Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by openfire » Wed Nov 03, 2010 6:39 pm

Evening all,

I am sooo tired tonight! But I just had to log on and see what's been happening...

We took BabyE home a few hours ago - she was great! Her eyes were much better today, and so she was pretty much just like normal. We played a lot around the house, and went a little shopping. We bought our Christmas tree today (we don't get real ones, so just got a plastic one) and a few gifts for various people's birthdays in the next week or 2. When we took BabyE home, she didn't want us to leave - aww! lol

Chrissy - Oh no! I'm sure the mods won't mind that you PM'd them all, after all it was just an accident. I really love popcorn too, especially the one you put in the microwave to pop themselves. I like cinema popcorn, but I always think it's smells way better than it actually tastes :lol:
Don't worry about your rant on your class and drinking question - we are here for ya to get anything off your chest etc. And I too would like to hear about your story, but only of course if you feel ok sharing it.

Susie - I got on the computer now! :D Defo had no chance earlier on to get on; we were busy busy busy! :lol:
How did you hubs get on at the election? Does he count the votes? My mom used to do that here, but she hasn't for a few years. You get a lot of money for doing it, but you aren't allowed to leave until very late ... sometimes not till after 2am!
I loved your bit about how far we all live from each other! Sometime I feel like we all live so close... even though I know we really don't Haha!
I always mean to get a jacket with a hood, but then I don't. I'm not sure why... normally I am in my car, so don't really need one except for short journeys where I walk, but I don't know if it's worth buying one just for then :lol: I am defo gonna try and get one this year though, as the coat I'm wearing just now is far to thin for winter I think!
That's great your hubs is getting interviews - all the practice at the questions will surely help him. Are there lots of jobs advertised in the area he is looking for?
How did SonnyBoy's last parent-teacher conferance go?

JennJenn - Aw sorry about your lost post. It is very annoying when it happens!!

Marielle - I've never heard of the band you mentioned. I will look them up after I've been on here!
That's really sweet that you are writing a poem for your friend who is getting married. I'm sure she will really appreciate it!
Eclipse scene Do you mean from the movie? I think it goes:
Bella: marriage is just a peice of paper
Edward: where I'm from, it's the way one says I love you
Bella: where I come from, at my age, it's the way one says I just got knocked up
Is that the part you mean?
In the book it's a bit different. I think it's chapter 12 "Time" that they have the conversation. I'm sure Caryn will tell me if I'm wrong ;)

Raine - Thanks for telling us about your weekend - all the pictures you posted were great. The places you visited look very beautiful and your neice is adorbale! I think it's really nice that your whole family goes away to do this.
Did you enjoy Paranormal Activity 2?
Your mega post was great!!

Sandy - Hi! :) LOVE the Halloween pics - you all look really great.
Glad to hear that your oldest chick is managing her panic attacks a little better now. That must be such a relief for you. That's also really great that you like the therapist. How long will she see him for?

Ginnie - Yeah we don't mind watching BabyE as she's a really good kid - no bother at all normally, even when she's not feeling that great. Her eye infection wasn't as bad as we thought it was gonna be, as it's healing up already. We were careful not to touch her eye etc (like Susie had said above) and washed our hands after her drops etc. Did you end up taking BabyRob to the salon with you? Do they have a play area for kids?

Caryn - I hope everything is ok?? Love the Hump Day pic!

Ilovetwilight0509 - Hi there! I'm Jaclyn :) Yep a few of us have met up, all through Susie. I have met both her and Deb, and bunch of other folk have met Susie too. We all love Twilight here (obviously!) but all have a special liking for Rob! Haha! That's awesome that you have met Rob!! Where about?
You should tell us a little more about yourself. Where do you live?

Ok for all your American folks - what was the results of the elections? I don't really get the Senate and House of Representatives thing... Can these be Republican even though Obama is President? Are they actually even Rupublican? I've not had the news on today...

Well I'm off to bed. I am very tired - sorry for the lack of Hump Day pics.

Catch you tomorrow!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by VirginiaMay » Wed Nov 03, 2010 6:46 pm

marielle wrote:Somebody HELP!!!.
who know the exact lines Bella and Edward say in the beginning of the Eclipse movie...bella says something about "in my world it the way of says I just got knocked up" but Edward says something about getting married and what it meant in his time...I don't remember the exact words and I need them for my poem I'm writing for my friends

Marielle~ I believe that Edward says, "Where I come from it's the way one says 'I love you'." To which Bella replies, "Well, where I come from, at my age, it's the way one says 'I just got knocked up'." I think... ;)

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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by SwanCullen » Wed Nov 03, 2010 8:02 pm

Marielle-I always have weird dreams. I had one once where my daughter's aunt's head got decapitated by a falling tree limb :lol: I had a flu shot once and I got very sick feeling, but not actually sick. I don't like them very much!

Raine-Wow, those were beautiful pictures! The one with all the steps was breathetaking! Sounds like you had a great time :)

Ginnie-That was good Hump Day pics! :D I like the idea for the pasta substitute! I might have to try that when I make my spaghetti! (although, i cannot handle the skim milk. that stuff makes me want to barf!)

Caryn-This computer just plain SUCKS! I am waiting till next year so I can start saving and get myself a laptop! That way, I can have whatever background I want and if I want to load it down with a million pics, I can (I wouldn't, but the thought of my own computer is almost better than the thought of meeting Rob :lol: )

Sandy-Cute Holloween pics! I hope your daughter's panic attacks get better. I have them before and know the feelings, bless her heart!

Susie-Wow, your son takes Japanese? I wish they had offered that at my HS. All we had was Spanish.

Ilovetwilight0509-Welcome to the HH! We love to have you around!

Had an interesting day with 4 kids. I need a drink after it lol! I think I have missed some and I apologize for that! Here is a link to lots of good Hump Day pics!

:grin: Proud HalfwayHouse Sister :grin:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by Susie » Wed Nov 03, 2010 9:01 pm

Ladies -

We'd better get ready for our new thread!!! Get your decorating organized!!
(I'm assuming we only get 200 pages and then we get a new thread)

Well, conferences went better than expected! I got there early enough so the lines weren't long. Sonny Boy is doing fine. I found out from the choir teacher that he'll need lots of male singers for this year's musical, Les Mis and that seniors get priority!!! YEAH!! Sonny Boy's never gotten in to the musical before.

Ilovetwilight0509 - Welcome to the Halfway House! Please tell us your name and some more about you! I think I've told you a little about me.

(Everyone -Ilovetwilight0509 PMed me about the Lex and I invited her to join us here at the Halfway House!)

JennJenn - I LOVE those B&W pics of Rob!! Yep. Sonny Boy is in Japanese 4 which is also a College in the Schools class - Semester 2 of the University of Minnesota course. If he gets a good grade on the exam, he'll get college credit for it. Japanese is fairly easy for him since he has such a good memory. (sorry to brag).

Ginnie - How do you know that so easily when you've only seen the movie once? You are amazing!

Jaclyn - Your first Christmas tree!!! This year will be fun because it is the first year in your house - you can decorate! Yes, little ones ARE exhausting! Hubs had a good interview today and has another one scheduled for Monday. He's still waiting to hear about another. Lots of activity!! There are lots of jobs, but lots of people looking too. In IT, there are so many languages and skills, it's hard to get the right mix sometimes. Hubs is very senior in his experience, so he may be over qualified for some of the jobs. Conferences were actually really good!

- Is this poem/story for your friend's wedding in English or Dutch?? I agree about which option Robsten would choose - for some reason, I can't help thinking about how their characters' relationship blends into their life relationship!

Talk to you all later!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by Jazz Girl » Wed Nov 03, 2010 9:04 pm

Raine~ No, unfortunately, I didn’t make it out with the RobWard pumpkin. That would have been a feat, though. And, believe me, it crossed my mind. If either of the monkeys had had a bigger bag… HP Wizardry sounds like a book right up by behind-the-scenes-geek-out alley. :D

Sandy~ You and the crew look adorable all Halloweened up! Glad to hear the MiL is doing well. That’s definitely a relief. Also glad to hear that the panic attacks are manageable. That does make them easier to address. Hmmmmm, I’d be willing to climb under that blanket any day! :twisted:

Susie~ Hmm, come to think of it, a glass of wine whilst awaiting conferences might make the whole process more enjoyable. Yes, Sandy and I had planned to meet up when I was in Chicago earlier this year for a conference. Damn migraines! Well, I’m still holding out hope.

Marielle~ Mayhem is a good way to put it. They are actually a bit scary to me. They are uber uber extreme and while conveying this image of concern regarding fiscal responsibility and government responsibility publicly, those to whom I have spoken also tend to hold very extreme social views and want to institutionalize those into our government. Mmmmmmm RomeRob for Hump Day. Verra Verra Nayce! The meadow scene, where they are talking about marriage. If you just need those lines; KrisElla says, "Marriage is a piece of paper." RobWard answers, “In my world, it’s the way one says, ‘I love you.’” KrisElla’s answer is, “ Well, in my world, at my age, it’s the way one says, ‘I just got knocked up.’” If you need more, just let me know.

[url]IloveTwilight0509~ [/url= ... oriEW4.jpg]Hello and welcome!! You’ve met the man himself!!??!!?? Robert Thomas Pattinson? The tall lean luscious one with steely grey eyes and a heart stopping smile? Wowza. Around here, that pretty much immediately elevates you to the level of a goddess!! Well, welcome to the Halfway House, where we don’t cure the RobAddiction, we feed it. I’m Caryn. I’ve been hanging around these parts for the better part of 2 years now. Yes, you read correctly. Susie is our world traveler and has visited I believe 9 of us in total, 3 in Europe. Glad to have a new sister in the house.

Jaclyn~ Your Christmas tree already?!?!? Huh, I suppose it is getting on towards that time, isn’t it? Aww, so sweet that BabyE didn’t want to let you go. You were spot on with the Eclipse quote. Well done!

JennJenn~ Almost better is right!! Nothing would be better than that.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by Susie » Wed Nov 03, 2010 9:13 pm


I can't believe it!!!

NEW JEN is online!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by missp » Wed Nov 03, 2010 10:28 pm

Hi, HH SISTERS! I don't have but a minute. The BF...yes, RBELL is officially my boyfriend... is on his way over for a short visit before bed time. I'll fill you all in later. Have a great HUMPDAY...whatever is left of it where you are! *MWAH!* :D

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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by VirginiaMay » Wed Nov 03, 2010 10:45 pm

Susie wrote:
Ginnie - How do you know that so easily when you've only seen the movie once? You are amazing!
Real quick...
Susie~ I cheated a little. I had it 90% correct, but G-chatted a friend who I was already talking online with today. She saw it quite a few times, I thought it was "In my time, it's the way one says... etc etc" but she corrected me, supplying the above quotes. ;)

Second-- from a few days ago, on the quoting thing. When you post a reply to the topic, scroll down a bit past the main box where you type in your post. There is a section called "Topic Review: Rob's Halfway House #6" which list the most recent posts to the thread. In that list, there is a "quote" button in the top right corner of each comment. If you click it, it will insert the quote right into the post you were already typing. The topic review also makes it super easy to go back and double-check to see what's what & who's who. Just FYI!! (Oh, sometimes it's not there until I click, "Preview".)

Ilovetwilight0509 wrote: Hi Everyone, I am new to this site. I love twilight. I stumbled along twilight and I love to tell everyone how I didn't really like it when I first saw it. Well a friend told me to read the books and when I finally did I was hocked. I surpassed her and her sister in the obsession department.

Ilovetwilight0509~ Welcome!! I'm glad you followed Susie's suggestion. I'm Ginnie (except that's not my real name, LOL. I'm one of three Christine/Christina's in the HH, so I just go by my penname!), and I'm relatively new around here too. Well, maybe not anymore- I don't know. I think my first post was in May. Anyway, I'm 30ish, married, and a stay-at-home mom with two kids, ages 3 & 9. Oh, we have a dog too. I am soooo with you in surpassing the people around me in terms of the obsession I have with Twilight. I get you, girl! Glad you found us!! :D

EDIT: MissP!!!! You snuck in here and posted while I was posting this you little stinker! :lol: Congrats sweetie! Before bedtime visits?? Be good! ;) ;) ;)

EDIT #2: Ack!! Caryn posted too and New Jen is here! Crud... I'm clicking submit without reading you ladies posts. I'm sorry, but I've got to get to bed!! See you all tomorrow. <3

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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by older_twilight_fan » Thu Nov 04, 2010 12:05 am

Hello ladies. I'll try to keep my mega-post to a minimum as we're almost at 200 pages and in need of a brand new shiny thread.

ILoveTwlight0509~ Welcome to the Halfway House. We're glad you wandered over and hope you enjoy it around here as much as we do.

Missp~ Congrats hon! We can't wait to hear a little more about how all of this has evolved with Rbell, when you have a little free time. He's coming over for a “short visit before bedtime?” 8-) Sure, sure.
Only kidding....have fun!

Susie~ Loved that you posted the various driving distances between Halfway House members—maybe that can be included in our future Halfway House dictionary. Your last conference for Sonny Boy? I'm glad it went well and am sure you're a bit nostalgic, but happy nonetheless. I love Les Mis and wish him luck with auditions. I'm glad you'll be able to relax after your surgery while having Thanksgiving at your Mom's. I think I've said before that she sounds like an incredible lady with a lot of we know you come by it honestly. :D Good luck to hubs with his upcoming job interviews. I'll keep my lips zipped about The Hunger Games just let me know when you've finished all three books.

Ginnie~ Loved your update to What Drives Her--I'm always dazzled by your Edward. 8-) I raced through it just before heading to church with the kids, but look forward to savoring the chapter again after I finish up here in the Halfway House.

Raine~ I'm glad you had a wonderful trip and thanks for posting the great pictures. Your baby niece is gorgeous. I'm actually asking for the Harry Potter Film Wizardry book for Christmas from hubs and the kiddos, so I'm glad to hear you're impressed with it. That kind of behind-the-scenes stuff is right up my alley, just like the Twilight, NM, and Eclipse Companion books.

Caryn~ Loved the Eclipse cuddling pic of Robward and Krisella in her bed, especially as there was not nearly enough of that in the previous movies. That scene was one of my faves in the film, and perfectly set to that song (which I can't recall the name of just now). Let us know what you think of The Hunger Games, when you have a chance to read it. I read all three books in a couple of weeks, much like I did with the Twilight series. I've even searched around the internet for Hunger Games fanfiction....just what I need in my spare time....yet another fanfic addiction.

Desiree~ There's always a place for you in the Halfway House—where the door is always open and a light is always on. ;) Glad to hear your hubs did remarkably well after his knee surgery. Good luck with your classes (and work) next semester. Will you cut back on your work hours, or just see how everything goes? Congrats on losing thirty pounds and keeping it off....good for you, girl!

Jenn Jenn~ I cracked up when you mentioned you wanted to kick your computer “in the groin”. :lol: I've often wanted to do the same myself, especially when if locks up on me for no apparent reason.

Sandy~ Glad to hear your MIL is doing so well and that your daughter is managing her panic attacks--it sounds like the counseling has been successful. You have a gorgeous family and thanks for sharing the Halloween pictures with us. I'm so impressed that you and your hubs both dressed up and loved your costumes.

Chrissy~ I'm not too surprised you received so much feedback from us for your school project about the legal drinking age in the U.S. We're kind of a verbose bunch around here, and usually don't know when to stop talking (er....posting.) ;) Keep us updated on your project and good luck!

Marielle~ Sorry the flu shot has made you tired, but at least your arm isn't terribly sore. The story about your parents and the origin of your name was too cute. I'm happy to hear that the idea of Taycob being in Brazil while Rob and Kristen film certain Isle Esme shots may be only speculation. We can hope and pray that MR didn't write into the script that Jacob swam to Brazil (in wolf form) to sulk and spy on Edward and Bella on their honeymoon. :?

Jacklyn~ Here's a little delicious handporn as a reward for having to read all the way through my gargantuan post to see if I responded to your previous posts. :D Glad to hear Baby E. is feeling better. You and your bf are so sweet to keep her, especially when she's sick. I loved “Tips for Better Living” too and the way both Edward and Bella evolved throughout the story, and was especially pleased with the epilogues. I'm probably a little partial to the story because this Bella is just about my age.
“See Rob? There's hope for us yet.” :lol:

Oh much for me minimizing my mega post :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by marielle » Thu Nov 04, 2010 3:33 am

Good morning ladies…

Page 199!!!! We are good…we’ve done 200 pages in less than 6 months….

Wow, my arm hurts big time from the flu-shot…it’s like someone pinched me hard…I couldn’t sleep very well because I couldn’t lay on that arm…

Jaclyn, the band I send you the link from is a dutch band but I think the singer is Scottish because of his accent…
Thanks for the lines from Eclipse, I couldn’t find a proper script online…

JennJenn, normally I get sick from the flu-shot as well, just a little bit but enough to want to stay in bed and not get out…for now it’s only my arm that hurt me…
I’m in the weirs dream group as well but lately I have a lot of good Rob related dreams…

Susie, thanx for reminding me to get the decorations packed for our move to the new thread…I always love to christen a new thread…all the blissful Rob-crack…
I wish I could do the poem in English…I can write poems and small stories in English without any trouble, enough ideas for that but when you translate it back to Dutch is just doesn’t sound right…it’s so damn frustrating, specially because my brain is stuck in English mode…

Caryn, I like the tea parties idea of less government involvement (there are starting here in Holland as well) but I don’t think it’s the solution…but I like to idea of the 70s ideals coming back, I’m ready to protest against anything I don’t like, starting with taxes…
Thanks for the lines…I’m thinking about how to cooperate them into a poem…

Tonise, congrats!!!!!!! Have a nice time being the hopeless romantic…

Ilovetwilight0509, welcome to the HH… I don’t know if Susie has warned you about the things that happen here…although the mods want us to stay pg-13, sometimes we loose our head a bit…also any kind of addictive behavior comes with being a part of the HH…but no worries we all have the same problems…
I’m Marielle, Dutch and for more than a year now resident of the HH…Susie actually visited me last June…is was great…we had so much fun…I really hope one day I’ll be able to visit some of the other girls…
Anyway, do you want us to use your screen name or should we call you something more simple?
Oh yeah, some of us have different screen name than we use here, if it comes to confusing on page one we have a list with residents and their names…I make sure it gets moved once we will christen our name thread…

Tracy, hahaha, brilliant script idea…have Jacob kill himself while trying to swim to Brazil…did you see the first behind the scenes clip for Harry Potter?

well, it's a bit slow on the BD news...I wonder what they are up to...

anyways, the Cullen brothers are being very cute...
Kellan, with baby
Jackson looking hot
Rob's being cute by just walking this earth, so I'll use something old

well, have a nice day... see you all later...
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