Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by openfire » Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:39 am

Afternoon folks,

The weather here during the night was mental!! I got woke up by it about 5am - and I never normally wake up during the night :lol: (unless my neice is staying, I wake up really easy if she is here - must be some kind of instinct thing Haha!). Anyways, we woke up to the loudest wind and rain - it sounded like the window was gonna crash in!! In my just-woke-up-and-a-bit-dazed state, I actually wondered what I would do if they window had broken... :lol:
Anyway, I fell back asleep and it was a bit less windy when I left for work. Very heavy rain though (with big rain drops... if only it was a little colder, then it would have been snow I think!). I got soaked walking from my house to my car because I don't have a jacket with a hood - need to get one I think!! :lol:

Chrissy - To answer your question for school about drinking: I live in the UK and the legal drinking age is 18, which I think is totally fine. You can get married, have kids etc here when you are 16 - I didn't understand when I was little how you could do all that, but couldn't have a drink. But now, if anything, I think everything should be 18 rather than everything 16. I think the US age for drinking is really high.. especially since it's 3 years later than most other adult things. I agree what people have said about that if the age is lowered, then maybe people will drink even earlier than just now.. but I think that, if kids are gonna drink, they are gonna do it. Like here, they have increased the age to buy tabacco to 18 (although you can still smoke it from 16) - all this does I think is increase shoplifting etc because kids can't get served! 16 year olds are still going to get cigarettes if they want them... Sorry slightly off topic there LOL. So my answer is: I think it should be lower, but that's just my personal opinion :)
Thanks for letting me know who Rain was - he is pretty cute! ;) I had never heard of him before.
I always wanted to do yoga too! My suggestion for losing weight is just to eat healthy and do more exercise, eg. maybe walk rather than take the bus etc. You should allow yourself chocolate and things every now and again - everything in moderation!

Caryn - Why did ROBsessed have to pull the page of pics? I hadn't saved them yet :( Oh I see you linked them again LOL. I will have to remember to do this when I get home tonight.
Thanks again for the WOWZA pics!!

Susie - How is the hubs job hunt going?

Christina - Wow, only 40 miles away from Ginnie? That's really short. And totally awesome!!

JennJenn - I can't watch that KStew video as I'm at work... I'll try to watch it later!

Tracy - Aww thanks for calling me pleasant! :oops: A vampire forehead...I think what my mom means is kinda a big(?) forehead connected to the nose a certain way. Ok that makes no sense LOL. I will try to find a pic of what I mean tonight! But yep I really hope that they keep EclipseWard the same for BD... Not only was the hair and make up perfect (I think! lol) but he just looked... happy!
Your Halloween sounds a lot of fun! I would have loved to have riden on the back of a truck going trick-or-treating when I was younger!
ps. I'm finally getting around to reading the last epi from Tips For A Better Living - so far I am going "awwwww!!" :D

missp - Yay for having a lot of fun with RBell! Just drop by when you can :D

Marielle - Thank you for telling us that Taylor is most likely not going to Rio!! YAY!!

Raine - Hey girl! We missed you! Defo check out Caryn's pics like [/b]Marielle[/b] said above. They are just... *explodes*

Okey-doke I'm off now. I'll try and check back in later!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by SwanCullen » Tue Nov 02, 2010 12:03 pm

Tracy-Sounds like a good idea you had with trick or treating! i am like you, no will power with the candy! If there is chocolate, yeah I can go over board! (Espicially if it's white chocolate reeses cups!)

Marielle-That makes two of us that had Rob related dreams (I'll explain mine at the bottom :) ) Thanks for the BD news. I just couldn't understand WHY on earth Taylor would be there to film. Maybe they will return again to Brazil for more filming? I think 4 days is not enough time to film a piviotal part in the movie! (Unless they plan on NO sleep for 4 days for Rob and Kris and the crew!)

Raine-Welcome back! I am lost, where did you go? :lol: DEFINITLY check Caryn's post from yesterday! Oh word!!!

Jacklyn-I think that weather would have made me nervous as well! We can get tornados here in KY and that weather would be not so good! I think you'll laugh at the video. I was chuckiling (Kristen certinly gets nervous in interviews I think!)

Missp-Sounds like a goodtime with a cool guy!

Okay, now about the Rob-related dream I had. It was actually Twilight and it was the wedding. In it I was a bridesmaid of Bella's as was my sister and daughter (who apparently went all Nessie in the dream with rapid growth cause she looked 16 :lol: ) Jacob was a groomsman :? and I walked with him. Carlisle was the one that married them and Jasper and Emmett were groomsmen dressed like the cop and Indian from the Village people. I remember walking up the isle with Jacob (whom apprently has a thing with butts :lol:) trying to smack his hand away and the next thing I know I am in water and Edward throws me out of the water and I land in what I guess is the Cullen house and I go to talk and Vampella rips off my left arm while Edward rips off my left leg. :shock: :shock: :shock: It still confuses me lol! I have weird dreams all the time.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by Jazz Girl » Tue Nov 02, 2010 12:29 pm

Good afternoon, Sisters!! Well, thoroughly enjoying another PJ Day, playing with my Kindle and a new program I downloaded to manage it. I'm hoping it will make it better to load my fanfic PDFs on their, make them more readable. So, we'll see. I went and voted this morning, so that is checked off the list. To my US sisters, I hope you all did as well. The right to vote is something our great grandmothers and grandmothers fought for, in some cases endured torture to win. Please, VOTE!!! (and now I'm off my soapbox).

Chrissy~ I didn’t answer your question last night as I felt I needed to be able to focus on it completely and with those lovely pictures of Rob, that just wasn’t happening yesterday :lol: Anyways, I’m rather torn on the question. On the one hand, we will allow 18 year olds to vote in directing the future of our country. We will allow them to join the military, wield a weapon, go to war and possibly die for their country. We tell them they are adults, responsible for their entire own world. But, they cannot have a beer at the local pub with their buddies? In part, I think the fascination adolescents and young adults have in the US with alcohol is the fact that it’s kind of the last sign of “growing up”. After 21, there really isn’t a big milestone birthday to look forward to. We give liquor a mystique and a status when we say it is “grown ups only”. Even the way my kids understood when they were young why they couldn’t have a sip of mommy or daddy’s drink… we called them “grown up drinks”. But, I don’t think it is the age limit alone. I think it is the “forbidden fruit” aura we give to liquor. The biggest issue is that we won’t even allow parents to help their kids figure out their limits safely and in their own homes. We tell adolescents no no no, you cant’ have it. Of course the first thing a teenager is going to do is try to prove they can handle it. The whole way we go about it is messed up.

Susie~ It seems a number of the blogs that posted the pictures received Cease & Desist orders for posting them. So, it looks like I won’t be posting anymore of them either, until we get the all clear. So, private enjoyment it is. :D Well, what can you say about that picture except that it is just down right RAWR!! I mean, a close second might be the full brown suit. But, I hate that they’ve tamed the hair. Don’t get me wrong, still just beautiful. Still, the hair must be free! An interesting idea that it could be to shoot some sort of “flash forward” or “vision” seen with Tayter. I definitely like THAT a lot more than any other possibility. It didn’t say whether or not McKenzie Foy would be joining them and I would figure they’d want her there for that part, though. I literally just bought Hunger Games. I’m not sure when I’m going to get to it, though. I’m trying. It’s still so hard to read books without a Bella & Edward.

Christina~ I’m with you to a point on Anne Rice’s comments. I agree that anyone forming and articulating an opinion on anything should be as familiar as possible with the material first. However, I get what she is saying. Her vampires are of the scarier, more threatening lot. She believes they are that way and there’s no choice involved. Although, having read her series, her character Louis is very similar to our Cullens, isn’t he? He struggles with his humanity, even attempts to live on the blood of rats. So, I’m not sure she’s not being a bit hypocritical.

JennJenn~ BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!! Thanks for sharing that, sweetie. Am I the only one who finds it hysterical that it does piss “one person” off? Awww, Rob! Come on, hon. No double standards, love. You are lusted after by millions and TRUST ME there are plenty of Robosexuals out there. So, just accept that your lady love is lusted after by millions of both sexes and bask in the joy of being with her. :shock: Wow, that was a really weird dream!! I’m not even going to try and think what that might mean.

Tracy~ YAY! for PJ Days! I went and voted a few hours ago, still in my PJs! I’m a bit… out of the mold politically speaking when it comes to my county. So, I figured they already think I’m nuts. Why bother arguing with them? :lol: Actually, Indiana just instituted Daylight Savings Time two years ago. I grew up with it in Michigan and moving down here was a total adjustment. They would delay the shows, even live broadcasts, an hour to have the same “primetime”. I remember them having to break in to “live coverage” on 9/11 because even the Today Show was tape delayed at that time. You would not believe the grumbling and arguing over it. But, I always loved it and was ecstatic when we finally got it. Yes, you are right, Arizona is either the last or one of 2 that still do not follow DST.

Tonise~ Ahh, young love. No worries. We all understand. It just takes time to learn balance. But, I’m glad to hear things are going so well. Just pop in and share a story. You know we’re all waiting to hear them. :D

Marielle~ Oh yeah!! Those pics DEFINITELY inspired some more R rated dreams! Good gods!! Have you noticed we seem to get those days where, just when we think the drought is going to drive us to our knees, just when we are at our breaking points, like sweet fresh rain from heaven, we get a day like yesterday/ *sigh* As for Isle Esme, I’m thinking they might be doing just exterior shots. Honestly, I think it is mostly a security issue. There’s no way that Summit wants to risk THOSE shots being leaked and so they’ll have to do a lot of set shooting. There are certain things they want to shoot outside and to look very real. However, remember, they have an island in Baton Rouge, a very tropical locale, where they are doing a lot of shooting as well. So, I think this is just to get a few very specific scenes and then the rest will be indoor sets where they can control lighting and other things for effects (like Edward’s sparkle and other things).

Raine~ YAYAY!! Welcome back, sweetie. Hopefully, you’ve seen the outtakes from the Australian TV Week shoot and the BD filming updates. That’s pretty much the developments. Get caught up. We’ll be here.

Alright, alright, I'm off to do a few other things before I lose myself in fanfic again. But, before I go... *hugs* Yep, I'm in this kind of mood today.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by Edwards Ragazza » Tue Nov 02, 2010 5:29 pm

Awww thank you girls for making me feel that there is still a spot for me at the HH since I have been quite absent.

This is just a quick post before I head out to pick up lil man from preschool.

Jaclyn~ That can be quite scary when the wind and rain are bad. I have thought about the trees falling on the roof many times during the night. Glad to know though you went back to sleep.

JennJenn~ Gotta love those dreams no matter how weird they are.

Caryn~ How do you like the Kindle? Thanks for all those juicy pics!

Susie~ Hubs surgery.forgive me cause I will be misspelling. He had a scopic surgery and they did a lateral release and scraped up(cleaned up) the minkiss. He was at the gym the next day only doing arms and the trainer spoke with him and was shocked that he was back the next day. The trainer said his wife was out for weeks for the same thing. I know the doctor that my husband went to has a really good reputation. How did you like Hunger games? I have had no time to read or watch tv in awhile. Making me moody cause I want to re-read Twilight Series!

Christina~Nice to meet you. I have been here for awhile but have been absent a lot but I do try to pop in when I can. I completely agree with you on the A.R. issue. Glad you got to meet Ginnie and Susie. These girls are a fun bunch glad you found our group. Are you a mom to?

Tracy~ It will be another child dev. class and general education to work towards my A.A. I think I have to have that first before I get my BA. How have you been?

Raine~ I would be going crazy to if I had no internet. Glad you are back. I haven’t been on FB or here so I missed where you went. Love to hear about it.

Chrissie~ I lost 30 lbs. I have a diet program and really it isn’t a diet program more like a life change. pm me if you want to know. It works!

Miss all of you.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by openfire » Tue Nov 02, 2010 6:31 pm

Evening all,

This afternoon my bf got a call from his sister asking if we could watch BabyE tomorrow. Turns out she has conjunctivitus and so can't attend nursery; her mom and dad can't get tomorrow off work, so we said that we would watch her. I'm happy because 1. woohoo a day off work! lol, and 2. woohoo a day spent with BabyE! :D I went and collected her after I finished work tonight since I work really near where she lives, so it would save us going in tomorrow morning to get her. Although I had my First Aid class tonight so didn't get to see much of her :( It was the first time my bf has put her to bed himself :lol: I actually really missed her...and she's not even my kid! I don't know what I'll be like when I'm a mom and have to leave my child... Hahahaha!

A little Tuesday evening RobCrack!

JennJenn - Watched the video - I just love Kristen!! She just... kinda rocks :P
Your dream defo sounds weird! :lol:

Caryn - Your day today sounds a lot of fun - did you manage to get your fanfics loaded onto your Kindle? So you're gonna read a book without Edward & Bella?? Do those stories even exist?? :P :lol: (I'm kidding of course!! I plan to catch up on my books next year on holiday since I can't [unfortunately...] take the laptop...)
Thanks again for the other link to the pics... I'm gonna save them just now just in case they get taken down too.

Desiree - Of course there is still a place here for you!! There always will be :D
That's really cool your hubs knee surgery was such a success, and he was back in the gym the next day? Wow!
I hope you manage to set aside a little "me time" so you can read a little. I really want to re-read Twilight too but right now I've got a huge list of fanfics so I'm just listening to Twilight saga on audiobook instead. I like to listen to it when I'm doing housework etc LOL. Oh that reminds you still wanna see pics of my house? It's pretty much all done now (minus pictures on the wall etc.).

Off to read - night!

EDIT: sorry Tracy I completely forgot about trying to find a picture of the "vampire forehead"! I will defo try to do it tomorrow (depending on BabyE) or Thursday!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by BlueStarEgo » Tue Nov 02, 2010 9:52 pm

Oh my Oreo bits! I am soooo embarassed. I just had a total #Fail moment. :oops: For me to be so computer savvy, I am a complete idiot sometimes. I tried to PM ONE person and ended up PM'ing all of the Mods somehow. I hope they don't hate me for too long.

Anyway, how is everyone today? I got home and saw I had TWO pages to sift through! I love when everyone has a chance to drop in. I got a lot of reading done today in school. I didn't take my laptop today so I wasn't distracted too easily. I forgot my ear plugs though! How is the library loud? People weren't exactly yelling at the tops of their lungs loud, but jeez! I had a quiz in Biology and now I have an exam Thursday. A plus to that is my teacher told us the Lab class for Friday's been canceled! (Yes, I like class cancelations.) :D I got a little bit of extra work done in my Data Processing class. I was supposed to start my diet today, but, I think I blew it. I didn't do very well. To start, I walked out of the house and forgot to take my salad. So I went with nothing to eat the entire day but a bag of popcorn I had to pop (I always keep popcorn in my bag for some reason, and yes, I ate the enitre bag). So by the time I got home, I was S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G! Now my mom is baking brownies...... they smell so good. But, a good thing is that I haven't sipped an ounce of anything but water! I've gotten my 8+ cups. I've even gave up my beloved Pepsi/A&W I think maybe tomorrow I'll get off of the bus a few block early. Get some walking in because I don't have a treadmill. I've gathered some YouTube exercise videos and set Saturday mornings (well afternoons, I don't like early weekend rising :lol: ) aside to get some working out in. Does anyone know good substitutes for pastas and rice? I survive on macaroni and cheese. That is my go-to meal maybe 3 or 4 times a week. I'm serious, the lunch lady in 5th grade used to call me "Mac Mac"!

Second, I'd like to thank everyone who gave their thoughts and opinions on my presentation topic. I read everybodys 2 cents and again, thank you very much. I was surprised that a lot of you guys had some of the same reasonings that I did. I thought most adults would say no.
My groups chose to say yes that we DO think the legal age limit should be lowered. I didn't say at first and give our reasons why because I wanted to see what some adults thought. I agree with those who said maybe 19 would be a more ideal age, but, my question to YOU would be - Should the right for 18 year olds to vote, purchase tobacco, and be legally married be bumped up to 19 too? Now, let's all pray my group members actually put in their part of the work and we get a good grade!

On to my replies:

Susie (& others who commented): The Army thing was my major reason for agreeing that the legal drinking age should be lowered. How can someone you've released into modern day society be told that he/she is an adult, is eligible to vote for a potential leader of the country they reside in, can be tried in court as adults, and not expect them to legally want a glass of champagne to celebrate a marraige that you've told them they are indeed mature enough to be in? I see most people's major reason for not lowering it is drunk-driving. As far as I'm concerned, the US can't even count on legal ADULTS to drive responsibly. It's true that it all depends on the maturity of the individual. But again, some adults aren't even mature enough to own baseball bats. I'll be honest, I am still under the age of 21 and I've consumed alcoholic beverages both under parental supervision and alone with friends. I've personally never gone "outside" in a drunken stupor and clowned like a caged buffoon. But I've seen it happen with underaged teens. In my eyes, the most if it is doing just beacuse someone has said you can't. I'm not saying I think alcohol should be "normalized" so that "drinking-to-get-drunk" can become an everyday thing. I'm saying that lowering the legal age limit and actually taking the time to show teens how to consume alcohol in an acceptable manner would be so much better than just hiking up the age limit like it's a forbidden cookie jar and then pointing fingers at a good parent like my mom who has actually taught me how to at least pretend like I have a bit of sense (I do have sense, it's just an exaggeration ;) ). Another honest moment, my father is an alcoholic, he's been one for years. It's sad sometimes. I was actually in danger myself a while ago of becomming an underage alcoholic (long story, I was in a dark place then. I'm a bit better. I'd share if everyone would like me to.). But, I'm learning from his mistakes and my own to make sure I always know when enough is enough. I've read The Hunger Games trilogy. I enjoyed it very much! I don't really like the epilogue at the end of Mockingjay but it satisfied me. The story itself was very well thought out to me. I think it flowed well and the excitement never died.

Sorry about the rant. I just feel a bit strong about this.

Christina: Yea, I kinda figured I wouldn't burn many calories breathing and stretching, it was a nice thought though! :lol: Today was my first step in cutting out sodas and juices. I haven't taken a sip of anything but water! Thank you for the help! I appreciate everything.

JennJenn: That video was hilarious! She knew exactly what it meant.

Tracy: Thank you! I can never get pictures to actually look the way things look in reality. Someone told me it was my bedroom light. Either way, I love my nail color! It came out better than expected. I'll be trying this again. I actually just wanted to paint my tips but my brother decided to use all of my tape!

MissP: O000o0o0o roses?! nice! sounds like you're enjoying his company more and more.

Marielle: Before I respond, I don't know why but I always want to spell your name like Marriellia. I have no idea why. I always have to retype it :lol: That grin has permission to stay plastered onto your face! What do you mean by low alcohol drinks and all alcohol drinks? Are certain drinks more acceptible than others? I don't think I mentioned above but I believe in certain states, teens that are 18 and above can consume alcohol under legal/parental supervision.

Raine: Hey there! Oh no, no cell connection? I'd die!

Desiree: You were who I was trying to PM in my aboved mention PooFace moment! :oops: I felt so stupid. I don't know how I PM'd everyone BUT you! Anyways, thank you for the help.

Jaclyn: No problem, Rain is complete awesome. He's my SK quivalent to Rob =) Ninja Assassin was a good movie if you like those types. Wow, you guys weather sounds horrible! The wind has died a bit here thankfully. I saw that we might have rain/snow Thursday though. I hate that I have to carry my laptop with me. If anything happened to it, I'd surely perish :cry:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by Susie » Tue Nov 02, 2010 10:00 pm

Hello Ladies!

Election Day here in the U.S. Hubs is the co-chair election judge at our precinct so he's been gone since 6 am. He'll be back around 9:30 and he'll tell me the results. The big race here is Governor - our current guy has already done his 8 years (and has his eye on running for president next) I don't think I should discuss that..... :?

I wouldn't want to trade this card.

JennJenn – Yep. And lots of people who will be irresponsible about drinking no matter how old they get. Krisbians – Does Kristen even have a brother???? Again – you win the prize for the most entertaining dreams!! Just what do you eat or drink before bed???

– Love what you said about the Ann Rice interview! I feel the same way. You and Ginnie win the prize for those who live the closest to each other!! (in the U.S.) Who gets second place, I wonder?(Looks like I’m a geek, too!) It’s Tracy and Tonise (117 miles) and then Caryn and Sandy (183 miles) get third place. 4th place - JennJenn and Tracy (218 miles), I might get 5th place with Chrissy if she lives in northern Iowa….. I’m 244 miles from Des Moines. Then 6th place - Susie and Sandy (410 miles), 7th place -Tracy and New Jen (517 miles). I’m sorry Desiree (CA) and Tammy (WY) are so far away from the rest of us!!! UK – Ann Marie and Vicky are pretty close, right? Deb is in London and not too far from you both, right? Jaclyn - only a train ride away!! Fi is in Wales - don't know how far from the others. In Holland – Marielle and Brienna are close….Shauni in Belgium is fairly close to Holland...Sorry Raine, but I'm afraid you're pretty far away from all of us!! Desiree would be the closest, though.

– I just love how you have no will power when it comes to Halloween Candy AND that you had adult beverages while riding in the pickup truck – (even I wouldn’t do that!!) Now I really want to come back to Nashville and party!! Team Peeta or Team Gale? Well, I’m just starting Catching Fire – so how can I say – initially I would say Peeta since he seemed to have so much depth – didn’t want the Capitol to “change him”. And that’s true love. Don’t tell me any more until I’ve finished the last book. Thanksgiving – If I had to host, I wouldn’t do the surgery then. No. I’m so lucky because my mom hosts it. She’ll be 80 by then and very healthy. My parents live on a 150 acre lot (their dream house) so there’s lots of room for my brothers/wives/ kids/ and my family and my aunt, uncle, cousin, and my dad’s cousin and his girlfriend. Too much thread used up there, sorry! We had school today.

MissP – With all those nights out with your new gentleman, it’s a good thing you have a student teacher right now!! Don’t forget the gym (or are you getting a work out anyway? ;) )

Marielle – I’m totes jealous you got an R-rated dream!! (or was it X???) Instead, I just got a sort of Hunger Games sort of dream where I had to bicycle to an “arena” somewhere…4 days shooting in Brazil – don’t worry, they’ll probably just do the exteriors then. The interiors *cough* the bedroom at Isle Esme *cough* can be done in Baton Rouge.

– It sounds like you had a REAL vacation – from technology too. You must be very well rested.

– I’m surprised a Scottish Lass like you doesn’t own a hooded jacket!! That sounds like a terrible storm last night. The job hunt is still going. The good news is he is getting interviews, but not an offer yet. Still, he’s only been trying since Sept 1 and the market is VERY tight. I’m very hopeful that by the end of this month, he’ll have one. BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO GET CONJUNCTIVITIS YOURSELF!!!. Don’t touch your eyes when BabyE is around and wash your hands often. Other than that - enjoy your day off taking care of her, Super Auntie!

– May your State become at least fuchsia, if not lilac tonight. It’s probably too much to ask for periwinkle, impossible to ask for morning glory. As you know, I have many Somali students and most of them are Citizens. Their community tells them who to vote for and they all vote in a block. (I couldn’t ask which way.) I have a student from Sudan who just passed her Citizenship test on Friday, but since she hasn’t gone through the ceremony yet, she isn’t eligible to vote today. She doesn’t seem to be upset about that, but she is SO excited about becoming a U.S. Citizen! All you have to do is read the first chapter of The Hunger Games and you’ll be pulled in. Do it.

Desiree – It’s great that you’ve gotten more hours at work. With 2 classes next semester, you’ll be really swamped!! Since you get to take your kids to work with you, though, at least you’re with them. Knee surgery – sounds like arthroscopic surgery on the meniscus. My meniscus is torn and I’m going to have it trimmed by the same procedure. I’m so glad to hear your hubs recovered so well! PM me about how you lost 30 lbs!!!

- Don't worry - the mods will understand!! Still, I know how you feel. You articulated your position on the drinking age very well - you have a lot of depth! So you're seeing how "adults" really feel. I'd love to have a beer with my kids now and they're both underage! I do respect the law, though. If you want to share more of your background, I'm interested - either a PM or here on the thread, whatever you're most comfortable with.

Tammy - Are you OK???

Vicky - What's up?

Love this scene!!

Time to listen to the election returns-

Nighty Night!!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by SwanCullen » Tue Nov 02, 2010 11:09 pm

*kicks computer in the groin and throws it out the window on the railroad track*

I had a good post typed up, in notepad no less and BAM! The computer froze and I lost my post! GAH! I am just going to say goodnight :lol: I'll try to think of a better reply to morrow. Later ladies!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by marielle » Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:02 am

Good morning ladies…

Did everyone survived Rob’s (helped by Caryn) attack on our sanity?

Well the dark days before Christmas have definitely started in Holland…It’s a good thing that it isn’t freezing because I would have been able to Ice-skate to work…
Yesterday I have kept my bf company and watch my soccer team win their biggest win in club history…I was afraid they would loose big time but they won with 2-0…


Jaclyn, please make sure you keep that king of weather there…I really don’t want to deal with more wind than we already have… ;)
Ooh what I wanted to tell you…I saw a band this weekend and I think you might like them as well… all they sing about is, beer, pubs, whiskey and Scotland. I really liked them and bought a cd…check Google for “Scrum” I know they have two clips online of their songs…

JennJenn, wow your dream’s weird…you must have a rich imagination…
I think Caryn is right, they will shoot only Brazil specific scenes and the rest they will do in a studio…or a bunker…something they can control with security…

Caryn, thumbs up for the voting…you are so right, everybody should vote, it’s a duty…
What I was wondering isn’t the US system very limiting? I mean in Holland we voted last may, we had 20 parties we could vote on, I know that is a lot but I can’t see how you can agree on every subject one man stands for. Like I can’t see how you can be either a republican or a democrat, what if you don’t agree with any of those two, what if you want something completely different or just an in-between?

Yeah thank god for releases of cutouts and extra pics, how else would we survive those droughts…

Chrissy, my name is difficult enough as it is, please don’t give my mom any ideas…hahaha
Ooh, low alcoholic drinks in Holland are drink with a max of 6% alcohol, like beer, wine, and light mixes. Things like whiskey and rum, served pure or on the rocks is considered strong alcoholic (or normal)…like when you go to a supermarket and you buy a bottle of rum, you have to be 18, but if you buy a bottle of Bacardi Breezer ( I hope you know it, it’s a rum mixed with juice and bubbles) you can be 16.

Susie, lets just say about my dream, the mods would kick me out if a mention any part of it… :lol:
The interior scene of Isle Esme, will be done in a bunker…I’m sure of that…I so hope that they will leak just one picture…
I told my bf that you wanted to see a pic of him with glasses and wild hair, but he said "no way" I'll have to be sneaky about it... ;)

Wow, I can’t find much news or anything…

Tonight I’ll do my Hump day contribution…I want to take the time to find you girls something good…
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by dazzel21 » Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:32 am

Hey HH Sisters!!!

How have you been??? I wasn't able to come back last night, what with unpacking, facebooking, fanfiction and watching vampire diaries :twisted: I fell asleep around 9pm.

Anyways, vacation went well. We went to buy flowers very early in the morning of Saturday. We got a wide variety of orchids, roses and malaysian mums and the traditional chrysanthemums. We left Manila at around mid afternoon and arrived home at around 8pm. My cousins who still has lots of stored energy drag me to watch Paranormal Activity 2. We turned off all the lights and scare each other while we were watching. It's creepy, but I love a good horror movie. My mum told us off a couple of times because my younger cousins keeps on screaming and it was almost midnight at that time.

Sunday we all woke up early. We went to the neighboring town a couple of hours away from my hometown. Even my dad who doesn't like traveling much went with us. We attended church service there. The attraction after the mass is the largest life-sized image of Jesus Christ on top of a mountain with his hand open wide. This place is called as Kamay ni Hesus or roughly translated "Hands of Jesus" . I didn't bother counting the steps but some of the kids who's bored and tired are counting and they said its more than 200 steps. I'm telling you ladies its not an easy climb but worth it once you reach the top. And the view is simply breath taking. We didn't stay long at the top it's drizzling and there's no shelter up there aside from a couple of gazebo's now and then, plus the rock's which serves as the stairs are a bit slippery when wet :D . After this we went to lunch at a floating nipa hut restaurant (that's my cousin, baby niece and SIL). My baby niece had the time of her life feeding bread crumbs to the fish.

Monday is our Memorial Day/Day of the Dead or as we Filipinos called it "Undas". It was raining so hard we reach the cemetery before lunch. It is our tradition that during this day, we keep candles burning all day long until midnight. The family mausoleum on my mom's side is shared between my grandmother and her 2 sister's family, so it's never lonely during the day there. What with so many second cousins and aunts and uncles present. We had lunch at Villa Celerina, this is an old picture though because my genius of a brother forgot the camera at home :roll: . My grandparents on my dad's side are laid to rest in a little chapel at the back. We also light candles for them as a sign of respect and remembrance. Aww Susie no Rob and Kristen though, maybe because the nearest neighbors are a couple of blocks away. I never got the chance to take a stroll because its raining hard. Oh well maybe next time :lol: .

Tuesday morning after breakfast we left my hometown to go back to Manila. Nothing interesting happen during the trip though. I'm just so excited to get back to the city where there's internet and cellphone signal. Urgh...

Sorry for the long post and the nonsense babbling in some sentences. But this is how it goes for me in the 4 days I've been missing :lol: . Individual reply's would be this evening after I got home from work.
Until then...
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