Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by twilightsagaaddict » Wed Nov 03, 2010 8:00 am

Happy Hump Day!! I'm on page 187 trying to catch up since being MIA.... I'll be back! 8-)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by VirginiaMay » Wed Nov 03, 2010 9:05 am

Happy Wednesday Ladies! Oh wait... that means it's Hump Day, no??? 8-)

Sandy~ Do not overexert yourself there sweetheart! And be sure to have some water handy because Caryn almost set the place on fire a few days ago, LOL!! Oh... but don't drink and read at the same time, trust me! ;) ;) ;)

Marielle~ Have I told you that I love your name? I do, it's beautiful. I've been meaning to say that, but always get distracted by other things in your post. You always make me smile!! Congrats to your team's win- that's always exciting when they surprise you!

Raine~ Welcome home! Your vacation sounds wonderful and your niece is SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!! I just want to eat her up, she is so sweet!! I have also decided that we need to petition Summit Entertainment to move BD filming to a more tropical location such as the Philippines! The pictures you shared are gorgeous! I only hope they can dress the Louisiana set to look somewhat close to what we all imagined Isle Esme to be.

JennJenn~ That almost happened to me just a minute ago. I cut and pasted my post into a new Word doc just before the internet froze on me. For some reason, my browser hates the Lex and will just stop responding. It;'s totally random and will sneak up on me when I least suspect it. If I hit submit and it locks up, I lose my post. Very aggravating! :x

Susie~ How did your husband fare last night?? (Would you believe that I had to look up whether it was "fair" or "fare"??- You learn something new everyday. ;) ) I think it's very admirable that he is so involved in the election process. Did "your guy" win? I am bad this morning- I haven't checked yet to see the final results... I should, this is Florida after all. For all I know there could be some huge controversy brewing YET AGAIN! :roll:

Chrissy~ I like the idea of getting off the bus a few blocks ahead of your stop. It's such a simple thing to do, but it could make a big difference. :D As for the Mac N' Cheese substitute? Some people might suggest making your own and substituting whole wheat pasta for white, skim milk for 2%, and then to use half the butter... but then it's still carbs and fat for the most part and you're going to a lot of trouble for something that sounds like it's a convenience to you now. You may have to start by just eating it less frequently. For rice (when I'm making an effort ;) ) I will often put the meals I make that go over rice on a salad instead. So for stir-fry, I make it into an asian salad, etc. I'm sure someone will have better suggestions though.

Jaclyn~ That was so sweet of you to take BabyE, especially since she has an eye infection which can be so contagious. I, myself, have to either cancel my hair appointment today or take BabyRob with me to the salon because he was running a fever yesterday and cannot go to the babysitter's. (She has a little baby at home and is cautious for good reason.) Anyway, he is better today, but no being around other kids until tomorrow at the earliest.

Desiree~ How old is your little man?? Mine is almost 4 now. Glad you're back and posting again!! :D

Talk to all later, I am actually going to fold an put away some laundry now! Woo hoo, go me! LOL!
Hugs, Ginnie

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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by Jazz Girl » Wed Nov 03, 2010 11:06 am

Happy Hump Day, Sisters.

I'm on the side of down today, so I'm really just trying to keep caught up. *hugs* to you all.

Desiree~ Hey girl!! Of course there is a place for you here, sempre. <WINK> I’m loving my Kindle. It’s just been a learning process.

Jaclyn~ Ugh, pinkeye. But, on the positive, so glad you get to hang with BabyE. I know how much you love that. Once you’re a mom, you thank your lucky stars you have people in your lives like you and the BF who are such wonderful and loving standins on those days you can’t be there to love them close up.

Chrissy~ I’m glad we were able to help. And, I’m glad you are passionate in your arguments. That’s the most important thing in those kinds of debates. It is very hard to convince someone of anything if you don’t believe it yourself.

Susie~ I might trade away that card, but just because I know that scene is a complete fantasy and would never actually happen. :lol: Someone pulled out the Google maps last night. I’m impressed! Unfortunately, my state reverted to its’ former version of CandyApple Red yesterday. My FB post for this morning pretty much says it all. But, it was absolutely lovely to see that so many new citizens are getting involved in the political process. It is one of this country’s greatest strengths.

JennJenn~ Boo to the computer problems. Sometimes these contraptions are so infuriating.

Marielle~ To me, sometimes the two-party system is very limiting. You are very right. In this election, it very often felt like voting for the lesser of two evils. And, we have a great divide in American politics right now in that the extremes of both parties tend to be portrayed as the “typical” R or D in order to scare the other side. But, in this case, there was a bit of a third party presence with a group called the Tea Partiers, who, again in my view, tend to be even more extreme than anyone out there. My biggest issue politically is that, of late, so many people are so wound up about the economy and fiscal issues that we are wholly ignoring social justice and civil rights issues, which are where my heart is truly concerned.

Raine~ Sounds like the vacation was lovely. The floating restaurant looks really cool. The Undas celebration sounds truly beautiful. But, we are definitely glad you are back amongst the land of the wired.

Sandy~ Happy reading. You’ll find that much of pages 192-197 are lots and lots of Rob-induced gasps, heart attacks and other reactions to his utter beauty. But, then, when don’t we include those things. :lol:

Alright, off to work. What I really want to do right now is a bit of this. But, dang it, I can't find Rob anywhere.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by dazzel21 » Wed Nov 03, 2010 11:33 am

Hey Ladies!!!

Here we go. As promised individual reply's...

But before that. I got a new book today. Any Harry Potter fans heard of a book called "Harry Potter Film Wizardry"??? If not, you absolutely have to get a copy. It's awesome, it documents all the HP film from Sorcerer's Stone to Deathly Hallows. The book is full of colorful props that are the exact replica of what's used in the film that you can actually removed. My favorite so far is the first Hogwarts letter sent to Harry, the Marauders Map and the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes product catalogue...


October 29

Marielle - Yay glad you had fun making Tapas as well as eating them. Wow food for 80 people that must have been loads of food.

October 30

Ginnie - Your babyRob looks so adorable doing his moves. My now 11 yrs old nephew used to do that when he was 6 yrs old. We also video taped him doing weird moves and show it to him now. He was so ashamed and constantly denies it was not him :lol: . Oh and you have no idea how many glasswares he smash while doing those moves....

Caryn - I love the Robward pumpkin :lol: . Very original, I never thought of Robward's beautiful face carved on a pumpkin. Did you take that one home???

Jaclyn - Aww sorry you had such a bad Friday at work. At least its the weekend the next day.

Susie - Yay you pulled off another HH visit. And lucky you for getting in your flight while the paying one's couldn't get on board. It's so cool that you got to meet Ginnie and Christina, talk about hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. I hope you ladies have fun.

Marielle - Thanks for the tip. I used to have that same principle when I was younger, I ate too many chocolates in one seating and the result is I got tonsilitis :lol: . So I think I'll just eat moderately then drink lots of water and brush my teeth immediately.

October 31

Christina - I'm so glad you had a blast day with Susie and Ginnie

JennJenn - Hey! Been missing you here at the lex and on FB. I'm so happy you're back with us.

Ginnie - Beautiful pic of Robward as your very own 1st Rob paraphernalia. I'm glad you had fun spending the day with Susie and Christina.

November 1

Tracy - Yay I know the days are going by so fast. Which suits me just fine. Counting the days until Deathly Hallows part 1.

Jaclyn - Awww don't mention how many days it is until Christmas :lol: . I'm trying to delay my Christmas shopping list hopefully until December. I can't even remember how many godchildren I have.

November 2

Caryn - For the love of all that's holy....some warning please before you post something like that. Thanks for reposting the outtakes from Australian TV Week photo shoot. It would have been a tragedy if I don't get to see those beautiful pics of Rob.

Chrissy - You have got to be kidding me!!! Of course I know Rain I'm Asian :lol: . I love his music and the he's such a great dancer. I think he's been in the Philippines a couple of times now to do concerts. I've never been to any of his though. I'm not really a very big fan but I do like him a lot although like you I don't speak the same language as him (I can understand the very basic Korean though).

Desiree - Hey girlie! Been missing you. Good luck with your studies and work.

JennJenn - Aw that was very sweet of your niece to show your daughter how to trick or treat.

Susie - Not to worry I'm very picky when it comes to sweets after I got my braces. No nougat, no toffees, no chocolates with nuts, no gums, no candies that leaves colors in my mouth. That only leaves plain old chocolates and regular candies...hahaha. Yay on finally reading The Hunger Games. Told you it was good and addictive. Have you had a chance to read the sequel now Catching Fire???

3 more pages, you can do it Raine

Chrissy - Here in the Philippines, when you turned 18 the world opens up to you. You're legal to do everything (except maybe push drugs :lol: ). I came from a conservative family and I am the only girl and the youngest so my parents are pretty strict when I was growing up. It's probably 1 of the reason why I never acquired the taste of alcohol. I got my first taste of beer when I was 15, never really like it. Can you believe I have only been drunk once and its inside the house of one of my college friends, I'm 19 at that time. I don't like the feeling and the hangover that comes with it the next day. I think I might have to agree with Marielle if you're under 18 drink with adult supervision.

November 3

JennJenn - :lol: My whole family and I went to my hometown for a 4 day vacation and also to celebrate All Souls Day...Hihi your Rob dreams makes me giggle...

Susie - Hahaha that sucks I'm feeling so lonely on the other side of the globe :lol: . Yap I was able to rest from work and from technology during my vacation. The only thing that entertained me is the cable TV but I'm not a TV kind of gal :lol: . I forgot to bring a book because I thought there's internet signal there but no such luck. So I did sleep. A lot.

Ginnie - Believe me we're all trying to figure out how to eat my niece since she was born :lol: . She's beyond adorable, its like having a living doll to play house and dress up. Let's keep our fingers crossed that they don't mess up the Isle Esme scenes, all of us are really looking forward to that.

Caryn - Hope you feel better soon.

Yay that's it. I think this is my longest post ever. I'm out of here.
HP Film Wizardry is waiting for me. See you tomorrow ladies
Good night/morning/afternoon to all
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by twilightsagaaddict » Wed Nov 03, 2010 12:52 pm

**runs in...* ok, finally caught up ( and on fire from all the Rob-crack! :twisted: ) Need to construct my post---and get some crap done around here...*runs out* :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by twilightsagaaddict » Wed Nov 03, 2010 2:31 pm

yes, I'm double-posting, but its HUMP Day, so I get a pass, right? ;)

ok, I know I'm going to miss some of you, and in case I do, this is for you.

Last weekend was a total whirlwind-10/29 was my youngest's 9th b-day, the 30th- Halloween party (The Chicks/ me & hubs, the 31st cheer and Trick-or-treating. The oldest is enjoying the jr. high cheer, but its a lot! We have another cheer competition on Saturday--so another long day! My MIL is doing well-spent a few days in cardiac rehab, and went home yesterday. Hubs is down there for a few days to help. The oldest's panic attacks are at least becoming manageable. She's able to talk herself down-so at least they totally consume her. We've been to the therapist 2X; we both really like him. We'll just keep our fingers crossed! :)
Susie ~ once again jealous of your HH trip! I'm so glad you got to visit Ginnie & Christina!!
Ginnie ~ the video of you son's move was priceless!!
Tracy ~ glad you had a good time on your retreat. Your family is beautiful! I so can't wait for HP!! I don't think I'll be able to manage the Midnight show :cry: , but I'll definitely see it on the 19th! How's your MIL doing? I hope well!
missp ~ YAY for you & RBell! I hope it continues to go well!
Chrissy ~ way back when ;) , I worked when I was at college. It took a while to juggle it all, but it was worth it (I got to pay for my own way to see my bf at the time--who ended up being the Hubs!)
Caryn ~ loved, loved, loved the pics you posted!!! I will also enjoy them in private - ;) I hope you're feeling better, bb! (maybe you need to get under a blanket...
Desiree ~ good to see you! Hope school is going well!

need to get some more housework done, so I'm off for now. Laters!! 8-)

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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by Susie » Wed Nov 03, 2010 2:43 pm


I'm making my post on my lunch break - it feels good to be caught up!! We haven't heard from Jaclyn yet, so she must be way too busy taking care of BabyE to get on the computer.

Today I'm going to parent/teacher conferences at Sonny Boy's school for THE LAST TIME! Yeah!!!! I love talking to his teachers, but the way they structure it is insane. First come, first served. Since many of the teachers (and the parents) are a bit chatty, the lines can get very long. I always feel like I need a glass of wine while I'm waiting!!! All of us parents are socializing anyway, why not have some adult beverages??? It's basically impossible for one parent to see all the teachers. Hubs will do Pre-Calc and Japanese since those are his specialties. After 16 years of conferences, I'm ready to be done.

JennJenn - I know how frustrating losing a post is!!! We’ll wait patiently for you to do it again.

Marielle – Interior scenes – you’re so right – will be done in a bunker!! Imagine Rob and Kristen coming home from work after filming Honeymoon sex scenes – Sorry honey, I have a headache…… OR….. Can’t wait to get home to finish what they’ve started!!! :twisted:

Raine – I really appreciate your travel log and all the interesting information. I especially liked the pics you included! You did an admirable job on your MEGA post!! I’ve just started Catching Fire. I absolutely can’t believe you didn’t bring a book on your trip!!! Now you’ll always bring one- just in case.

Sandy – Go, Sandy, Go!!! (cheers for Sandy to get through 10 pages of posts). Good job!! I’ll look forward to your post later…Excellent Mega Post!!! Very efficient. Yep - I'm so happy I've been able to meet 10 Halfway House sisters!!! I really hope you and Caryn can meet sometime!

Ginnie – GREAT pic of Rob!!! I’ve never seen that one! Hubs likes to work the election so he can see all our neighbors – he’s very sociable. Plus he likes the extra money. I’m actually more politically involved…. My guy won by just one percentage point, so there will be an automatic recount.

– Aww- why so down today?? Just getting back to work? Actually I didn’t use google maps, I used a website that does driving distance – forgot which one. Minnesota on the state level has gone red.(What the?)(I’m also shocked about Wisconsin and Russ Feingold!) I guess the economy has everyone scared. The reality is that this huge economic mess takes a few years to get out of - no matter who's in charge. That pic -Let’s all take turns switching places with Kristen there!

Ann Marie - I Hope everything is OK!

New Jen - Where are you??????????????????????

Have a nice day, everyone!!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by marielle » Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:34 pm

Good evening girls…

Wow, lots of you are doing mega posts…

I actually should be working at the moment on a poem or story for friend who are getting married this month but my inspiration is missing big time…I wrote about 5 lines since 3 this afternoon…it’s now 8 in the evening…I don’t know why but no inspiration what so ever…

And I got my flu-shot this afternoon, my arms isn’t hurting so much but starting to feel tired…

Raine, sounds like you had a great time…all the fun things…your baby niece is adorable…all pictures look nice, sunny and warm, I’m jealous…
I have to check out the HP book later…I’m curious though…

Ginnie, you are so sweet…to me my name isn’t really special, but the story behind it is really cute…initially my parents planned on an other name for me, but when my dad had to fill in the birth certificate he changed his mind and went with Marielle, which was their second option…my mom was angry at first but couldn’t stay angry long, I’m named after her father, sort of…my granddads name is Daniel, and my aunts name is Danielle…my parents only changed the first letter…

Caryn, I thought it would, I really think 20 parties to choose from is a bit too much, I need more than a week to figure out which to vote for, but like you said, with two you choose the less worst option…I heard about the tea party, I really like that idea because they are against everything, but if that happens all you get is mayhem…

Sandy, isn’t it crazy how long it takes to get caught up with everything…I mean I need an hour to do two pages…I always hate when I can’t be here for one day, it takes so much time to read everything and so much time to recover from good Rob-crack…
You look so great on that Halloween picture, and your hubs looks nice as well…kids are so cute, I bet they got a lot of candy…

Susie, just take a bottle of wine and some cups with you, I think a lot of parents will feel the same way…
Hahaha…your comment makes me laugh…but I’m sure Rob and Kris will go with the second one…I mean look at them sure they can’t keep their hands of each other…I think they will have a hard time acting during those scenes….

I wanted to come up with some good hump day additions…
I thought this would be a good starter…Christ! Isn’t he something to eat…
hmmm, what about some breakfast…in bed!!
no Rob, you are so not getting us pregnant, today!!!
yeah Kris, I know how it feels when you want to run your hands all over him but you can’t…it’s a hard life

Aah well. Here’s the link to all the pictures BE WARNED…drooling and temporary blackouts are ahead…

anyway, I'm going to try and find some inspiration...have a nice evening
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by marielle » Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:49 pm

Somebody HELP!!!.
who know the exact lines Bella and Edward say in the beginning of the Eclipse movie...bella says something about "in my world it the way of says I just got knocked up" but Edward says something about getting married and what it meant in his time...I don't remember the exact words and I need them for my poem I'm writing for my friends
These violent delights, have violent endings...Like fire and gunpowder, they consume what they kiss


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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by Ilovetwilight0509 » Wed Nov 03, 2010 4:30 pm

Hi everyone, I am new and have been sent this link by one or two people. It sounds like you guys are a great group of ladies. I read something that sounded like some of you met up, what area are you from? I travel to NJ, PA, and NY for all things twilight. I posted this about myself.

Hi Everyone, I am new to this site. I love twilight. I stumbled along twilight and I love to tell everyone how I didn't really like it when I first saw it. Well I shouldn't put it that way. I just thought it would just be more romantic. What got me is when my 5 yr. old daughter was hiding behind the sofa while I was giving twilight a second chance and she pokes her head out and says he's cute. Of course, it was when Rob was on screen and I thought ok I have to like it. Well a friend told me to read the books and when I finally did I was hocked. I surpassed her and her sister in the obsession department. I have been lucky enough to have met a lot of the cast. Even Rob. Yeah. My daughter was lucky enough to get her pic. with Kellan Lutz in People Magazine. I have been fortunate to have a lot of nice experiences. There are too many to tell, but I am especially glad I was able to have shared 1/2 of them with my 5 yr. old. I love to hear about other people's love for twilight and their experiences.

Hope you have a great day.