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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Postby Erynne » Sun Nov 23, 2008 2:44 am

I thoroughly enjoyed the differentness (not a word, shhhh) of the movie.

Movie!Edward was not the same as Book!Edward, sure, but so what? If you want Book!Edward... uuuuh... GO READ THE BOOK. Ker duh.

I think they did a fantastic job of condensing a really frickin' big book into a movie. I was deeply entertained, very impressed, and definitely swept away.

Loved the introduction of Jacob and Billy early on. How adorable were Billy and Charlie, chasing each other in the street and acting like twelve-year-old boys?

Loved the flashes of James, Laurent, and Victoria hunting. They were so nicely inserted.... sweet happy moment, flying high on good feelings.... oh, good feelings gone now. It was too well done. The sudden jerk from the happy-love story into PEOPLE IS GONNA DIIIEE! was very satisfying.

Admittedly, it would've been LOVELY if the meadow were actually Edward's meadow, but I'm glad it was included AT ALL. They showed Edward sparkling, they technically didn't need to include a meadow scene in the movie at all. Celebrate that we got anything.

Oh, Alice. How do I love thee? Everything Alice related made me happy. Wanting Bella to ride on their bus, walking on a tree branch with a bunch of wildflowers, the ballet-leg-kick before tossing the baseball...

As I've said before, turning a book into a movie is never easy, and never flawless. There is no such thing as "perfect," there never will be, so enjoy the movie for what it was.

- E
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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Postby awesomejen1 » Sun Nov 23, 2008 2:59 am

I liked the nomad vamps added the dangerous side of vampires...I liked the high school kids because I thought they acted pretty dang spot on.

The Meadow...ack, I can't even really talk about it, it's all been said. It was sad :cry:

I really disliked how so much was cut out, yet there was pleanty of time to show the landscape and Edward and Belaa jusy lying around. I mean, the scenary is lovely, but We didn't need to see minutes of them sitting on tops of trees...and the meadow...just staring at eachother, couldn't that tme been used to actually give them a reason to love each other...there was no build-up, he saves her life a few times and bam, they love each other...

I was bugged a little..well...a lot
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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Postby CullenxLove » Sun Nov 23, 2008 2:02 pm

i really do NOT like how they pretty much rearranged everything, and left out a lot of vital stuff. it just aggravates me to no extent. they could have put in a lot of that much needed stuff if they didnt add in all of the things that ARENT in the book, although i liked some of that. like some of the scenes with the nomads, and when bella first gets her truck. that whole scene was pretty cute :)

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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Postby edward x lover » Sun Nov 23, 2008 3:05 pm

I loved how Bella hit Jake with the car door, there is kind of a hint that they will be something more (New Moon hint #1)
I loved the field trip "You never say hi to me"...."Hi" cracked me up
They had the basic components of the meadow there they just weren't in a meadow :evil: :cry:
The kiss was smokin' and when he was like "stop!! I am stronger than I thought"
The Cullens house was great when Rosalie broke the bowl and Emmett waved with the knife (loved Rosalie's shoes btw)
They changed Jacobs entry to the prom but it was still good and when Edward says "I leave you alone for two minutes and the wolves descend" (New Moon hint #2)
Victoria is awesome love her at the prom (New Moon hint #3)
Mike and Jessica were cast to perfection loved the competition between them in the cafeteria
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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Postby alinc » Sun Nov 23, 2008 6:15 pm

was anyone bothered by bella's willingness in the movie to go to the prom..i know that they had to cut things out but i wanted alice to dress and primp bella..not have bella go to the prom in chuck taylors
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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Postby Hale_Yes! » Sun Nov 23, 2008 7:37 pm

oh i just LOVED when bella brought Edward to meet charlie and he was cleaning his gun and when she told him he was like *Gun clicks* alright bring him in..
haha i laughed sooo hard. that really showed some real dad in charlie and i loved it
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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Postby heifergrl1 » Sun Nov 23, 2008 7:44 pm

I thought that, even though a bunch of things changed it still worked. I loved it when Bella askes Edward about the lights and he says, "Uh...the fluorecense." Everyone in the theater cracked up at that and when Edward first gets a scent of Bella. He looks like he is going to throw up :D .

Oh the deliciousness!
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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Postby #1twi-guy » Sun Nov 23, 2008 8:35 pm

Let me just start out by saying, this movie was completely and perfectley amazing! I was soooo happy that they gave us what we've been waiting for.
I actually enjoyed some of the differences! It still gave us the story we all love, but with a couple of new things added. Like the funny moments in the movie. I didn't think they'd do that, but I loved it! For example, Edward's first reaction to Bella, Bella's friends, and even the Cullens. I love how they made some of those moments funny.

I also liked how they portrayed the Cullens. The scene where Bella goes to the Cullen's house was semi different, but I really enjoyed it. Emmett was so funny! And Rosalie is even more of a *cough*beezy*cough* in the movie. Hahaha.

And one more thing, I LOVED the new ending. I got chills from watching that very last scene. Adding Victoria to the prom scene was completely genious. Period.

So all in all, I think the differences made the movie even better than it already was. :mrgreen:

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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Postby rapidheartbeat<3twi » Sun Nov 23, 2008 8:46 pm

I miss the scene where Bella faints in Biology!!! I loved that scene. I enjoyed Charlie's role, especially his pepperspray cracks! I thought it was kind of weird when Edward was saving Bella how it seemed like he was going too far, and Carlisle said, "Stop Edward, you're killing her." I just thought that it should have been more a scene of strength, not that he almost didn't stop. More like, it was difficult, but he stayed in control. Oh, and I loved it when Jessica was describing the cullens and she said, "That's Jasper, the one who looks like he's in pain" because Jasper's face was exactly that! IT was hilarious.
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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Postby notATeenAnymore » Sun Nov 23, 2008 9:00 pm

Just a few thoughts because I whole heartedly agree with the comments so far.

One thing I haven't noticed mentioned was what happened when Edward stopped from killing Bella when he was sucking out the venom. I didn't like that Carlisle told him to stop before he killed her. In the book I believe he stopped completely on his own - a very important moment in the series (I lent my book away, am I remembering correctly??). I felt that by having Carlisle's involvement the moment wasn't as romantic or important for him.

Other than that, I thought the movie was awesome, I can't wait to see it again. My favourite moment by far was when Charlie's gun clicks right before he meets Edward - hilarious!
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