree wasn't named at all.

OK I lied - I am going to complain about something -

MUSIC "Let's Get Lost" for Bella's first attempted escape to visit Jacob???
NOOOOOOOooooooo!!!!!! That doesn't fit AT ALL!

Vicky is going to have a fit!!!!

Not a music complaint - just a surprise -In general, I only noticed a few of the songs on the soundtrack. Muse for Grad party was a surprise - they really want that tune to make it to number 1 - "let's go dance. I love this song!"
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Re: Halfway House Annex **Eclipse Spoilers**

Post by dazzel21 »

Sweet we got our very own spoiler Halfway House

I don't know what else to say. My vocabulary has been limited to one word since last night: excellent, phenomenon, breathtaking, perfect, best movie (okay that's 2 words but i just got to say it).

I admit after watching the premier last night I was a bit distraught because I was expecting for a more detailed and longer scenes . I was seeing through the books as I was watching the movie. But after seeing it again today for the second time there is not a single thing I can complain about (except "Bella leaving Edward with the pup on his motorcycle and "Bella's NO outburst to Edward after the pup hears about the wedding." That's just so wrong...)

Everything is so perfect from the proposal to the tent scene. I specifically enjoyed the fight scene, Alice rocks with the moves. And I was totally convinced that next to Edward and Bella, Jasper and Alice are my next favorite couple. Jackson and Ashley captured the character of Jasper and Alice, they are too adorable for their own good. :lol:

Fierceward is also very sexy for Rob. He was smoking hot all throughout the fight scene with Victoria. He was able to show his true emotions throughout the movie. Kristen as Bella was able to reach out to the viewers the conflicts and hardships of the choices she has to make.

What I like the most about Eclipse is that the Cullens gets to have his/her own exposure. For the previous two movies, Twilight and New Moon, most of them have only a couple of lines and then fades away to the background. This time around they are all more involved. Esme Cullen fighting with the newborns! Way to go 'mommyvamp' :lol: Carlisle's less compassionate side as he fought fiercely with the newborns. Emmett's just to got to love him. Rosalie and Jasper's back story, I love it that they stick true to the books. Charlie and Bella's "talk" was as much fun to watch as it was when I was reading it.

All in all Twilight Saga Eclipse is filled with all the ingredients we Twi-fans are looking for. There's a perfect balance of fluff, love, drama, humor, action and creepiness (courtesy of the newborn vamps) that leaves us hanging and begging for more. Two thumbs up to the director David Slade, actors and actresses and of course to Stephenie Meyer for bringing us the Eclipse.

We would all be looking forward to next year for the first part of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn :D
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Re: Halfway House Annex **Eclipse Spoilers**

Post by misspikaboo »

SUCH an amazing movie. Goshh, I don't even know where to start.

One of the things I liked the most in Eclipse was the key scenes with minor characters. In Twilight and New Moon, they all sort of stood in the background, I felt. But Jasper really came into his own characters this time around, and not just because he finally got some lines. I loved how his personality developed in Eclipse; we see his past with Maria would helps explain so much about him, but more then that, the bond between him and Alice is shown enough that Jasper can not just be viewed as a fighter. And his little idiosyncrasies, like how when he was in Major Whitlock mode, he would fold his hands behind his back as he addressed everyone, just like a soldier.

Also, Charlie hit another homeroom. He's one of those characters that has a small part, but you just can't forget him. He's witty and sarcastic, but it's just adorable. He added something special to the film in every scene he was in. Lots of love for the Police Chief. :)

I'm so glad this movie lived up to the hype; I really did feel it was better then New Moon and Twilight.
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Re: Halfway House Annex **Eclipse Spoilers**

Post by marielle »

Nice nice nice... our own spoiler thread....

hey ladies.....

before I start gushing about Rob... I want to point hot Jackson looked on a horse...and how hot he looked throughout the movie and his southern accent.....

and a honor for daddy Pfach his so so so so so so so so ... do I really have to say it :twisted:

OK Rob time....

- First we need to get screenshots of Rob during the tent scene... DANG, that man makes me shiver...

well actually during the whole movie...His fight training with Carlisle...GAH...
the opening scene in the meadow...even more GAH.....

back to the tent scene...his voice..WOW so soft...his looks...even more wow....
I'm really happy I'm going again tomorrow, i want that whole scene burned in my brain....

all in all...Rob nailed every single piece of the one really no one can now doubt if Rob would be the right Edward....Edward is an understatement for Rob... ;)
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Re: Halfway House Annex **Eclipse Spoilers**

Post by saw93 »

I agree rob did an EXTREMELY good job in this movie and im lovin the haircut haha. BUT did u see Taylor's intrance to the movie! The music! The motorcycle! The dark v-neck! oh my freaking goodness it was perfect!
but back to Rob!
I love how he got aggressive in this movie. Its like jacob released the beast haha. How they get at eachother like they're about to fight! Amazing!
And I loved the whole Training session.
u kno what I jus loved the whole movie! amazing! I need to see it again!
And i agree PFAC is so so so so beyond words! and i wnted to see more of kellan too!!
this cast was jus too hot to handle!
like i said neeeed to see it again! and again and again! imma go broke by the end of this week
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Re: Halfway House Annex **Eclipse Spoilers**

Post by TammyAZ »

2 words ladies.....THE SMILE!!

I know , I know you're probably tired of hearing me go on and on about it, but it just makes me melt every time I see it!! And in this movie it is there alot. I am so glad they finally put the carefree, loving tender Edward in there.

The tent scene was amazing! The boys played off of each other very well.

Charlie and "the talk" scene was soooo funny!! Billy pulled off the perfect uncomfortable dad.

The leg-hitch/proposal scene was hot!! Although after the Bella/Charlie sex talk I realized that they didn't have Edward tell Bella he was still a virgin also (even though they did use the lines about her trying to steal his virtue)

I absolutely loved the sound effects they used when the newborns were being ripped apart, David Slade nailed that detail!

I think my favorite little detail was the opening scene in the meadow. When Edward sparkles, it reflects off of Bellas face...I adored that part!

I'm sure I'll have more after my second viewing. Not sure when that will be, but I don't think I'll be able to wait very long to see it again!!

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Re: Halfway House Annex **Eclipse Spoilers**

Post by Jazz Girl »

Ugh! I was in the middle of my post when the netbook died and I had to wait until I got home to redo it.


Openhome~ Thanks for the lovely addition to the Halfway House. It's kind of like the poolhouse or the guesthouse... :lol:

Well, you all know that I loved it. So, let's expound, shall we...

Where to start? Well, let me get the crow eating out of the way first I guess. As with any adaptation, there are always going to be omissions, liberties and generally things that purists like me take issue with. But, with the exception of two GLARING OoC moments with Bella, I actually have to (and you all know how much it kills me to admit this) applaud Melissa Rosenburg. This was by far her best effort and she did a pretty good job bringing us the journey and tone of the book. Also (and you all know how powerfreaked I was about this) I have to say she did a very good job of balancing the external story of Riley, Bree, Victoria and the newborns and weaving it into the central story without overpowering the love story that MUST BE at the core.

The performances were fantastic. I'll start with Kristen, who I think, even though I have loved her as Bella all along, stepped up her game so amazingly well. It was mostly due to her performance that I think I like MovieBella better than BookBella where Eclipse is concerned. BookBella has always gotten under my skin for being so callous and disregarding not only Edward's feelings but even his right to feel them. Kristen infused every interaction with Edward with a sense of peace and comfort despite the tension. And, every interaction with Jacob brought a sense of the inevitability of her choice. You could truly see her attitude of, "There is no debate, so why does this even matter." Even after the J/B kiss, you watched her immediately know that there truly wasn't any question about what her future was. Her shining moment, to me, came in her actions as Edward faught Riley and Victoria. She has no dialogue. But, her performance spoke volumes. And, I must say, her performance in the proposal scene... an amazing combination of vulnerability and strength. You truly saw her transition from pawn to queen taking shape.

Taylor impressed me as Jacob. Starting with the understanding that I hate his character with a fiery passion, he delivered everything I hoped in terms of Jacob's character. My greatest fear was that they would try to sell Jacob as the tragic heroe with only pure motives. Taylor ensured that Jacob's manipulativeness and juvenile motives were visible along with what is argued as his efforts to save Bella's life.

Rob... sweet mother of all that is holy, what can I say about Rob. You all know I was worried about the change in Edward, from reserved and controlled to more explosive. But, with Rob, it was a completely organic transformation. It became his emotional journey and every reawakening human emotion played across his beautiful face with such clarity and ease that you could not help but lose yourself in both Edward's pain and his joy. Rob's gift for bringing dialogue to life thought his expressions was in full force in every scene. In the opening meadow scene, you felt his anticipation, his disappointment and his desire. I was utterly floored by the tent scene. And, holy crow, the proposal scene... you saw him. You saw 109-year-old Edward, walking the tightrope between loving Bella beyond sanity and only wanting to give her everything she ever wants and battling his own instincts and dangerous desires. You saw 17-year-old Edward, in his era and his time, planning how he would approach this beautiful woman who captured his heart and wrestling with how to reconcile that era with the time he lives in now. The fight with Victoria... DAMN!! David Slade said that this would be where we finally see the monster Edward keeps so carefully caged. Jesus, was he right. But, I swear by gods, if I ever hear Rob or anyone else say that he is awkward or can't do the action, I'm going to punch them. That fight was proof that Rob can do ANYTHING! But, the best part was watching the transition... from FierceWard to GentleWard, immediately reining in the monster to protect Bella and be the man he is. I can't even find words to express how perfect Rob's performance is.

Jackson shined. Simple as that. I knew he would. I knew that Jasper's story and his step into the spotlight would give Jackson the opportunity to show us all what he could do. His connection to Ashley is palpable and that completely makes his fight scene with Alice.

The rest of the Cullens were fantastic as well. I'm not the biggest Nikki Reed fan, but she carries off Rosalie quite well. Elizabeth Reaser glows as mamabear Esme. Peter as Carlisle just continues to rock my world. And, as always, Kellan brings Em completely to life.

David Slade has truly earned his place in the Twiverse. I was worried. When he was named director, we were left up in the air. There were no statements of support from Stephenie, no outreach to let us know that this wouldn't become a zombie film. But, what he did with this movie is nothing short of amazing. He brought a complete balance between showing us the cold, hard, terrifying world of vampires and the wonderful and loving relationship between Bella & Edward.

The music was downright perfect, with one glaring exception. I agree completely with Susie in the total misplacement of Let's Get Lost. But, other than that, every song that appears in the film is perfectly placed. I am a little disappointed that my favorite song, Heavy In Your Arms doesn't actually appear in the movie. I absolutely love the feel of the song and the lyrics are absolutely perfect for Bella. Howard Shore's score is subtle and a great blend of traditional orchestral and heavier rock and blues.

Overall I can't believe how ecstatic I am about this film. That the critics seem to be happy about it as well is icing on top of the giant cupcake. I have no idea how many times I am going to see this film in theaters. But, I'm sure it will at least rival how many times I saw Twilight.
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