Randomness #8

Re: Randomness #8

Postby 'twahy-lahyt' » Fri Dec 05, 2008 8:18 am

Hi girls! :)

I would love to stay, but I need to apply some makeup and go to school.

I'll be back hopefully, I don't know if I have a computer tonight :(

I think I'm going clothes shopping this weekend :)
I feel bad about that becuase I would rather have my dad save his money and get me a computer...
Wow that sounds selfish... :oops:

Anyways I have to clean again tonight.
I didn't finish the bathroom last night like I said I would and I really need to.

Love you all!
Behave yourselves.
and follow the rules.
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Re: Randomness #8

Postby Lynzeee » Fri Dec 05, 2008 10:00 am

morning randomness!

Lies! i am so glad that you've seen the movie- i wonder who else needs to see it now?

i am curious as to why there are 3 bots online on the lex.


Z is hard to picture kym- i couldn't picture sweet Gavin(AND TOTALLY FINE) as Z.. maybe after i read the book. haha

darn those Brothers!

be back later.
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Re: Randomness #8

Postby LipsForeverSealed » Fri Dec 05, 2008 11:08 am

Oh my G.! Somebody help me.!! My friends being an eejit.! Shes watching Twilight on th internet.! Its not released here til dec 19th... I can't believe shes doing this.! Shes just gonna let all th crazy excitement and anticipation built up to this moment..? Kill it all off for watching it alone on a laptop?! Omg i tried to stop her, i did.! She invited me over and then told me something about th movie... Argh.! How dare she.! HOW
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Re: Randomness #8

Postby LipsForeverSealed » Fri Dec 05, 2008 11:09 am

Oh Fuffy ducks!
I apologize, I appeared to have double posted here .... :oops:
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Re: Randomness #8

Postby Hey There Elizah » Fri Dec 05, 2008 12:08 pm

AH! I'm so tired.
My daughter got up at like 6:45 for some reason...
I've just been sitting here looking at the screen until i could get the energy to post.

I never made it through all of LOTRs: Return of the king last night... I didn't even make it halfway...

I have so much stuff I have to do today and NO energy at all...

And the child support office is making me asdfuadfhsdiufhsdgiufnlivu!
I'm sure you can use your imaginations to figure that one out.

My boyfriend is having lunch with one of his friends and she's a girl.. and I know I shouldn't be jealous... but I soooo am.
I've really gotta work on that...
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Re: Randomness #8

Postby kkswmmr114 » Fri Dec 05, 2008 12:37 pm

Good morning everyone!! Wow, three pages already?!?!

Today is a better day. I actually did my hair today :D . And we got homemade cinnamon rolls from a neighbor. Yum. We are about to go to the funeral home... I don't want to see him. I think I will just stay outside of the room... :? .

Randomness: I burned my neck with the curling iron this morning... OUCH!! I was using it because I didn't bring my straightener... my straightener doesn't burn my neck if it touches it, but a curling iron does!! It is right where my shirt is hitting my neck too... gggrrr... Just what I needed today. :roll:

Lynz- How are you doing??? And FYI, you can call or text me ANY time!! I won't ever consider it intruding. But I really am doing well. Sunday night and Monday are going to be the really hard days. :?

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Re: Randomness #8

Postby A.H » Fri Dec 05, 2008 1:16 pm


how is everyone?

I had my maths exam today.. and it was really hard!!

and i spent the 1st two minutes trying to force my maths set open and when i did it all fell out.. and my pencil rolled to the other side of the hall.. typical me!

anyways i was just checking out the u.k premiere pics.


and rob was on gmtv yesterday and i missed it.. and just youtubed it.

here it is .. if you guys haven't seen it


2 WEEKS!!!.. and i finally get to see twilight!!

and just to add something really random i've got a runny nose..

what are these bot thingy's on the lex?
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Re: Randomness #8

Postby Tengo Nubs. » Fri Dec 05, 2008 3:03 pm

hellooooooo all!!

ayan--loved the pictures! rob looked so handsome :D and who were the people dressed in white? were they supposed to be vampires or something....? and the interview was pretty great, too. loooooooove him.

lynz--nathan explosion!? :lol: :lol: :lol: that's awesome haha. metalocalypse is a pretty great show. i don't even like metal music, but my friend has made me watch a few episodes. that's so funny...goodness. now when i read these books, he's going to keep popping into my head! dang it. i'll have to find my own version. i'll let you know who that is when i do.

where's sam lately? sam! i know you're busy being so freaking cute with the BOY, but i'm going through a serious withdrawal here. randomness needs you!! :roll:

i'm really hungry. i need to find something to eat asap! i also think i need a nap. even though i went to bed early last night (1 am!! :shock: ) well, i still got up at 745. that's early too.....hmm.

i have so much crap to do this weekend, it's unreal. next week is going to suck. majorly. i've got an econ quiz monday (probably won't do too well... :? ), theology paper and spanish paper/presentation due tuesday, exit interview with my theo teacher on tuesday, poetry project and psych review due wednesday, psych lab quiz thursday and three economics papers due friday. ::cries:: writing it all out like that just made it ten times worse!
plus then the next week, you know, i have finals. joy joy joy.

alright. i'm off to do....something. be back later my loves!
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Re: Randomness #8

Postby threethings » Fri Dec 05, 2008 3:14 pm

Morning, friends!!!
And welcome again randomness #8!!
Congrad's to all the new regualars, including me! Yah, me!
Okay, back to business. . . .
Ayan: thanks for the link to the GMAC. Of course we don't get that here, and I didn't know it was on.
He looked really good. His hair was . . . . um. . . . .tamed.
Lynz: Great banner! Thanks from all us graduates!

Random: It's getting dangerously close to Cristmas. I only got 2 things so far, a ESPN magazine subscribtion for my brother-in-law and a Keurig single-cup coffee maker for my dad. That one's really for me, makes cocoa too.

Well, bye lovelys!

Oh, and *Wanderer*, if your reading this, please PM me about randomness! We don't bite!
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Re: Randomness #8

Postby 'twahy-lahyt' » Fri Dec 05, 2008 4:43 pm

Soo I'm not going to be on the computer much today.
Just here to post this, then I have to make a cd for my friend.

I have to clean the bathroom and do dishes.

I'm really tired though.

Random - My friend Josh has been helping me with my whole potty mouth thing... Today he hurt himself and said 'oohhh SH*T!!!' I was like 'what did you say?' Him - 'nothing...' I didn't really care. We're just suppose to be helping each other curse less...

I need to go work on the thing for my friend...
I'll be on here and there...
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