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Re: The Ending?

Postby Brella » Tue Dec 09, 2008 11:00 pm

Having read BD I knew there was no way SM would let it end so sadly, I swear even knowing Wanda would be saved I was still crying. I guess I am torn. I mean on one hand there are some souls who deserve to have a chance at life and there are some humans who don't desereve the gift they have been given. But who is to decide. In the end although I cannot completely agree with the decision to place wanda into a new body I cannot entirely hate it. Wanda deserves life, a good one too and seeing as the body is pretty much vacant and would have died anyway, I guess it's for the best. The only part I was pleasantly surprised about was Sunny and Kyle, I didn't expect Jodi not to come back.
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Re: The Ending?

Postby RussetRose♥ » Wed Dec 10, 2008 8:53 am

Did you see this ending coming or were you expecting something else?

I knew that Mel, Jared, Jamie, Ian, and the others would let Wanda leave. I just didn't know how they were gonna make her stay.

And how do you feel about Wanda in a new body? How does it change the way you think Ian and Wanda will work as a couple? How about Jared and Mel? Or the rest of the people, for that matter, working with an alien?

I think that her new body is perfect for her. I think that Wanda and Ian are even closer now that she doesn't share a body with anyone else. Jared and Mel are Jared and Mel. They have gotten used to working with Wanda when she was in Mel's body, so nothing really changed about that.

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Re: The Ending?

Postby Mylove.Mysinger » Tue Dec 23, 2008 10:33 pm

Hm...well, in general, the ending was definitely a sutiable one. I enjoyed it, especially when "Wanda" meets the other alien-thing. ;) Forgive me, I haven't read it in a while, and I lent it to my friend at LEAST two weeks ago. She's a slow reader. :D Anyways, I shall carry on using the questions:

Did you see this ending coming or were you expecting something else?
Psh. Where ever my mind was, it was EONS away from that ending. Like, I was thinking everyone died, and the sky would turn pink. :lol: OK, not really, but I was CERTAINLY not thinking that. But as soon as I read that ending, all those loose ends clicked- the light bulb finally turned on. ;)

And how do you feel about Wanda in a new body? How does it change the way you think Ian and Wanda will work as a couple? How about Jared and Mel? Or the rest of the people, for that matter, working with an alien?
Wanda in a 12 year old body...well, hey! I've heard weirder! :lol: But really, I'm fine with it. And Ian said he would wait for her- and love her no matter how old she was (a very Edwardian thing to say)- so him being with her despite that problem shows how much he cares for her. But how they would show that love irks me just a tad. All I have to say is, don't do anything I wouldn't do! :roll: And plus, in all honesty, I had no idea that the pair would end up together- I kept thinking that they loathed each other! When they turned around and were like, "Hey, by they way, I really like you.", it completely threw me off! But now that I think about it, it makes sense. To each there own! :)
Jared and Mel were already meant to be. Mel being in her original body- with just one person inside it, mind you- really helps that whole situation that carried throughout the novel. As for working with an alien, well, I would say that they think along the lines of, "If it benefits me, then I'm ok with it." And if anyone had anything to say about it, then they would have to answer to Ian, and I'm sure that no one would want that. ;)
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Re: The Ending?

Postby LilyMorgana » Fri Dec 26, 2008 12:47 pm

I just finished reading and I cried. I did NOT see the ending coming at all. A part of me was still hoping and telling me that Stephenie Meyer didn't seem like the kind of woman to make a book end sadly, but then I thought that there's a first time for everything so I really thought Wanda was going to die and that the next part would be from Melanie's point of view and maybe about Wanda's funeral and the life after she was gone. So I cried when Wanda said goodbye and I cried during the first page after I thought she had died but then I got confused and suddenly I was smiling again. :D
I think Jamie made a good choice choosing Wanda's new body. I do feel like it fits her personality better than Melanie's. As soon as I read Wanda was still wandering the earth I figured they'd chosen a body without a real soul or something like that because otherwise Wanda would never be happy with it. I think Ian and Wanda will become closer now that she's got a body for her own. I read something on here about Wanda's new body being that of a twelve year old, but I seem to remember reading it's a sixteen/seventeen year old, no?
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Re: The Ending?

Postby lovvetwilight » Tue Dec 30, 2008 4:32 pm

I really liked the ending, personally. I'm a complete sucker for happy endings :] I was crying soo hard when I thought that Wanda had died, and was totally caught by surprise when she was suddenly in another body. I really liked the way that SM reused the quote from the first couple sentences of the book. Something like, "They said the beginning would feel like the end". I thought it was cool. Maybe it's just me...

I think Wanda and Ian are finally *free* in a sense. Free of Mel, at least. And vice versa with Melanie and Jared. So I think that both couples will become stronger in their love for one another. << please press

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Re: The Ending?

Postby cullensallovamybinda » Thu Jan 01, 2009 10:07 pm

I DID NOT see that ending coming.. at frist after she was sadated i didnt want to read the rest i just cryed.. HARD harder the new moon *gasp* then i calmed down and need to finnsh and get that closure. THAE SHE IS BACK!!!! OME YES!! i am so happy.. but this ending leave opening.. FOE A SEQUEL!! :twisted: i hope it happens :D

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Re: The Ending?

Postby ment2be134 » Fri Jan 02, 2009 12:04 am

Did you see this ending coming or were you expecting something else?

And how do you feel about Wanda in a new body? How does it change the way you think Ian and Wanda will work as a couple? How about Jared and Mel? Or the rest of the people, for that matter, working with an alien?

I knew what would happen or at least i hoped thats what would happen, though when it got to the part i was getting a little more then irritated at Wanda for putting Ian through that. Honestly i think that body suites her more it's more her souls... match? yeah that's what it is her souls match. It changed nothing for Ian and Wanda as a Couple because it was such a soul deep connection, and I think it even mad it better more room to love Ian instead of Jared. Better maybe even close to normal or stronger...yeah probely stronger. Like it said in the book Wanda's new body is really hard to fear the way it looks. I was so so so glade that Ian had his Wanda, and Wanda had her Ian that's the way it should be. :D
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Re: The Ending?

Postby boom2n2 » Wed Jan 07, 2009 1:11 am

I just finished The Host late last night and truly loved it. Like many of you, I was completely caught up in it and crying when Wanda faded away.......

I wanted to believe she would get another chance to stay, but didn't really see how she could and not steal someone elses body. I just knew the people who loved her wouldn't let her go. I was a little afraid she would be placed in a dog or something benign and that would just be too wierd, or then I was worried Ian would decide to take her inside him so they could stay together.

I thought the ending was good. It fit all of Wanda's needs and didn't offend by displacing anyone (human). I didn't have a big problem with her being tiny. It was a big shift of gears, but she was almost 18 and since her real body was so very tiny and fragile and shiny, I thought it kind of fit.

I was really surprised we didn't see Mel and Jared's reunion after all that struggling and angst and the opening chapter of the book I felt it was kind of their story but got completely overshadowed by Wanda and Ian's story. Jamie's ending was kind of glossed over, too. The big conflict was resolved, but I wish each of the main characters we had come to love had their endings shown and experienced, instead of just a mention. How does Jeb feel about how everything turned out? What does Ian's brother (Jake?) really think of his results?

One character I am really curious about is the male soul who was travelling with the other band of humans. He must have an interesting story...!

I didn't have quite as dramatic reaction to The Host that I did to the Twilight series, but I feel it is a really wonderful work and completely enjoyed it. It just solidified my feeling that Stephenie Meyer is a truly powerful and beautiful storyteller and we are very lucky to have these novels! Can't wait to see what she comes up with next!
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Re: The Ending?

Postby Nelly7 » Wed Jan 07, 2009 9:34 am

I just finished the book and it was BRILLIANT, absoultly loved the ending,if it didnt end like that i would probly be in the most depressed state right now,crying non-stop,just like everyone else i was balling when she was going to leave and syaing goodbye,and i totally didnt expect that ending at all, i kept trying to think of ways they could make Wanda live before i read on,but couldnt think of any,but thankfully Stephanie found a way, its sad she had to take another host,but she deserved it,plus i just couldnt picture Ian on his own it was way to sad,he loves her so much. The ending was great, absoultly well done,I couldnt have asked for a better ending,who doesnt love happy endings, and they all got theres. :D :D
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Re: The Ending?

Postby pennybug84 » Thu Jan 08, 2009 2:17 pm

Did you see this ending coming or were you expecting something else?

I totally did not see it coming. I had talked to some people who had already read it & heard they cried. I was wondering why & now I understand. (I feel like I'm cold or something because I didn't cry.) But I liked the ending & the fact that it was a happy ending. Wanda & Ian are together. Mel & Jared are together. And it does leave a satisfactory ending, but leaves it open for sequels.

And how do you feel about Wanda in a new body? How does it change the way you think Ian and Wanda will work as a couple? How about Jared and Mel? Or the rest of the people, for that matter, working with an alien?
I thought it was cool she got a new body. I don't think it'll change Ian & Wanda's relationship at all. Ian said he would love her no matter what body she was in. Considering everyone else came to accept Wanda when she was in Mel's body I don't think it would change their attitude or ability to work with her.
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