Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Postby vampirelover109 » Wed Jul 07, 2010 10:15 am

Hey ladies oooh new thread I will be decorating later with lots of pictures lately just lexing from work a slow day can't beileve a week ago I was getting ready for london and now I'm back at work really not fair on the plus side I'm watching. Eclipse again on friday yep can't wait. I'm thinking. How many times will I watch eclipse ill never get bored of it I've all moved in my new place right ill catch you all later have a good day ladies

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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Postby Edwards Ragazza » Wed Jul 07, 2010 10:27 am

Just dropping in really quick. I am on my way to school for my first test eek.

Susie~ My book is 12 chapters and I only have 3 exams for the whole class since it is 6 weeks. No midterm. For example today my 1st exam will be of the first 4 chapters. Next week the next 4 and so on. Wish me luck ladies.

Caryn~ My dear I have a question for you. will post it when I get back.

HH girls I will respond to you all later on tonight.

Have a great day!
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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Postby Jazz Girl » Wed Jul 07, 2010 10:32 am

AnnMarie~ TeeHee. I was lurking so that I could post new pictures, so thanks!!

Oh, let's see. There's some definite pretties that NO RobHouse is complete without....

Long, lean and luscious just must accompany us.

CaanesRob is a MUST!! BOTH versions!

Absolutely no RobHouse is complete without a piano.

And, this can be found in my private beach lot.

Aaah, see we're all settling in. Rob's already getting comfy.

But, I guess after a long evening of moving and unpacking, Rob needed a night out with his Kristenand his friend Sam. So, they caught Sam's show last night in LA. :D

Desiree~ Good luck on your test. I'm sure you'll do great. Absolutely, just post away and I'll answer what I can. :D
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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Postby despoina92 » Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:02 am


Shiny new summer thread... Yayyyyy!!

I'm posting from my brand new laptop which I got today! *happy dance*

I still can't believe I'm going to London! I'm gonna visit with my mother in July the place to see how things are there and then I'm moving permanently in late September - ealy October. Now I have to get a new passport and find airplane tickets...

I really need to christen our thread with some RobCrack.

His sexyness


Because we love him with his girl

Yesterday I was in the beautician (got a great vibrant purple mani - pedi) and she didn't know who Rob was (she's a new mom and the last 16 months she's completely occupied with the baby, so I forgive her). I showed her one picture of Rob... And that was it! She fell in love! First thing she noticed, the hair, of course!

I'm osrry I can't reply to each one of you personally, but I'd like to thank you all for the support you gae me this winter that I've been through hell and back with studies and also that I'm glad that we started get networked in Facebook, too!

I've got some work to do on the laptop now, so I'll see you later!

Bye bye!
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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Postby dazzel21 » Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:38 am

Evening Everyone!

Wow we're really burning the pages of this new thread. First day and we're up to 3 pages already...
Since most you ladies christened almost all part of the Summer House with gorgeous Robpix I think it's only fair that I get to post one as well. I've been staring at this for a couple of minutes too long already....nice addition to the living room :P

Missp - Congrats on finishing your fanfic. I'll head over there tomorrow to continue reading it. Have a safe trip back home...

Marielle - *shudders* yikes I wouldn't want to wake up everyday and see the puppy every time I open the window. Congrats to the Dutchies, I can imagine the street celebration down there. Loud, wild and fun...

Brienna - Another Dutch enthusiast. Good luck to you and Marielle's team

Tracy- Yap we're all relieved. Have fun watching Eclipse...

Mel - That must have hurt :o Hope your alright...

Vicky - Yay you're only having lunch at this hour while I'm going to bed already??? :lol:

Desiree - Good luck. I know you'll do well on your first test

Deb - Yay on your new laptop. Hope you find the best place to settle down in London

Okay that's about it. Bed time for me...also for them (have you ladies notice the size of Robward's chest??? I wouldn't mind sleeping in them *insert drooling smiley*)
Good night everyone!!!
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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Postby Brienna » Wed Jul 07, 2010 12:17 pm

Raine: I'm guessing you didn't mean to... You posted same pic twice ;)
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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Postby Susie » Wed Jul 07, 2010 1:10 pm

Happy Hump Day, Ladies!!

Brienna – I love that pic of Rob – he looks so happy and like he is having fun. Can you tell us a little more about yourself??? There’s a reason I ask!!

Mel – You have quite an eventful life!!! That insurance situation sounds extremely frustrating! Are you Ok after your fall? You do sound very busy at work. It is amazing that you can Lex at all with that schedule. I know you give Buddy your top priority too.

Tracy – Thanks for the kind compliments on JennJenn’s story! I have known what yours is about for weeks. It has been driving me crazy to hold back on it!! You’re right, we can never catch up to those girls in Eclipse viewings! I want to get closer though….

Sandy- Thanks for all the decorating. I’m so glad you still love Eclipse after the 3rd time! Your Rob Fanfic will be later this afternoon. It is ready, but I have to let a few posts go by before I post it so it doesn’t look like I’m monopolizing the thread!! On another topic, you need to check out this audition coming up on August 9th.

Vicky – Hiya!!

Caryn – Great decorating as usual! I don’t know why I didn’t think that it was fanfiction keeping you from us last night….Thanks for the current Robsten pic – awwwww…… Could you please slow down your Eclipse viewings a little? I need to catch up as much as I can! ;)

Ann Marie – Yeah, it’s depressing to be back at work after such an exciting week last week for you!!!

Desiree – I hope your test goes well. Are you enjoying the topic?

Deb – Congrats on your new laptop. Can’t you delay your London trip until early August??? ;)

Raine – Dream of Rob!

I'm so horribly behind schedule right now - gotta run!!!
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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Postby Brienna » Wed Jul 07, 2010 2:13 pm

Susie what do you want to know? I'm married, have a son (1,5 years) and a daughter (6 months). I'm 22 (one week to go to 23 ;)) and my hubs is 27. I'm a very happy stay-at-home mum, but wish to go back to school again in a year or two, first we would like to have another baby. I would like to become a nurse, not in a hospital, but at people's houses. Here in the Netherlands, when you have a baby, a nurse comes to your house for 7 days to take care of mother and child. I would love to do that! We bought a house, with a very big backyard, which, after two years is still under construction. Anything else, just ask :)
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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Postby Jazz Girl » Wed Jul 07, 2010 2:41 pm

Susie~ Ummm, let me think about that *taps chin* NO!!! :lol: Oh yes, Master of the Universe and Snowdragons Icequeen's Fifty Shades just has me so I can barely look away!! :twisted: It's one of those that might be a little...coughexplicitcough... for some. But, oh my!! I'm definitely a fan. :D

Deb~ Aaahh, the power of His Holy Hottness strikes again. How can you not fall in love with him at first sight. Then, he does the rest of the work with his sweet adorkable goofy nature. He's just.... Rob. And you can't help but love him. *goofygrin*

So, I went back to the HalfwayHouse to make sure that everything was closed up tight and the irons were all off. Can't believe I forgot a few things...

Can't believe I forgot the fluffy bunny rug. It's so comfy to rest on.

I also can't believe I forgot to check the garage. We almost left this there. And this!! Jeez, Caryn!!

Good thing I double checked the cupboads, too. I would hate to be without the box of these that I found.

Oh, and Rob reminded me to bring his bike, too. And his guitar..

Oh, and lest we get thirsty during our summer repose, we'll need this to keep hydrated.

Yep, now this definitely feels like home. :D

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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Postby bored by the sea » Wed Jul 07, 2010 4:27 pm

im baack ** HAPPY HUMP DAY LADIES :D *****
well having posted in my lunchbreak and heading on back down to work safe in the knowledge that we had our brand new shiny thread was definitely motivation enough to power me on through the last 4 hours of my shift, mainly motivated by making my first proper post in the new thread :lol:
is it wrong that upon entering the thread this.....
Openhome wrote:Have fun posting and playing with all things Rob (in a PG-13, not creepy kind of way)!
made me chuckle in a good way lol.

diane i may have just passed out and completely hit the deck after watching that vid, phew!

desiree we miss you here obviously, however i hope the studying is going swimmingly :D p.s. nice contribution to the decorations, man how are we going to top that one?!

Tammy thanks for posting that pic of Rob at the piano from Vogue thats one of my favourites! its my phone wallpaper :lol:

tracy that equation does indeed not sound too fun, i feel your pain most of my cousins are lads soo at any family function they end up having a minor spat, think its just their way.

Raine yep yep, thinking i may do my mass bulk book buy in a minute on the net, i shall definitely get the hunger games, on a shiver/linger note i found out that maggie stiefvater is doing a talk in Bath which is kind of near me but they've tried to sell it as "if you're team jacob, you should come hear this woman speak" yep definitely put me off going, especially as the wolves in the book are nothing like that douche! :lol: . he he you should savour your new found freedom on the bathroom usage :lol: whoop for your niece being allowed home dude, bet you're going to spoil her rotten now lol. *** edit- yeah how weird is that you were all set for bed whilst i was only just having lunch, it was a late lunch though lol***

Sho welcome to the thread.

Susie thankye for the raspberries, yep i knew you guys would appreciate the slades message, i thought it was really sweet and it showed how much he clearly had thought of us in the making of the film and even after its release, love him! p.s. oh how i LOVE the hammock!!

marielle whoop that the dutchies won, dude i shall feel your pain if you end up going against Germany, because we all know what happened a couple of weeks back when we went up against them, yes lets not say another word :lol:

Caryn yeah i know me too but i think my doubts were too deeply rooted in the clip of Bella getting on Jakes bike and the numerous worrying comments i had heard, but the guy done good as we all know in the end, i really loved the message that he wrote to all of "us" it made me admire him even more, thought/ knew everyone here would appreciate it too dude :) gah also thankyou for the Jaxsper

ann mariedude how depressing is it N+i were discussing it earlier on, just think we were there right this moment a week ago, making our posters and talking to randomers and joining in on the twi crazy. yep i wish we were back there too! (ignoring the 10 min nap on the floor in 25 hours ha ha)

deb maybes when you're all set up in London ann-marie and i can come hang out with you for a day, yet another HH meet up.

**** sorry my ears are bleeding my mums yelping loudly as Spain have just won the match against Germany and Spain are her team in a sweepstake lol*********

right o.k. here is my fairly measly contribution to the summer house, my stash of robcrack just cannot compare with all of you guys stashes :lol:

Rob just popped out to check the view of the sea

nighty night guys
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