Randomness #7

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Re: Randomness #7

Post by threethings » Thu Dec 04, 2008 5:48 pm

Jany- I'm Chloe! Nice to meet you!! I am learning spanish. And I like it.
Black hair is awesome, but I don't know what you look like, so there's no telling.
Shel- Don't worry. Work on somebody else's banner. I'm good.
Random- My feet are cold!! I have slippers on!!! All of me is cold!!!

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Re: Randomness #7

Post by Tengo Nubs. » Thu Dec 04, 2008 5:59 pm

well, looks like randomness 7 did survive the night! i'd say goodbye to it again but i'm too lazy.

kimmy--happy birthday!!

lynz--congrats to your husband!! and i hope you're doing okay. ::hugs:: <3

sam--the picture didn't work for me, so i can't say whether it was pretty or not haha. and lucky B...no homework?! sigh. i wish i didn't have any....you know, just so i won't have to feel guilty about procrastinating. it's not like i do my homework anyway.

jet--goodness, i forgot to do my spanish homework too!! i woke up this morning and was like....F. so i had to do it really quickly. oh well.

shel--hey! :D still raking leaves for cash, i see. no one bothers with the leaves in my family. we have too many trees....
you are raking leaves, right? otherwise i just made that up completely. something i am prone to doing....

um, yea, guys--no one line posts. and adding "....." on different lines does not count as one of your four lines. also, don't just post to say something to one person and/or relate an inside joke, because the rest of us don't get it. kay? good.

random 1: i have a really bad headache. seriously. it might be the worst headache i've ever had in my life. maybe a migraine? i dunno but i really can't handle it. maybe i should take some advil.....

random 2: i didn't have time to put my contacts in this morning owing to the fact that i forgot to do some of my homework... ::grumbles:: anyway, so i usually don't wear my glasses to school because i always think that other people will think i look ugly/weird in them (which is irrational because they look fine on me and i know this but still...all those movies where the "nerdy" girl has glasses gets to you, you know? :lol: ). well, turns out i randomly ran into andy--usually i don't see him on tuesdays and thursdays--and i was thinking "oh damn. i look like sh*t right now... :? " but then he told me he liked my glasses and that they were a good look for me haha. so maybe i'll wear them more now..... :roll:
sorry if you actually read that pointless story haha. you're probably thinking i'm crazy. i can't help it if i find little things cute.

random 3: the little things by danny elfman is a great song. makes me feel like a badass...

random 4: hmm. i don't really have a random 4. ummm....oh! today in spanish my teacher asked me if i could be a fictional character, who would i be. i said: "Seria Bella Swan porque se caso con Edward." (I would be Bella Swan because she married Edward) and some of the girls in my class smiled and nodded their heads and the guys were just like :?: :?: haha.

i'm going to get food. maybe that will help my headache.
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Re: Randomness #7

Post by Lynzeee » Thu Dec 04, 2008 6:27 pm

today has been insanely long roller coaster ride. I let it out- I talked with Tony- and Let it all out... i feel like a different person, I feel like maybe i can let go of being angry about her being gone.
not just that i saw Zz her daughter and she is so beautiful- long black hair, same skin as her mom- her mom was a pale Mexican- you know that nearly BLUE color tint they have.. she as beautiful. Zz told me that her mom is in her dreams and she tells her to tell everyone that she loves them... okay really she is so smart. i believe she dreams about her mother- its a good thing. Her mom was an Angel on earth. Anyway- we are going to her Bar tonight- drinking more Tequila- i won't over do it. probably a shot.. my ears are buzzing from crying so much.. but i feel so much better. like inhaling Fresh air for the first time in a long time- its nice.
I want to text Marlee- but i am not sure if i should intrude.. i worry about her.

I finished Christmas lists to give to My in laws.
basically i asked for bookstore gift cards- and twilight stuff haha.

I will be home awhile- SO i will be around.

If frank gets this job- we are going on a Cruise in March! haha Vacation! YES! actually i was going to try and convince him to take me to NYC! i've always wanted to go.
we will see what happens.

anyway i should make dinner for my people.
Quesadillas MMMMM


AW I MISSED JET! what is he doing on so early- maybe he will come back.

Edit- i just went back and was reading some pages- some of you were really breaking the rules- and i don't like that at all. In Randomness 8- you should surely know them and follow them.
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Re: Randomness #7

Post by maddy<3twilight » Thu Dec 04, 2008 6:32 pm

I'm Back!

I just ate and I am so stuffed! MMM Burgers are good.

I was really tired but then I drank 2 glasses of pop/soda/coke. (whatever) And now I am kinda hyper! I mixed coke and orange pop. It was good but I am kinda weird like that. I always mix my pops.

At school everyone walks by me and says "Twilight sucks" just to bug me. It doesn't bother me. None of them have seen the movie or read it so... I know that if they read it they would be hooked.

I got a Rolling Stones magazine with Britney Spears on the front and had a VERY small article about Twilight. I screamed when I saw it...

How is everyone?
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Re: Randomness #7

Post by ashiekins16 » Thu Dec 04, 2008 6:37 pm

Hey all!

Lynz- Thats great about your husband! I hope he gets it.
Aw thats so sad about her daughter. But so sweet she says her mom is on her dreams.

Jany- I would only dye it black if you want it black for awhile. Well I have long hair and I dyed mine May and its gonna take forever to grow out and it cost quite a bit to get it stripped. But if you don't mind bleaching or hair or getting it stripped, I say go for it. Its a nice color..just hard to get rid of.

kimmy-happy birthday!!

I'm sure I forgot some things..but oh well.
I really thought I may not get to post on randomness 7 but it has slowed down quite a bit.

Random: I got done with work 3 hours early!! I had a 6 hour shift. Haha..they really think they're gonna be busier than they are..I've gotten done early every day for the past 4 days..jeez. lol
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Re: Randomness #7

Post by metro_girl0 » Thu Dec 04, 2008 6:43 pm

This is only my second time, randoming, but I hope to be doing it more, lolz.

Randomness: I am wondering if I would make a good matchmaker.
Randomness: Dreading having to run a mile and a 1/2 when I leave my friends house which is where I am.
Randomness: Wondering how much calories a chocolate brownie has.
Randomness: Daydreaming about Emmett Cullen
Randomness: Wondering if I will ever find my own personal Emmett.
Randomness: Wondering if my Spanish teacher would be a good match for one of my older friends John.

(Is this what I am suppose to say on here?)

Image Image Image
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Re: Randomness #7

Post by skylarblue » Thu Dec 04, 2008 7:00 pm


Lynz - that's so sweeeeeeeet about your hubby's interview. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed that he gets the job.

There are two books on the way for someone (Z and Butch) :D
JL's tongue is better, he can talk better but still can't eat
I'm using his laptop right now and it is so slow, UGH!
I need to start Christmas shopping but I have no money and to top it all off my back tail light is blown on my car so I have to get that fixed before I end up getting pulled over. Now that would suck!

I'm tired but I don't want to take a nap or I will be up forever.

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Re: Randomness #7

Post by threethings » Thu Dec 04, 2008 7:26 pm

Shannon- I'm glad your son's tongue is better. That has to hurt.
Lynz- I PMed you.
Allie- That's good, you can say all that, perfect!!

I can't stand this! I can't get on the treadmill cause' it slows the healing of my leg, and I REALLY need too.
Whatever, at least it doesn't hurt. That's good.
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Re: Randomness #7

Post by wildroses » Thu Dec 04, 2008 7:33 pm


my throat is soreee
this thread is going to end soon.
how sad.
at least we kept it going longer this time!

tomorrow i am getting my hair dyed!
i've been waiting and waiting and now i finally can!
i'm excited incase you couldn't tell. :lol:

i have a lot of homework to do.
which really sucks.
so i'll probably be off an on doing it.
i bet my next post will be on the next thread.

BYE RANDOMNESS #7!!!!!!!!!!!

randomness bum<3

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Re: Randomness #7

Post by Kymberli » Thu Dec 04, 2008 7:42 pm

Hello, I am going to be here to talk in a minute, but i need help first. Who can do math really well, I am trying to figure how to do one of my daughters math problems so I can explain it to her. It involves fractions and a pie chart. If any of you can help, please pm me. Once all her homework is done, then I am free to sit on here for a couple of hours. So please I am begging....somebody good at math....pm me....