Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby Alphie » Mon Aug 25, 2008 10:01 am

She was referring to Rob being cast as Edward. When it was first announced, so many people made rude and nasty comments about how awful he would be as Edward. But then over time, people fell in love with him. Now he's every where and most people swoon at the very mention of his name. Stephenie was suggesting that other new things can have that same response - extreme dislike for a while until you get to know it and feel comfortable with it and eventually end up loving it.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby melting into you » Mon Aug 25, 2008 3:04 pm

Oh okay thanks. I had no idea she said that. Hum, I best leave it at that. :o
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby AuroraDawn » Mon Aug 25, 2008 4:24 pm

im not going to lie, during the first half of the book i really wanted Mod Edit: even though "no offense" is stated at the end, talking about someone's well being comes across very offensive. ~Nena , no offense

i really thought the book had taken a very trashy turn, i also hate that the writing makes me feel like im in a dream, or that im blind or soemthing, i can t really fell anything, its hard to explain, like there is so much detail or lack of that i cant see the whole picture sometimes, adn it s very frustrating

i also didnt like bell getting pregnant hting, and like jacob, i reffered to "nessie" as a monster adn a thing, i really hated her until the last 3rd of the book.

and my sister predicted that jake would imprint on t bellas child, and i though that that would be the sickest, most trashiest thing that SM would do, but it was done

i jsut felt like the beautiful image of bella and edward in eternal youth adn innocence would be like that forever, and gettin gpregnant and having a baby would obviously ruin that...completly

buttt i ended up liking it, althoguh my favorite books are the origional twilight and eclipse, newmoon was good becasue of jacob, he is a great funny guy, but otherwise i didnt see bellas dramatic ness, it just was a little over the top for me

steph, if u ever happen to be really bored an read any of these, i appreciate that you made the rest of these books even thoguh u just wanted it to be one.

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby fireice99 » Tue Aug 26, 2008 12:36 am

AuroraDawn wrote:im not going to lie, during the first half of the book i really wanted Mod Edit, no offense


steph, if u ever happen to be really bored an read any of these, i appreciate that you made the rest of these books even thoguh u just wanted it to be one.

Daniela A.

Couldja please not say you wanted to kill somebody, even with no offense attached, whether it be an author who disappointed you or not? I'd appreciate if everyone could just not say anything directly about SM's wellbeing. Kinda creeps me out. Have your opinions, but please, no threats. I came over here to read other people's opinions on the book, and most of you have really good points that were made. However, I advise you all to at least read other type reviews too. It really helps a lot with understanding the book. I know that I've learned a lot by reading all these great thinker's writing over here :D .

Just wanted to say one more thing... FYI Daniela, SM didn't want it to be just 1 book. She kept on writing epilogues for herself, and decided she wasn't done with the characters and needed to make sequels to continue what she started in Twilight. Had to set that straight -- sorry if I'm being pushy.

Once again, thank you all for your wonderful insight and (mostly) respectful rants!

Kaleb Nation is awesome! Check out his site for insightful comments as he reads New Moon.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby aMOMymous » Tue Aug 26, 2008 3:46 pm

How I felt pretty much was summed up by the other reviews. I was just very disappointed. In my eyes, nothing compares to the first book. The chemistry was off the charts and I just could NOT put the book down. I became more and more let down with each new book. Then we went at midnight and got BD, and my friend and I were both very disappointed. The whole book was rushed, the chemistry between Edward and Bella was just not there - most of the characters seemed to be not themselves. I did not like the whole pregnancy twist, it was hokey. I'm not a big Jacob fan anyways so I tended to skip through his narratives. And while I loved the wedding and parts of the honeymoon, the rest of the book was just a huge let-down. :(
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby deliabookworm » Tue Aug 26, 2008 6:23 pm

Breaking Dawn was a huge disappointment. The book started to feel off from the one-chapter-only wedding. I thought the whole huge affair would be at least the first 400 pages. But instead, that space particulary reserved in my mind, for the wedding and the honeymoon, was taken up by a completely unprecedented (at least by me) pregnancy. I was so sure that vampires couldn't have kids. My friend and I were even joking about how Bella would go off and have mutant vampire children. It was funny because we knew male vampires couldn't produce sperm. I was already feeling annoyed towards Edward for being so mopey after bruising Bella, and the pregnancy just killed me. It seemed like a lousy sci-fi plot stolen off some fan-fic website. Bella never fit into my likely-to-be-a-good-mother radar, and her masochisim and extreme dedication during the pregnancy made me feel almost sick.

Then Renesme herself. She was too perfect, the magic solution to everyone's problems. Plus she got my imaginary boyfriend. And what about all the pain she caused Bella? Edward ignored it when he heard her thoughts, Bella, in her masochistic way, never cared if Renesme injured her. Jacob, who was the only real character for me until he imprinted, forgot about how much agony Renesme had caused Bella when he fell out of love with Bella and imprinted on Renesme. All because she's a sweet, perfect, lovable baby.

And then Jacob's imprinting. This made me so upset. The pedophilia so grossly implied greatly disturbed me. one true love, was my favorite Bella's son-in-law? I wanted to scream. And I loved Jacob's book so much. It was a breath of fresh, realistic air. And I was dying for Jacob and Leah to fall in love. They would have made the perfect couple, and it seemed as though SM was stting them up, with their rivalry. Then he falls in love with Renesme.

Also, the "fight" with the Volturi. It was incredibly anti-climatic. The last 400 pages were spent building up to what was anticipated to be a huge fight, with deaths all around. And I was so looking forward to Jane and Aro getting their pretty little butts kicked. Then everyone stood around and talked for 50 pages. J. Jenks became a total page filler. Bella became a magical shield that blocked everything. And about 10 new vampire clans popped up out of nowhere, and they were all tossed together like a bucket of action figures, with the same outfits and talents.

The Bella and Edward relationship was totally ruined, both by Bella becoming a vampire, by B&E being so horny, and Renesme. It was all about sex and parenthood, and totally killed the spark. Emmet's sex jokes were just an attempt by SM to break the monotony of sex and Renesme.

And sacrifice. That was the last aspect of Breaking Dawn that totally ruined it for me. For the first three books, SM made very clear how important sacrfice is. The "splintering of Bella's heart" was so tender and heartfelt I almost cried. Bella went into marriage with Edward knowing, and expecting to give up so much: Jacob, her friends, Charlie, Renee...yet in the end, Bella got everything. Jacob imprinting on Renemse, making him a part of the Cullen family forever. Charlie watching Jacob phase and realizing that his daughter was a part of the supernatural, accepting that fact, and welcoming her and Renesme with open arms. Bella gets money, too. Lots of it. And she doesn't have to do a thing.

These books lost almost everything for me, just from Breaking Dawn.

On a happier note: My one laugh-aloud moment in Breaking Dawn that still gave the book a tiny bit of face was the arm-wrestling match between Emmet and Bella. It was hilarious. :lol: I really needed that.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby cullen grl 17 » Tue Aug 26, 2008 8:09 pm

twilight newmoon and eclipse were so awesome!!!! and i could hardly wait for BD i went to the ball and waited for my book. it was going pretty good at the beginning until she found out she was pregnant. i waz like OMG! WTF!? thats not possible. i thought that she was just panicing and being absurd till carisle said that he thought she mite be pregnant, thats what got me mad at first cuz she said that it woludnt matter that she couldnt have kids once she turned into a vampire as long as she was with edward. and then all of a sudden she wants the baby thats like killing her. i mean i understand that she wanted nothing more then to have edwards child but she was like letting it suck the life out of her. and then jakes story, i was like aww man!! i dont want to read his story. but then when i started reading it i kinda liked it, cuz i could really see where he was coming from and what he goes thru as a human/werewolf and i started to actully like him. and i like burst out laffin with all his blonde jokes :lol: and im glad that he imprinted but not so glad that it was nessi cuz its a lil strange how she is the daughter of the grl he use to love. and then bella and edwards relationship isnt the same anymore, no more of those kisses that made her dizzy, and now its just sex for them all the time. and its just not the way it was in TW-E. and the ending kinda left me hanging. i think she shouldve written another chapter based on like two years later. i wont read BD till i have to or if im reading the whole series again. i hope i didnt offend anyone these are just my opinons.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby UnicornsandCentaurs » Tue Aug 26, 2008 9:36 pm

Before I say anything negative about the book, I'd first like to state that there were definetely amazing parts in the book, however I felt that the negative aspects of the book completely outweighed the positive. One of my main problems was the characters, they just weren't the same. Everything I loved about the characters was pretty much gone. I understand characters changing because they get older and things like that but they just changed too much. Also the plot was a big problem for me. When I first read it and this may be because I was up so late reading it and was exhausted but I seriously thought the plot really had nothing to do with anything. It was almost stupid in a way. I also felt it was extremely anti-climatic, especially with the Volturi. I mean SM didn't just build up this epic battle for 300 something pages, she built it up for almost 2 whole books, and then for nothing to happen was kind of disappointing. I also didn't like Renesmee. It was just too weird. I felt that, that was just weird. I don't know. Overall I didn't particulary enjoy the book... but there was definetly parts I liked, I'm just too lazy to write it.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby SeverusSnape11221 » Tue Aug 26, 2008 10:24 pm

I loved this series and im sorry to have to use the past tense on ''love''. I,like a lot of people, got a copy at midnight and was sooo excited to finally read breaking dawn. I prepared my self for being dissapointed( if Bella stayed mortal and went with Jake; or if Bella and edward both died,like romeo and juliet.) I didnt want those things to happen but I was prepared.....
I was so excited to read it I skipped the first chapter,having already read it from eclipse. Everything was going good until the honeymoon. I didnt mind the sex... thats what happens on a honeymoon. It was when Bella begged Eward for sex after the first time and even offered to stay mortal that annoyed me. Does that really sound like Bella?? I really dont think so.And then Bella was going to have a baby.
Thats when the book became a disappointment for me. Can you really picture Edward and Bella as parents? I still cant. And how the heck is it even possible for vampires to even have children? But the book could be saved with a good ending.....
I have to say I did like Jacob's chapter titles and blonde jokes, that was just about the only thing I truly liked about breaking dawn.
If Bella being an absolutely perfect vampire wasnt annoying enough she got everything else like Jake and her father. and i really just dont think charlie would be like: 'just dont tell me.' What kind of parent would do that?
And then the volturi were comming back! Even though I already guessed they would, i was still happy: I have to say i really do like the voturi. And there was going to be a battle... this book might not be that bad after all....wrong. There was no battle. Its not like I wanted everyone to die, but I could accept it if some of my favorite vamps died. I would still like them,all three of my favorite wizards in the harry potter series died. Again I was disappointed. I really wanted some action!! Oh well.... I guess the ending just couldn't save it for me.
I will always love Twilight,New Moon, and Eclipse but they just wont be the same anymore.... Many people are saying they will try to forget breaking dawn , and just consider the twilight series a triliogy. I will probally try to do the same.... but i cant just forget breaking dawn. Why am i on a twilight fansite then? because i still like the first three, just not as much as i used to.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby abbymonroe » Tue Aug 26, 2008 11:23 pm

There are several things I was disappointed about. I was disappointed about the language that Jacob used. I was disappointed about how far into detail things went during the honeymoon period - I would not let my teenage daughter read that. I was extremely disapointed about the whole "let Jacob get Mrs. Cullen pregnant" section. I feel like this book crossed too many lines. Did the author forget who her main audience is comprised of (teenagers)??? As for the previous books, when is it ok to have a teenage daughter curled up in bed at night alone with a boy?
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